This is everything past War of the Realms, updated as things go along.  Since War of the Realms is still fairly fresh, and it’s difficult to know where things are going before an Event gets its title, it’s just the current stuff.

Upcoming titles are based off of solicit synopses and cover art.  Issues may be removed or added after release.  Please keep in mind, I only keep up with a few titles in real time.  Some may not be updated or added at all until they reach Marvel Unlimited.

Last Updated: Jul 8 2022

📵 – Not available on Marvel Unlimited
💥 – Recommended starting points
✨ – Core/Recommended reading
📱 – Marvel Unlimited exclusive

#TitleVolumeIssueRelease DateCover DateCharactersNotes
1Loki (2019) ✨⚡3#1Jul 17 2019Sep 2019Loki, Drrf, Sickle, Heimdall, Thor, FröstiDo not start here if you are brand new; the list starts here because the current era more or less starts with this issue. This series was cancelled after five issues, and I have long suspected it was cancelled because it is confusing and convoluted as hell even if you do know the lore. At least read War of the Realms before attempting to tackle this series if you don't want a migraine
2Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#1Jul 24 2019Sep 2019Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Brunnhilde, Heimdall, Mr HorseThis series is marked core because it does a lot to establish what the current era is going to be about. It's a very dense read, and I only recommend it if you're here for lore. If you're reading for character-driven stories, this one is skipable
3Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#6Jul 24 2019Sep 2019
4Avengers (2018) ✨8#22Jul 31 2019Sep 2019Thor
5Loki (2019) ✨⚡3#2Aug 14 2019Oct 2019Loki, Thor
6Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#2Aug 21 2019Oct 2019Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Heimdall, Brunnhilde, Heimdall, Mr HorseHeimdall dies in this issue
7Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#7Aug 21 2019Oct 2019
8Avengers (2018) ✨8#23Aug 28 2019Oct 2019Thor, Odin
9Marvel Comics (1939)1#1000Aug 28 2019Oct 2019
10Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man (2019)1#1Sep 4 2019Nov 2019
11Punisher Kill Krew (2019)1#2Sep 11 2019Nov 2019
12Loki (2019) ✨⚡3#3Sep 11 2019Nov 2019Loki, Frösti, Drrf
13King Thor (2019) ✨⚡1#1Sep 11 2019Nov 2019Series was relaunched as King Thor. I waffle on whether or not this run is skippable though. There's a lot of backstory but it is not a particularly fun read.
14Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda (2019)1#1Sep 18 2019Nov 2019
15Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#3Sep 18 2019Nov 2019Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse, Heimdall (Ghost)
16Avengers: Loki Unleashed! (2019) ✨⚡1#1Sep 25 2019Nov 2019Loki, Lorelei, Sigyn, Thor
17Strikeforce (2019)1#1Sep 25 2019Nov 2019
18Avengers (2018) ✨8#24Sep 25 2019Nov 2019Thor
19Punisher Kill Krew (2019)1#3Sep 25 2019Nov 2019
20Loki (2019) ✨⚡3#4Oct 9 2019Dec 2019Loki, Odin, Laufey, Thor, The UnfatherLaufey appears in a Nightmare vision
21Contagion (2019)1#2 📵Oct 9 2019Dec 2019
22Gwenpool Strikes Back (2019)1#3Oct 9 2019Dec 2019
23Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)1#49Oct 9 2019Dec 2019Thor, Ratatoskr
24Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda (2019)1#2Oct 16 2019Dec 2019
25King Thor (2019) ✨⚡1#2Oct 23 2019Dec 2019
26Strikeforce (2019)1#2Oct 23 2019Dec 2019
27Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#4Oct 23 2019Dec 2019Mr Horse, Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
28Avengers (2018) ✨8#25Oct 23 2019Dec 2019Thor
29Fearless (2019)1#4Oct 23 2019Dec 2019
30Excalibur (2019)4#1Oct 30 2019Dec 2019
31Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#8Nov 6 2019Jan 2020
32Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)1#50Nov 13 2019Jan 2020Ratatoskr, Thor
33Loki (2019) ✨⚡3#5Nov 20 2019Jan 2020Loki, Verity WillisSeries was cancelled after this issue
34King Thor (2019) ✨⚡1#3Nov 20 2019Jan 2020
35Avengers (2018) ✨8#26Nov 20 2019Jan 2020Odin
36Captain Marvel (2019)10#12Nov 20 2019Jan 2020
37Strikeforce (2019)1#3Nov 20 2019Jan 2020
38Gwenpool Strikes Back (2019)1#4Nov 20 2019Jan 2020
39Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#5Nov 27 2019Jan 2020Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse, Skurge, Brunnhilde, Jane Foster
40Avengers (2018) ✨8#27Nov 27 2019Jan 2020Thor
41Thor: The Worthy (2019) ✨⚡1#1Dec 4 2019Feb 2020Beyond the Field we Know: Beta Ray Bill, Sif, Thor, Thrudd, Odin | Hearts of Stone, Feet of Clay: Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson, Thor | Rule for Reflection: Sif, Thor (Jane Foster), Luka, Peetu
42Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man (2020)1#1Dec 11 2019Feb 2020
43Strikeforce (2019)1#4Dec 11 2019Feb 2020
44Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#6Dec 11 2019Feb 2020Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse
45Captain Marvel (2019)10#13Dec 11 2019Feb 2020
46Avengers (2018) ✨8#28Dec 18 2019Feb 2020Thor, Odin
47Future Foundation (2019)1#5Dec 18 2019Feb 2020
48King Thor (2019) ✨⚡1#4Dec 18 2019Feb 2020
49Gwenpool Strikes Back (2019)1#5Dec 18 2019Feb 2020
50Tony Stark: Iron Man (2018)1#19Dec 18 2019Feb 2020
51Incoming (2020)1#1Dec 26 2019Feb 2020
52Venom (2018)4#21Dec 26 2019Feb 2020
53Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda (2019)1#5Jan 1 2020Mar 2020
54Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#1 💥Jan 1 2020Mar 2020Thor, Sif, Volstagg, Loki, Balder, Huginn, MuninnSeries relaunched as Thor volume 6. If you're brand new, I very much recommend starting here
55Tarot (2020)1#1Jan 1 2020Mar 2020
56Strikeforce (2019)1#5Jan 8 2020Mar 2020
57Star (2020)1#1Jan 8 2020Mar 2020
58Marvel's Avengers: Thor (2020)1#1Jan 8 2020Mar 2020Thor, Loki
59Avengers (2018) ✨8#29Jan 15 2020Mar 2020Thor
60Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#9Jan 15 2020Mar 2020
61Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#7Jan 15 2020Mar 2020Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Jane Foster
62Captain Marvel (2019)10#14Jan 22 2020Feb 2020
63Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#2Jan 29 2020Mar 2020Thor, Volstagg, Balder, Huginn, Muninn, Beta Ray Bill
64Avengers (2018) ✨8#30Jan 29 2020Mar 2020Thor
65Scream: Curse of Carnage (2020)1#3Jan 29 2020Mar 2020
66Tarot (2020)1#2Jan 29 2020Mar 2020
67Strikeforce (2019)1#6Feb 5 2020Apr 2020
68Immortal Hulk: Great Power (2020)1#1Feb 5 2020Apr 2020
69Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda (2019)1#6Feb 12 2020Apr 2020
70Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#3Feb 12 2020Apr 2020Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Sif
71Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#8Feb 19 2020Apr 2020Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse, Thor, Odin, Øde, Tyr, RøkkvaOdin appears in a flashback; Øde's first appearance and he's a corpse
72Captain Marvel (2019)10#15Feb 19 2020Apr 2020
73Marvel's Voices (2020)1#1Feb 19 2020Apr 2020
74Avengers (2018) ✨8#31Feb 26 2020Apr 2020Odin
75Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost (2020)1#1Feb 26 2020Apr 2020
76Scream: Curse of Carnage (2020)1#4Feb 26 2020Apr 2020
77Tarot (2020)1#3Feb 26 2020Apr 2020
78Strikeforce (2019)1#7Mar 4 2020May 2020
79Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda (2019)1#7Mar 4 2020May 2020
80Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#1Mar 4 2020May 2020Iric, Alvi, Guslaug, LokiVery cute character-driven title featuring a few brand new characters. A very good starter for new readers.
