Thor left Loki alone, while he attended to duties, and wasn’t surprised to find that he’d disappeared upon his return.  Thor found his chambers empty, cleaned up by the servants, but there was little mystery where Loki had gone to.  Leaving his chambers, Thor turned to hunt his prey.  Loki was no doubt hiding while he tried to find a way to undo Thor’s hard work, and he knew exactly where he’d find Loki hiding.

The doors to Loki’s hall were locked, which only told Thor he was right.  He pounded his fist against them, letting the sound echo down the corridor.

“I know you’re in there!” Thor shouted.

He pounded on the door again, waiting only a few moments to listen for movement on the other side.

“I’ll break it down if I must!” he shouted.

He pounded on the door again, and after his fist struck the door the third time, it finally opened.  On the other side, his face red and swollen around his eyes, Loki glared at him.  But he still wore the form of a woman, and that was all that mattered.  Without another word, Thor shoved his way in, stopping once they were both inside to look at Loki.  He wore breeches and a tunic, rather than the gowns he normally wore when he paraded his cunt around.  He was hiding now, and Thor knew why.

Thor shook his head, trying to decide what he ought to do.

“Look at you,” he said.

Loki said nothing.  He no longer wept, but it seemed like he could be broken all over again at any moment.

“What does Mother have to say?” Thor asked.

Loki shook his head.  “Don’t,” he said.

Thor took a step closer to him, while Loki took a step back.

“What?  Are you going to hide in here forever?” Thor asked.  He drew his gaze over Loki’s body, wondering when it would start to change and swell.  “You’ve not even been to a healer.”

“What would I say?” Loki asked, his voice cracking at the strain of keeping himself composed.

“What, indeed?” asked Thor.  He took another step toward Loki, and Loki took another step back.  “A prince who spends his evenings on his back, getting fucked like a whore.  And now he’s pregnant like one.”

“Shut up,” Loki said, his voice wavering.  “This never would have happened if not for you.”

Thor strode forward once more, and when Loki stepped back, he pressed against the wall behind him.

“No,” Thor said.  “This happened because of you.  These perversions of yours.”

“Mine?” Loki asked.  “Mine?  You—You’re the one—”

He inhaled sharply and shook his head.  This time when Thor stepped close, Loki had nowhere to go.  With their bodies pressed together, Thor could feel Loki trembling against him.  Thor looked down at him, watching him barely able to control his own fear.

“I’m the one whose child you carry,” Thor said.  “I’m the one who was minding my own business when you disguised yourself as a whore and came to me.”

Loki clenched his jaw tightly, and Thor watched him fight against his own tears.  He shook his head, but said nothing in protest.

“Get on the bed,” Thor said, stepping back just enough to give Loki room to move.

For a moment, Thor thought Loki might resist him.  But then he inhaled sharply and stepped aside.  Thor watched as his breath hitched, but still he made the short journey over to the bed and sat down on the edge.  Thor followed him, but didn’t move to press him onto his back.  Instead, he crowded in front of Loki and unlaced his breeches.

“You were so eager for it the other night,” he said, freeing his cock.

Loki made a pathetic little sound.  When he didn’t move, Thor grabbed him by the hair and tilted his head up sharply, to make sure Loki heard his warning.

“If I feel teeth, you will regret it,” he said.

Loki nodded, and Thor let go of him.  After another deep breath, Loki leaned forward and took Thor’s cock in his mouth.  He was slow at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing.  Again, the thought of it filled Thor with jealousy.  Loki used his lips and his tongue, drawing moans of pleasure from Thor.  He teased the foreskin and sucked on the head, and Thor had to brace himself against Loki’s shoulders to stay on his feet.  As he grew close, Thor grabbed Loki by the hair once more, holding him so he could not pull away.  Loki brought him off quickly, and as he spilled with a loud shout, he held his cock in Loki’s mouth, fucking his throat even as Loki gagged around him.  Fully spent, he finally pulled away still panting, letting go of Loki and letting him cough and gag.  Once he had his breath back, Loki looked back up at Thor, his face stained with tears once again, though he at least kept himself composed.

“If I find out you’ve seen a healer,” Thor said as he put himself back into his breeches, “I’ll make sure all of Asgard knows whose seed you carry.”

Loki’s composure was fragile, and this time when he choked, it wasn’t from anything stuck in his throat.

“Why?” he asked.

Thor stepped forward, grabbing him by the jaw.  “Because you belong to me now,” he said.  “And after I’ve made sure all of Asgard knows, I’ll make sure you take my seed again.”

He let go of Loki, watching as another tear rolled down his cheek.  With his warning in place, Thor turned and left Loki there.  He returned to his hall and immediately stripped for bed, exhausted from having to deal with Loki’s needs two nights in a row.  He fell asleep almost at once, and woke late the next morning.  Loki wasn’t at breakfast, nor attending any of his duties throughout the day.  Questions were asked, and Thor feigned ignorance, though he knew exactly where to find Loki.

That evening, as he visited Loki in his hall again, he was pleased to find the doors unlocked.  Loki still hadn’t changed his clothes, and sat on the sofa, holding his knees against his chest while he stared at the shelf before him.  Thor walked to stand behind the sofa and dropped his hands to Loki’s shoulders.  Loki flinched hard beneath his touch, but he did not move otherwise.  He still wore the form of a woman, but Thor didn’t trust that Loki hadn’t done something in his absence.

“I can take you here, or I can take you on the bed,” Thor said.

Loki drew in a deep breath and got to his feet.  Thor stood where he was, watching as Loki walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge once more.  This time, when Thor followed him, he dragged Loki up so that he was laid out flat on his back.  Loki didn’t fight back, but he didn’t help either.  He simply lay limp and nearly lifeless, even as Thor unlaced his breeches.  He wrestled them off and tossed them aside, and then settled between Loki’s knees to gaze down at his cunt.  It wasn’t open and inviting him, but Thor knew that would change.  Soon, Loki would be begging him for more.

“Nobody will ever have you again,” Thor said, drawing his fingers over Loki’s entrance.

Loki inhaled sharply as he stared up at the ceiling.  Thor pressed his fingers inside, but still Loki did not respond.  He lay, stony and still, even as Thor teased him.  He played with Loki’s clit, and fucked him deep with his fingers, hoping to draw any reaction from Loki.  But Loki was stubborn, and Thor was impatient.  He unlaced his own breeches, pulling them down only far enough to free his cock, and climbed on top of Loki.  As Loki lay unresponsive beneath him, it was clear he was fighting back in his own infuriating way.  Thor had to force his way into his cunt, shoving past the resistance.  Finally, Loki reacted by inhaling sharply, making a sound like he was fighting back tears.  But he was tight and hot in a way he hadn’t been for so long, and Thor immediately lost himself in it.  He caged Loki with his arms and rolled into Loki’s body, revelling in the way his cunt squeezed his cock.  As much as Thor enjoyed seeing Loki undone with lust, his cunt was even better like this.  He picked up his speed, trying to find his way even deeper, and Loki bucked hard beneath him.  Even with his eyes screwed shut, tears still fell from them, staining Loki’s checks.  He bit his lip, his entire body trembling, and he was beautiful.  Thor nipped and kissed his neck, and then his jaw as he continued to ride into him, keening loudly as he took pleasure from Loki’s body.  He tried to kiss Loki’s lips, but Loki kept his jaw clenched tight, and his chest heaved once more as fresh tears fell down his cheeks.

“You’re mine,” Thor said, rolling his body into Loki’s.  “I’ll have you every night.”

Again, Loki’s chest heaved, and now he did not stop.  He choked back quiet sobs even as Thor finished inside him.  Thor rolled off him, falling onto his back while he panted to catch his breath.  Then, he pulled Loki close, holding his trembling body against his chest until Loki finally stilled.  Only then did Thor move to put himself together, getting up and leaving Loki where he was. 

