What if one decision over 1000 years ago was made differently? Rather than being fed lies and made an unwilling party to them, the narrative changes and Loki is raised knowing he is Jötunn. But Asgard is no place for an abandoned Jötunn runt.

AU in which Odin is mostly-honest, Thor is still a spoilt brat, and Loki still deserves a smack in the mouth. Or, that time the MCU was inhabited by the comic versions of Thor and Loki.

The premise of this fic is kind of big and convoluted.  I admit that.  But this is how I should have done it the first time around.

If you’ve come from its previous incarnation, Loki Annoys the Marvel Universe, you probably know more or less where this story is going.  After tallying up all of the chapters from the original series, between everything that’s already been posted, outtakes I wanted to work back in, and things that were in the pipeline to be posted, there are almost 200 chapters.  And I expect that to grow a bit, because some of those things that never made it in might need a lot of space.  There’s a lot of places I wanted this fic to go originally, that I’m going to take it this time.  So don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of new stuff you don’t remember.  It’s probably because it never got posted!

If you’re new here, ignore all that.  This is going to be an enormous, endless sprawl of a fic.  There are arc lists and jumping in points listed both on the fic itself on AO3, and here on my site.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.