With each time Thor spent in Loki’s bed, other women on Asgard seemed to lose their appeal more and more.  They could have thrown themselves at him, and some did, but Thor wanted only one thing.

And it was a thing that was becoming increasingly difficult to get.

But Loki was a creature of habit.  He didn’t like women as most men did.  He would take them to his bed, but he didn’t prefer them.  So Thor needed only be patient.  Sometimes that patience would last weeks, but eventually he was rewarded.  Loki’s own perversions always got the better of him, and soon he was back in the great hall, wearing a gown and breasts and offering his cunt to any man with a handsome face.

He was careful with his drink, but he didn’t throw that vice away entirely either.  Thor wasted a small handful of vials before he figured out how to sneak the drug passed him.  Loki would refuse cups offered to him, or take only a few sips before moving on to something fresh.  But as time wore on, he seemed to forget his own caution, and soon he was back to his old ways.

Done fighting and tired of being patient, Thor poured an entire vial into a cup of wine before having it sent over.  He wanted to take what was his, and not argue about it.  He wanted to take his time, and do with Loki as he pleased.  He watched and waited, and sat back until he could see Loki recognise an all-too familiar sensation.  He had not been careful or clever enough, and all he could do was retreat before it was too late.

Thor found him in his own bed, which was farther than he’d ever managed to make it before.  He climbed into the bed with Loki, laying down beside him to just look.  Loki was deeply asleep, breathing shallowly where he lay twisted on his side atop the furs.  Thor trailed his hand down Loki’s side, over his hip and down his leg, then hitched up his skirt so he could go back up, touching his skin.  He watched Loki for any sign of a reaction, but none came.  He wondered what dream Loki’s mind was inventing to explain this touch to him, even as he fondled and stroked Loki’s breast.  As Thor explored this body of Loki’s, he watched for any sign that Loki may wake, but none came.  Loki had drank the entire vial, and would not be putting up any resistance.  Thor inhaled sharply at the realisation, surprised it had worked even though he had planned this.  Even though this was not the first time he had tried it.

Thor rolled Loki onto his back, deciding he could take his time later.  He had all night.  He wouldn’t be missed, and he knew the drug was strong enough that there was no threat in hanging around once he had finished.  Free of his breeches, he got on top of Loki, forcing himself inside him until he could go no deeper.  Loki’s cunt resisted him, but it was also warm and slick and ready to be opened.  Thor worked through that resistance, slowly and deliberately.  He forced himself to keep his eyes open, watching his brother’s face as he lay ready for him.  Beneath him, Loki didn’t even stir.  As Thor fucked him, he lay perfectly still, breathing evenly, though perhaps a bit more deeply than he had before.  If Loki wanted to take a man’s cock, it would be Thor’s, and only Thor’s.  No other man would have him like this.  Thor let himself lose control at the thought of claiming Loki as his own.  Loki was his to take, and he would do so every night if he could.  He would fill Loki with seed and put a child in his belly.  Then everyone would know Loki was his. 

The thought drove Thor over the edge.  He spent quickly, and as he held himself over Loki’s body, he wondered what it might take actually to fill his womb with a child.  It hadn’t happened yet, but surely it was possible.  He had been so frightened of it happening that first time.  The idea surely would not frighten him if it were not possible.

Rather than putting himself back together, Thor pulled his tunic off and lay down beside Loki, rolling him back onto his side and hitching up his gown so their skin touched.  With his cock nestled neatly against Loki’s ass, Thor stroked and teased his skin, touching every inch he could reach.  Loki had yet to resist, or even react, but there was plenty of time for him to come around and admit that this was what he wanted.  Even as Thor grew hard again, he stayed where he was, revelling in his claim.  He would break Loki, making him want Thor and only Thor.  He would crave Thor’s cock, and would beg him for it.  Soon, they would no longer need to play this game.

Thor shifted, hitching Loki’s legs up so he could fuck him from where he lay.  He could not get as deep inside Loki’s cunt like this, but he could hold onto him and feel his body pressed against his own as he rocked their bodies together.  Thor pressed his face against Loki’s neck, his arm wrapped tightly around Loki’s waist as he took him like this.  He moved his hand between Loki’s legs, feeling with his fingers where his cock was buried in Loki’s cunt.  Loki could feel it too, and Thor wanted to fuck him so hard it woke him from his sleep.  He pretended he could hear Loki moaning and begging for it, knowing he soon would.  As it was, Loki only slept through it all, even as Thor tried to tease a response from him.  He paused only to move his other arm beneath and around Loki, so he could reach Loki’s exposed tit with his other hand.  Like this, he could move Loki’s body to move along with him, guiding Loki to ride his cock as Thor fucked him.  Still, he didn’t move.  Thor thought he could put a baby in Loki’s belly, and Loki would never know until it was too late.  Thor wanted to be there when Loki realised what had happened.  He wanted to see that shame and panic as Loki was forced to admit he didn’t even know which man’s cock he had ridden that got him pregnant.  And he rode so many, like a common whore.  But not for long.  Thor would soon put a stop to that.

