I am so exhausted and run down with everything. I don’t understand how anyone who’s a parent isn’t terrified for their children right now. And now I see Florida is trying to pull the same shit as Texas. Meanwhile up here, the FBI are warning about a potential threat to Bonneville. I’m so done.

The Satanic Temple has already filed their lawsuit though. So that’s cool. I wish pagans would get on their level, but it’s easier to count all the grains of sand on a beach than it is to organise pagans at all. And let’s be real, the last time people upholding Norse ideology organised, it did not go well.

We almost have the house put together how we want it. I talked to the husband about Equinox plans, and he thinks foregoing anything fancy in favour of making a bit of emergency soup is the best way to go. So next paycheque I’m gonna buy stuff for that so we can stock up again.

I also finally got my Nintendo hooked back up, and spent a half hour irritating my husband by swearing at Super Mario 3 while “testing” that I’d got it hooked up right.