A note on the choices I made while curating this list.

Because Loki’s story is so convoluted, I’m going to break it down into mostly chronological chunks.  Because of that, this list starts on two very intense notes.  I always like to start with Ragnarok, back in 2004, but it’s not wholly necessary and you can skip of it and come back later if you like.  Marvel wanted to reboot the lore, and had a convenient way to do that baked in, so they went balls to the wall insanity with it as a send off.  This is the arc where Thor gouges his own eyes out and literally rips Loki’s head off.  Which are both presented in a way that are just as horrific as you’d expect, and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

After Ragnarok, the main title took a break for a few years, while Marvel tinkered and puttered around with new directions to go.  It came back with J Michael Straczynski doing intentionally what Wonder Woman 84 accidentally did.  Loki’s arc in this is extremely uncomfortable by design, and for some reason Marvel have forgotten what this arc is about, and likes to use it to promote his queerness.  It’s an extremely violent arc, in which he steals Sif’s body, wears it for his own, and is just overall a nasty, disgusting creep.

Yes, these are spoilers, but I’ve seen people go into this arc expecting it to be about Loki’s gender identity, and getting slapped in the face by how poorly represented this arc is both online and by Marvel itself.

If that is not for you, I understand.  I’ll mark out the issue where that arc stops and Loki goes back to garden variety mass murder and war crimes.

There is a very good reason Marvel went absolutely ridiculous with him after the reboot, and it’s one Marvel have even addressed somewhat directly in the 2022 Pride issue: the Comics Code Authority.  Marvel were the first major publisher to realise the CCA were a scam, and stopped submitting their comics for approval in 2001.  If you ever look at older comics, you’ll notice a little white stamp up in the corner on the cover, which says “Approved by the Comics Code Authority.”  This was an independent censor board that laid out very clear and restrictive rules on how characters were allowed to behave.  Being any flavour of queer was all the way out for the vast majority of the CCA’s existence.  There were also a lot of things comics couldn’t depict, both for how villainous a villain could be, and in how a hero was allowed to respond.

Thor ripping his brother’s head off and then wearing it on his belt was probably a big no-no, had Marvel submitted that issue to the CCA.  The entire era leading up to Siege, and the creation of Ultimate Marvel, was a coordinated effort to see how far Marvel could push and break characters, tropes, and narratives (if you don’t know about Ultimates, that’s the one where Loki is a wholeass swastika-wearing Nazi, Hulk is a rape monster, and Miles Morales’ black father is named after the confederate president.  I will not be recommending any Ultimates titles on this list).

Once the CCA became defunct, Marvel chilled all the way out in its defiance of it, and that’s when Loki as a character got rebooted again and became the goofy weirdo he is now.  But I am including those arcs before the reboot because they are important to understanding why the rebooted version is the way he is, and does the things he does, because those things have not been forgotten in-universe.  They still happened.  He’s still the villain.  He’s just trying very hard not to be.

This list is very big, and yet not at all comprehensive.  I’ve left a lot out for a variety of reasons.  Some arcs are simply too enormous to even try to break down in an accessible way, while others are wholly irrelevant and have little to do with the continuity.  If you would like to see everything Loki has been in, you can go to any of the other lists and search for him.

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✨ – Core/Recommended reading
📱 – Marvel Unlimited exclusive

#TitleVolumeIssueRelease DateCover DateNotes
1Thor: Season One (2013)1#1Oct 2 2013Dec 2013This is a weird one that I absolutely love. It's main continuity, but also really, really not. It's a primer for the lore, quickly establishing who the main players are and what makes the world turn. Don't look for a Season Two, because there isn't one. This is part of an ongoing process by Marvel to make it as difficult as possible to get into comics. I'm putting this one right here at the top because if you read this one, you don't have to slog through all those Silver Age comics that can make you want to claw your eyes out from silted dialogue and bizarre art. This is more about the overall lore, and less about the characters, but it's still a fantastic place to start.