The thought drove Thor to madness.  He fucked Loki as hard as he could, holding onto his brother’s body as he drove himself deep.  Still, Loki didn’t rouse, even as Thor again spilled inside him with a loud gasp.

He stayed like that, with his cock buried inside Loki as he allowed himself to drift off to sleep.  He stayed there, holding Loki against his body, his hand between Loki’s legs and his cock still in his cunt.  At some point in the night, Loki stirred, but he did not wake.  It was enough that Thor woke, though.  His cock had softened and fallen out of Loki’s cunt, but it was ready to go back inside it, teased and hard just from lying there next to Loki. 

Thor rolled Loki onto his back once more, taking the time to remove his gown completely.  With Loki lying sprawled out beneath him, tits exposed in the open air, Thor could not control himself a moment longer.  Loki was still wet and slick, though again Thor had to coax his way inside, pushing himself as deep as he could go with what little patience he still had.  Loki resisted him now, but he wouldn’t always.  Soon, Loki would beg for this.  As Thor worked Loki open with shallow thrusts, Loki whined quietly at it, though he did not move to get away.  His breath seemed almost strained as Thor eased his way back out, and then forced himself back in.  Loki just needed a little coaxing, and soon enough he opened himself back up to Thor.

“You’re mine,” he said, finding a rhythm.  “I’ll never let anyone touch you again.”

He caged Loki’s body with his arms and fucked him hard, trying to get more of those tiny little sounds from him.  Those tiny little sounds that meant he wanted it, even if he was too ashamed to say.  Thor knew Loki wanted him.  He’d admit it eventually.

Loki’s breath hitched, and for a moment he even stirred.  Thor fucked him harder, hoping to wake Loki up enough for him to see what was going on.  Loki made tiny noises, barely audible over Thor panting and straining above him.  Thor waned more.

“Come on,” Thor said.  “You don’t have to be coy.”

He shifted Loki beneath him, finally getting another one of those desperate little noises.  As Thor fucked him, Loki’s breath hitched again, and again, though his body still did not move.  He wasn’t awake, but he was dreaming.  He was just on the cusp of sleep, aware but not aware of what was being done to him and with him.  Thor tried to hold himself back as he struggled to bring Loki to climax.  For a moment, Loki opened his eyes and looked up at Thor, whimpering something quiet.  Then he was gone again as he edged closer and closer to climax.  Unsure of anything while Loki was in this state, Thor lost control of himself and spilled his seed, trying to let Loki ride out the rest.  But he was tired, and now that he was spent, Thor hadn’t much energy left.

“You’re mine,” he said, panting against Loki’s neck.  “You’ll never be anything else.  Just a whore to bear my bastards.”

Suddenly taken by a strange urge, Thor kissed Loki on his neck, slowly drawing his lips and tongue over his skin.  Then he kissed him again, this time higher, slowly leaving a trail up them up to his ear.  Beneath him, Loki finally stirred and moaned encouragement, and so Thor did not stop.  Though exhausted, he was soon hard again, and as he lazily fucked his sleeping brother in his little cunt, Thor kept his mouth on Loki’s neck.  Taken with another urge, he bit down, leaving a mark for everyone to see.  Loki hissed sharply inward at it as his hips bucked forward, and suddenly Thor was spent.

This time, he collapsed next to Loki, barely settled beside him before he fell asleep again.  He didn’t sleep deeply, constantly aware of Loki’s every move and breath as the drug wore off.  He woke again several times just to feel Loki’s skin and listen to him, unsure how much time he had left.  Thor took him from behind again, holding Loki close against him as he tried to bury himself deep.  Beside him, Loki stirred, moaning and shaking his head while one of his hands fought to release himself from Thor’s grip. 

“No,” Loki said quietly.

Thor ignored his protest and held harder as he fucked him, working against Loki as he tried to get away.  He still fought weakly, with no power behind anything he did, allowing Thor to pin him down with only one arm.  His hand on Loki’s cunt rubbed and stroked, trying to coax Loki into admitting this was what he wanted.  Thor was spent quickly, but even as he lay quiet beside Loki, he still worked Loki’s clit with his fingers, while Loki tried pathetically to push his hand away.  Curious to see what Loki might do, Thor let him go and watched as he tried to move across the bed and away from Thor, mumbling something quiet that came without words.  Rather than letting him leave, Thor rolled on top of him, pinning him down.  His cock between Loki’s legs was already hard again, pressing firmly against the inside of his thigh.  Even drugged and half asleep, Loki’s eyes were wide as he stared up at Thor.