81Marvel (2020)1#1Mar 4 2020May 2020
82Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#4Mar 11 2020May 2020Thor, Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Loki
83Ant-Man (2020)3#3Mar 11 2020May 2020
84Avengers (2018) ✨8#32Mar 11 2020May 2020Thor
85Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#9Mar 18 2020May 2020Tyr, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Drrf, Øde, Thor, Mr Horse, Jane Foster, Loki, RøkkvaØde is still a corpse
86Spider-Woman (2020)7#1Mar 18 2020May 2020
87Captain Marvel (2019)10#16Mar 18 2020May 2020
88Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#1Mar 25 2020May 2020
89Scream: Curse of Carnage (2020)1#5Mar 25 2020May 2020
90Tarot (2020)1#4Mar 25 2020May 2020
91Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#10May 20 2020Jul 2020
92Avengers (2018) ✨8#33May 27 2020Jul 2020Thor
93Venom (2018)4#25May 27 2020Jul 2020
94Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#5Jun 24 2020Aug 2020Thor, Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Gorr, Mangog
95Empyre: Avengers (2020)1#0Jun 24 2020Aug 2020
96Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#2Jul 8 2020Sep 2020Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
97Strikeforce (2019)1#8Jul 15 2020Sep 2020
98Empyre (2020)1#1Jul 15 2020Sep 2020
99Empyre (2020)1#2Jul 22 2020Sep 2020
100Empyre (2020)1#3Jul 29 2020Sep 2020
101Strikeforce (2019)1#9Aug 5 2020Oct 2020Series was cancelled after this issue
102Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#11Aug 5 2020Oct 2020
103Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) ✨⚡1#10Aug 19 2020Aug 2020Sif, Thor, Tyr, Volstagg, Jane Foster, Thori, Hildegarde, Mr Horse, Fandral, Hogun, Loki, Drrf, RøkkvaSeries was cancelled after this issue
104Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#6Aug 19 2020Oct 2020Thor
105Avengers (2018) ✨8#35Aug 19 2020Oct 2020Odin
106Fortnite X Marvel - Nexus War: Thor (2020) ⚡1#1Aug 27 2020Oct 2020
107Empyre (2020)1#6Sep 2 2020Nov 2020
108Empyre: Aftermath Avengers (2020)1#1Sep 9 2020Nov 2020
109Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four (2020)1#1Sep 9 2020Nov 2020
110Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#7Sep 16 2020Nov 2020Sif, Thor, Huginn, Beta Ray Bill, Thor (Adam Aziz)
111Immortal She-Hulk (2020)1#1Sep 23 2020Nov 2020
112Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#3Sep 30 2020Nov 2020Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
113Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#8Oct 7 2020Dec 2020Bor, Odin, Thor, Thor (Adam Aziz)
114Avengers (2018) ✨8#37Oct 14 2020Dec 2020Thor
115Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#4Oct 28 2020Dec 2020Iric, Alvi, Guslaug, Volstagg, Sif, Hogun, Fandral
116Avengers (2018) ✨8#38Nov 4 2020Jan 2021Thor, Odin, Atli, Frigg, Ellisiv
117Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#9Nov 4 2020Jan 2021Donald Blake, Thor, Odin, Jormungand, Loki
118Captain Marvel (2019)10#23Nov 4 2020Jan 2021
119Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#5Nov 11 2020Jan 2021Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
120Marvels Snapshots: Avengers (2021)1#1Nov 18 2020Jan 2021
121Marvel's Voices: Indigenous voices (2021)1#1Nov 18 2020Jan 2021
122Marvel (2020)1#2Nov 25 2020Jan 2021
123Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#10Dec 2 2020Feb 2021Donald Blake, Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral, Thor, Jormungand, Jane Foster
124Avengers (2018) ✨8#39Dec 9 2020Feb 2021Odin
125Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#6Dec 9 2020Feb 2021Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
