Fic comments have now been turned off for my entire AO3 account, including any ongoing WIPs.  After I turned them off for everything that had already been completed, I realised that it defeated the purpose to leave them on elsewhere.

People on Twitter got really confused over this decision.  It was not made because of wank, harassment, or a lack of time.  This decision was made because I had fallen into a really uncomfortable and unhealthy tendency to rely on my creative output as the sole means of socialisation within fandom.  If a fic did not get comments that led to conversation, it was real Feels Bad, Man.  And considering a lot of what I write is very much not what is popular within fandom, I was stuck in this constant cycle of feeling the need to do bigger, and better, and more involved in order to encourage that social connection.  By taking that away, I’ve allowed my fic to stand on its own, without any pressure to succeed or do well. 

Related to this, I am no longer posting WIPs at all to AO3.  Fics will be posted once they are fully complete, with God of Outcasts being the sole exception.

If you would like to read fic as I work on it, or leave feedback other than kudos, you can do so via my newsletter, where I am more comfortable having these conversations.