“No,” Loki said, shaking his head.

“We don’t have to play this game,” Thor said.  “Not now.”

This time, Loki would be awake as Thor took him.  This time, Loki would be an active participant.  He might pretend to protest, but Thor knew this was what they both wanted.  Loki’s cunt was slick and wide open, making it easy for Thor to push his way in as deep as he could.  Loki gasped loudly and tried to back off, but Thor held him in place.  Even as Thor rode him, Loki tried to get away, as though he was not enjoying this as much as Thor was.  But Thor knew better.  Loki began panting loudly, his eyes searching around the room, and for a moment, Thor thought he was finally giving in.

“Help!” Loki gasped out.

Thor knew there were wards, but he did not want to take those chances.  He brought his hand up to Loki’s neck and held tight, watching him gasp for air as he still tried to fight.  Loki struggled against him, trying to pull Thor’s hand away as his hips bucked and his legs kicked out.  Still, Thor fucked him hard, not giving Loki a single moment to think.  Then, he could see Loki’s panic slowly shift to horror and shame even as he choked for air.  He was no longer fighting beneath Thor, but moving along with him.  As Thor let go of him at his neck, Loki gasped loudly, panting and whining all at the same time.  Then, he closed his eyes, turned his head away, and went still.  Even then, his heaving chest and the rocking of his tits gave him away as he submitted entirely to Thor.  Thor fell into his own climax, spilling deeply inside Loki as he collapsed on top of him.  Still Loki didn’t dare to move, even as Thor kissed him along the marks he’d left on his neck.

He shifted his weight onto one arm, reaching down between Loki’s legs with his free hand.  Loki lay completely motionless, still looking away as Thor pressed his fingers into Loki’s sloppy, wet cunt.  Loki hissed sharply through his nose, his entire body tensing as Thor teased him with his thumb and fingers.  Rather than trying to fight back or get away, Loki closed his eyes and bit his lip.  His breath was shaky and deep, and Thor watched his breath hitch every time he dragged his thumb over Loki’s clit.  He pressed against it, teasing the inner edges of Loki’s cunt at the same time, and watched as Loki tried to hide the climax he was riding out.  A few sharp exhales was all Loki gave him, but Thor knew what had happened.  Loki had wanted it, even if he still would not admit it.

“Go to sleep,” Thor said, rolling off of him.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll have you once more before I sneak out.”

Loki’s breath hitched, but he otherwise made no sound as he lay motionless beside Thor.  As tired as he was, Thor wanted to go to sleep, but he couldn’t quite make himself get there.  With Loki awake and responding, even if the drug was still working its way through him, all Thor could think about was the feel of Loki’s skin between his fingers, and the way he moved as Thor fucked him, and the way his tits heaved as Thor teased with his fingers.  His cock was slow to stir again, but when it finally did, he once again took Loki from behind, both of them laying on their sides.  This time, Loki did not try to fight against him, though Thor held him all the same, his arm draped over Loki’s body with his hand working his cunt.  Loki held himself as still as he could, even as his breathing gave him away.  Thor could hear him starting to pant as he fucked him, thrusting his cock into that cunt so hard that the entire bed lurched each time.  He teased Loki’s clit with his fingers, hoping to draw Loki into begging him for more.  Several times, Loki’s body gave him away, and then he gasped and went still again. 

This was a game Thor liked to play.  This was a game he could play endlessly.  

After Thor spilled, he didn’t hang around.  He got up and dressed quickly, making sure to gather everything he’d brought with.

“I’d get new furs if I were you,” he said before he made his exit, leaving Loki where he was.

It was days before he even saw Loki again, though he assumed that as long as Loki was able to take his natural form, none of Thor’s seed had stuck.  Though it was somewhat disappointing, as he still wanted to see Loki so deeply humiliated, he still knew that there would be plenty more opportunities to get it right.  Knowing that it had not stuck only meant he got to try again.

But for the time being, he gave Loki his space, and allowed him time to come out of his own embarrassment.  They both knew that Loki wanted Thor just as much as Thor had wanted Loki, but only one of them was prepared to admit it.  Loki would still need time.  When he finally made his appearance in the great hall, looking for some other suitor that would drive Thor to a jealous rage, Thor had decided to let it go.  He couldn’t take Loki every time, because Loki would stop taking the form Thor loved and hated so much.  So he let Loki drink and make merry, and he did not interfere.  Still, it seemed luck was not on Loki’s side, and as he left the hall alone, Thor found himself following after him.  He caught up to Loki not far beyond the door, grabbing him by the arm before he could get away.  Loki looked up at him, putting on a mask of rage and disgust.  For a long moment, they both looked at one another, neither saying anything.  Thor had not given Loki the drug, but that didn’t matter.  He would have Loki one way or another, even if he had to take it by force.

