Loki did not make any appearances for nearly two full days after leaving Thor’s bed.  And when he did, he wore his anger on display.  It did not take much imagination for Thor to work out why Loki had disappeared for so long, or why he finally returned in such a mood.

But he returned in his own form, and brought with him a deep stab of jealousy.  That Thor’s seed still had not taken could only mean that something was wrong.  Whether it was a fault within Loki, or a fault within Thor, he wasn’t sure.  But he had an idea.  He always left Loki after taking him.  In leaving Loki alone and unattended, there was no telling what he was doing in secret that kept getting in Thor’s way.  Clearly, Loki was the problem, as he always was.

And as he continued to be.  He avoided Thor as much as possible, making appearances only when there were no excuses to be made.  Even on the rare occasions when he did deign to be seen within the Great Hall, he did so as himself.  Weeks dragged on, and Loki refused to show himself as Thor wanted him.  Loki kept Thor waiting, and as time passed, Thor’s patience waned.  Loki would not keep Thor from getting what he wanted.  Thor knew he must have been taking his cunt elsewhere, giving it to other men who did not deserve it.  That was why he did not make appearances in the Great Hall as often.

Thor returned to his drug, finding a new way to mask it.  He did not want Loki’s body heavy and unresponsive.  Not after he had woken to find Loki greedily riding him, finally giving in.  He clearly still needed that push, but Thor knew now he would no longer resist.  But he would also be wary, and Thor had to get past his defenses.  If he suspected anything, he would only slip further and further away, denying both of them what they craved.

Testing the drug was tricky.  Thor could cautiously taste it, licking just a small drop from his fingers, but it was difficult to know if it would be effective without taking enough to risk driving himself mad.  He couldn’t taste the harsh, bitter sting on his finger, but that wasn’t enough to know.  He tried the drug first on Fandral, slipping a small amount into his wine and watching what came next.  Fandral drank without pause, which meant the taste had at least been masked.  Then Thor watched as some discomfort slowly overcame him.  Soon, Fandral overstepped with the girl on his lap, groping her right there in front of everyone.  She punched him hard in the jaw, knocking both of them from the bench.  Then, they both ran off in opposite directions, and Thor knew the drug had worked.

Thor kept a vial full of the drug on him, waiting for Loki to make himself seen.  When he finally appeared again, predictably wearing his natural form, Thor poured the entire vial into a cup and sent it off with a servant.  In this form, Loki’s guard was down completely.  He took the wine and drank it, utterly unaware.  Thor kept his distance and watched, looking for the first sign that his plan would work.  He watched as Loki shifted and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, hit finally by the realisation of what was happening.

“Fuck!” Loki shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

Everyone turned to look at him, but he was already on his feet and heading out of the hall.  For a moment, Thor thought to follow him.  He knew that if he followed, Loki would submit and do as Thor pleased.  But he had other thoughts.  Instead, Thor went to his own chambers, already growing hard with anticipation.  He got comfortable on his bed, slowly taking himself in hand so he would be ready.  He knew Loki’s options would be few, and that he would do anything to avoid embarrassing himself further.  He would have to explain, to anyone he sought out, that he would not be sated so long as the drug flowed through his veins.  And his hand, in whichever form he chose, would not be enough.  He would not be able to sleep, so overcome with his own lust.  He would need to be completely and thoroughly exhausted.

Still, he lasted longer than Thor had expected.  It was several hours before a knock finally sounded at Thor’s door.  Thor took his time getting up, acting as though he had no reason at all to expect visitors.  When he opened the door, he found Loki on the other side, his entire body trembling as he struggled to hold himself together.  He came as a woman, but not in a gown.  He wore a tunic and breeches, both dishevelled and hastily put together, with a fury on his face that was impossible to miss.

“You did this,” Loki said, panting heavily.

Thor looked him over, trying to restrain himself.  He could take Loki right there in the doorway, and he knew Loki would not resist.  But Loki had to come to him.