Again, he left for his own bed, going immediately to sleep.  Again, the next morning he rose to find Loki conspicuously absent, and again he feigned ignorance.

When he visited Loki again that evening, he found once more the doors to his hall unlocked, and Loki on the sofa wearing the form of a woman.  Thor approached him from behind, dropping his hands onto Loki’s shoulders, and caressing his neck.  Loki sat stiff beneath his touch, unmoving and unresponsive.

“Here, then?” Thor asked, when it was clear Loki wasn’t going to get up.

Loki shook his head.  “Please, no,” he said.

Thor quickly strode around the sofa, taking him by the wrists and pulling him to his feet.  Loki fought back, trying to wrench himself free.  With his feet planted firmly to the ground, Thor decided it would be too much work to try to haul him to the bed.

“I don’t recall asking,” Thor said.

He wrestled both of Loki’s wrists into one of his hands, and used the other to unlace Loki’s breeches.  Once he got them open enough, he pulled them down, exposing his cunt to the air.  Loki fought back, kicking and thrashing, even as Thor shoved him back down to the sofa.

“No!” Loki shouted.

Thor muscled him over to the side, bending him over so his ass was in the air, and his head nearly touching the ground.  From there, he was able to pull Loki’s breeches away completely, and tossed them aside.  Loki trashed and bucked against his weight, but the angle made him unable to do much more than that, allowing Thor to free his cock.

“You never learn,” Thor said.

With one hand on Loki’s back, and the other on his hip, Thor drove his cock into Loki’s cunt.  Loki screamed beneath him, kicking his legs.  He was so tight, so hot, so perfect, that Thor couldn’t help the startled cry that escaped him.  Holding all his weight on Loki’s back, he began fucking him, and immediately Loki’s screams turned to wild sobs as he stopped fighting.

It was as though Loki had made this form just for Thor.  His cock was such a perfect fit in that tight little cunt, and it took all of him, clear to the hilt.  Every time Loki hitched and heaved beneath him, his cunt seemed to grip down on Thor’s cock, drawing moans from deep within him.  He could feel Loki trembling beneath him, his entire body quaking in time with Thor’s trusts.  He took Loki like a beast, hard and fast, holding him down even as Loki cried for mercy.  But Loki knew the only mercy he would get was if he did as Thor said.  As long as he fought back, Thor would fight just as hard to get what he was owed.  And he was owed this.  Loki would never share his cunt with anyone.  It belonged to Thor, and Thor alone.

He finished with a loud yell, and held Loki on his cock.  In his grip, Loki’s entire body heaved as he sobbed and wailed, but Thor still held him in place, keeping his cock buried until it began to go soft.

“Next time, you’ll do as I say, when I say it,” Thor said.

Loki didn’t respond, so Thor drove his cock into him again.  Even though it was soft, Loki still gasped loudly.  He nodded then, still trembling and sobbing, and Thor let him go.  He collapsed quickly, barely stopping himself from crashing on the floor.  With his ass and cunt in the air, his entire body trembling, Thor almost wanted to take him again.  But he didn’t want to linger any longer than he had to, so he put himself together and left once more.

Questions built, and rumours spread, and Thor knew he could not feign ignorance much longer.  Something had to be done, but not before he visited Loki once more.  After he was done with his daily duties, Thor again made his way to Loki’s hall.  Again, it was unlocked.  Again, he wore the form Thor loved so much.  This time, he was already on the bed, wearing a light shift.  Finally, he was learning.

Thor wanted to savour this, but later.  After what needed to be done.  He was already hard as he walked across the floor, and had his breeches halfway unlaced as he crawled into the bed with Loki.  Loki rolled onto his back, his face schooled into a neutral frown.  Thor lifted his shift, moaning quietly at the sight of his cunt, bruised and swollen from the night before.  He freed himself from his breeches, and crawled on top of Loki, pausing before he mounted him fully.

“You had better make an appearance,” he said, watching Loki’s face for any reaction.  “Rumours are spreading, and soon someone will come looking for you.”

Loki’s chest hitched as he gasped inwardly.

“It seems all of Asgard will know regardless,” Thor said.

Loki covered his mouth against a sad whimper as Thor forced himself into Loki’s cunt.  Again, he was so tight.  So perfect.  Loki cried out behind his hand as Thor began fucking him, rutting against him and taking his body.  Tears welled up in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks, and Thor thought he would never get enough of that sight.  Loki trembled and heaved beneath him, and Thor imagined that Loki was fucking him back, throwing himself against Thor’s cock as he buried it deep.  He held his weight against Loki, pinning him with his own body, and losing himself in the way Loki moved beneath him.  Even as Loki wept, Thor trailed kisses along his neck and over his shoulders, licking the salt from his skin.  Loki was his, and would always be his.  He would be sure of it.

“Your cunt’s so perfect,” he said, painting heavily against Loki’s skin.  “I know you made it for me.”

Loki sobbed out again, and tried meekly to push Thor off of him.  But Thor kept him pinned down, holding him even as he tried to fight back.  He wanted to savour this; to take his time, but he couldn’t risk someone finding them just yet.  He picked up his pace, riding fast and hard, unable to stop his own little yelps and moans as he grew closer and closer.  He spilled with a final shout as his entire body went stiff and rigid against Loki.  Only once he had planted every last drop was he able to move again, and he moved quickly, getting up and lacing his breeches back up.  On the bed, Loki cried and trembled, even as he rolled over to put his back to Thor.  Thor hated to leave him, but he had no choice.  He couldn’t be found in Loki’s hall.  Not yet.

Even as he closed the door behind him, he could still hear Loki crying on the other side.

Thor knew Loki would go to their mother first.  He was far too much of a coward to go to their father.  Thor struggled to find a reason to guard her, so she was not alone when Loki finally dared to sneak from his hall, but a better opportunity presented itself at breakfast.  Frigga needed only a little nudge to convince her to visit her sisters in Vanaheimr, and then she was gone before the hall was even cleared.  Her absence left only Odin, who was much easier to hang around like a shadow, without arising suspicion.  Still, Loki must have known that Frigga had been sent away, and again he wore at Thor’s patience.  He finally dared to show his face after banquet, while Thor and Odin discussed some boring treaty Thor could not have possibly cared less about.  Loki crept into the throne room, clearly thinking he was being sly, but Thor was one step ahead of him.

“What the hel are you doing here?” he asked.

Odin looked up, just in time to see Loki stumble in his step, gaping as he struggled for words.  He still wore that form, and if Thor had not been convinced before that all had gone to plan, he was now.  Loki came without armour, wearing only a tunic and breeches that did not fit him right in this form, and now he stood on the stone floor before the throne nearly gasping for breath.

“Father,” Loki said finally.

Thor looked to Odin, watching the old man’s face twist up in outrage as he realised what he saw before him.  Thor looked back at Loki, feigning a rage that was all to easy.

“Loki?” he said, sharp enough that Loki took a step back.  “What twisted joke is this?”

“I—”  Loki stepped back like he wanted to flee, but he didn’t move very far.

When it became clear Loki would not offer any information, Thor strode forward toward, him, pointing a finger in his face.

“He came to me,” he said, even as Loki took several long steps backwards.  “He came like this, to my bed.  I’m a fool for not seeing it.”

He turned back to Odin, seeing his own rage mirrored in earnest on his father’s face.

“Is this true?” he asked, speaking loud and sharp so his words echoed off the walls.

Loki looked between the two of them, first to Thor, then to Odin, and finally nodded.  He was once more holding back tears, and Thor knew he wouldn’t have much more to say.

“Oh, don’t you say it,” Thor said.  He looked down at Loki’s body, and took a long step back.  “Even for you, this is low.  You came to me, and now you’re with child?  Is that what this is?”

Loki shook his head, silently pleading with words he wouldn’t speak.  But he didn’t need to.  He had no defense, because nothing Thor had said was a lie.

