It had been several weeks since Thor had sought to teach Loki his lesson, and it seemed the lesson had stuck.  Loki had not paraded himself around since the night Thor had followed him to his bed.  Nor had he allowed himself to be anywhere near Thor since.  When they were forced to be in the same room, Loki would sneer at Thor, only to immediately ignore him.  The few words they exchanged were cold and distant.  Thor’s message had been heard loud and clear.

And now Thor had a problem.  Ever since that night, his brother’s cunt was all Thor could think about.  He wanted to take it again; to claim that body for his own.  Unfortunately, his lesson had been well taught, and Loki had not worn that form in public since.

Thor tried to ignore it.  He tried to focus his attentions on other things.  He entertained maidens and took them to his bed, and pretended it was enough.  But in the back of his mind, thoughts lingered that he dared not entertain for too long.  Sometimes he wondered whether Loki were truly fertile in that form, and what would happen if he were not careful.  He imagined the humiliation and scandal if Loki were to give birth to a child.  And for reasons he did not understand, nor question too deeply, the thought drove Thor mad with lust.  He wanted to see Loki humiliated.  He wanted to see Loki at the centre of scandal.  And he wanted to make it happen.

But he did not know how to make it happen.  Not without Loki taking that form again.  Thor could get his way in many things, but this was something he knew he could not force.

Then, unexpectedly, Thor saw a familiar figure at banquet.  It was a crowded time in Asgard, following the harvest.  Country jarls from all over the realm were visiting, and surely Loki had thought he could hide amongst them.  Thor watched all night as he drank and flirted with strange men, and almost could not restrain himself from pulling Loki away and claiming him again.  But the same trick would not work twice.  Loki would fight back, and he would not hold back.  Last time, Thor knew Loki had held back until it was too late, and he had taken advantage of that.  He would not be able to do so again.  So Thor watched, almost angry with lust, as the the thing that was not his brother toyed with men, and eventually followed one of them out of the hall.

It was that night Thor hatched his plan.  That night Thor knew exactly what he needed to do.  Loki drank heavily on these nights, and he was not careful about it.

The berries were easy enough to get.  Crushed, they produced a tart juice that would be easily masked by any wine.  Thor was not sure how much to use, and dared not ask anyone for help.  This could not come back to him.  He measured out enough to fill a small vial, and kept it on his person, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.  But after the harvest, Loki seemed to go back onto his guard.  He still shot cold looks toward Thor when their eyes met at banquet, and Thor knew he was still being cautious.  But he could not be cautious forever.  Sooner or later, his own perversions would make his own lust too great to bear, and Loki would show himself in the form Thor desired.  All Thor needed to do was wait.  Loki had already shown himself once.  Thor needed only be patient.

Finally, it happened.  Finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting, and entertaining thoughts late at night, he saw his brother as he’d been so long wanting to see him.  He watched as Loki teased and toyed, and waited until he’d had a few drinks.  Then, he poured a glass of wine, and into it poured the juice from the berries.  He knew Loki would not take it from his own hand, so he summoned a servant to have the wine taken to Loki.

At first, he thought his plan might not work.  He thought Loki might be too wise to these tricks.  But then he drank the wine, and Thor could already feel himself stir within his breeches.  He watched as the energy Loki put into getting attention was shifted into maintaining his wits.  He watched as Loki slowly seemed to realise something was wrong.  And he watched as Loki excused himself and slipped away.

Thor had thought to get up and follow him; to make sure he arrived to his bed safely.  But he resisted the urge and waited a few minutes longer.  Only when he could no longer resist his lust did Thor stand and slip away as well, making his way toward Loki’s hall.  For a terrifying moment, Thor wondered if Loki had made it at all, or if his confusion had led him down the wrong path.  But Thor found Loki’s door unlocked and unwarded, either in oversight or to maintain appearances.  And beyond the door, he found Loki, still wearing the form of a woman, having barely made it into his bed.  Thor carefully closed the door and made his way across the floor, excited in a way he hadn’t been since he was a boy.

“Loki, you really must learn to take better care of yourself,” Thor said as he approached the bed.

He expected Loki to stir, but was met only with shallow breathing.  Thor helped Loki into a better spot on the bed, giving himself room to crawl onto the blankets with him.  Still, Loki did not stir.  He still breathed, and that was all that mattered.  This way, he could not fight back.  This way, Thor could take his time.  This way, he could take Loki as many times in as many ways as he liked.