126Marvel Action: Avengers (2019)1#12Dec 9 2020Jan 2021
127Captain Marvel (2019)10#24Dec 9 2020Feb 2021
128Heroes at Home (2020)1#1Dec 22 2020Feb 2021
129Avengers (2018) ✨8#40Dec 30 2020Feb 2021Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
130Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#11Jan 6 2021Mar 2021Donald Blake, Jane Foster, Thor, Ratatoskr, Volstagg, Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Red Norvell, ThrogRed Norvell appears as a corpse. His death happens off-page
131M.O.D.O.K.: Head Hames (2021)1#1Jan 6 2021Mar 2021
132Eternals (2021)5#1Jan 26 2021Mar 2021
133Captain Marvel (2019)10#25Jan 27 2021Mar 2021
134King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) ✨⚡1#1Jan 6 2021Mar 2021Like the other Valkyrie titles, this one is very dense. Again, only recommended if you're here for the deep lore; skipable if you're here for characters
135King in Black (2019)1#3Jan 20 2021Mar 2021
136Avengers (2018) ✨8#41Jan 20 2021Mar 2021Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
137King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) ✨⚡1#2Feb 3 2021Apr 2021
138Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#8Feb 3 2021Apr 2021Guslaug, Iric, Alvi, Thor#7 focuses solely on Emily. No Norse characters are present
139Avengers (2018) ✨8#42Feb 3 2021Apr 2021Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
140Venom (2018)4#33Feb 3 2021Apr 2021
141Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#12Feb 17 2021Apr 2021Donald Blake, Throg, Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Thor, Mr Horse, Odin
142King in Black (2019)1#4Feb 17 2021Mar 2021
143Captain America (2018)9#27Feb 17 2021Apr 2021
144Marvel (2020)1#5Feb 17 2021Apr 2021
145King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) ✨⚡1#3Feb 24 2021Apr 2021
146Marvel's Voices: Legacy (2021)1#1Feb 24 2021Apr 2021
147Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel (2021)1#1Feb 24 2021Apr 2021
148Captain Marvel (2019)10#26Feb 24 2021Apr 2021
149Avengers (2018) ✨8#43Mar 3 2021May 2021Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
150Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#13Mar 17 2021May 2021Odin, Freyja, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Sif, Beta Ray Bill, Throg, Loki, Donald Blake, Thor, Huginn, Muninn
151Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade (2021)1#1Mar 17 2021May 2021
152Captain America Anniversary Tribute (2021)1#1Mar 17 2021May 2021
153Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#9Mar 19 2021May 2021Guslaug, Iric, Alvi, Loki
154King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) ✨⚡1#4Mar 31 2021May 2021
155Beta Ray Bill (2021) ✨⚡1#1Mar 31 2021May 2021A very fun, small series with a handful of side characters. Absolutely irrelevant to the main story, but it's a moment of goofy fun in the midst of heavier themes in other titles
156Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing (2021)1#1Mar 31 2021May 2021
157King in Black (2019)1#5Apr 7 2021May 2021
158King in Black: Planet of the Symbiote (2021)1#3Apr 7 2021May 2021
159Venom (2018)4#34Apr 7 2021May 2021
160Avengers (2018) ✨8#44Apr 7 2021Jun 2021Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
161Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#14Apr 14 2021Jun 2021Donald Blake, Odin, Loki, Thor, Beta Ray Bill
162Mighty Valkyries (2021) ✨ ⚡1#1Apr 21 2021Jun 2021Jane Foster, Hela, Loki, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mánagarmr, Karnilla, Rúna, KvasirLikely a repurposed script from the previously-cancelled series. Again, very dense, and only recommended if you're here for lore.
