The drug lasted into the morning, coursing through Loki’s veins.  How he had made it back to his hall without disaster, he had no idea.  But once he was there, nothing he did was enough.  He used his hand, as well as a carved phallus.  He changed his form, hoping it might make a difference, but his cock was just as greedy as his cunt, and less cooperative about the whole damn ordeal.  He only slept once he’d been completely exhausted, and then he slept all day.  He woke in the evening craving still more, but he brought himself off with his hand and that seemed to finally be the end of it.

Whatever Thor had done to him, it would not happen again.  He had to concede.  Thor had won.  He would never take that form again.  Every time he looked at Thor, his mind was flooded with memories of what Thor had done to him—what Thor had made him do.  He hated himself for everything he had done that night.  That he had climbed on top of Thor and rode him even after he could have escaped was the worst of it.  No sane man would have done such a thing, but Loki at least took relief in knowing that he had not been sane that night.  Thor had done some horrible, vile thing to him, and whatever Loki may have done in turn, it was Thor’s fault in the end.

He avoided Thor, and banquet as much as possible, only being seen when he needed to.  He spent most of his time alone, locked behind closed doors where nobody would look at him, and where he wouldn’t have to look at another.  But he also had duties to attend to, and as much as he tried to put them off, he could not put them off forever.  He attended meetings and negotiations, and made sure to be seen as often as he could bear.  He knew Thor would not bother him as long as he wore his natural form, but Thor was no longer his only problem.  He didn’t know who might have seen him be dragged away that night, entering Thor’s chambers and leaving hours later.  He didn’t think anyone but Thor had seen through is disguise, but he wasn’t certain.  And he couldn’t stand to think of the rumours that might be spreading.

But he had to be seen, and so he did as he needed to do.  He still had friends, and it was with these friends he would dine and drink.  Slowly, he grew more comfortable and confident that there were no rumours.  Nobody had seen anything, or if they had, they had not made the necessary connections.  And soon, he might even learn to have fun again.

It was during banquet that he began to feel a familiar heat rising within him.  He looked down at his cup, nearly empty, and realised it was his fifth one that evening.  He stared at it, not knowing if it was this one, or the one before, or any of the others that were the problem, but it was a problem he immediately recognised.

“Fuck!” he shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

Before he could make a bigger fool of himself, Loki rose to his feet and fled the hall.  By the time he made it to his own, he was trembling and almost unable to breathe from the effort of keeping himself upright.  As soon as the door was closed behind him, he unlaced his breeches and freed his cock.  It stood hard and needy, and Loki did not even wait until he had reached his bed.  He took himself in hand where he stood, working himself quickly in hopes it would buy him enough time to clear his mind.  The drug made him sensitive and quick to respond, and he spilled quickly, with a force that hit like a punch to the chest.  He stood, panting with his cock in his hand, just trying to get his thoughts in order.  He didn’t soften, and even as the last of his seed spilled out and dripped onto his breeches, he needed more.  This time, he made it to his bed, collapsing onto it as he took himself again.  It wasn’t pleasure he drew from his own hand.  It wasn’t release.  It was need.  A need as strong as breathing, and if he didn’t fill it, he thought he might explode.

Even with the drug, he could not keep going like this.  As he drained himself, his cock was slower to rise again despite his lust, and soon even the lightest touches hurt more than they helped.  He kicked himself loose of his breeches and boots and changed his shape to the one he’d sworn he’d never wear again.  Almost at once, he could feel his own cunt dripping in anticipation.  With one hand on his clit and the other on his breast, he worked himself as hard as he could.  He rose to climax, and still could not stop.  His hand was not enough, so he used his phallus, fucking himself with it in one hand, while the other teased his clit.  It still was not enough.  With the phallus still inside him, he grabbed one of his pillows and mounted it, grinding and rutting against it, with one hand still guiding the phallus where he needed it.  Several times he rode to climax, and each time he still could not stop.

He whined and whimpered desperately, trying anything he could to to make this stop.  The last time, Thor had drugged him so he could do nothing about any of it, and it had been agony.  Now he was free to address the situation and it was somehow worse.

With all his bedding soaked in his fluids, and no end in sight, Loki knew what he needed.  His own hand, and a cock carved from wood were not good enough.  He needed to be fucked.  And he knew exactly where he needed to go for that to happen.  Thor had done this to him, and Thor alone would be willing to put up with him for as long as the drug burned through his veins.  But it would mean going to Thor, admitting weakness and defeat.