He spread Loki’s knees apart and settled between them, still cautious.  When Loki still did not stir, Thor lifted his skirt to reveal his cunt, spread open and inviting.  He had not got to touch it before.  Loki’s fighting had denied him that.  He drew his fingers along the slit, parting those lips and feeling the wetness inside.  Loki had wanted someone to mount him that night, and Thor was all too happy to oblige.  But he moved slowly, watching Loki as he slept.  He watched his brother breathe as he breached that opening with his fingers, sliding himself inside to feel as much of his brother’s cunt as he could.  He hoped to see Loki’s breathing hitch, or to see his hips rise to his touch, but Loki was too far gone for any of it.  Thor drew his fingers out again, and then back in, again and again, trying to find any spot that might draw a reaction from Loki.  Even asleep, he must surely have felt the intrusion. 

He wanted to draw this out, but the strain in his breeches was too great, and he could not restrain himself much longer.  He unlaced his breeches and freed his cock, which seemed to point all on its own toward Loki’s cunt, like a compass pointing north.  As much as he wanted to immediately dive in, he forced himself to be slow.  Still watching Loki’s face, Thor settled himself between his brother’s legs.  The tip of his cock brushing against Loki’s cunt was too much for him to bear, and without even meaning to, Thor rolled his hips so he was already halfway inside.  Loki was wet, but he was also tight.  Thor did not slide in easily, and even as he tried to force his way in deeper, Loki’s cunt resisted him.  But it did not resist him as much as Loki would have were he awake.  He made his way in, fully seated inside his brother’s cunt, and could not stop himself.  It was even better without having to fight for it.  With Loki lying beneath him, open to him without resistance, Thor was able to fuck him as deep as he wanted.  Without having to hold Loki down, he could brace himself against the bed and put all of his energy into fucking him.  He watched Loki’s breasts heave and bounce with each thrust, and imagined that Loki moved against him.

There were no tears this time.  No desperate pleas.  Loki was getting exactly what he wanted, and wasn’t pretending otherwise.  He was being fucked, and used, and Thor was the one doing it.  Thor wondered how many men had fucked him like some tavern whore, without knowing who he truly was.  But Thor knew exactly who Loki was, and he fucked him all the same.  He fucked until he could feel himself nearing the end, and made sure that he spilled deep inside Loki, where the seed would not so easily find its way back out.  Still breathing heavily, he sat back up to examine his brother’s face again, and found him still asleep, though not breathing quite as evenly.  While he waited for himself to recover, he hitched Loki’s skirts up higher, sliding his hand along Loki’s skin; up his belly, across his ribs, and finally to his breast.  The soft skin felt warm against Thor’s as he felt the full swell.  His thumb found Loki’s nipple, hard and irresistible.  He drew his thumb over it in light circles, hoping this might get a reaction from Loki, but none came.

But while it drew no reaction from Loki, Thor grew hard again.  This time, Loki had opened up for him, and he was able to slide himself in without having to force his way.  This time as he fucked Loki, still unmoving beneath him, Thor set a more leisurely pace.  He tried to draw a reaction from Loki in every way he could, dragging his cock against Loki’s walls, while his hand squeezed and toyed with Loki’s breast.  Finally, Loki stirred, a quiet moan escaping his lips.  For a tantalisingly intense moment, Thor thought Loki might wake and catch him, and he prepared to put up a fight to finish what he’d started.  But then Loki quieted again, going still as though nothing had ever happened.  The thought alone of being caught was enough to cause Thor to spill again, and again he made sure he planted his seed deep.

Torn between taking his chances and staying longer, and not wanting to lose this opportunity again, Thor wondered if he should clean up the evidence of his visit.  But as he sat back on his heels and saw Loki laid out before him, he liked what he saw far too much.  Loki lay sprawled out before him, his gown a tangled mess around his body, with both their fluids spilling from his cunt.  Though asleep, he made tiny noises that suggested he might wake soon.

“Loki, you should be more careful,” Thor said as he tucked himself back into his breeches.  “There are all sorts of scoundrels about who would take advantage of a woman who cannot hold her drink.”

Still, Loki did not stir.  Thor left him there, exactly as he was, and slipped quietly out of the hall.

He had thought that taking Loki again would sooth that itch, but it did not.  Knowing he should not have tried his luck a second time, and the thrill of thinking he could be caught made him crave it all the more.  He gathered more berries and filled more vials, and waited again for his next chance.  Loki still seemed hesitant to show himself in this form too often, so the wait was another few weeks before Thor had another chance.  This time, however, Loki found some stranger almost immediately.  Watching them touch one another sent a stab of jealousy through Thor’s chest.  Watching this stranger grope Loki’s breast, and Loki leading him away drove Thor almost to a rage.  Thor wanted to follow them, to pull this strange man off of Loki’s body and take him right there.  He resisted, and instead retired to his chambers. 

The next time, he did not wait around.  As soon as he spotted Loki in the hall, he poured some of the juice from the vial into a glass of wine and called a servant.  This time, he did not pour the entire vial.  The first time, he had used too much, and Loki had not responded at all.  He did not want to have to fight to get what he wanted, but he wanted Loki to know that he was getting what he’d come out for.