163Avengers (2018) ✨8#45Apr 21 2021Jun 2021Thor
164Captain Marvel (2019)10#28Apr 21 2021Jun 2021Amora
165Beta Ray Bill (2021) ✨⚡1#2Apr 28 2021Jun 2021
166Marvel Action: Origins (2021)1#2Apr 28 2021Jun 2021
167Spider-Man: Curse of the Man-Thing (2021)1#1Apr 28 2021Jun 2021
168Heroes Reborn (2021)2#1May 5 2021Jul 2021
169Immortal Hulk (2018)1#46May 5 2021Jul 2021
170X-Men: Curse of the Man-Thing (2021)1#1May 5 2021Jul 2021
171Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#10May 5 2021Jul 2021Alvi, Iric, Guslaug, Bror, Volstagg, AmoraThis seems to be Bror's only appearance so far
172Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade (2021)1#3May 19 2021Jul 2021
173Mighty Valkyries (2021) ✨ ⚡1#2May 19 2021Jul 2021Karnilla, Mánagarmr, Auðumbla, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Rúna, Kvasir, Mr HorseLikely a repurposed script from the previously-cancelled series
174Beta Ray Bill (2021) ✨⚡1#3May 26 2021July 2021
175Hellions (2020)1#12Jun 2 2021Aug 2021
176Immortal Hulk (2018)1#47Jun 2 2021Aug 2021
177Marauders (2019)1#21Jun 2 2021Aug 2021
178X-Force (2020)6#20Jun 2 2021Aug 2021
179Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#11Jun 9 2021Aug 2021Alvi, Iric, Guslaug
180Iron Man (2020)6#9Jun 9 2021Aug 2021
181X-Men (2019)5#21Jun 9 2021Aug 2021
182Mighty Valkyries (2021) ✨ ⚡1#3Jun 16 2021Aug 2021Karnilla, Loki, Auðumbla, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse, Mánagarmr, Rúna, Kvasir, Jormungand, Hela, Jane foster
183Venom (2018)4#35Jun 16 2021Jul 2021
184New Mutants (2020)4#19Jun 16 2021Aug 2021
185Heroes Return (2021)2#1Jun 23 2021Aug 2021
186Wolverine (2020)7#13Jun 23 2021Aug 2021
187Marvel's Voices: Pride (2021)1#1Jun 23 2021Aug 2021
188Captain Marvel (2019)10#29Jun 23 2021Aug 2021Amora
189Beta Ray Bill (2021) ✨⚡1#4Jun 30 2021Aug 2021
190Immortal Hulk (2018)1#48Jul 7 2021Sep 2021
191Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#15Jul 14 2021Sep 2021Thor, Volstagg, Loki
192Thor Annual (2021) ✨⚡5#1Jul 21 2021Sep 2021Everdrop, Aelsa Featherwise, Huginn, Muninn, Buzzbittle, Volstagg, Thori, Fandral, Sif, Hildegard, Balder, Hogun, Thor, Fernande, Sir Ivory Honeyshot, Ud, Screwbeard, Titanya Vaetilda Vinnsuvius, Ro Bloodroot, Loki, Mangog, Odin, Hela, Garm, Valg, Thor Bor-Kin, Much of this issue takes place during a wild acid trip. Some characters appear only in a vision, and are not actually present
193Captain Marvel (2019)10#30Jul 21 2021Sep 2021Amora, Ove
194Mighty Valkyries (2021) ✨ ⚡1#4Jul 28 2021Sep 2021Kvasir, Karnilla, Jane Foster, Rúna, Mr Horse, Hela, Thor, Sif, Mánagarmr, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Volstagg, Fafnir
195Beta Ray Bill (2021) ✨⚡1#5Jul 28 2021Sep 2021
196Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade (2021)1#5Jul 28 2021Sep 2021
197Immortal Hulk (2018)1#49Aug 4 2021Oct 2021
198America Chavez: Made in the USA (2021)1#5Aug 11 2021Oct 2021Thor
199Kang the Conqueror (2021)1#1Aug 18 2021Oct 2021
200Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#12Aug 25 2021Oct 2021Alvi, Iric, Guslaug
201Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#16Aug 25 2021Oct 2021Thor, Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Huginn, Muninn, Odin, Freyja, Angela
202Avengers (2018) ✨8#48Sep 1 2021Nov 2021Thor
203Mighty Valkyries (2021) ✨ ⚡1#5Sep 15 2021Nov 2021Kvasir, Karnilla, Hela, Fafnir, Auðumbla, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Rúna, Loki, Mánagarmr, Mr Horse.