“And what excuse have you?” Odin asked, now turning his rage to Thor.

Thor huffed.  “I’d never thought I’d need to ask every whore I bed if she were my brother, in disguise,” he said.

Odin was beyond furious, and that was good.  Odin never did make wise choices when he was angry.  He over reacted to the point of cruelty with his punishments, but still Thor wondered if he should prod him even further, just to be certain.

“It’s Thor’s child you carry?” Odin asked, glaring down at Loki.  “You’re certain of it?”

Loki again looked to Thor, disgust and and shame mixed amongst his terror, and nodded again.

“Well, then the matter is simple,” Odin said, having already made up his mind.  “You’ll wed.”

“What?” Thor shouted, drowning out Loki’s, “No!”

“You can’t!” Thor said, stepping closer to Odin.  He pointed back toward Loki, ignoring the way Loki was now on the verge of collapsing.  “You make me no better than him!”

“You will wed,” Odin said.  “And quickly.  And the child will be your heir.”

“No!” Loki shouted again, his chest heaving as he struggled to breathe.  “I won’t!”

“You will!” Odin shouted right back.  He took a deep breath, pausing to regain a bit of control.  “You will, or you will both be cast out of Asgard.”

Loki fell to his knees, clasping both hands over his mouth as he shook his head.  Thor ignored him, looking at Odin instead.

“You would truly punish me for his perversion?” Thor asked.

Odin would not be swayed.  He threw all of his anger at Thor, glaring at him so hard Thor had to fight the urge to step back.

“As you said, you were a fool not to see it,” he said.  He shook his head and waved his hand high into the air.  “Now get out of my sight.  Both of you.”

Thor glared at Odin for a long moment before he turned and strode out of the room.  He thought he might wait for Loki, but now he had a role to play.  He had to be patient.  He had been patient before, and his patience had been rewarded then.  As it would be rewarded again.  In public, he played his role, bitter and angry about what he was being forced into.  Odin had been gracious enough to move quickly with preparations, but rumours still began to spread.  Rumours of all sorts, some wildly inaccurate, and some dangerously close to the truth.  Thor gave breath to none of them, and simmered loudly at being forced to marry at all.  Through the rumours, Odin spun a story of his own, that the woman he was to marry was a jarl’s daughter, offered in exchange for favour and land.  At the same time, the question of where Loki had gone remained a mystery, but few questioned it with a wedding so close on the horizon.

It took three days to prepare the wedding, and for those three days, Thor kept away from Loki.  They saw nothing of one another during those three days, until finally he was brought out in an elegant gown, his eyes painted to hide the obvious fact that he had spent his moments alone crying.  Thor had almost regretted that Loki could not keep himself concealed for longer.  The only way seeing Loki like that could have been any better would have been for his belly to have been round and swollen beneath the gown.  But this was better, because it meant Thor did not have to go sneaking around for months before he could finally, fully claim Loki as his own.

Thor expected Loki to resist at the altar, but his fear of Odin was clearly greater than his fear of anything Thor would do to him.  It took only a single warning glance from Odin, and Loki performed his role without conflict.  Vows were spoken, loyalty declared, and finally Loki belonged to Thor in every way possible.  The feast afterwards was agony, but Thor sat through it.  His sour mood did not have to be faked, so consumed with lust was he that everything worked at his nerves.  Loki sat beside him, quiet with a downward gaze all evening, until finally Thor could take no more of it.  He rose, pulling Loki with him, and the hall erupted into cheers and laughter.  Cheering, Thor knew, for him.  For what he was about to do to his bride.

He pulled Loki along, forcing him to follow through the palace to his chambers.  To his bed.  A small cadre of cheering onlookers followed behind them, but Thor closed the door on them as they reached his chambers, leaving them alone.

“Finally,” Thor said.  “No more games.”

Loki shook his head.  “Please,” he said.  “No.”

Thor backed him against the bed, trapping him there.  Loki didn’t resist as Thor unclasped his gown, letting it fall to the floor around his ankles.  He reached up to feel the weight of one of Loki’s tits, and then dragged his hand down Loki’s side, over his hips, and around his ass.  Loki hissed silently, neither fighting back nor inviting more.  But he didn’t need to.  Thor had never needed permission before, and he sure wasn’t about to start now.

He undressed quickly, tossing his boots and clothes carelessly to the floor.  Loki looked down at his cock and inhaled sharply, before looking away again. 

“You so recently begged to ride it, and now you’re playing coy?” Thor asked.

He pushed Loki onto his back, climbing over him.  Loki went with him, shifting so there was room for both of them.  He remained silent even as Thor mounted him, plunging deep into his body, still so tight despite everything.  This time, finally, he didn’t have to rush.  He could savour this; savour Loki’s body as it was meant to be.  Knowing that this was his, that he had earned it, was his true prize.  He kissed Loki’s skin, drawing teeth and tongue and lips over every inch he could reach with their bodies locked together.  He kissed Loki’s lips, and even though Loki resisted him, Thor still pressed his way inside, tasting Loki’s tongue with his own.  He raked his fingers over Loki’s skin, taking in Loki’s body with as many senses as he could.

Loki moving suddenly beneath him was all the warning he got before a sharp pain pierced his side.  Thor sat up quickly, finding a knife buried deep in his flesh, and he saw red.  Still on his back beneath him, Loki tensed, ready to fight back, and in that moment it was clear that Loki was determined to make things difficult for both of them.  Thor struck him hard across the face, knocking him back against the bed.  While Loki groaned and whined beneath him, Thor pulled the knife free, furious at the sight of his blood upon the blade.  He tossed the knife aside to the floor and struck Loki once more.  Before Loki could regain his senses, Thor was on top of him again, no longer interested in savouring this moment.  His fury with Loki’s brazen disobedience only fuelled his lust.  Loki fought back beneath him as Thor took what was his, driving his cock into him as hard and as deep as it would go.  He ignored Loki’s nails digging into his skin, and his feet kicking and thrashing, focused only on the task at hand.

“Why won’t you learn?” Thor grunted through his teeth.

“I hate you!” Loki said, scratching at his face.

Thor paused only long enough to strike him once more, and then grab his wrists to hold them down.  It only made Loki thrash harder beneath him, but Thor held him down, keeping him pinned beneath him.  As Loki screamed and fought, Thor only drove into him harder and deeper, until he finally finished with an angry growl.  He held Loki down, still panting even as Loki tried to free himself.

“Get off of me,” Loki said through his teeth.

Thor thrust himself against Loki once more, making the entire bed creak and Loki howl.  Loki breathed raggedly through his teeth, glaring at Thor, and for a moment Thor dared to imagine Loki might behave himself.  But it was a fleeting moment, proven wrong when Loki spat in his face.  Thor leaned back and struck him across the face again.  As much as he wanted to take Loki once more, to show him he would not be so easily bullied, Thor got up to tend to his wound.  He got to his feet and picked up the blade from the floor, sneering at it.

“Next time, I won’t be so forgiving,” Thor said.

He left Loki and went to clean himself up in his bath chamber.  Whether Loki fled or not, Thor didn’t care.  He had few places to run, and even fewer to hide.  Thor thought for a moment to call a healer, but word would get out quickly, and the wound would heal on its own.  It had already stopped bleeding, so Thor cleaned it and returned to dress so it would at least be hidden from view.  Seeing that Loki had not bothered to flee, Thor dressed only in a tunic, leaving himself bare below the waist so he would not have to fuss with breeches later if his desire rose once more.  He left Loki on the bed and laid out on the sofa instead, wanting more to give himself a moment to recover from Loki’s attack than anything.

“Go ahead.  Leave,” Thor said.  “We both know you want to.  After all, isn’t that what whores do?”