It took a bit longer for Loki to slip away, and this time Thor did not wait quite so long to follow him.  He entered Loki’s hall just as Loki was struggling to get himself into bed.  He stumbled and fumbled, and soon Thor was right by his side, helping him onto his back.

“Come along, now.  Let’s get you taken care of,” Thor said, already climbing on top of him.

“I don’t… what?” Loki asked.

“Of course you do,” Thor said.  He forced Loki’s legs apart, revelling in the slight resistance.  “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.”

Loki stayed put as Thor freed himself from his breeches.  He stayed put as Thor teased his entrance with his cock.  Only when Thor tried to push his way inside did Loki try to squirm away.

“You wanted this, remember?” Thor said, holding Loki down by his hips.

He had to use his hand to guide himself in, while the other held Loki down.  This time, Loki’s cunt was inviting, eager and waiting for Thor.  Even as Thor buried himself, Loki still tried to squirm away, but he hadn’t enough will or strength to fight properly.  Loki shifted and rolled beneath Thor, making tiny noises of protests as Thor began to fuck him, deep and hard, taking everything he wanted from Loki’s cunt. 

“I knew you wanted this,” Thor said, breathing heavily against Loki’s neck.  “You don’t need to lie to me.”

Loki began panting, his breasts heaving from more than just Thor’s weight against him.  As his hands tried to push Thor off, his hips rolled against Thor’s inviting him deeper.

“I don’t…” Loki said, before his head fell against his pillow, and his words were drowned out by quiet moans.

“Oh, I think you do,” Thor said.

Even as Loki feebly fought against him, Thor did not have to hold him down.  With one hand on Loki’s hip, giving himself leverage to reach as deep as he could, his other hand found Loki’s breast and squeezed the soft flesh.  Loki tried to pull his hand away even as he panted and rolled against Thor.

“That’s it,” Thor said, panting heavily against Loki’s ear as he let himself lose control.  “I knew this is what you wanted.”

Loki moaned loudly against Thor’s neck while his hands fought with no force behind them.  It drove Thor over the edge, and before he could prepare himself, he spilled inside Loki’s cunt.  Slowly, he lost momentum until he collapsed on top of his brother, unsure if the noise Loki made was a yelp of surprise or a sob.  Not wanting to take any undue chances this time, Thor quickly removed himself from Loki’s bed, taking the time once again to gaze upon his body, used on top of the blankets.

“Oh, what would Mother think?” Thor asked as he put himself back together.

The noise Loki made next was definitely a sob.  Thor left him there, beating a hasty retreat before Loki could come to his senses.

For a while after that, it seemed as though Loki had been reminded of the first lesson.  He did not make any more appearances in that whore’s body, nor did he many many appearances as himself either.  Thor left him to his own, not wanting to give Loki any reasons to do something that might put an end to his fun.  Slowly, Loki began to show himself more, while drinking less.  Again, Thor had thought that Loki might never again give him the chance to take what he deserved.  Again, Thor thought Loki might finally behave himself.  But it was Thor who needed a lesson in behaviour before too long.  When Loki finally did show himself in that form, Thor resisted the urge to send him another drink.  If Loki remembered anything of what happened, Thor wanted him to believe it all some strange dream, brought on by too much drink.  He let Loki do as he pleased, and even turned a blind eye when Loki finally made his escape with someone.  Thor left him alone the next time as well, and when Loki left the hall alone, Thor did not follow him.  Perhaps then, Loki might let his guard down.  Perhaps then, Thor could drag this out even longer.

He picked a night when it seemed Loki would not be having much success on his own.  Again, he did not pour the entire vial into the wine he sent over, and again, he followed Loki to his hall as he made his escape.

Previously, Thor had not taken his time.  Previously, Thor had been impatient and greedy.  But this time, he thought that he could perhaps confuse Loki.  And he thought that perhaps if he confused Loki enough, eventually he would not need to resort to the drug.

Again he found Loki unable to keep his feet, slouched on the floor beside the bed.  Chuckling to himself, Thor knelt to help Loki up.  Even as he did, Loki feebly fought against him, though what he thought were punches and slaps were merely light touches against Thor’s clothing.  Thor settled him in the middle of the bed and climbed in as well, once more sitting between Loki’s knees.

“Didn’t get what you wanted tonight?” he asked.

“I don’t want it,” Loki said, shaking his head.

“We both know that’s not true,” Thor said with a chuckle.  “You practically begged me for this.”

He pushed Loki’s knees apart, easily breaking through the resistance, and settled himself so Loki could not close his legs again.  He hitched up Loki’s skirt, revealing his cunt even as Loki tried to pull his skirt back down again.