“What would you have me do about it?” Thor asked.

Loki stood tense, his hand clenched into tight fists at his sides.  He breathed heavily and shakily as he glared at Thor.  Each moment they stood silent, neither speaking as they stared at one another, Thor could see Loki struggle that much harder to keep himself composed.  When it became clear Loki was going to say nothing, and only stand there and stare, Thor started to close the door between them.  Before he could, Loki stepped forward, blocking the door with his hand.  He trembled, completely out of control, his jaw clenched hard against any sound he might have made.  Thor maintained his own calm exterior, fighting a quiet battle of his own.  Watching Loki slowly come undone without even being touched was everything he wanted, and he could only think of all the things he wanted to do.

Loki broke first and shoved his way through the door and past Thor, pulling off his tunic to bear his breasts.  Thor watched him tremble as he still tried to resist his own urges, even though he knew what they both wanted.

“Get over here and fix what you’ve done,” Loki said, his voice shaky and uneven.

Thor could no longer resist what had been handed to him.  He moved quickly to crowd Loki, all but shoving him over to the long table in the middle of the chamber.  Turning Loki to face it, Thor bent him over it, holding him down so his ass stuck in the air.  Loki didn’t fight back or struggle, even as Thor reached around to unlace his breeches and pull them down, revealing the sticky, wet mess between Loki’s legs.  Loki quickly stepped out of them, freeing his legs to open even wider so Thor could take him.  Thor wondered how many times Loki had brought himself off, in either form, before finally giving in and coming to him.  Thor plunged his fingers into Loki’s cunt, drawing a loud cry from him.  Loki arched his back into Thor’s touch as he pressed as deep as he could reach, feeling Loki’s heat and desire.  Thor fucked Loki with his fingers, watching as he writhed and moaned, utterly giving in.  Thor teased out every desperate and greedy little noise he could, watching as Loki bucked against him.  With his fingers deep inside Loki’s cunt, and his thumb on Loki’s clit, Thor brought him to a heaving, shuddering climax.  Loki cried out, high and heady, as it racked his entire body.  As Loki panted and heaved against the table, Thor pulled his fingers away and drove his cock deep, drawing out another shout from Loki.  Loki grabbed onto the table, bracing himself as Thor fucked him as hard as he could.  With his hands on Loki’s waist, he was able to get as much leverage as he could.  He didn’t have to hold Loki down or fight back.  He could take what he wanted.  And what he wanted was Loki beneath him, desperately taking every last bit of Thor’s cock and craving more.

Thor tried to hold himself back, panting loudly as he resisted spilling as long as he could.  He slowed down to a languid pace, trying to savour the moment.  Loki bucked beneath him, rubbing his cunt and ass against Thor and trying to fuck himself harder.  

“Stop teasing,” Loki said breathlessly. 

He trembled beneath Thor, gripping the table hard.  Thor put his hand between Loki’s shoulders, holding him there as he continued his slow motions, nearly pulling all the way out before sinking himself back in again.  Loki began to whine desperately beneath him, fighting not against being held down, but against Thor’s pace.  He rolled his hips against Thor, trying to move up onto the table a bit higher, but Thor used all of his weight to hold him in place.  Loki trembled beneath him, his desperate whines turning almost into soft sobs as he tried to take more.  Still, Thor took his time, slowly drawing himself in and out again, watching his cock disappear inside Loki’s cunt.

Then, Loki moved and brought his hand between his own legs.  Before he could touch himself, Thor grabbed him by the wrists, pinning him back to the table.  Now, Loki sobbed openly, his entire body trembling and writhing beneath Thor.  Thor continued to fuck him slowly, watching Loki wordlessly beg for more.  He had been broken, fully and completely.  He came to Thor, and now he was at Thor’s mercy.

“Please,” Loki said, trying to move up onto the table again.  “Fuck me already.”