Loki inhaled deeply, glaring at the wall and saying nothing.  But he didn’t get up.  He stayed right where he was, sitting on the bed with his knees covering his bare chest, and Thor left him there.  He napped briefly, and when he woke, Loki was still sitting on the bed.  In the darkness, Thor could not tell if Loki had wept, but he imagined Loki had.  He did it so frequently, it would be more of a surprise if he hadn’t.  Aching once more for Loki’s body, Thor rose and moved to the bed, drawing Loki abruptly from his seething meditation.

“No,” Loki said, moving backwards on the bed.

Thor grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him back down, making room for them both.

“Damnit, no!” Loki shouted, already swinging his fists.

Thor grabbed him by the wrists and put an end to Loki’s nonsense before it had a chance to go too far again.  He was already hard as he forced himself between Loki’s knees, easily overpowering his efforts to keep Thor away.  Thor watched Loki’s face as he forced his cock into Loki’s cunt, in a single, hard thrust.  Seeing the rage wash away from Loki so quickly, overtaken instead by pain and grief, was a beautiful sight.  As much as he wanted Loki to admit his own desires, this was good too.  Loki shrieked and howled beneath him, but Thor was determined to savour this and enjoy himself for once.  He moved slowly against Loki’s body, pressing his entire weight against him so he could feel every tremble and quake.  Every time Loki moved beneath him, driving himself further into Thor’s body and onto his cock, it rocked through Thor’s entire body.  He tried to lick and bite Loki’s skin, but Loki thrashed too much to give him access.

“There’s no point in fighting,” Thor said, forcing his mouth closer to Loki’s neck.  “You’ve nothing to gain.”

“You’ll fucking die for this,” Loki said, his voice heavy with tears.

Thor bit hard on his neck, drawing a loud scream from him.

“You keep saying that,” Thor said.  “But we both know it’s not true.”

Thor kept a slow pace, keeping Loki pinned on his back.  He saved his energy, content to spend all night buried in Loki’s cunt.  He could feel Loki tiring beneath him, and slowed his pace accordingly.  When Loki quit fighting entirely, Thor forced his way into his mouth.  He shifted to free one of his hands, using the other to hold both of Loki’s so he could explore his skin, squeezing flesh and raking his nails across it.  As he felt himself begin to soften, Thor picked up his pace again until he was once more hard and eager, only to slow once more.  Loki no longer screamed and cried, though his body did tremble beneath him.  He was silent and unmoving, giving Thor everything that was his.

He fucked Loki like this for as long as he had the energy for it, drawing himself out until he began to drive himself mad.  Finally, exhausted from it all, he let himself go, driving himself hard into Loki’s body.  Moments later, he was spent, crying out loudly as his entire body tensed from the release.  He rolled off of Loki, panting and heaving from all of it, but Loki didn’t move.  Letting him do as he pleased, Thor got himself settled beneath the blankets and fell asleep quickly.

When he woke in the morning, the sun already high in the sky, Loki was still in his bed.  He too had crawled beneath the blankets and slept, curled over onto his side.  Thor dragged his hand over Loki’s flesh, down his side and over his ass, finally finding his cunt still slick from the night before.  Thor teased it, watching to see if he drew any response.  He plunged his fingers into it, but Loki slept on.  Thor moved close to him, pressing their bodies together and shifting to once more take him.  He could not get as deep from this angle, but just being inside Loki without having to fight was pleasure enough.  He took him slowly, enjoying the sensation of Loki, tight yet slick, around his cock.  He wrapped his arm around Loki’s body, caging him against the bed, and kissed greedily at his neck.  As Loki tensed in his arms, Thor tightened his grip, holding the two of them together tightly.  But Loki didn’t fight back this time.  He lay still and silent as Thor once again took his time with him.  Even when he tried, he could not coax himself to completion, so he held onto Loki and languidly fucked him until irritation overcame his lust.  Only then did he get up, leaving Loki as he readied himself for his day.  Loki still lay in bed as Thor left to attend to his duties, but he was gone again once Thor returned later in the day.  Thor didn’t chase Loki immediately, and took advantage of his chambers being empty to rest.

He was unsurprised to later find Loki in his hall, and further unsurprised to have to fight him into bed.  After he took Loki, once more kicking and screaming, he stayed there, no longer having a reason to flee.

Some nights, Loki made himself easy to find, in his own hall or in Thor’s chambers.  Other nights, he made Thor search.  Those were the nights Loki put up the most fight, forcing Thor to waste energy on fighting back and holding him down.  Usually, he found Loki hiding in some hidden chamber somewhere.  When he did, he didn’t bother trying to wrestle Loki back to his bed.  Instead, he wrestled Loki to the floor, and took him kicking and screaming right there.

Loki’s first true mistake was trying to hide in the library.  It had worn well into the night when Thor finally found him, alone in the library with few lights around him.  It was the glow of his own candle that eventually gave him away.  Thor strode toward him, foolishly thinking Loki would give up once he had been found.

“Get away,” Loki said, his voice heavy with venom.

Thor grabbed him, trying to pull him to his feet.  Loki fought back, pulling away hard and making it immediately clear that Thor would not be able to drag him back to his bed without considerable effort.

“Here, then,” Thor said, spinning to push Loki against the table he sat at.

“No!” Loki shouted.

He fought, even as Thor wrestled him onto his back.  Loki’s books and candle fell to the ground, the candle extinguishing itself on the stone floor and plunging them into near total darkness.

“No!” Loki screamed, his voice a harsh shriek.

Thor climbed onto the table, prying Loki’s knees apart and forcing himself into that space.  He quickly unlaced his breeches, freeing himself, before trying to pull Loki’s gown up enough to expose him.  Loki fought back, thrashing and holding his gown down as he growled and screamed.

“Stop it!” Loki shouted.  “Stop!  No!”

“You chose this,” Thor said.

He overpowered Loki, pulling his gown out of the way and driving his cock into his entrance.  Loki screamed wordlessly, shrieking in the darkness as Thor took him right there.  He still fought back, trying to throw Thor off of him, but Thor held him down, driving their bodies together.  Over Loki’s shrieks and howls, footsteps arose, nearing quickly.

“Who’s there?” someone called out.

Loki started to shout something, but Thor struck him across the face to silence him.

“Get out!” Thor shouted over Loki’s whimpers.

After a tense silence, the footsteps retreated quickly, and Loki howled again.  Once more alone, Thor finished what he started, holding Loki down even as he raged beneath him.  He finished quickly after, his own rage driving his lust, and spilled with a loud shout.  Leaving Loki screaming and sobbing on the table, Thor crawled back down onto the floor and laced himself back up.  As he walked through the library, Loki’s sobs echoed through the aisles and off the walls, filling the entire room with his racket.

  After that, Thor grew sick of having to hunt Loki down each night, and returned to his drug, slipping enough into a cup of wine to make Loki slow, but not fall asleep.  He knew Loki wouldn’t fight back or argue with so many people around them, and when Thor found him at banquet and pushed the cup into his hand, Loki met him with a resigned sigh.

“Which is it?” he asked.

“You’ll have to drink and find out,” Thor said.

Loki frowned and tossed his head back, drinking the entire cup.  Then he slammed the cup down onto the table and rose to his feet, wasting no time in leaving.  Thor followed him, almost surprised when Loki chose Thor’s bed to lie in.  He didn’t undress before sitting on the bed, glaring at the floor before him.  Thor knew the drug would take some time, but he was impatient.  He was on Loki at once, even as Loki tried to fight him off.

“Get off me, you brute,” Loki said.

Thor was practised at prying Loki’s legs open and making room for himself.  He was practised at holding Loki down with one hand, while the other unlaced his breeches.  He was practised at avoiding fists and nails as he drove himself deep.  And soon, he felt the fight begin to melt away from Loki.  He still pushed against Thor and whined pathetically, but there was no weight behind his hands.  No venom in his voice.  Loki was present just enough to move beneath Thor, but not so much that he had to divert his attention.  Thor could focus on Loki’s body, the feel of his skin beneath his gown, the taste of his sweat, the heat of his cunt.  All so perfect.  All made just for Thor.