2Thor (1998)2#80Aug 2004This starts Ragnarok, which is balls to the wall insanity. The main Thor title stopped for a few years after this while Marvel took a step back and fiddled with a bunch of different ways to reboot the lore. Some of those, I've listed below. I can't find solid release info for this run, but the Marvel apps tend to default to the cover date anyway.
3Thor (1998)2#81Aug 2004
4Thor (1998)2#82Sep 2004
5Thor (1998)2#83Oct 2004
6Thor (1998)2#84Nov 2004
7Thor (1998)2#85Dec 2004
8Thor (2007)3#1Jul 5 2007Sep 2007After the break, Marvel came back with this run. I recommended reading Ragnarok before, because this run is a direct result. If Ragnarok seems a bit too intense for you, just know that it happened, was brutal, and it was supposed to be the end of all suffering. So there's a certain irony in this run even existing at all, which is the entire point of it. It's very self-aware about the fact that it's picking up after the entire world was ended.
9Thor (2007)3#2Aug 1 2007Oct 2007
10Thor (2007)3#3Sep 12 2007Nov 2007
11Thor (2007)3#4Nov 14 2007Dec 2007
12Thor (2007)3#5Dec 28 2007Jan 2008This is where things start to get sticky. It's the infamous "Lady Loki" arc, and whatever you've heard about it from Tumblr, throw it all out the window. This arc is Loki at his absolute most depraved. It has nothing to do with his sexuality or gender, although he may have learned some things about himself during this arc. This is the arc where he steals Sif's body and parades it around half-naked because he can.
13Thor (2007)3#6Feb 27 2008Feb 2008
14Thor (2007)3#7Mar 19 2008May 2008
15Thor (2007)3#8Apr 23 2008Jun 2008
16Thor (2007)3#9May 29 2008Jul 2008
17Thor (2007)3#10Jul 30 2008Sep 2008
18Thor (2007)3#11Oct 29 2008Nov 2008
19Thor (2007)3#12Dec 24 2008Jan 2009
20Thor (1966)1#600Feb 11 2009Apr 2009After #12, volume 3 was re-numbered to 600 and slots back into volume 1. It picks up the exact same story, but the numbering is different. I don't know why they do this.
21Thor (1966)1#601Apr 22 2009Jun 2009
22Thor (1966)1#602Jun 24 2009Aug 2009This issue ends the "Lady Loki" arc. If you want to start here, and avoid the previous two arcs, here's a spoliery TL;DR for what you need to know: Thor realised that stopping Ragnarok would only cause more pain and suffering. Similarly, allowing the rebirth cycle to happen was equally as bad, so instead he ended the wholeass world. He had to ensure Ragnarok happened and that everything die and stayed dead forever. This was too much even for Loki, but Loki didn't have a say. Everyone died. Thor's soul was flying through the void for a few years, until he got bored I guess and willed himself back to existence and raised Asgard in the middle of Oklahoma because reasons?? He slowly began seeking out other souls that had been reincarnated, but trapped in human vessels, and restoring them one by one to avoid restoring his shithead brother and all his villain friends. But when he couldn't find Sif, he resurrected the whole lot. Curiuously, Sif was still absent, and Loki was restored as a woman. During this time, Loki allied with Doctor Doom in a plan to get the Asgardians to move from Oklahoma to Latveria. He also went back in time to make sure Odin kidnapped him as a child. When he did this, he had to give the body he was wearing to Hela for safekeeping, who recognised it as Sif, revealing that he's been going around wearing her skin, while her soul has remained trapped in the body of an old woman dying of cancer. Loki let this go on for a little while longer, before conveniently "figuring it out" and going to Don Blake for help, so that he could be restored to his true form as a trustworthy ally who would not be suspected of trying to murder everyone all over again.
23Thor (1966)1#603Sep 30 2009Nov 2009
24Thor Giant-Size Finale (2009)1#1Nov 25 2009Jan 2010This directly follows Vol 1 #603, and wraps up that bit of the story before leading into Siege.