He was trembling so hard, Thor wondered if he might fall apart at the seams.  Instead of bowing to Loki’s request, he pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the tip of his cock inside Loki.  He held himself still, watching as Loki did everything he could to take more of it.  Pinned to the table, Loki could only buck and writhe, fucking the air.  He moved wrong, and Thor’s cock fell out completely, and Loki sobbed again.  He kept fucking the air, trembling and heaving beneath Thor’s grip.  He was broken, and Thor wanted to drive him mad.  He held Loki there, watching the tears fall from his eyes as his cunt dripped fluid down his legs.  Soon, he could only tremble beneath Thor, and that’s when Thor took him again.  He let go of Loki’s wrists, taking hold of his hips once more and pulling their bodies together.  They both cried out, though Loki could not seem to stop himself.  He held himself against the table, arching his hips against Thor so that with each thrust, he nearly screamed out.  Thor could feel him tensing beneath him as he rode out his climax, finally collapsing onto the table.  He panted hard, unable to catch his breath as Thor continued to fuck him, driving himself as deep as he could.  Soon, Loki began to respond again, leaning into Thor as he spilled, crying out loudly as well.  Thor held Loki on his cock, even as Loki continued to try to fuck him.  Once every last drop of seed had been planted, Thor stepped away, leaving Loki alone on the table.

“Wait,” Loki said, panting.

He brought his knee up onto the table, spreading his cunt and making room for his own hand.  Thor watched as Loki took himself, dragging his fingers over his clit and entrance, but not entering.  He fucked his own hand, grinding against it as he keened and moaned desperately for more.  Every part of Loki was a mess, and Thor wanted to see the parts that were hidden.  He stepped forward again, grabbing onto Loki and rolling him onto his back.  Loki barely paused, still fucking himself with his hand, his tits heaving as he panted heavily.

Thor grabbed Loki by the wrists again, pulling his hands away and pinning them back to the table.  He stood between Loki’s legs, his cock already hard again as Loki rolled his hips against him.  Both their fluids dripped from his cunt, spreading a sticky mess down Loki’s thighs and onto Thor’s stomach.  As much as he wanted to enjoy the view, Thor wanted even more to replace the seed that was already lost.  Holding Loki against the table, he drove his cock deep, no longer caring about whether or not Loki was getting his.  Loki would want him for a long time to come, and Thor had a mission he still had not completed.  Loki had admitted his desires, but he still had not been completely and utterly humiliated.  Thor fucked him, holding him down and nipping at whatever skin he could reach with his mouth.  Even as Loki cried out and arched into him, Thor took Loki’s cunt only for himself.  The table lurched and scraped along the floor, causing Thor to have to chase after Loki each time he drove himself into that cunt.  Loki was so wet, and so open for him that Thor nearly pulled himself completely out more than once.  Each time he did, he made up for it by driving himself even deeper, causing both of them to shout and moan loudly.

Thor spilled inside Loki again, both of their bodies trembling together as he pressed all his weight down.  Still, Loki continued to fuck him, whimpering desperately.  Rather than give him any more, Thor finally pulled away and moved over to the bed, collapsing onto it and trying to catch his breath.  He expected Loki to follow, but he only rolled back over to lean against the table, hiking himself up so as he took himself in hand, it was trapped between his cunt and the table.  Thor watched him, trembling and writhing as he tried to bring himself off.  It was difficult to tell whether he was successful or not.  Several times, Thor thought Loki had managed it.  He fucked himself harder and faster, crying out, and then slowed for a few moments before picking up speed again.  Each time, Thor could hear a rising desperation in Loki’s voice, and see him trembling even harder as he failed to get what he wanted from his own hand.

“If you want more, you’ll have to come get it,” Thor said, trying to stroke himself back to hardness. 

Loki nodded, but he didn’t get up to move.  He continued to use his hand and the table, rutting against it with one foot on the floor, trying to provide a bit of force.  Twice more he went through the same cycle before bringing himself to shaky feet, completely naked and gleaming with tears and sweat and seed.  There wasn’t a single part of him that was dry.  Still panting loudly, he made his way on unsteady feet over to the bed and collapsed as well, his hand immediately back on his cunt.