“Isn’t this nice?” Thor said, panting against Loki’s neck.  “Isn’t this what you want?”

Loki whined, his breath short and shallow.  Without his pride to take over, he was able to give in completely to his own desire.  Thor shifted, holding himself above Loki so he could see his face; watch him screw his eyes shut as Thor brought him to climax without drug.  Even as he fought against it, his whimpers and whines became higher and more desperate with each one, until finally he gasped loudly.

Thor chuckled quietly, so pleased to see Loki finally giving in.

“See?” he said.  “We don’t have to play these games.”

Loki shook his head.  “Never,” he said.

Thor drove himself into Loki, hard and sharp, making him cry out.

“Or have I misunderstood?” Thor asked, pulling himself nearly out completely.

He drove himself in again, watching Loki’s face twist into a sour grimace.

“Is this how you prefer it?”

He drove himself deep again, and Loki cried out again. 

“No!” he said.

Thor braced himself against the bed and kept up the pace, pulling nearly out, and driving himself back in with force.  He watched Loki’s face, his eyes shut tightly and his teeth bared, as he gasped and cried out each time.  Even as he tried to push Thor off again, Thor continued until he could no longer maintain the rhythm and spilled deep inside Loki.

He rolled off of Loki, and pulled him close, holding their bodies together.  Loki clenched his jaw tightly, fighting against his own tears even as they once more fell from his eyes.  Thor watched him, dragging his hand down to Loki’s belly, and holding it there.  Soon, his belly would swell, and Thor would be able to feel it, revel in it.  Soon, Loki would be unable to hide the depths of his perversion, and then he would truly have no more reason to resist.

Thor fell asleep like that, holding Loki, his breeches unlaced and his cock exposed.  When he woke later, he was alone, but unsurprised.

For a time after that, he dealt with Loki the same way, presenting him with a cup of wine each night, and giving him the choice to drink it or not.  Every time, Loki accepted.  And every morning, Thor woke alone.  Loki never shared his bed for a full night, but Thor didn’t care.  It was Loki’s body he craved, and it was Loki’s body he took.  Sometimes, Thor gave him less of the drug, so he would move with more life beneath him.  Other times, Thor gave him enough to put him to sleep, not wanting to deal with the hassle.  But he took Loki, every night, one way or another.  Just as he had planned.  Just as he had promised.

But he grew bored with Loki lying beneath him.  He wanted more excitement, and Loki would not give it to him in the way he wanted.  When he found Loki in the dining hall, Thor did not present him with a cup of wine immediately.  Instead, he brought with him two empty cups, and as he fetched Loki, he took a pitcher of wine from the table.

“Make things difficult if you must,” Thor said.

Loki looked up at him and sighed.  He got to his feet without fuss, and walked with Thor through the palace, to Thor’s chambers.  Rather than leading him to the bed, Thor led him to the table.

“Sit,” he said.

While Loki sat, Thor put the pitcher down and retreated to the far corner.  With his back to Loki, he opened a crate and pulled forth a vial of thick, red liquid, and poured a generous amount into one of the cups.  With the vial replaced, he turned, unsurprised to see Loki watching him.  Thor returned to the table with both cups, and filled them with wine before placing them both before Loki.

“Take your pick,” he said.

Loki looked up at him stricken, and shook his head.

“Please no,” he said.  “Not this.”

“Take your pick, or I will,” Thor said.

Loki bit his lip and dragged his gaze to the cups before him.  With a trembling hand, he reached out for one and gingerly drank from it.  Before he could stop, Thor reached forward to tilt the cup up further, forcing Loki to empty it.  With Loki’s cup empty, Thor picked up the other and drank from it as he sat down across the table.  He emptied his cup quickly and dropped it to the table, watching Loki squirm uncomfortably.  They stared at one another for a long moment, Loki wearing his fear plainly on his face.  It was a fear that began to rise as minutes ticked on.  Fear that rose as Thor’s lust rose.

“No,” Loki said, shaking his head again.  “Please.  I’m begging you.”

Thor could sit still no longer.  His cock was straining in his breeches so hard it nearly hurt.  He got to his feet and took one long stride to Loki, getting to him before Loki could get to his feet.  Thor grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the bed, throwing him down on it.  Loki didn’t try to flee.  He only looked up at Thor, already panting as Thor freed himself from his breeches.

“Get over here,” Thor said.

Loki didn’t, so Thor reached over the bed and grabbed him by his hair, wrenching him around so his face was pressed against his cock.

“Take it,” Thor said.

Nodding, Loki shifted and took Thor’s cock in his mouth.  It wasn’t a thing Thor trusted him to do often, knowing that a Loki who was brazen enough to fight back would be a Loki who was brazen enough to do something foolish.  But now, Thor had him rightfully afraid of the consequences of his disobedience, and he fucked Loki’s mouth with intense need.  He held onto Loki’s face with one hand, keeping the other on Loki’s shoulder, as he pushed himself as far as Loki would take him.  Loki’s breath on his cock was hot and heavy, and Thor needed more.

The drug made him finish quickly, spilling into the back of Loki’s throat.  He let Loki go, watching as he twisted and turned away, coughing and gagging at the suddenness of it.  Even as Loki struggled to catch his breath, Thor joined him on the bed.  Holding Loki down at the hips, Thor pulled his skirts up to reveal his cunt, and he had to taste it.  As soon as his tongue touched his entrance, Loki cried out through his teeth, holding himself stiff and rigid.  Thor entered him with his tongue and sucked on his clit, getting lost in his taste.  He had let Loki have all the fun with this drug, and now it was his turn.  He was hard again, and took himself in hand as he buried his mouth in Loki’s cunt.  He could feel Loki tensing further, even as he grabbed his gown in his fists.  Then, panting heavily, Loki pressed his legs against Thor, squeezing the sides of his head as his hips rolled forward.  He froze again, for just a moment, before finally giving in and allowing himself this pleasure.  Thor hummed into him, desperately wanting to bring Loki off this way, but it was too much to resist.  His own body trembling with need, Thor moved to climb on top of Loki and mount him.  As he plunged his cock into his wet cunt, Loki groaned through his teeth, going still once more.  He was open and needy, and him writhing beneath Thor’s body without anything to drive him was simply too much.  Thor spilled at once, taken surprise by the suddenness of it.

But Loki rolling and bucking beneath him was enough to get him hard again only moments later.  Thor took him hard, throwing everything he had into making Loki pant and scream, not in rage but in need.  Loki rutted against him, taking it all, and still wanting more.  He cried out as his climax took him, but Thor was not done.  He wouldn’t be done for some time.  He continued to drive himself into Loki, filling him not only with his cock, but with his seed as well as another climax took him.  Loki took all of it, panting loudly beneath him.

Thor tried to get up, but the drug was strong.  He had given himself enough of it that he knew it would become a problem, but he didn’t care.  He let himself get lost in Loki, buried deep inside him.  It was everything he’d craved, and it drove him mad.  The drug made him climax quickly, but he had no more seed to spill.  Instead, it hit him hard, and almost painfully, drawing a strained gasp from him.

Only then was he able to roll off of Loki, feeling like every nerve in his body might explode.  Beside him, Loki covered himself back up and stared up at the ceiling, but he didn’t move from where he was.  Loki was slow to learn, but he had learned.  He wouldn’t leave until Thor was done with him, and Thor would not be done with him until well into the night.

Thor lay on his back, struggling to breathe even as his need rose once more.  He tried to ignore it, to give himself a moment’s rest.  He had seen how the drug had taken Loki, but he still had not expected it to hit quite as strong as it had.  When he could stand it no longer, he rolled back over to mount Loki once more, pulling his skirts up to bare his cunt.

“Please, no,” Loki said, moving only to shake his head.

