In 2022, I took on two different fiction challenges at the same time.  Unus Annus, and Get Your Words Out.

Get Your Words Out is simple.  You pick a pledge level, and write that amount of words/days in a year.  I picked 1,000,000 words, because the next highest, 500,000 seemed too easy.

My second challenge is not quite so straight forward.  Unus Annus a more personal challenge, inspired by a YouTube experiment of the same name.  Unlike GYWO, which follows the calendar, Unus Annus can start at any point, and lasts for a year going forward.  In late December 2021, I started my challenge: post something to AO3 every single day for a year.

I set my challenge up so I’d be most likely to succeed.  I didn’t have to write something postable every single day, nor did what I post have to be fiction.  Which is why, despite the challenge lasting for 365 days, I do not have 365 unique entries for this challenge.  Artwork, meta, and chapters from existing WIPs all counted.  As long as I was allowed to put it on AO3, and it was in a completed and edited state, it was good to go.  As such, a lot of what was posted early on for UA was written well in advance, and did not count toward my GYWO goal.  I also wrote a lot of original fiction, which did not make it onto AO3 for my UA challenge.

But I chose to mark these uploads on my masterlist because I wanted to be able to visualise just how much work went into both of these challenges, even if they are not mutually inclusive.  But I wrote a lot over 2022.  And I had to post a lot over 2022.  So all those little hourglasses are a good way to show that.

I don’t think I’m ever doing a UA challenge again.  Jury’s still out on GYWO.