I currently have two AO3 accounts.

LokiOfSassgaard is where I post all of my active WIPs or finished fics (with I think one exception).  Sassgaardian is where I’ve moved all of my abandoned WIPs and RP collections.

Fics posted to Sassgaardian may be moved back to my other account if they are picked back up again.  There are already a few candidates for completion, based on the fics that I like best.  Fics that get a high amount of interest may become a completion candidate as well.  This is not a guarantee that the fic will be finished, so please don’t expect it to happen if you see a fic with a lot of engagement.  Some of them are so old or so far removed from canon that I’m not sure I’d be able to pick them back up again if I were paid to do it.

The best way to know if a fic is being picked back up is to subscribe to it.  When it’s moved over, a dummy chapter will be posted to throw an alert.  Multi-chapter fics may then go up on a schedule.  You can also follow me on Twitter, where alerts are posted when this site updates, including fic chapters and notes.

Remixes, Plotbunnies, and Sequels

If you would like to create anything transformative based on my fics, I give blanket permission to do so.  This includes remixes, finishing off WIPs, writing sequels or prequels, podcasts, art.  Whatever.  This extends to anything original I may post as well.

My only requirement is that my fic is credited, and I get a link to what you’ve made.  If you post it to AO3, you can do this automatically by ticking the remix box.  Link to the fic on AO3, and I will eventually see it.  If you are not posting to AO3, please send me a message on Tumblr.