25Thor (1966)1#604Dec 3 2009Feb 2010
26Thor (1966)1#605Dec 23 2009Feb 2010
27Siege (2010)1#1Jan 6 2010Mar 2010This is a four-part series that concludes all of the above. There were a lot of moving parts that I haven't included on this list, but which will be fully-compiled in the dedicated list for the event.
28Thor (1966)1#606Jan 27 2010Mar 2010
29Siege (2010)1#2Feb 3 2010Apr 2010
30Thor (1966)1#607Feb 24 2010Apr 2010This begins Siege, which was an entire ordeal that encompassed almost every facet of the Marvel Universe. I am compiling a full list for this event elsewhere, if you would like to read the whole thing. Otherwise, you should be able to follow this story with minimal confusion with the issues listed here.
31Siege (2010)1#3Mar 17 2010May 2010
32Thor (1966)1#608Mar 24 2010May 2010
33Siege: Loki (2010)1#1Apr 14 2010Jun 2010This is the issue where all of Loki's plans are finally revealed in full.
34Thor (1966)1#609Apr 28 2010Jun 2010
35Siege (2010)1#4May 12 2010Jun 2010Loki dies in this issue. It's actually kind of horrific, even though he deserves it.
36Thor (1966)1#617Nov 10 2010Jan 2011The series goes on without Loki for a while, cuz well. He dead. But then Thor gets a big sad again and decides that he misses his brother, and decides to go out and find him again. This begins the "Kid Loki" era, which is still not the same Loki that is running around today. But we'll get to that soon.
37Thor (1966)1#618Dec 8 2010Feb 2011
38Thor (1966)1#619Jan 19 2011Mar 2011
39Thor (1966)1#620Feb 23 2011Apr 2011
40Thor (1966)1#620.1Mar 23 2011May 2011This is a "Point One" issue, which for a while were being used as unofficial starting points in order to avoid launching a new volume. Unfortunately for Marvel, they wound up being confusing as hell and tended to take place somewhere other than the comic it was released after.
41Thor (1966)1#621Mar 30 2011May 2011Inexplicably, the series was renamed BACK to Journey into Mystery after this. Marvel were just going all out of their way to confuse and alienate readers at this point.
42Journey into Mystery (1952)1#622Apr 12 2011Jun 2011Okay, buckle up, because this is the stuff I deliberately excluded from the new reader primer. This is the point where Marvel desperately wanted to start attracting new readers coming in from the MCU, but instead of like, idk. Releasing annuals and checklists, they started doing all these weird reboots and Point Ones and Point Nows that only made it more difficult to get into. For a while, you can read Journey into Mystery and Mighty Thor separately. Once Everything Burns starts, they need to be read in tandem, or else you lose half the plot.
43Journey into Mystery (1952)1#623May 11 2011Jul 2011
44Journey into Mystery (1952)1#624Jun 8 2011Aug 2011
45Journey into Mystery (1952)1#625Jul 13 2011Sep 2011
46Journey into Mystery (1952)1#626Aug 17 2011Oct 2011
47Journey into Mystery (1952)1#626.1Aug 31 2011Oct 2011Another Point One. This issue actually takes place during #622, between panels 4 and 5 on Page 21. Why is it this specific? I have no idea. But that's where it goes.
48Journey into Mystery (1952)1#627Sep 14 2011Nov 2011
49Journey into Mystery (1952)1#628Sep 28 2011Nov 2011
50Journey into Mystery (1952)1#629Oct 19 2011Dec 2011
51Journey into Mystery (1952)1#630Oct 26 2011Dec 2011
52Journey into Mystery (1952)1#631Nov 9 2011Jan 2012
53Journey into Mystery (1952)1#632Dec 14 2011Feb 2012
54Journey into Mystery (1952)1#633Jan 11 2012Mar 2012
55Journey into Mystery (1952)1#634Feb 8 2012Apr 2012
56Journey into Mystery (1952)1#635Mar 14 2012May 2012
57Journey into Mystery (1952)1#636Apr 11 2012Jun 2012
58Journey into Mystery (1952)1#637May 9 2012Jul 2012
59Journey into Mystery (1952)1#638May 23 2012Jul 2012
60Journey into Mystery (1952)1#639Jun 6 2012Aug 2012
61Journey into Mystery (1952)1#640Jun 20 2012Aug 2012
62Journey into Mystery (1952)1#641Jul 18 2012Sep 2012
63Mighty Thor (2011)2#1Apr 27 2011Jun 2011Why is this Mighty Thor, and not Thor? I don't know. Why did Thor branch off to JiM, only to pick up immediately in Mighty Thor anyway? I don't know that either. The only good thing about this was that if you were following this story as it was released, you got two comics each month, instead of just one. Not that it's at all relevant now. Now it's just confusing as hell for no reason.