Thor could barely speak through his need.  He tried, but all that came out was a loud grunt as he entered Loki again.  Now, there was a problem.  Now, his need clashed with his exhaustion.  Loki’s cunt did not feel as it should have.  It chafed and ached, even as Thor tried to take him slowly.  When that didn’t work, he hoped to pick up the pace and finish quickly, but it only heightened the soreness.

“Damnit!” he said, slamming his fist down on the bed next to Loki’s head.

Loki hissed sharply inward, his entire body going stiff once more.  Even as Thor once more rolled off him, Loki stayed where he was, watching with wide eyes.  Thor glared down at him, wanting somehow to blame Loki for this.  He began to tremble as his need and his ache warred against one another.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Thor said as he got up from the bed.

Loki nodded, sitting up slowly.  Thor left him where he was and retreated into his bath chamber, hoping to think without distraction.  But his cock was enough of a distraction that it was all he could think about.  He wanted to have a bath drawn, but it would mean calling in a servant, and that was the last thing he wanted to deal with.  But the water from his basin had not yet been replaced, so he used that to splash on himself, hoping it might soothe some of his ache.  It felt like ages until the ache finally subsided, and that he might be able to do something to soothe his lust.  When it finally happened, he left the bath chamber and began undressing properly, freeing himself from everything that constrained him.  He was almost surprised to see that Loki had not left.  He sat up on the bed, holding his knees against his chest, and stared at Thor.

“On your hands and knees,” Thor said.

Loki exhaled sharply, but obeyed, shifting his body so he was ready.  Once fully nude, Thor joined him on the bed again, not sparing a second before he mounted Loki once more, taking him deep.  The ache was gone, and Loki finally felt right again.  Hot and wet and made for him.  Thor took him like a wild beast, holding tight onto his hips and thrusting into his body again and again and again.  Beneath him, Loki shifted to bring his weight down to his elbows, huffing loud breaths each time Thor drove into him.  He dripped down both their legs, and when Thor looked down, he could see both their fluids mixed together, smeared on their skin, on his cock.  He pulled Loki back as he drove forward, drawing a pained yelp from Loki.  He did it again and again, and each time Loki yelped and cried out again.  When Thor spilled inside him, he shoved Loki away before he even finished completely, hoping some distance between them might stave off that ache a bit longer.  Before him, Loki fell back to the bed, landing on his side and staying there.

“Why can’t you be like this all the time?” Thor asked, sitting back on the bed even as his lust rose again.

Loki said nothing.  He simply sat up, moving to cover himself up again.

“And take that damn thing off,” Thor said.

Loki looked up at him, once more stricken.  Then, with a sigh, he pulled the gown off and dropped it beside him on the bed.  He pulled his knees back up to his chest, hiding his breasts from view, even as he exposed his cunt.  The sight of it was too much.  Thor moved forward again, forcing himself between Loki’s legs before he could even react.  Loki let himself fall back as Thor climbed back on top of him, making only the smallest sound as Thor once more entered his cunt.  Again, it wasn’t as it should have been.  Again, Loki’s cunt caused him to ache more than it gave him pleasure.  Thor growled, and Loki flinched away.  He let himself finish quickly, again moving away and spilling what little seed he had left onto the blanket.  Rather than stay on the bed with Loki, Thor rose to once more put distance between them and laid out on the sofa instead.  Loki watched him, sitting up slowly.  Thor was furious with this turn of events, but he should have seen it.  Loki came to him as a woman not just because he preferred it that way.  But because for all his perversions, he would have resisted as long as his own cock could bear it.

Thor could hardly look at him, furious with Loki for not having warned him.

“May I go fetch a book?” Loki asked, breaking the silence between them.

Thor looked at him, watching him flinch beneath the weight of his glare.  He was still naked and exposed, once more covering his tits at the expense of showing his cunt.  His eyes were wet, heavy with tears he hadn’t yet shed.  And for some reason, the very sight of him made Thor want to scream.

“Be quick,” Thor said.

Loki nodded, and quickly dressed.  He put himself together, adjusting his gown and drying his eyes with his hands before finally slipping out of the room.

Thor half expected to have to chase him down, but he would wait until he could stand it no further.  Until that ache subsided completely.  He wasn’t sure if Loki was gone for a conspicuously long time, or if he had simply lost the ability to track time.  But when the door opened again, and Loki quietly slipped back inside with some ancient old tome in his hand, Thor was truly surprised to see it.  Keeping his gaze on Thor, Loki returned to the bed, sitting back against the board with his knees pulled up.  Thor debated taking him right then, but he could still feel the ache deep within him, so he let Loki have his peace.  He watched as Loki cracked the old book open, slowly shifting his attention from Thor to the page.

When Thor could stand it no longer, he got up again.  Loki looked up at him as he approached, and moved quickly to set his book aside.  He watched Thor with a wary apprehension, tension running through his entire body even as Thor returned to the bed.

“Take that off,” Thor said.

Loki quickly removed his gown again, letting it fall to the floor beside the bed.  Thor dragged him down onto his back, taking Loki’s exposed breasts in each of his hands, feeling their weight and their softness.  Soon, they would swell and become heavy, and Thor went mad imagining what it would feel like.  He dragged his tongue over Loki’s belly, tasting his sweat and their fluids mixed together.  Loki stayed still beneath him, only shifting to make room for Thor between his legs.  He made no sound beyond a quiet huff as Thor entered him, his cunt open and inviting to him.  Thor wanted so badly to take his time like this, to finally be able to revel in Loki’s body.  He kissed Loki’s skin, dragging his lips and teeth over his neck and his jaw as he rolled against Loki’s body.  He kissed Loki’s mouth, and Loki let him in, not fighting against him.  Even if he didn’t kiss back, it was maddening, and Thor once more finished without warning, too dry to spill anything inside Loki’s cunt.  He grunted loudly as it hit him like a crushing blow, forcing him off so there was once more some distance between them.  He growled in frustration, and again Loki flinched, sitting up quickly.  Thor moved to the other side of the bed, unable to figure out a plan forward.

A moment later, Loki picked his book back up, and with a deep breath, settled it on his knees.  The room was silent between them, but all Thor could focus on was the ache not just in his cock, but deep in his gut.  He understood why Loki had gone mad the way he had, but Thor thought he might explode from rage.  This had not gone to plan.  He had not anticipated that his body would be unable to keep up and perform.  And now he was stuck, consumed with lust and unable to do anything about it.

He took Loki each time his ache subsided enough to allow it, and throughout the night, Loki remained pliant, if not totally willing.  Thor wanted little more than to sleep as the sun rose, but he had given himself too much of the drug.  Eventually, Loki did sleep, and Thor took him anyway.  When Loki woke beneath him, he jolted violently, and then stilled again, and that was the most resistance Thor had from him.  Thor had wanted to see Loki dripping with his seed, but he simply hadn’t enough, or else his cock was too sore to to allow him to finish.

Eventually, Thor slept.  Eventually, the drug wore off enough that his own exhaustion won out, as the sun was rising through the windows.  He slept well into the day, and when he rose he could feel a lingering tinge of lust, though Loki was gone.  Thor took care of himself, and only after realised that Loki had left his book on the bedside table.

Thor skipped banquet that night, too tired to deal with any of it.  He nearly thought he might skip on Loki as well, but the thought of going without for even a single night was too much.  It felt too much as though something had been taken from him, so he sought Loki out.  Thor found him in his hall, at his desk with a quill and parchment, copying something from a book.  He looked up at Thor, for a moment wearing a sad expression, before holding up his hand.

“Let me finish this,” he said.

Thor didn’t want to fight.  He was too tired for it.  He sat down on the sofa, watching Loki finish whatever project he had started.  He wrote quickly, and when he finished, he covered his ink and set his quill carefully aside before rising to his feet.

“Come here,” Thor said.

