Hi.  You might remember me as that guy who wrote that one Tasertricks fic that was momentarily popular solely for causing wank.  But that’s not the only thing I’ve done within fandom.  I’ve been active in fandom since the late 90s, cutting my teeth on Geocities, AOL chatrooms, and mailing lists.  I still actually have most of my fic, though I think the earliest one still in my possession dates back to about 2003.  I like to write stories about humanity, and what that means.  There are a lot of heavy emotions and subjects present in my fic, and warnings should not be ignored when present.

I don’t tend to be very social within fandom, and you won’t find me in many Discord servers or doing many events.  You can contact me via Twitter.  I do have a Tumblr account, but I’m not very active on it.