64Mighty Thor (2011)2#2May 25 2011Jul 2011
65Mighty Thor (2011)2#3Jun 22 2011Aug 2011
66Mighty Thor (2011)2#4Jul 27 2011Sep 2011
67Mighty Thor (2011)2#5Aug 31 2011Oct 2011
68Mighty Thor (2011)2#6Sep 28 2011Nov 2011
69Mighty Thor (2011)2#7Oct 26 2011Dec 2011Loki isn't actually in this issue, but it's relevant to the plot and explains who the big bad coming up is.
70Mighty Thor (2011)2#8Nov 23 2011Jan 2012
71Mighty Thor (2011)2#9Dec 28 2011Feb 2012
72Mighty Thor (2011)2#10Jan 25 2012Mar 2012
73Mighty Thor (2011)2#11Feb 22 2012Apr 2012
74Mighty Thor (2011)2#12Mar 28 2012May 2012
75Mighty Thor (2011)2#12.1Apr 11 2012Jun 2012Another Point One. It's kind of a flashback, kind of not.
76Mighty Thor (2011)2#18Aug 8 2012Oct 2012Loki was absent for the previous arc. It's still worth reading, but not listed here for obvious reasons. Up until this point, Thor and Journey into Mystery could be read separately. Going forward, the story spans both titles, requiring you to bounce between the two.
77Journey into Mystery (1952)1#642Aug 29 2012Oct 2012
78Mighty Thor (2011)2#19Sep 5 2012Nov 2012
79Journey into Mystery (1952)1#643Sep 12 2012Nov 2012
80Mighty Thor (2011)2#20Sep 19 2012Nov 2012
81Journey into Mystery (1952)1#644Sep 26 2012Nov 2012
82Mighty Thor (2011)2#21Oct 17 2012Dec 2012
83Journey into Mystery (1952)1#645Oct 24 2012Dec 2012
84Mighty Thor (2011)2#22Oct 31 2012Dec 2012
85Young Avengers (2013)2#1Jan 23 2013Mar 2013At this point, Loki almost completely vanishes from the main title, save the odd appearance here or there. He is once again dead, but in a different sort of way. His previous soul has taken over his new body, but the new body is weak and lacks power. Enter Billy Kaplan. This is still not the Loki currently running around.
86Young Avengers (2013)2#2Feb 27 2013Apr 2013
87Young Avengers (2013)2#3Mar 27 2013May 2013
88Young Avengers (2013)2#4Apr 24 2013Jun 2013
89Young Avengers (2013)2#5May 22 2013Jul 2013
90Young Avengers (2013)2#6Jun 26 2013Aug 2013
91Young Avengers (2013)2#7Jul 10 2013Sep 2013
92Young Avengers (2013)2#8Jul 24 2013Sep 2013
93Young Avengers (2013)2#9Aug 28 2013Oct 2013
94Young Avengers (2013)2#10Sep 25 2013Nov 2013
95Young Avengers (2013)2#11Oct 23 2013Dec 2013Loki ages up in this issue, but is still not the Loki currently running around. Soon. Ish. I promise.