204Death of Doctor Strange (2021)1#1Sep 22 2021Nov 2021Alvi, Thor
205Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#17Sep 29 2021Nov 2021Thor, Freyja, Odin, Angela, Trjegul
206Avengers (2018) ✨8#49Oct 13 2021Dec 2021Thor
207Kang the Conqueror (2021)1#3Oct 13 2021Dec 2021
208Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#18Oct 20 2021Dec 2021Thor, Loki, Throg, Huginn, Muninn
209Death of Doctor Strange (2021)1#2Oct 20 2021Dec 2021Thor
210Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers (2022)1#1Nov 3 2021Jan 2022
211Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange (2022) ✨1#1Nov 3 2021Jan 2022Amora, Alvi, Iric, GuslaugGuslaug has his own solo mini story after the main story
212Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#13Nov 10 2021Jan 2022Alvi, Iric
213Shang-Chi (2021)2#6Nov 17 2021Jan 2022Thor
214Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#19Nov 24 2021Jan 2022Odin, Mangog, Thor, Thor (Jane Foster), SifMangog and Jane!Thor appear in flashback
215Black Panther (2022)8#1Nov 24 2021Jan 2022
216Death of Doctor Strange (2021)1#3Nov 24 2021Jan 2022Jane Foster, Thor
217Hulk (2022)5#1Nov 24 2021Jan 2022
218Avengers (2018) ✨8#50Dec 1 2021Feb 2022Odin, Thor, Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster, Mr Horse
219Marvels (2021)2#6Dec 1 2021Feb 2022
220Marvel's Voices: Comunidades (2022)1#1Dec 8 2021Feb 2022
221Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#14Dec 15 2021Feb 2022Iric, Alvi, GuslaugCharacters appear in a spread
222Avengers (2018) ✨8#51Dec 22 2021Feb 2022Thor, Sif, Phoenix Thor
223Ms Marvel: Beyond the Limit (2022)1#1Dec 22 2021Feb 2022
224Avengers: Forever (2022)2#1Dec 22 2021Feb 2022Odin, Atli, Frigg, Ellisiv
225Death of Doctor Strange (2021)1#4Dec 29 2921Feb 2022ThorThor appears very briefly
226Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#20Jan 5 2022Mar 2022Thor, Eitri, Loki, Sif, Throg, MjolnirEitri appears as a corpse. Mjolnir is sentient now
227Captain Marvel (2019)10#35Jan 5 2022Mar 2022
228Ms Marvel: Beyond the Limit (2022)1#2Jan 12 2022Mar 2022
229Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#15Jan 19 2022Mar 2022Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
230Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight (2022)1#1Jan 19 2022Mar 2022
231Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#21Jan 26 2022Mar 2022Thor, Mjolnir, Odin, Sif, Mangog
232Death of Doctor Strange (2021)1#5Jan 26 2022Mar 2022Thor
233Iron Man (2020)6#16Jan 26 2022Mar 2022
234X Deaths of Wolverine (2022)1#1Jan 26 2022Mar 2022
235X Deaths of Wolverine (2022)1#2Feb 9 2022Mar 2022
236Avengers (2018) ✨8#53Feb 9 2022Apr 2022Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr Horse, Jane Foster
237Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#22Feb 16 2022Apr 2022Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Mjolnir, Mangog, Freyja, Odin
238Hulk (2022)5#4Feb 16 2022Apr 2022
239King Conan (2022)2#3Feb 16 2022Apr 2022
240Marvel's Voices: Legacy (2022)2#1Feb 16 2022Apr 2022
241Captain Marvel (2019)10#36Feb 23 2022Mar 2022
242Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#16Feb 23 2022Apr 2022Iric
243Fantastic Four (2018)6#41Mar 2 2022May 2022Thor
244Strange (2022)3#1Mar 2 2022May 2022
245Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#23Mar 9 2022May 2022Thor, Odin, Mjolnir, Mangog, Huginn, Muninn, Sif, Freyja, Loki, Angela, Odin (ghost)Odin dies in this issue
246Eternals (2021)5#10Mar 9 2022Apr 2022
247Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#17Mar 9 2022May 2022Iric, Alvi, Guslaug
248Women of Marvel (2022)3#1Mar 9 2022May 2022
249Avengers (2018) ✨8#54Mar 16 2022May 2022Phoenix Thor, Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
250Avengers: Forever (2022)2#4Mar 23 2021May 2022Frigg, Ellisiv, Atli