He was weak.  And he was defeated.  He rode his wooden cock until he could take it no more.  He had lost, and the only way he would survive would be to give Thor his prize.  If his body weren’t already on fire, Loki thought he might vomit as he put his breeches back on, barely taking the time to lace them.  The tight leather hugged his body even in this form, and every step was agony.  He forced his way to Thor’s chambers, one step after the next, as he fought the urge to undress right there in the corridor to bring himself off once more.  His entire body hurt, and as he pounded on Thor’s door, he was struck by the thought that Thor might not even be waiting for him there.  If he weren’t, Loki didn’t know what he would do.

But Thor finally opened the door, and had the gall to look bored about it.

“You did this,” Loki said, struggling to form the words.

He trembled and ached, unable to force himself to admit what he’d come for.  They both knew, but Thor was not going to make this easy.

“What would you have me do about it?” he asked.

Loki’s entire body tensed against the urge to beg.  He glared at Thor, silently praying this would all be over soon.  He could barely hold himself still, and wanted to collapse right where he stood.  Then, Thor began to close the door, and Loki moved forward before he realised it, blocking Thor from closing it completely.  He stared up at his brother, so desperate and full of need he thought he could break down and weep.

Thor was not going to show him mercy.  Thor was going to make Loki admit his defeat.  And as he shoved past Thor and pulled off his tunic, admitting defeat was exactly what he did.

“Get over here and fix what you’ve done,” he said, fighting against his own pride.

It worked, and Thor finally moved toward him.  Loki expected to be shoved down onto the bed, but Thor moved him instead to the table.  Unsure what Thor wanted, Loki briefly fumbled as Thor spun him around, and then bent him over to press his face against the wooden surface.  What was left of Loki’s mind knew he should be fighting back, but as Thor removed Loki’s breeches, Loki quickly stepped out of them, glad to be rid of them.  The cold air against his cunt only seemed to make his lust grow stronger, and when Thor’s fingers entered him, Loki cried out in relief.  It wasn’t enough.  It still wasn’t enough.  But it was better.  Loki rocked and arched into Thor, trying to put his fingers in exactly the right place, but Thor did as he pleased.  He moved in the wrong way, barely hitting any of the right spots, drawing needy whines from Loki.  Finally, he found it, and the climax that rocked Loki was enough to make him scream.  His entire body tensed, and then he dropped himself against the table, feeling like he could breathe for the first time in ages.

Then Thor’s fingers were gone, and his cock was filling Loki.  This was what he needed; what he craved.  He braced himself against the table, trying to hold himself so Thor could fit his entire cock inside Loki’s cunt, stuffing it full.  Still, it was not enough.  Even as he fucked Loki, it wasn’t enough.  Thor fucked him hard and fast, panting and growling, and then slowed suddenly.  He began moving languidly, pushing himself all the way in, and then pulling himself nearly out, and taking ages to do it.

“Stop teasing,” Loki said, bucking against him to try to get more.

Thor pressed him against the table and slowed down even more.  He pulled back so far, he nearly fell out.  Loki tried to move to keep Thor’s cock inside him, to take it deeper, but Thor continued to torture and tease him.  Loki whined and trembled, unable to take the agony.  This was worse than anything Thor had ever done to him, and the need was painful.  Loki’s desperation turned to quiet sobs as he could take it no more.  He shifted beneath Thor’s weight, managing to bring one of his knees onto the table so he could open himself up wider.  Not for Thor’s cock, but for his hand.  Before he even managed to touch himself, Thor’s hands were on his wrists, pinning them both to the table.  Loki’s entire body was shaken by desperate sobs, his every muscle hard and tight and trembling as Thor continued to torture him.  All Thor’s cock did was drive his lust further, rather than calm it, and Loki truly thought it would kill him.

“Please,” he said, trying to move to force Thor deeper inside of him.  “Fuck me already.”

Thor pulled back, leaving himself barely inside Loki’s cunt.  Loki tried to fuck him, to move himself against Thor’s cock, but it fell out entirely, and all Loki could do was cry as he fucked nothing.  Thor kept him pinned to the table, but his body moved on its own, seeking out whatever touch it could find.  Tears soaked his face while his cunt soaked his legs, and soon he was so consumed from lust he couldn’t even move to fuck the air.  All he could do was tremble and heave, and he did not know why Thor would do nothing about it.