96Young Avengers (2013)2#12Nov 20 2013Jan 2014
97Young Avengers (2013)2#13Dec 4 2013Feb 2014
98Young Avengers (2013)2#14Dec 18 2013Feb 2014
99Young Avengers (2013)2#15Jan 8 2014Mar 2014
100Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#1Feb 4 2014Apr 2014This is the arc a lot of people like to rec to start with, because it was very popular and it has Loki's name in the title. If you really want to start here, some spoilery TL;DR: Yes, Asgard is in Oklahoma. Yes, it makes sense. It's been there since 2007. Just roll with it. Yes, Loki writes fanfiction. He's been chronically online for years, and apparently has a very popular Instagram account as well. Just roll with it. The Avengers don't like him because a few years ago he did a big war crime, and then exploded. That's a thing that happened, and nobody's over it. He also murdered a little boy fairly recently. That little boy was himself, and this is not a metaphor. This is also not actually Loki, except it is. It's a horcrux named Ikol who possessed Loki's body after murdering him. He's managed to keep this secret for about a year at this point, and managed to do this whole nasty thing through a deal with Hela and Mephisto which means that when he dies, his soul does not move on to an afterlife, making him more immortal than all the other gods, as long as he can find another body to possess before getting eaten by a Dísir.
101Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#2Mar 5 2014May 2014
102Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#3Apr 2 2014Jun 2014
103Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#4May 7 2014Jul 2014
104Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#5Jun 4 2014Aug 2014
105Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#6Sep 24 2014Nov 2014
106Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#7Oct 15 2014Dec 2014
107Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#8Nov 19 2014Jan 2015
108Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#9Dec 24 2015Feb 2015
109Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#10Jan 21 2015Mar 2015
110Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#11Feb 18 2015Apr 2015
111Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#12Mar 18 2015May 2015
112Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#13Apr 15 2015Jun 2015Loki has once again blown up. He has gone and died right in the middle of his own comic.
113Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#14May 20 2015Jul 2015There is an eight-month gap between the previous issue and this one. Which means he's been dead for eight months, and has presumably murdered someone else and stolen their body. Based on some dialogue in Vote Loki, we can presume this mystery person was from Maryland. I've not listed Vote Loki because while it happened, it really isn't relevant to anything, and in a lot of unfortuante ways undoes the character development achieved in Agent of Asgard. By all reconing, this greasy little gremlin is the Loki we see in the current comics.
114Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#15Jun 24 2015Aug 2015
115Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#16Jul 22 2015Sep 2015
116Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)1#17Aug 19 2015Oct 2015
117Ms Marvel (2014)3#12Feb 18 2015Apr 2015This issue takes place before AoA #10. It's kind of a goofy one, but Loki starts showing up in a lot of random books once AoA is over, and that's important later.
118Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)1#8Aug 12 2015Oct 2015Also takes place before AoA #10. This is a very brief appearance by Loki, but it becomes absolutely vital that Loki starts making a few more friends who actually like him.
119Mighty Thor (2016)3#2Dec 16 2015Feb 2016This is where stuff gets weird again. There's a lot that's been left out, because this isn't meant to be a comprehensive list. (If you want that, go to the main list and search for Loki; you'll get everything). But this is another area that got very confusing for some people, so here's another quick and dirty TL;DR: Loki is playing the double agent through this entire thing. He's joining the bad guys so that he can counter their plans by covertly building up allies from outside of Norse titles. I'm mostly going to be focusing on those, and will have a full, comprehensive list for War of the Realms soon. This entire arc is worth reading on its own, but it is very much Jane's story, with Loki popping in and out to play his scripted role.
120Ms Marvel (2016)4#6Apr 27 2016Jun 2016All of these appearances in other people's books are completely at odds with what Loki's doing in the main Thor title. It's meant to be a little jarring and confusing, because of what he's doing. We're actually going to see him getting pretty decent at the "hero" thing, which is impressive considering the amount of apparent murder going on in the main story.
121Doctor Strange (1968)1#381Nov 15 2017Jan 2018Wonky numbering strikes again. It may be listed as (2015) in some apps. TL;DR Background: Magic has a cost, and Strange didn't pay the bill. Because of reasons that totally make sense, this attracted the Empirikul, a science cult bent on destroying all magic and martyring the Sorcerer Supreme across all dimensions. Strange defeated the Empirikul by killing the Dragon Lines (the force that binds Yggdrasil and runs magic through the realms) and using their power as a battery. With a war on the horizon, Midgard without magic is very bad. Obviously, Strange cannot be trusted.