He looked over to Thor, his cock still soft in his hand, and groaned loudly.  When Thor made no effort at all to help him from his predicament, Loki again began to take himself with his hand, this time entering himself with his fingers.  Thor watched, stubbornly not touching him as he desperately tried to bring himself to climax.  He wiggled and squirmed on the bed, legs splayed wide open as he bucked and rolled into his own touch.  Panting loudly, Loki arched his back and held his body there as he continued to finger himself.  With a loud groan, his entire body went tense, and then he collapsed back onto the bed as he panted, still unable to catch his breath.

“Why me?” he asked breathlessly.

Thor could tell he still was not sated, but he had done enough to regain some sanity.

“We both know the answer to that question,” Thor said, laughing quietly.

Loki closed his eyes tightly and made a pained noise.  Thor watched him as he began trembling again, resisting his own urges.  He held his hands in tight fists, twisting his body against the blankets.  Slowly, Thor’s cock began to rise again, and he continued to stroke it, once more savouring the view.  He switched hands, freeing himself to reach over to Loki’s body and tease his cunt, barely drawing his fingers over his entrance.  Loki arched into him, wordlessly pleading for more.  It was easy to drive him back into another frenzy, and once he was panting and heaving again, Thor pulled his hand away.

“I told you.  If you want more, you’ll have to take it,” Thor said.

Loki inhaled, deep and sharp, and shook his head.  Then, he sat up and rolled over to straddle Thor, grinding against him without taking his cock inside him.

“I’ll fucking kill you for this,” he said.

Thor let go of his cock, letting Loki rise and take it.  Seeing Loki on top of him, taking what he wanted without protest was almost too much.  He grabbed onto Loki’s, trying to slow him down, but Loki would not be tamed.  He braced his weight against Thor’s shoulders and fucked him hard, riding his cock so hard the entire bed lurched in time with his motions.  Thor quickly spilled inside him, holding on tight around his waist and crying out in surprise, but Loki didn’t stop.  He growled and moaned as he rutted against Thor, arching himself against his cock as it slowly softened.

“You absolute bastard,” Loki growled, fucking him even harder, even as there was nothing left to fuck.

Thor’s cock fell out of him, but Loki kept going, shifting himself so he rutted against Thor’s body.  He began trembling hard again, his entire body shaking with need as Thor failed to keep up.

Loki sobbed in desperation, pulling their bodies closer as he rode against nothing.  Rather than helping with his hands or his mouth, Thor allowed Loki to wallow in this misery, trying to move with him despite having nothing left to give.  Loki paused long enough only to reach between them and move Thor’s cock so that even soft, he could rut against it.  It quickly became too much, and before Loki could get any further, Thor shoved him off, dumping him onto the bed.

“Even you ought to know better than that,” Thor said.

Loki whined, letting himself fall back onto the bed.  While Loki fought against his own urges, Thor got up and headed into his bath chamber.

“Stay or go,” he said.  “It’s your choice.”

He listened to Loki’s continued desperate cries as he locked himself away, taking time to clean himself of their mess.  But he knew Loki wouldn’t flee.  Thor had given him twice the dose he had before, without anything to counteract it.  He knew Loki would be too ashamed to take his sorry display anywhere else, and was not surprised to find Loki once more taking himself in hand on Thor’s bed, with one of the blankets bunched up between his legs to give himself something more to rut against.  Thor stood back and watched as Loki made a mess of himself and Thor’s bed, growling through his teeth as he fucked his hand against the mattress and blanket.  Thor wanted to see what it looked like to watch Loki get fucked like this, but the thought of another man taking Loki’s cunt before his seed took filled him with jealousy. 

Thor slowly approached him, sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning over so he could see Loki’s fingers, buried deep inside himself.

“You truly are a whore,” Thor said.

