These lists inherently contain spoilers, as they catalogue which characters are in which issues.  Some issues may contain clarifying notes, such as to call out when a character appears as an illusion, when they die, etc.  Because these are comic books, many characters will list more than one death.

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Please read this first before sending me a message about these lists.

  1. Why isn’t the list sortable by date?
    It ought to be sorted by date by default.  If it’s not, you may have clicked on something.  Try reloading the page or clearing your cache.  I cannot make it sortable by date by clicking the sort button because of two factors that have come together.  The table software I use isn’t smart enough to know that October comes before November, firstly.  And second, most lists have a mix of release dates and cover dates.  Until I can find release dates for everything, sorting by date won’t work anyway.  So I’ve erred on the side of having dates display as unambiguously as possible.  If you need to put a list back into date order, click the # in the top left of the list itself.
  2. What’s the difference between a cover date and a release date?
    The release date is the date the comic was available to purchase.  The cover date is the date which comic shops and news stands were told to remove the comic from display to make room for the next shipment.  Often, the cover date is the only information available, and many apps (including Marvel Unlimited) tend to use cover dates instead of release dates for sorting purposes.  I’ve begun including both where possible.
  3. Why don’t you have X title/issue/series listed here?
    The short answer: this list is a work in progress and I just haven’t got to it yet.  The long answer: There are a lot of reasons why something may not be listed where you might expect.  It could be that cover dates got in the way again, and it’s just listed slightly out of order.  Some issues which cross over with multiple continuities may be listed in the Weird Things list, rather than the main 616 lists.  Or it could be that I wasn’t aware a Norse character appeared in someone else’s book.  In which case, you can reach out to me on Twitter about it.
  4. Why do you have so many characters listed as Thor?
    “Thor” is treated as both a name and a mantle.  I’ve tried to find the best way to display that, which still works with the search function, but after a certain amount of time I just gave up trying to make sense of this continuity and gave up, honestly.
  5. Why don’t you separate Loki the same way you separate Thor?
    I do, it’s just not as obvious because Loki is the same soul that keeps getting reincarnated again and again and again, while Thor is many other souls inhabiting the same cosmic role.  Look, it’s stupid and I’m just trying to make this easy to understand.  If wearing Loki’s horns enabled one to possess the Power of Loki, I’d be doing the same with him.
  6. Why can’t I search for the emoji you use in your legend?
    I don’t know.  If you can figure out how to make it work please let me know.