And Loki knew this as well.

Finally, Loki sighed.  “Just don’t make a scene,” he said through his teeth, relaxing a bit beneath Thor’s grip.

Having expected more of a fight, Thor walked alongside Loki back to his hall, still holding tightly to his arm.  Once inside with the doors closed, Thor prepared to put up a fight, but none came.  Loki only stood there, looking tired and disgusted, frowning past Thor to the wall beyond.  Sensing a new opportunity, Thor seized it quickly.  He tightened his grip on Loki’s arm and pulled him over to the desk.  With a sigh, Loki rolled his eyes so hard his entire body moved with them as he turned to face it, putting his back toward Thor.  Still not entirely trusting Loki to cooperate entirely, Thor twisted Loki’s arm behind his back, forcing him to bend over the desk and expose his cunt and ass.  Loki cried out loudly, resisting but still not yet fighting back.  With his other hand, Thor freed himself from his breeches, and then lifted Loki’s skirts so it was all out in the open air, wet and ready for him.

Thor slid his fingers over Loki’s exposed cunt, and only then did Loki begin to put effort into fighting back.  He bucked against Thor, but Thor held him down, pinning him beneath his own arm.  He sunk his fingers into that entrance, finding it warm and slick and ready to be taken.  He probed deep with his fingers, dragging them against those soft walls, and soon Loki stilled again, grunting quietly through his teeth.

“No more games,” Thor said.  “Let’s not pretend you don’t want to beg me.”

“Thor, we’re brothers,” Loki said, trying again to jerk away.

“Are we?” Thor asked, still slowly teasing Loki’s cunt.  “I see a whore before me.  A whore with a cunt that wants fucking.”

Wasting no more time, Thor quickly unlaced his breeches and plunged himself deep into Loki’s cunt, drawing a startled yelp from his brother.  Beneath him, Loki moved against the desk as Thor fucked him, using his own free hand to brace himself against the far side.  He gasped and panted loudly, though whether in pain or in pleasure, Thor neither knew nor cared.  But he was no longer fighting back.  That game was over, and they both knew it.  Loki had given himself to Thor without any real fight, just as it was meant to be.  He didn’t fight back, but he also didn’t give Thor anything, holding himself stiff and still as Thor fucked him.  Even his grunting and panting stopped as Thor found a rhythm, fucking his brother hard against the desk. 

Using his own arm against him, Thor held Loki tight against the desk, while his other hand squeezed deep marks into Loki’s him.  Wanting anything out of Loki, Thor held him by the hip and pulled him back, driving his brother’s cunt onto his cock.  Loki whined and yelped through his teeth as Thor fucked him, almost lifting him off the ground with each thrust.  He kicked Loki’s feet apart, spreading him even wider, but all it did was drop the angle a little too much.  Hoisting Loki up entirely, Thor pushed him further over the desk so that the whole thing lurched forward inch by creaky inch each time their bodies crashed into one another.  Thor completely lost himself even as Loki cried out beneath him, bracing himself against the desk with his free arm.

“Stop this!” Loki shouted, panting loudly.

Thor twisted his arm harder, forcing him still.  Then, he dragged Loki back, pulling him against the surface of the desk so his free hand could trail around to Loki’s front and find his cunt.  He fucked and teased, trying to find the right angle to get Loki to cooperate.  When his growling protests turned to quiet whines, Thor knew he was trying to hold back. 

“We both know you want me,” Thor said, quickly losing his rhythm.

Loki choked back a gasp and tried to hold himself still even as Thor moved for both of them.  He still wasn’t giving in, but he didn’t need to.  They both knew.  And that was enough.  As he spilled inside Loki, Thor pressed him against the desk to pin him there.  For a long moment he stayed, panting against the back of Loki’s neck while he let every last drop of his seed spill out as Thor drove his cock deeper to reach Loki’s womb.  Beneath him, Loki stayed as still as he could, saying nothing, even as he panted and whimpered quietly.  Even as Thor righted himself to leave, Loki stayed where he was until Thor was nearly at the door.  Finally, he stood, putting himself back to rights.

“Next time, put me to sleep,” Loki said.  “Please.”

Thor huffed quietly to himself as he left, not particularly caring what Loki did with himself.