With a small sigh, Loki walked over to him and sat on the sofa, keeping some distance between them.  Thor looked at him, at his body beneath the gown he wore, and decided he was still too tired for any of it, even if his cock did have other ideas.  He shifted to unlace his breeches, freeing himself, and then leaned back in his seat, opening himself up.

“Get on,” he said.

Loki inhaled deeply, frowning at Thor with renewed venom.  Thor only glared at him, a simple warning, and that was all it took.  Loki soon deflated and moved to straddle Thor’s hips.  He adjusted the gown around them, and then himself, before finally, agonisingly slowly, lowering himself onto Thor’s cock.  Loki hissed sharply, pausing several times, before finally taking Thor’s full length.  He stayed still for a long moment, breathing heavily, while his cunt gripped tightly around Thor’s cock.  Then he rocked against Thor, wincing as he moved, and it was everything Thor had ever wanted.  He let his hands fall to Loki’s hips, guiding him where he wanted, rolling up against Loki to drive himself even deeper.  Loki bit his lip, hissing sharply with each motion.  He trembled as he braced against Thor, finding leverage to rock his entire body against Thor’s.  He moved slowly; tortuously slowly, and Thor let him, revelling in it.

“You’re so good,” Thor said, panting heavily.  “I know you made this for me.”

“Shut up,” Loki said, his jaw clenched tightly.

Again, his eyes welled with tears that threatened to spill over his cheeks.  He began to move faster, pressing himself even harder against Thor’s body.  Thor held him close, pressing their bodies together.  He buried his face in Loki’s tits, moaning out each time Loki rocked against him.  As he finished, he held Loki down on top of him, holding him down on his cock as he filled him once more with his seed.  Loki stopped moving against him, barely breathing at all.  When Thor let him go, Loki stood and adjusted his gown again, putting himself back together and drying his eyes with his hands.

“I’d prefer to sleep alone tonight,” Loki said as he returned to his desk.

Thor would give him that much, but he didn’t leave right away.  He lingered there in Loki’s chambers, his breeches unlaced and stained, and watched as Loki did whatever it was he had found to busy himself.  Just being around Loki in this form made him begin to rise again, and soon he was hard once more.  He got up and moved to stand behind Loki, crowding against him.  Loki stopped what he was doing and inhaled sharply, not even looking up.

“Are you serious?” he asked, standing back up.

Thor tried to spin him around and bend him over the desk right there, but Loki fought back, bracing himself against it.

“Wait, wait!  Hang on,” he said, keeping his back stiff.

He glared over his shoulder at Thor, and quickly moved his things out of the way before bending over the desk with a tired sigh.  He rested on his elbows, looking straight ahead as Thor lifted his gown and took him once more, finding him just as tight and hot as before.  Loki grunted loudly at it, but didn’t fight against him.  He stood stiff, rocking as Thor threw his weight into driving his cock as deep as it would go.  The only sounds Loki made were sharp hisses each time.  He didn’t cry or thrash or scream.  He simply gave Thor what he had come for.  As Thor spilled again, he pulled out so his seed dripped down the inside of Loki’s thigh.  Loki groaned, but stayed where he was until Thor stepped back, lacing his breeches up.  Again, Loki put himself back together as he slipped past Thor and strode toward his bath chamber.  For a moment, Thor considered joining him, but he thought better of it.  He had Loki in a delicate position, and it would not take much at all before he returned to kicking and screaming and fighting.

He no longer needed the drug after that.  When he found Loki at banquet, he needed only approach, and Loki took his queue to follow.  When he found Loki in his hall, buried in one task or another, waiting for him to finish was a small price to pay for his eventual cooperation.  And then Loki broke the script.  It was not uncommon for him to skip banquet, but when he did, Thor always found him in his hall.  But when Thor found Loki’s hall empty as well, a slow, simmering rage began to build.  Loki had not hidden from him for a long while, but Thor checked every spot he had found him in previously; in forgotten chambers, and deep in the library.  But he was nowhere to be seen.  Having exhausted every avenue he knew, Thor returned to his chambers, surprised to find a small sliver of light pouring out from beneath the door.  He stepped inside, further surprised to see Loki on the bed, book in hand.  They looked at one another for a long moment, Thor in a mix of rage and confusion, and Loki with open fear.

“I thought you’d come here first,” Loki said finally.

He was breathing heavily and trembling, and Thor slowly realised it wasn’t all fear on Loki’s face.  Thor shifted his gaze across the room, seeing the crate where he kept his potions open.

“How much did you take?” he asked.

Loki still breathed heavily and licked his lips.  “Not much,” he said.  “Enough.”

Thor wanted to refuse him out of spite.  He walked around the bed, sitting on the other side and pulling off his boots before he laid out on his back.  Loki had done nothing wrong, and still he had managed to drive Thor to anger and frustration.  But Loki so close beside him, finally eager without coaxing from Thor, was too much for him to ignore.  He unlaced his breeches, taking a brief moment to work himself fully hard before he cradled his hands behind his head.  It was only a moment longer before Loki crawled over him, straddling him and sinking down onto his cock, not with a hiss, but with a loud moan.  A few minutes of Loki riding him was all it took for Thor’s anger to evaporate.  He shifted to sit up, pulling Loki’s gown off him and tossing it to the floor.  With Loki’s tits bare and in his face, it was too much for Thor to resist.  He took one in his mouth, sucking and teasing his nipple with his teeth.  Loki moaned out loudly again, rocking on Thor’s cock, using his entire body to fuck him.  Thor grabbed him by the waist, guiding him further, and moving to Loki’s other tit.  This wasn’t the mad desperation that had overcome Loki before.  Rather than crying in frustration, Loki cried out in time with Thor’s cock driving deep inside of him.  He wrapped his arms around Thor’s shoulders, pulling them together as he arched his body into Thor’s.  He rode Thor into climax, crying out loudly as his entire body shuddered.  He stilled, but Thor still moved him where he wanted, fucking him from below until his own climax, finishing with a loud cry of his own.

Loki rolled off of him, falling onto his back and panting loudly.  Like this, completely bare and exposed, Thor noticed for the first time the subtle swell in his belly.  The swell Thor had put there, and that kept him locked in this form.  Thor rolled over on top of Loki, shifting down between his knees, and dragged his mouth over that swell.  Loki arched into him, moaning loudly as Thor drew a long line up his belly and over his tit with his tongue.  By then, he was hard again, and as he entered Loki once more, Loki arched to take him deeper.  This was what he wanted for so long; what he craved, and what he knew Loki had craved. 

He brought Loki to climax once more, going mad from his little yelps that grew higher and higher in pitch until he finally cried out again, panting and heaving beneath him.  Thor moved quickly within him after that, letting himself finish shortly after, knowing full well what would happen if he got Loki going again.  As much as he liked the idea, he knew the drug was powerful, and only turned into frustration for both of them before too long.

He rolled off, finally pulling his breeches off completely while Loki still panted quietly on his back.  As Thor settled back to go to sleep, Loki pulled himself back up to rest against the board, still struggling to catch his breath.

“Later,” Thor said, too worn thin to indulge him again.

Loki nodded weakly, and with a trembling hand, reached for his book once more.  He read quietly while Thor drifted off to sleep.  He woke later with Loki on top of him, but not as he expected.  Loki was asleep, his naked body draped over Thor’s chest.  Thor took a long moment to enjoy the sensation, tracing his fingers over Loki’s flesh, feeling the rise and fall of his chest beneath his hand.  He whimpered quietly in his sleep, rising each time with intensity as Thor continued to stroke his skin.  Finally, he woke, and his entire body stiffened.  Then, he shifted and looked at Thor, panic and confusion written across his face.  But when Thor rolled him onto his back, Loki went with him, relaxing again and shifting to let Thor between his legs once more.  He was still slick as Thor entered him, and as Thor lazily fucked him, Loki rolled into him to take more. 