Suddenly, Thor’s body was pressed against his again, and his cock thrust into Loki’s cunt.  Loki cried out, in shock, in agony, in release.  Thor fucked him hard, and he tried to fuck back, the wave of release hitting him so hard he screamed.  Then, finally, he was brought to climax on Thor’s cock, his brother’s cock, and the torture was over.  He collapsed against the table, panting and heaving, even as Thor continued to fuck him.  It hurt, and it was too deep, and he wanted it to stop.  But his lust took over again, and he wanted more.  As he started riding against Thor, Thor cried out loudly behind him, holding their bodies together as he spilled his seed.  Loki could feel his cock, buried deep and pulsating, and he knew he should fight back.  Instead, he continued to ride Thor’s cock from where he was pinned on the table.

Then, Thor stepped away, leaving him alone.

“Wait,” Loki said.

He hated himself for saying it, but he still was not done.  He brought his knee back up onto the table and took himself with his own hand again, rubbing his fingers over every spot he liked, playing with his clit and pressing against it hard.  He shuddered and heaved as he fucked himself, but his hand was no longer enough.  When Thor grabbed him again and rolled him onto his back, Loki opened himself wide even as he continued to fuck himself.

Thor grabbed Loki by the wrists and pinned him down once more, but he did not enter.  Loki rutted against, him, dragging his cunt over Thor’s hips and stomach.  He didn’t know what was taking Thor so long, but finally Thor took him.  He drove himself deep, and Loki couldn’t tell if it was agony or ecstasy.  He cried out, arching against Thor as Thor pulled him by the wrists, slamming their bodies together.  Thor fucked him so fast and so hard, his cock could have split Loki in half, and still he cried out for more.  Loki was barely present, finally getting what he needed so desperately.  It didn’t matter what Thor did to him, or what happened next.  Loki rode Thor from where he was on his back, trembling and shaking as he took what he needed.  Then, Thor stepped away again and left him there on the table, while he collapsed on the bed.  If Loki was expected to follow, it didn’t matter.  He couldn’t get up.  He could barely move.  He rolled over, pinning his own hand between his cunt and the table, and fucked himself greedily on it.  I was enough to bring him to climax, but not enough to sate him.  As soon as one wave crashed over him, another began building.  He whined and begged himself for it to be enough, but it wasn’t enough.  It would never be enough, and soon he could barely breathe from it.

“If you want more, you’ll have to come get it,” Thor said.

Loki nodded, but still he fucked himself against the table, using one foot on the floor as leverage and balance.  He let wave after wave crash over him before he was finally able to pull his hand away and get down from the table.  His legs could barely hold him, and he still wept from the desperation and humiliation of it.  He could barely breathe, and as he walked, he thought he might fall over.

His hand was back on his cunt before he was even on the bed.  He thought Thor would do him the mercy of fucking him again, but Thor was still soft, and Loki groaned at the injustice.  He thought Thor would at least use his hands, or maybe his mouth, but Thor did neither, so Loki continued to use his own hand.  He fucked himself on his fingers, trying to fill himself as full and as deep as he could.  He arched and twisted and writhed on the bed until he finally found a good angle to bring himself off once more, so hard and so intense he couldn’t keep silent.

As he panted loudly, he could feel the fog begin to lift from his mind.

“Why me?” he asked.

Thor had the audacity to laugh.  “We both know the answer to that question,” he said.

Loki didn’t know the answer to that question, and he whined as the need began to consume him again.  He tried to resist, knowing Thor was getting more from this than he was, and wanted desperately to deny him.  Thor slowly stroked himself, even as Loki descended into madness, and there was nothing he could do about it.  Then, Thor moved beside him, and began teasing Loki’s cunt with his fingers again.  He didn’t enter, but the touch was enough to bring everything back just as intensely horrible as it had been before.  Loki tried to roll into him, to encourage him to plunge his fingers into Loki’s cunt, but Thor pulled his hand away instead.

“I told you.  If you want more, you’ll have to take it,” he said.

Loki refused.  He shook his head and simply refused.  He refused even as he sat up, and pulled himself on top of Thor to straddle him.  He refused even as he started grinding against Thor’s hand, and his cock within it.

“I’ll fucking kill you for this,” Loki said.

Thor let go of his cock, and Loki immediately rose to take it, sinking it into himself with a single, easy motion.  At once, Loki began to ride him hard, even as Thor tried to slow him down.  Loki ignored Thor’s hands on his hips and threw his entire body into taking what he needed from Thor.  The bed lurched and creaked in time with him, and Loki fucked him all the harder for it.  Even as Thor tightened his grip and spilled once more inside Loki, he continued to ride as hard and as fast as he could.  He could feel Thor going soft inside him and tried to encourage it to harden again, but it refused.

“You absolute bastard,” Loki sad through gritted teeth.