122Doctor Strange (1968)1#382Dec 6 2017Feb 2018
123Doctor Strange (1968)1#383Dec 20 2017Feb 2018
124Doctor Strange (1968)1#384Jan 17 2018Mar 2018
125Doctor Strange (1968)1#385Feb 14 2018Apr 2018
126Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)2#27Dec 13 2017Feb 2018Sorcerer Supreme Loki and Squirrel Girl team up properly this time. Her comics are always a delight.
127Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)2#28Jan 10 2018Mar 2018
128Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)2#29Feb 14 2018Apr 2018
129Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)2#30Mar 14 2018May 2018
130Amazing Spider-Man (1963)1#795Feb 7 2018Apr 2018More wonky numbering. Some apps may list it as (2015). Loki continues his shenanigans as the Sorcerer Supreme.
131Free Comic Book Day (Avengers) (2018)1#1May 5 2018May 2018Prelude to Avengers. It's released after #1 because reasons.
132Avengers (2018)8#1May 2 2018Jul 2018This is a delightfully meta callback to Avengers #1, only this time instead of the Avengers forming as a consequence of his stupidity, forming the Avengers is the plan. A lot's happened, the band broke up (like the Beatles), and that war is getting desperately close. So Loki plays his role as the villain to gaslight and manipulate the heroes into doing hero stuff.
133Avengers (2018)8#2May 16 2018Jul 2018
134Avengers (2018)8#3Jun 20 2018Aug 2018
135Avengers (2018)8#4Jul 4 2018Sep 2018
136Avengers (2018)8#5Jul 18 2018Sep 2018
137Avengers (2018)8#6Aug 22 2018Oct 2018
138Thor (2018)5#1Jun 13 2018Aug 2018I'm going to break this series up a little bit, because it does need to be read in a certain order along with something else. At this point, there are about two or three people who know what Loki is doing. Thor is not one of them.
139Thor (2018)5#2Jun 27 2018Aug 2018
140Thor (2018)5#3Jul 18 2018Sep 2018
141Thor (2018)5#4Aug 15 2018Oct 2018This issue branches off to several different titles. One of them is Asgardians of the Galaxy, which is very fun, but not listed here for reasons. It has a phantom Kid Loki, and his older sister Angela, who was introduced in another thing I didn't list here, but which you can find elsewhere.
142Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)1#1Feb 20 2019Apr 2019While Marvel were neck-deep in this enormous war, someone decided that they also needed to do Infinity Stones to tie the comics to the movies. What happened was the weirdest arc which I am not listing here because it's enormous. Gamora gathers the stones, there's another universe where Loki is the hero in Thor's place, and 616 Loki picks a fight with a Celestial and gets squished. However, continuing in the theme of showing all of the friends Loki is making before the Main Event, here's that time he and Wolverine went on a drunken space bender and fought the TVA together. The series itself was released overlapping with War of the Realms, but the whole thing happens before the war
143Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)1#2Mar 20 2019May 2019
144Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)1#3Apr 17 2019Jun 2019
145Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)1#4May 22 2019Jul 2019
146Wolverine: Infinity Watch (2019)1#5Jun 19 2019Aug 2019
147Thor (2018)5#11Mar 20 2019May 2019
148War of the Realms (2019)1#1Apr 3 2019Jun 2019Oh guess what. He's dead again.
149Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)2#43Apr 10 2019Jun 2019This issue happens at the same time as War of the Realms #1, and shows what Loki is up to right before the whole ordeal that happens.
150Thor (2018)5#12Apr 17 2019Jun 2019
151War of the Realms (2019)1#6Jun 26 2019Aug 2019So, this one is gross.