Loki nodded, whining quietly.

“You make such a mess this way,” Thor said, reaching out to stroke the curve of Loki’s ass.  “Surely you’d prefer someone bouncing on that cock of yours?”

Loki shook his head, and Thor wasn’t sure whether he was surprised or not.  Loki never had been much of a man, and Thor suspected that even when he did take another to bed as one, he still preferred to be fucked like a woman.  Taking this form surely only broadened the available pool of men to choose from.  Thor thought about fucking Loki’s mouth again, or even his ass just to see what it felt like, but he could do all that later.  He would save it for when he knew his seed had not been wasted.  Instead, he climbed back up into bed and settled back under what was available from the blankets, knowing that as long as Loki were in his bed, he would keep the form he wore.

“You can see to yourself,” Thor said, rolling over.

Loki groaned loudly, shifting the entire bed as he kept trying to get himself off.  It kept Thor from sleeping, as every time he thought Loki might have finally had enough and worn himself out, he only started up again.  He could feel Loki shifting around behind him, and once more wondered what it looked like to watch him get fucked by another.  Despite the jealousy, the thought of Fandral, or Hogun, or any of the other faceless men who came or went, fucking Loki and making him scream slowly brought Thor’s cock to attention.  He languidly stroked it, imagining that the sounds Loki made behind him were because he was getting fucked by someone he didn’t want to get fucked by.  He wanted to see Loki cry, tears rolling down his cheeks not in desperation, but in fear and in pain.  Thor had seen it before, and the thought of it became enough for him to roll back over.

“On your back,” he said, reaching over to Loki.

Loki obeyed, hot and sticky and trembling.  Thor got on top of him, pausing to look at his body.  He knew what Loki craved, but he also knew what Loki feared.  Loki had done everything in his power to avoid it, but now Thor would not allow him that.

“You’re a whore,” Thor said.

“I’m a whore,” Loki said.

“And whores give birth to bastards,” Thor said.

Loki looked up at him, and for a moment Thor could see that fear in his eyes.  When Thor drove his cock back into Loki’s cunt, he cried out loudly, his hands trying to push Thor away while his hips rolled against him.

“No,” Loki said, his voice strained.

“I’ll have you every night,” Thor said, holding nothing back.

Loki fought beneath him, but not enough.  Thor held him down, imagining the swell of Loki’s belly beneath him.  Loki would never be able to show his face in public again.  He would be Thor’s, and Thor’s alone.  Thor thought that once the seed had took, he might invite others to fuck Loki, so he could see what it looked like when Loki fought back.

“Please don’t do this,” Loki said, his voice straining against his own lust.

Despite his protests, he stopped fighting back.  He let himself go, rolling his body against Thor even as the knowledge of what he was doing washed over his face.  Thor squeezed his tits and raked his nails over Loki’s skin, and still he took everything from Thor.  He rolled into him, rutting against him as he strained against his own voice.  Once more, Thor finished, pumping his seed deep into Loki’s womb with a loud cry.  As he stilled, Loki continued to rut against him.  Then, Loki threw his weight against him, taking Thor off-guard as he managed to roll Thor off of him.  But rather than fleeing, Loki was again on top of him, tears in his eyes as he fucked Thor, bringing his cock hard again.  With his weight on Thor’s chest, Loki heaved and sobbed, biting his lip as he rode him hard and fast.  He couldn’t fight back.  He couldn’t even stop himself.  Thor let Loki take him like this, watching and listening as his quiet desperation grew louder.  His tears didn’t stop, even as his sobs turned to needy moans and grunts as he rode Thor into the mattress.  He rutted until climax, crying out as it took him, and pausing long enough for Thor to feel him trembling on top of him.  For a moment, Thor thought Loki would get up and flee, but he started moving again, making one pained, desperate sound before biting back on it once more. 

“You’re a monster,” Loki said, his voice heavy and thick as he moved on Thor’s cock.  “I hate you.  I’ll kill you.”

