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You’ve found my website. Here is a bunch of stuff that’s been posted over my long fandom career. A lot of it has never made it to AO3 or other archive sites. Most of what’s been posted here is the final draft of whatever it is, but occasionally random plotbunnies or unfinished things can be found deep in the depths of all of this madness.

I’m primarily a fic author, though I do occasionally do art. Multiple hard drive crashes mean the vast majority of that art is lost to history, unfortunately.

If you’re looking for fanfic, the Fic Master List has everything listed, with links both within the site and to AO3 mirrors.  Multi-chaptered fic is also listed on the site’s sidebar, albeit it in reverse chronological order.  Current WIPs are listed in the top menu in chronological order.

This site is 18+.  By clicking on any link on this site, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and are comfortable with seeing content of an adult nature.

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