Thor wasted no more time, and dropped down to his elbows.  He had not yet tasted Loki before, but now that he was there Thor couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t taken his time to do so.  He entered Loki with his tongue, using his chin and his nose to grind against those sensitive spots.  Loki tried to push him away, and then his hand was in Thor’s hair.  Even as he still tried to push Thor away, his back arched to press himself against Thor’s mouth, as though to ride his jaw.  Noises of protest quickly became confused whines as Loki could not decide if he wanted to stop this or encourage it.  He tried to back away, but Thor pulled him close again, and entered him with his fingers as his tongue teased his outsides.  Thor teased with his mouth and his fingers as Loki worked himself into a frenzy of contradiction.  While he tried to back away, his hand stayed in Thor’s hair as though to pull him close.  He tried to use his feet to kick Thor away while his hips rolled into Thor’s touch.  He panted and heaved, no longer uttering words as he struggled to figure out what he wanted.

Finally, Thor backed off, sitting up to admire his work.  He knew he should leave then.  Walk away and leave Loki confused and helpless and wanting more.  But his own lust was too great to be ignored, and he freed himself from his breeches before he even knew what he was doing.  As he settled himself, Loki looked around wildly as he tried once again to squirm away.

“No, I don’t,” he said, his voice slurred and muffled.

“Sure you do,” Thor said.  “I know you do.”

He entered Loki in one smooth motion, burying himself deep.  Loki tried to fight back against him, swinging hands with no weight behind them.  He tried to escape from beneath Thor, but all it did was further fuel Thor’s lust.  One hand pinning down Loki by the wrist was all it took to keep him right where Thor wanted him.  The more Loki fought to get away, the more he heightened Thor’s lust.  The noises he made as Thor fucked him were no longer confused.  They were desperate, and Thor fucked him all the harder for it, driving him into the mattress.  Loki tried to kick him off, but his feet found no purchase.  Thor paused only to move Loki to a better angle, and suddenly something was different.  Even as Loki fought against Thor, he began breathing quickly and heavily.  He started to moan, only to force himself quiet, and Thor knew.

“See?” he said, trying to keep the same rhythm.  “I knew you wanted this.  You can’t fool me.”

Loki stopped fighting entirely.  As Thor fucked him, he could feel Loki rising to climax, and resisting it.  He tried to hold himself back, watching Loki struggle to keep Thor from seeing exactly how much he enjoyed it, but his breathing gave him away.  He bit his lip through a pained moan, and Thor could no longer control himself at the sound of it.  Drugged or no, Thor held Loki down and fucked him until those moans turned into wild sobs.  Loki cried as Thor spilled inside him, using all of his weight to hold Loki in place.  Loki tried to get away, but the drug still kept him unable to do much more than flail ineffectually. 

“Was that so hard to admit?” Thor asked.

He sat up, leaving Loki struggling to control his own limbs.  He watched for a long moment, sitting between Loki’s legs as his brother tried to put himself back together.  He managed to cover his cunt with his skirt, but with Thor still sat there between his legs, Loki was unable to even roll over.  With his cock still out, Thor considered his options.  He knew by now that Loki would never tell anyone what had happened.  He’d surely known after last time what had happened, and still he had continued to parade himself around.  Still he had continued to invite strangers into his bed.  He’d never tell, and he’d never stop this perversion.

“I think I’ll have you from behind,” Thor decided.

Loki cried out loudly, though whether in protest or for help, Thor couldn’t tell.  But when nobody came, Thor knew Loki had not lifted all his wards.  They were still veiled in secrecy, and Thor did not have to remind him.  He wrestled Loki onto his stomach, and then hitched him up to put him on his knees.  Loki could not stay there under his own power, with the drug still in him, so Thor held him in place.  Now, he was done taking his time.  Now, he wanted to take Loki like the whore he was.  He forced his way in as Loki cried out again, and with one hand holding up Loki’s hips, and the other planted between his shoulders, he had his brother exactly where he wanted him.  Loki cried out without words as Thor fucked him from behind, letting his jealousy take over.  All the other men who had fucked Loki like this had taken something they’d no right to take.  If Loki wanted to humiliate himself in front of the court, Thor would see him properly humiliated.  Moving both hands to Loki’s hips, he pulled Loki close as he thrust forward, slamming their bodies together.  Even as Loki squirmed to get away, Thor pulled him back again and again and again, owning his body.

“Stop!” Loki managed to say between sobs.

That single word drove Thor over the edge and he spilled his seed again, deep inside Loki’s cunt.  He held onto Loki long enough to be certain it had all made it inside, before dropping Loki to the bed, leaving him in unable to right himself.  He managed to curl up into a ball as Thor finally rose to his feet to right himself.

“Other whores have had my bastards,” Thor said.  “You won’t be the first.”

Thor left Loki sobbing loudly, knowing he would have to wait a good long while before he had another opportunity to take what he wanted.