Thor had heard it before, and knew Loki’s words held no bite.  He held tight to Loki’s waist, letting him ride himself to climax again.  Thor waited to see if he was done, but this time he resisted, though his entire body still trembled.  Thor rolled them over again, this time wrestling Loki back to the bed and pinning Loki down on his stomach.  Wrenching Loki around, Thor lifted his ass into the air so his cunt was exposed, and without waiting, drove his cock into Loki so hard he cried out in pain.  Thor wanted to make this last, but he finished quickly, spilling inside Loki’s cunt once more before letting go and falling back onto the bed.

“No more tonight,” Thor said.  “Go to sleep.”

Loki whined, a pained little sound, as Thor rolled back over.  He fell asleep almost instantly before Loki could start up again and keep him awake.  He didn’t know how long he slept before Loki woke him again though, sprawled out between Thor’s legs, his hand on his cunt and his mouth on Thor’s cock.  He moaned and whined with his mouth full, writhing against the mattress as he took what he wanted and brought himself off with his hands.  Thor brought his hand down to Loki’s face tracing his jaw up to his ear, before his mind caught up with him.  Before Loki could waste any seed, Thor grabbed him by the hair and pulled him away, freeing his cock.  Loki whined again, still writhing between his knees.

Furious, but hardly surprised, Thor settled himself back against his pillow.

“Get up here and finish what you’ve started,” he said.

Loki wasted little time.  He was on top of Thor almost at once, and Thor could feel him soaked in fluids, sticky and hot, and making a mess everywhere.  Too tired to do anything else, Thor let Loki ride him, resting his hands lazily on his waist.  He didn’t think he had any seed left to spill, but Loki rutted against him anyway, riding his cock with his entire body.  For the first time, Thor worried he might have given Loki too much of the drug.  He watched Loki moving above him, his frustration and desperation growing.  Not even Thor’s cock seemed enough now.  The growls and grunts coming from Loki weren’t of pleasure and release, but anger and rage.  It was an anger and rage Thor was beginning to share.  It did not take long for pleasure to give way to discomfort, and again Thor shoved Loki off of him.

“Enough,” Thor said.  “Wake me again and you’ll regret it.”

Loki whimpered quietly and rolled over.  Eventually, Thor’s cock began to soften and he fell back asleep, furious with himself and with Loki.  When he woke again, it was to the sun shining through the terrace.  He rolled over, finding Loki asleep as well, though barely.  His entire body trembled as he slept above the blankets, but Thor doubted it was from the cold.  He rolled over, taking Loki’s breast in hand, feeling the weight of it.  He imagined Loki’s breasts swelling as well, and what they would feel like in his hand heavy with milk.

His cock was quick to rise at the thought, and rested and ready to go again, Thor thought he might give Loki a taste of his own medicine.  Loki was still sticky and wet, and on his side he was easy for Thor to take.  Thor fucked him slowly and languidly, one hand on his tit and the other bracing himself against the bed.  Loki moaned in his sleep and rolled into Thor, making it clear that he was still gripped by the drug.  Even asleep, he began to rut against the air as Thor fucked him from behind, picking up pace when Thor would not.  When Loki finally woke, it was with a loud gasp.  He stilled for a moment, dropping his hand to Thor’s on his breast.  For a moment, he tried to push Thor’s hand away, but then he pulled it tighter instead, arching himself onto Thor’s cock and shifting to allow better access to his cunt.  He rocked against Thor, trying to push their bodies together to take Thor even deeper.  Still tired and hazy, Thor continued his lazy pace, even as Loki’s entire body begged for more.  He whined and whimpered, squeezing Thor’s hand against his breast, and using his other on his clit where Thor’s cock couldn’t reach from this angle.  Thor bit down on his neck, drawing forth a loud cry, and hearing it was enough to make Thor spill his seed once more.  He held Loki there, their bodies close, and even as Loki continued to buck and writhe against him, Thor allowed his cock to fall out of Loki’s cunt.

