It is necessary to collect a certain amount of user data for the basic function of this website and its associated newsletter.  By signing up to receive emails from me, you agree to these terms.

What data is collected

In order to receive emails via the newsletter, your email address must be collected and stored.  A user’s interaction with the newsletter and website is also tracked.  This includes whether an email has been opened, which links within the emails or the website are clicked, and the country the website or email is accessed from.

Tracking email opens is necessary to perform periodic purges of inactive users.  Inactive users are defined as those who have not interacted with received emails over a period of three months.  Users who have been removed due to inactivity, or who manually unsubscribe will have their email address deleted from the list unless manually re-added by the user.

In addition, it is necessary to collect certain cookie data for the basic function of the site.  These cookies are used to log and remember certain specific clicks made by the user, including the age statement when first accessing this site, and which (if any) mailing lists a user has opted into. 

What is done with your data

In addition to the click data described above, email addresses are collected for the sole purpose of delivering newsletters.  Newsletters cannot be delivered without a valid email address.  Email lists will never be sold or provided to a third party.

Email information from unsubscribed users is deleted periodically.  If you would like to have your stored information deleted immediately, you can send a request by either responding to any email you have received from this site in the past, or by emailing

Location data is used only for internal reference, and will never be disclosed publicly or to any third parties.