You’ve got questions.  I might have answers.

  1. Are you the guy who wrote that one really messed up Tasertricks fic?
    Most likely, yes.
  2. Are you the guy who wrote that one really messed up Sylki fic?
    Again, yes.  I probably wrote that fic you’re thinking of.
  3. My favourite fic disappeared.  Where can I find it?
    Email me, and I’ll bump it up in the priority to repost it.  I recently purged my AO3 account, and am in the process of reposting everything over here on my site in a way that I have greater control over who sees it, because the fandom atmosphere is uncomfortable and gross and I don’t like it anymore.
  4. How do you leave kudos on your fic?
    You don’t.  This website is built using WordPress’ framework, using plugins and some custom code to make it work for fiction.  I deliberately disabled a lot of statistics metrics because I’m more interested in sharing my fic than farming numbers.
  5. Why did you delete your fic from AO3?
    For a few reasons.  There was a lot of abuse on AO3 and I was getting sick of having to moderate comments so I turned them off entirely across both my accounts, but then turning off comments on both accounts created a bizarre sort of image that rippled out my other accounts that I didn’t like.  I also have begun to lose a lot of faith in the OTW and AO3 as an organisation, and don’t want my work associated with them anymore.  The decision to self-host was made so that I could create an environment where I have total control over how my fic is presented, and who sees and interacts with it.  This lets me be a lot more free to write the stupid sort of thing I like to write without those who lack context or nuance trying to come in and start fights I don’t have the energy to deal with.
  6. How do I find your fic?
    Fic is announced exclusively on my newsletter, but otherwise is hidden from the rest of the site and can no longer be found by digging around through links.
  7. Do you take requests?
    Not really.  Sometimes.  It depends.  Mostly fanfic is my hobby writing, so I tend to limit it to the sorts of stories I have the most fun writing.
  8. How do I find fic on your website?
    Subscribing to my newsletter will get you to the part of my site where fanfic is posted.  Once you get there, you can browse the tags or archive, or use the search bar.
  9. Your site used to have a page that did a specific thing, but I can’t find it anymore.
    That page either got made redundant, or is buried somewhere in the avalanche of trash.
  10. How do I get notified when you post something new?
    There are several ways to receive notifications.

    • Subscribe to the blog via email, using the field in the sidebar.  This will only notify you for posts made to the main blog itself, and will go out as soon as a post is made.
    • Similarly, sign up for a WordPress account and search for me on your dashboard.  Again, you will only see posts made to the blog, but if you’re thorough, you can get the art and fic feeds this way as well.
    • Sign up for the newsletter.  Every Saturday, a roundup email will go out, containing all my art, fic, and everything else.
  11. I tried to download an ebook, but it didn’t work.  Did I do something wrong?
    Email me with the title you tried to download.  The ebook section likes to randomly break for no reason sometimes.  I don’t know why.
  12. Why don’t I see any pictures on your site?
    Email me with a link to the affected page/s.  I had an issue with the site’s cache deleting all my images to save space or something stupid.  I don’t know why it did that either.
  13. I never signed up for emails from you.  How do I make them stop?
    Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom.  Depending on when you unsubscribe, you may still receive one more email if there’s still one queued up to go.  If you unsubscribe after the week’s email list as been generated, the system is not able to update the list until the next email goes out.  Similarly, if you subscribe after an email has been queued, you may not be added to the list until the following week.  Think of it like trying to unsubscribe from a magazine after an issue has already been mailed out to you, but before it arrives in your mailbox.
  14. How do I find fic on mobile?
    The Fic Archive page contains a list of all uploaded fic, as well as a list of tags used on fic.  At this time, the search bar is only visible on desktop.