“Go clean yourself up,” Thor said.  “You’re a mess.”

He slapped Loki on the ass as he sat up, drawing a sharp, startled cry from him.  After a moment, Loki got up and made his way to the bath chamber on shaky legs.  While he was gone, Thor took the time to strip the blankets and furs from the bed, baring the mattress.  He put on a tunic long enough to cover his cock, and called for a servant to replace the bedding.  By the time the bedding had been replaced, and breakfast brought, Loki had finally finished cleaning himself up.  He was still naked and trembling, so Thor tossed him the tunic he’d worn the night before.

“Eat,” Thor said, pointing to the food on the table.  “And if you can behave yourself, I’ll give you what you want.”

Nodding, Loki pulled the tunic on and sat down.  Thor watched as he squirmed in his seat, barely touching anything before him.  Thor took his time, eating his breakfast and drinking his ale, wondering how much longer the drug would keep its hold over Loki.

Once he had his fill, Thor pulled Loki from his seat and shoved him down to the floor.  He could see the pain and confusion on Loki’s face, and did not give him a chance to recover before taking him right there.  Loki briefly resisted, but it was fleeting, and soon he moved along with Thor on the cold, stone ground, desperate and needy all over again.  Once Thor got him going, he soon became overcome once more, unable to stop.  Thor left him on the floor after he once more filled Loki with seed, ignoring him while he tried to find release from his own hand.  He left Loki like that for a while, lazing about and making sure he did nothing to corrupt Thor’s hard work.  When it seemed like Loki was running out of steam, Thor dragged him onto the bed and took him again, continuing the cycle throughout the day.  He took Loki as many times as his cock would rise for it, even as Loki became less willing.  He started to fight back, not just against the drug but against Thor, but it was fleeting and didn’t take much to get him wanting more again.  When Thor called for supper to be brought to his chambers, he slipped more of his drug into Loki’s wine, careful to be sure not to use the entire vial this time.  It was enough to get Loki muddled and helpless once more, and Thor kept him like that.  Loki cried when Thor fucked him, though whether in frustration, or pain, or fear, he didn’t care.  The drug kept him in Thor’s chambers, and Thor made good on his promise to fill him with seed until it took.  Loki had long since stopped fighting back, his entire body wrecked and exhausted.  Night fell again, and Loki had not changed his shape, or worked any magic that Thor had seen.  He simply hadn’t the time.

Eventually, Loki fell asleep, despite the drug still coursing through his veins.  Thor watched him, breathing shallowly and unevenly, his breasts barely concealed beneath the tunic he still wore.  Thor climbed on top of him, watching his face as he slipped his cock inside him once more.  There was no resistance.  No fighting back.  Just Loki, open and ready and waiting for more.  He breathed more heavily as Thor fucked him, taking his time to enjoy this moment without having to worry about Loki’s needy cunt craving more.  He nipped and kissed the exposed flesh along Loki’s neck, and slid his hand beneath Loki’s tunic to fondle and squeeze his breast.  Loki made tiny little noises, deep in his throat, but he did not stir.  He lay spread out beneath Thor, his for the taking.  When Thor finished inside him, there was no rising moment of panic as Loki’s senses momentarily returned. 

Loki’s exhaustion was such that Thor was able to take him twice more through the night before he woke.  As he did, Loki was slow to come back to himself.  Then, suddenly, he tensed beneath Thor, and tried to push him off.  Thor held him down, one hand on his waist, and the other holding onto Loki’s wrist.

“Don’t,” Thor warned, pinning Loki down with all his weight.

He thrust his cock hard into Loki, making him gasp loudly.  Then again, and again.  The drug was wearing off again, but Thor knew he didn’t need it for Loki to want him.  He needed it to keep Loki where he was, unable to convince himself to flee.  Thor held him down, fucking him hard, and soon Loki began to respond, moving his body with Thor’s.  He began moaning and panting beneath him, and as he relaxed, Thor released his grip, freeing himself to find more leverage.  He made sure he brought Loki to climax, watching as shame and need mixed on his face as he cried out.  Only then, did Thor fully let go, allowing himself to spill inside Loki once more.  Still pinning Loki down, Thor drew a trail of nips and nibbles across Loki’s neck.  He could feel Loki tense beneath him, but did not stop, taking what he wanted from Loki’s body.