251Hulk (2022)5#5Mar 30 2022May 2022
252Hulk: Grand Design - Monster (2022)1#1Mar 30 2022May 2022ThorThis is a primer similar to some of the Infinity Comics, which redraws older comics to condense the story
253Thing (2022)3#6 📵Apr 6 2022Jun 2022
254Strange (2022)3#2Apr 6 2022Jun 2022
255Elektra (1995)1#100 📵Apr 13 2022Jun 2022
256Eternals (2021)5#11 📵Apr 13 2022Jun 2022
257Marvel Meow Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#4Apr 15 2022Apr 2022Thor, ThoriThis series is exclusive to Marvel Unlimited. Moved to current continuity after issue #10 seems to confirm this is somehow canon
258Who Is... The Scarlet Witch Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#1Apr 20 2022Apr 2022ThorThis comic bridges a bizarre gap between a reprint and something new. It's a good primer if you're new and aren't sure what's going on with Jane, but utterly skipable otherwise.
259Who Is... America Chavez Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#1Apr 20 2022Apr 2022LokiThis comic bridges a bizarre gap between a reprint and something new. It's a good primer if you're new and aren't sure what's going on with Jane, but utterly skipable otherwise.
260Avengers (2018) ✨8#55 📵Apr 20 2022Jun 2022
261Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#24 📵Apr 27 2022Jun 2022The Second Son of Asgard: Thor, Loki, Freyja, Fandra, Angela, Beta Ray Bill, Odin, Balder, Volstagg, Sif | Prologue: Beta Ray Bill | The Seduction: Thor, Odin, Balder, Mangog | Benedictions: Thor, Volstagg | What Comes Next: Loki, Verity Willis, Thor, Sif, Freyja, Angela, Beta Ray Bill, Odin | Who Wields Who: Odin60th Anniversary Special. Odin appears as both a corpse and a ghost. What Comes Next has the same version of Loki from two different points in time and I have no idea how to tag this sorry
262Hulk: Grand Design - Madness (2022)1#1 📵Apr 27 2022Apr 2022
263Free Comic Book Day 2022: Avengers/X-Men (2022)1#1May 7 2022Jun 2022Thor, Odin
264Free Comic Book Day 2022: Spider-Man/Venom (2022)1#1May 7 2022Jun 2022Ulik, Thor
265Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel's Voices (2022)1#1May 7 2022Jun 2022
266Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha (2022)1#1 📵May 11 2022Jun 2022Thor, Odin, Sif
267Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#25 📵May 18 2022Jul 2022Banner of War: Odin, Thor | If This Be Mercy: Amora, Skurge, Odin | Thor's Wedding: Thor, Loki, Thrym, AngelaThe main story is confusing as hell if you don't follow Hulk. This arc is utterly skipable, if not for the second half which contains a few additional stories that seem like they didn't fit in the anniversary special
268Eternals (2021)5#12 📵May 18 2022Jul 2022
269Fantastic Four (2018)6#43 📵May 18 2022Jul 2022
270Hulk (2022)5#7 📵May 25 2022Jul 2022Thor, Odin
271Avengers (2018) ✨8#56 📵May 25 2022Jul 2022
272Marvel Meow Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#7May 27 2022May 2022Loki
273Captain Marvel (2019)10#38 📵Jun 1 2022Jul 2022
274Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#26 📵Jun 8 2022Aug 2022Thor, Odin, Huginn, Muninn, SifPart of the Hulk crossover thing
275Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) ✨⚡1#1 📵Jun 8 2022Aug 2022Jane Foster, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Rúna, Mr Horse, Algrim, Hela, Ulik, Sif, Tyr, Beta Ray Bill, Odin, Amora, ThorMarked as recommended only because it's a core title. I can't yet say how relevant it is overall. Odin appears as a voice only
276Marvel Meow Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#8Jun 10 2022Jun 2022Kitty Loki
277Marvel's Voices: Iceman Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#3Jun 15 2022Jun 2020Loki, LaufeyLaufey appears as an illusion, blended with William Drake