152War of the Realms Omega (2019)1#1Jul 10 2019Sep 2019
153Thor (2018)5#15Jul 10 2019Sep 2019
154Thor (2018)5#16Aug 28 2019Oct 2019
155Loki (2019)3#1Jul 17 2019Sep 2019This series is unbelievably confusing and convoluted. It tried to build a mystery by starting the story in the middle and going back and forth through the narrative, but all it accomplished was being a mess. It's a cute read, but don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense. TL;DR: Loki is king of Jotunheim and he hates it. It's tedious and boring, and he keeps leaving Drrf in charge while he goes back to Midgard to hang out in illegal sky casinos and get wasted. Thor gets fed up with this, and lets him in on a bizarre meta secret that made for funny jokes, but doesn't really work if you think about it too hard. Loki makes a deal to become the God of Stories, with a few promises and caveats. Also, he flat out murders Nightmare in the dumbest way, and goes on another weird adventure with Wolverine, where they are both cowboys. The series got cancelled after five issues, presumably because nobody could understand what was going on. I've included it because all that nonsense is extremely relevant in the current Thor series.
156Loki (2019)3#2Aug 14 2019Oct 2019
157Loki (2019)3#3Sep 11 2019Nov 2019
158Loki (2019)3#4Oct 9 2019Dec 2019
159Loki (2019)3#5Nov 20 2019Jan 2020
160Thor (2020)6#1Jan 1 2020Mar 2020Where Loki's series fits in relation to this issue is a mystery. Because even though it was released before this issue, it very clearly takes place after. Thor is still very angry with Loki over that whole war thing, and Loki isn't even pretending to try when it comes to being king. This entire run has been very good and I highly recommend the whole thing.
161Thor (2020)6#9Nov 4 2020Jan 2021If I had to guess, Loki's series takes place somewhere before this issue. At this point, Thor has significantly warmed up to Loki, which is odd since Loki wasn't even here for seven issues. But this is the bit where Loki's series becomes relevant.
162Thor (2020)6#13Mar 17 2021May 2021
163Thor (2020)6#14Apr 14 2021Jun 2021One of the promises made in Loki's series has been fulfilled at this point. He is no longer the God of Lies.
164Thor (2020)6#20Jan 5 2022Mar 2022Loki does not play a significant part in this issue, but it's also one of the first times we see him taking his role as king seriously, and playing an active part in realm politics.
165Thor (2020)6#24Apr 27 2022Jun 2022This is the 60th Anniversary issue. Loki plays a rather touching role in the main story, and has his own story that leads into a new series. The side story is cute, but the main one is the one I liked better, because it does show that he and Thor have finally seemed to repair their relationship and can move the hell on with their lives.
166Loki (2004)1#1Jul 8 2004Sep 2004Sometimes also titled Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, because it gets confused with the motion comic. This is a short, non-canon series that explores the idea of what would happen to Asgard if Loki won.
167Loki (2004)1#2Jul 21 2004Sep 2004
168Loki (2004)1#3Aug 18 2004Oct 2004
169Loki (2004)1#4Oct 6 2004Nov 2004
170Loki (2010)2#1Oct 20 2010Dec 2010This one is a retelling of some of the more well-known myths surrounding Loki, reframed to fit within the main continuity. It shows how he went from Thor's beloved brother to the biggest problem Asgard has ever faced. This recently got a reprint with Ikol on the cover. It was very weird and I don't know why they did that.
171Loki (2010)2#2Dec 15 2010Feb 2011
172Loki (2010)2#3Feb 16 2011Apr 2011
173Loki (2010)2#4Mar 16 2011May 2011
174What If? Thor (2018)1#1Oct 24 2018Dec 2018Cute little oneshot that takes place outside the main continuity and flips the roles: What if Thor were raised by frost giants?
175Alligator Loki (2022)1OngoingMar 11 2022Mar 2022This is a Marvel Unlimited exclusive that gets a release every couple of weeks (I'll update this list to include all the issues once the series completes). It's completely stupid, and funny as hell, running with one of the stranger parts of the TV show. Loki's an alligator, and he's here to cause chaos. That's all.