Finally, he got up, leaving Loki on the bed.  Without a word, he headed toward the bath chamber to once again clean up.  He worked quickly, not wanting Loki to leave before he could send for more wine, so he could slip Loki more of the drug.  When he came back out, still wearing his ruined tunic, he found Loki sitting up on the bed, arms wrapped around his knees and holding them close to his chest.  He stared across the room, drawing Thor’s attention in that direction, but he saw nothing.

“You can’t still want more?” Thor asked.

Loki shook his head in quick, short motions.

“Then what?” Thor asked.

Loki bit his lip and inhaled sharply through his nose, giving Thor the distinct impression that he was trying not to weep.  Twice, he licked his lips and tried to speak before he was finally able to form words.

“I can’t change,” he said.

It took Thor a moment to realise what Loki meant.  Then, suddenly, he realised his suspicions had been correct all along.  Loki had been preventing Thor’s seed from taking hold.  Now, sitting in Thor’s bed in the early, pre-dawn light, Loki was full of Thor’s seed in a way that mattered.  It had taken two full nights, but finally his seed had taken.  The thought made Thor’s lust stir all over again.

“Why might that be?” Thor asked, stepping close to the bed.

Loki looked up at him, shaking his head again.

“No,” he said.

Thor didn’t care.  He was on the bed and pushing Loki down before Loki could even start to move away.

“No!” Loki shouted, trying to fight back.

Thor held him down, forcing himself between Loki’s legs.  Even as Loki kicked and thrashed, Thor was able to bury himself in Loki’s cunt.

“I’ll fucking kill you,” Loki shouted, trying to kick and punch.

Thor grabbed Loki’s wrists and held them down over his head.  He managed to get both of Loki’s wrists in one hand, freeing the other to hold him down at the hips.  Loki was his, and only his.  Thor fucked him with his entire body, throwing himself against Loki.

“Stop this!” Loki shouted, tears on the edge of his voice.

Though he fought, his cunt was still wet and open, offering little resistance.  Thor ignored Loki’s attempts to fight back, holding him down with his weight as he drove himself as deep into Loki as he could.

“Why are you doing this?” Loki shouted, still thrashing beneath him.

“You begged me for it,” Thor said through his teeth.  “You came to me.”

Loki froze beneath him for just a moment before thrashing even harder.  Still Thor held him down, taking his entire body.  His seed had already taken, but now he needed Loki to know who he belonged to.  Loki cried out beneath him, his growls slowly becoming messy sobs.  Even as tears ran down his face, he still fought back, and it drove Thor to madness.  As much as he wanted Loki to admit that he craved Thor’s cock, he wanted to see Loki completely ruined as well.  Ruined and broken, and utterly beyond repair.  And it was exactly what Thor got from him. 

“Please stop,” Loki begged, sobbing openly.  “No!”

“You said it yourself already,” Thor said, struggling to speak around the effort of holding Loki in place.  “There’s no point in fighting.”

Thor held him down with everything he had, spilling his seed within Loki so hard, he saw white.  He cried out, arching his back into Loki, holding Loki down on his cock.  Loki still cried beneath him, though he had stopped fighting back.  Even as Thor rolled off, Loki only rolled onto his side, his entire body shaking.  Not with lust.  Thor knew Loki was afraid.  Afraid of what would happen, and of what had happened.

Thor slapped him on the ass again.

“I told you,” he said, getting up.  “Whores give birth to bastards.  You aren’t the first to have mine.”

He left Loki where he was, trembling and sobbing on the bed, while he went to clean up properly and prepare for his day.