278New Fantastic Four: Marvel Tales (2022)1#1 📵Jun 15 2022Aug 2022
279Fantastic Four (2018)6#44 📵Jun 15 2022Aug 2022
280Marvel's Voices: Pride (2022)2#1 📵Jun 22 2022Aug 2022All My Exes in the Nexus: Loki, Lorelei, Leah, Hepti, Sindr, Sigyn, Svaðilfari, Angerboda; Over the Rainbow: Rúna, Thor, Loki, Drrf, Sif, AngelaRúna gets a two-page write-up at the end of the comic. Bonus Mr Horse appears
281Marvel's Voices: Iceman Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#4Jun 22 2022Jun 2022Thor
282Immortal X-Men (2022)1#3 📵Jun 22 2022Aug 2022
283Who Is... Jane Foster: Thor Infinity Comic (2022) 📱✨⚡1#1Jun 23 2022Jun 2022Jane Foster, Thor, Odin, Sif, Volstagg, Loki, Thor (Jane Foster), Thori, Mangog, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Mr HorseThis comic bridges a bizarre gap between a reprint and something new. It's a good primer if you're new and aren't sure what's going on with Jane, but utterly skipable otherwise.
284Marvel Meow Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#9Jun 24 2022Jun 2022Kitty Loki
285Thor: Lightning and Lament (2022) ✨⚡1#1 📵Jun 29 2022Aug 2022Thor, Donald Blake, Heimdall, Loki, Tyr, Balder, Sif, Geirrodur, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Gronek, OdinThis also seems like a mash between a reprint and something new, as the plot reads like a mix of several Tales of Asgard comics smooshed together.
286Avengers (2018) ✨8#57 📵Jun 29 2022Aug 2022
287Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) ✨⚡1#2 📵Jul 6 2022Sep 2022Thor, Ratatoskr, Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Odin, Algrim, Rúna, Mr Horse, Hildegarde, Sif, Amora, Beta Ray Bill, Ulik, Thor (Jane Foster)
288Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#18 📵Jul 6 2022Sep 2022Alvi, Iric, Guslaug
289Strange Tales: Thor & Jane Foster Infinity Comic (2022) 📱⚡1#1Jul 6 2022Jul 2022Jane Foster, Thor, Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
290Marvel Meow Infinity Comic (2022) 📱1#10Jul 8 2022Jul 2022Kitty Loki, Alvi, Iric
291Defenders: Beyond (2022)1#1Jul 20 2022Sep 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
292AXE: Judgement Day (2022)1#1Jul 20 2022Sep 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
293Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#27Jul 27 2022Oct 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
294Hulk (2022)5#8Jul 27 2022Sep 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
295Avengers: 1,000,000 BC (2022)1#1Aug 3 2022Oct 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
296Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) ✨⚡1#3Aug 10 2022Oct 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
297Defenders: Beyond (2022)1#2Aug 24 2022Oct 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
298Thor (2020) ✨⚡6#28Aug 31 2022Nov 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
299Iron Fist (2022)6#5Aug 31 2022Oct 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
300Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) ✨⚡1#4Sep 21 2022Nov 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
301Defenders: Beyond (2022)1#3Sep 28 2022Nov 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
302All-Out Avengers (2022)1#1 📵Sep 7 2022Nov 2022Unreleased comics are subject to change
303Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) ✨⚡1#5TBATBAUnreleased comics are subject to change
304Defenders: Beyond (2022)1#4TBATBAUnreleased comics are subject to change
305Defenders: Beyond (2022)1#5TBATBAUnreleased comics are subject to change
306Strange Academy (2020) ✨1#19TBATBAUnreleased comics are subject to change

Note: The Thor infinity comic released Jun 21 2022 is a reprint of the 2012 Thor: God of Thunder arc, starting from #2.  It is not included in this list for this reason.