Got the last of my dental work done today, before we’re gonna move on to the next step in getting my new teeth.

Had one hell of an experience today though. I got up several hours than I wanted to, because our internet wigged out, and the youtube video we had playing for white noise kept skipping. At that point, I figured I’d call the cab company early and schedule my ride, and all was well.

About an hour before my cab was supposed to arrive, the dentist called me and said there had been a cancellation and I could come in early. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to get the cab earlier than schedule, so I declined.

Of course, when the cab was supposed to be here, it never showed up. Ten minutes later, they called me and said they didn’t have a ride available for me. By that point, I was very close to late, but luckily I was able to get Lyft to find me a ride, which has never worked before in this area. I called the dentist and was able to get them to hold my appointment for me, and got there a bit late, but not so late that they would have cancelled me.

At that point, I was already pretty wigged out, because not being in control of my situation like this always sends me into a spin.

But I got in there, and they got to work, but I was so keyed up that about halfway through my autism went and kicked into high gear and my brain decided that anything touching me hurt. So having two people with their hands all over my face for the nex 20 minutes was fucking agony. But luckily apparently my teeth are “really easy to work on” so he was able to get everything done with very little drilling or fuss. So I got out of there quicker than I’d expected to, but not as quickly as I’d have wanted all things considered, and got the rest of my shit scheduled. I go in next week to get scanned for my denture fitting, which is a lot quicker than I was expecting, so I’m hoping my finances can keep up with the timing.

Getting home was a whole other ordeal, because I live in some podunk little town that secretly two towns squished together. Lyft is on the side of town I live on, and Uber is on the other. And my dentist apparently sits right on the border, so I could not get a ride back from either one, because they both recognised my location as being in the other town. So I had to walk a block to Starbucks before Lyft could see I was in the right area.

But I’m home. My face hurts, I’ve got soup cooking in the crock pot, and I’m watching documentaries and knitting scarves for the old people at the nursing home my husband works at. I was gonna try to get some writing done tonight, but my brain is just fluff. It ain’t happening.