When Thor kissed his mouth, Loki opened to accept him, though he still did not kiss back.  He let Thor take him this way, while eagerly taking him with his cunt, keening desperately for more.  His keening turned to sharp gasps as he rolled and bucked harder against Thor, finally finishing with a loud shout.  He fell back into the bed, panting heavily as Thor continued to take his time with Loki’s body.  He rose slowly to climax, finally finishing with a loud gasp of his own, and then rolling back off to give himself room to breathe.

Still panting, Loki sat up, and looked toward the dark sky out the window.  He glanced back toward Thor, and then bent to pick up his gown from the floor.  He dressed quickly and let himself out, leaving Thor to sleep in peace.

He expected Loki to use the drug more often, but usually when Thor found him, he was indifferent and aloof, taking Thor but not welcoming or encouraging him.  Thor only found Loki in his chambers when he had taken the drug.  Otherwise, he had to be dragged away from banquet, or was found hiding away in his hall.  As the swell of his belly grew, Loki took the drug more often, always taking a small dose just to get himself past his own reluctance.  But he still never stayed all night in Thor’s bed, and never allowed Thor to stay all night in his.  It was these tiny acts of resistance that let Thor know that Loki had still not fully given in, and it was these tiny acts of resistance he did not know how to break down without force.

When Thor couldn’t find Loki at banquet, he sought Loki in his hall like usual.  But rather than finding Loki at his desk, or with his nose buried in a book, he was sprawled out on the bed, naked except for an apron around his waist.  He breathed heavily, his tits heavy and swollen to match his belly, and when he looked at Thor, it was with nothing short of disdain.

“Leave me alone,” he said, shaking his head.

He fell back onto his pillow, breathing heavily.  His belly, red and stretched thin, rose and fell with each breath, and Thor could not stop himself from stepping forward at the sight of it.  Loki shook his head again, even as Thor sat on the bed beside him and drew his hand over that swell.

“I’ll vomit on you if you don’t take your hand off me,” Loki said.

Thor pulled his hand away, only because in that moment, he believed every word Loki spoke.  His threats were always empty and hollow, but this one held weight.  He wanted Loki more then than ever, and for the first time, he was hesitant about how to proceed.

“Shall I fetch a healer?” Thor asked.

“No.  You should leave,” Loki said.

Thor didn’t leave.  He took off his boots, and then climbed into bed with Loki laying down beside him, but not close enough to touch him.  He watched as his tits rose and fell with each shaky breath, as Loki stared at the ceiling and breathed through his teeth.

“You did this to me, you bastard,” Loki said.

“You did this to yourself,” Thor said, giving in to temptation and drawing his hand back over Loki’s belly.

Suddenly, Loki lurched upward, straining to sit up.

“Oh, hel,” he said, his voice shaky.

Thor pulled his hand away, only to help push him all the way up.  As soon as he was up, Loki got to his feet and rushed to the bath chamber.  Thor nearly followed after him, but changed his mind as he heard Loki make good on his threat and vomit.  Thor listened as his retching turned to quiet sobbing, and wondered if Loki could do anything without crying.  When Loki emerged again on shaky legs, Thor moved over to give him more space.  He collapsed back onto the bed, covered in a sheen of sweat, and Thor understood his bizarre state of undress.  He wanted Loki all the more for it, and even though he strained within his breeches at the sight of him, Thor resisted.  For the first night since Loki was made his, Thor did not have his body.  But he stayed with Loki all the same, not moving from his side as they both drifted to sleep.

Soon, the only way Thor could take Loki was on his hands and knees, and only when Loki allowed it.  Loki would not have him in any other way, though occasionally he did not even need the drug to encourage him to beg for more.  As his belly grew bigger and bigger, he became a feral creature, unpredictable and untameable.  Thor broke his promise to take Loki every night, but he could no longer justify trying to force himself while Loki was in such a delicate state.  He needed only to snarl and spit venom for his point to be made, and on those nights, Thor stayed in his chambers and resisted every urge in his body to take what was his. 

It was during one such night that Loki was completely unreasonable that the worst happened.  While Loki shouted at him about some nonsense he didn’t even understand, a guard pulled him away, and he was glad for the distraction.  That relief only lasted a moment, however.

Odin was dead, and Thor’s world was forever changed.  It was as the guard handed over Gungnir that Loki stepped out into the corridor, still not done with whatever tirade he had been on.  It ended in an instant as he looked over the tableau before him, rage suddenly overtaken by confusion.

“What is this?” he asked.

Thor looked at the spear in his hand, and then over to Loki.  “Father’s dead,” he said.

Loki shook his head.  “No,” he said, his voice heavy with something that wasn’t sorrow.  “No.”

He turned and fled back into Thor’s chambers, leaving the corridor in a tense silence.

The following morning, Thor was crowned king.  That evening, his world changed again as Loki went into labour.  Thor was kept away from his own chambers, while inside, Loki screamed and cried and howled.  It went on for hours, and though Thor was convinced something had gone wrong, the bustling midwives insisted otherwise.  Finally, as dawn broke over Asgard, Loki finally silenced.  When Thor was finally allowed in, Loki was asleep, drenched in sweat and naked beneath the blanket.  Across the room, a wet nurse held a squirming bundle, and for a moment, Thor wasn’t sure which deserved his attention more.

“Let her rest,” the wet nurse said.  “It was a difficult birth, and she’ll need none of your nonsense.”

Thor nodded, and stepped close to examine the squirming bundle in the woman’s arms.

“What is it?” he asked, craning to see.

“The queen has given birth to a girl,” the wet nurse said.

Thor nodded, both disappointed that it was not an heir, but already anticipating getting to try again.  He pointed over toward the bed where Loki slept, nodding slightly toward it.

“Can I…?” he asked.

“You’d better not,” the wet nurse said sternly.  “She’ll want a few days to recover, and it might happen more quickly if she’s allowed to rest.”

She stressed the last few words, making it clear that Thor would not be allowed even a moment alone with Loki.  Unsure what to do next, he nodded and turned to leave before the wet nurse castrated him.  He kept his distance, sleeping in Loki’s hall, and checking in when he could, making sure Loki had not pulled any sneaky tricks.  But it seemed the wet nurse was right.  All Loki wanted to do was rest.  Finally, after days of trying, Thor caught him without his chaperone.  He sat up in bed, with the squirming infant at his breast.  He still looked ragged and exhausted, and as he looked up at Thor, it was with an utterly blank expression.  Tears stained his cheeks, but for the moment, his eyes were dry.

“So, you’re still here,” Thor said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Loki looked back down at the infant in his arms.  “Where would I go?” he asked.

“Where, indeed?” asked Thor.  “You sure you don’t want to slay me in my sleep and disappear into the night?”

Loki huffed tiredly.  “Slay a king?” he asked bitterly.  “I’d never make it past the gates.”

Thor sat silent, watching Loki nurse the child at his breast.  He was more than just exhausted.  He was hollow.  Completely run empty.

“I’m not a fool,” Thor said.

Loki looked up at him again, trying to marshal something that just wouldn’t come, before he sighed and looked back down at the infant.

“In the drawer,” he said.

Thor got up and moved to the table beside the bed, pulling open the drawer.  It had been emptied of all the random odds and ends Thor had tossed inside, and stuck in with all the other junk Loki had filled it with was a long dagger, and a glass vial.  The vial held nothing that looked like any of Thor’s potions, but he wasn’t enough of a fool to assume it was anything benign.

“So which were you going to use?” Thor asked, taking both away.

Loki shrugged.  “Whichever option presented itself.”

Thor laughed, quietly and without mirth.  “But now I’m king,” he said.

“But now you’re king,” Loki echoed.

“I’m told you need rest,” Thor said.  “And once I’m told you’re rested, we’ll try again for an heir.”

Loki didn’t look up at him.  He nodded once, shallow but sharply.  Thor left him then, eager to find something else to occupy his mind while he waited.