But he didn’t stop, even as Thor’s cock fell out of him entirely.  He fucked himself against Thor’s hips, with or without a cock inside him.  But it wasn’t enough, and Loki needed more.  He reached between them, finding Thor’s cock and pressed it between them so his clit would grind against it.  It was nowhere near enough, but Loki didn’t care.  Then, Thor flung him off, tossing him down onto the bed.

“Even you ought to know better than that,” Thor said.

Loki let himself whine as he fell back onto the bed, trying to resist taking himself in hand again.  Then, Thor got up, leaving Loki alone in the bed.

“Stay or go,” he said.  “It’s your choice.”

Loki growled loudly in frustration as Thor disappeared into his bath chamber.  He should have left.  He should have gone back to his own hall to ride out his misery.  Instead, he started fucking his own hand again, and when that wasn’t enough, he balled up the blanket he lay on and rutted against it as well.  It was desperate and shameful, and he did not care.  Even as Thor returned to watch him, he did not care.  He grit his teeth and whined and tried to bring himself to climax as many times as he was able.  Even as Thor approached the bed again, he did not stop.  He kept his fingers buried deep inside himself, grinding and rutting against the blanket.

“You truly are a whore,” Thor said.

Loki nodded.  He wanted to spit venom, but all that came out was a needy whine.

“You make such a mess this way,” Thor said.  He drew his hand over Loki’s ass, and Loki hated him for it.  “Surely you’d prefer someone bouncing on that cock of yours?”

He didn’t, and that was the problem.  Loki shook his head, still desperately trying to bring himself off.  He rolled and writhed against his hand and the blanket even as Thor watched him.  He was open and raw and exposed, and he couldn’t even stop himself.  Then Thor began to move again, and Loki hated the hopeful jolt that shot through him.  But Thor did not climb on top of him again.  He wrestled some blankets back from Loki and settled beneath them, leaving Loki to his own lust.

“You can see to yourself,” Thor said, turning his back to Loki.

Loki groaned in frustration, rutting so hard against the blanket between his legs that the entire bed shifted.  It wasn’t enough, even though he rose to climax again and again and again.  Each time his lust subsided only a few moments before coming back in force.  His entire body ached and burned, his throat raw and ragged and his head throbbing, and still he could not stop.  He cried silently to himself as nothing he could do would make it stop.  It hadn’t been this bad last time.  Last time, he at least was able to catch moments of rest.  But this was torture.  It was agony.  And he knew it was deliberate.  And still, he could not stop.  He was soaked from his belly to his knees, slick and sticky all at once.  The blankets beneath him were ruined, and he knew he’d catch Thor’s wrath for that later.  Still, he hadn’t the will to stop.

“On your back,” Thor said, suddenly crawling over Loki once more.

Loki didn’t know how long he’d been left alone, but he obeyed immediately.  Every muscle in his body trembled at even this short moment without release.  But even as he readied to mount Loki once more, Thor paused, making him wait once more.  Loki thought he might burst from it.

“You’re a whore,” Thor said.

“I’m a whore,” Loki said. 

It was the new game they played, and what Thor wanted to hear, so Loki said it.

“And whores give birth to bastards,” Thor said.

That wasn’t the script, and Loki looked up at him for a moment, his mind slow to catch up with Thor’s words.  Then, he realised what Thor meant to do; why Loki could not get even a moment without his lust driving him to madness.  Before Loki could do anything to stop it, Thor’s weight was on top of him again, his cock driving deep into Loki’s cunt.  Loki cried out, furious with not only Thor, but himself for not thinking about what Thor was doing.  He tried to push Thor away, but even then his cunt still craved more.

“No,” Loki said, fighting against his rising need.

“I’ll have you every night,” Thor said.

He held Loki down, throwing his entire weight into Loki with each pounding thrust.  Even as Loki fought back, he panted and whined for more, and even as Thor fucked him hard into the mattress, it wasn’t enough. 

“Please don’t do this,” Loki said, wanting to scream from need.

Thor drove his cock hard, and Loki could no longer fight back.  Loki held back tears as he gave into his need, fucking Thor and letting Thor fuck him.  Thor dragged his nails over Loki’s skin, and squeezed his tits so hard it hurt, but nothing he did made Loki need him less.  There was something cold and hateful in his eyes as he rode Loki, panting and moaning loudly with each thrust, and Loki hated him for it.

Then, crying out loudly, Thor drove himself deep into Loki once more before his entire body tensed and stilled.  Loki knew he had once more spilled his seed, but still Loki tried to fuck him.  Still, he was mad with lust and could not stop.  And soon Thor would be soft again, and Loki would go even further mad.

He threw everything he had into rolling Thor off of him, but rather than using this brief moment to flee, he mounted Thor instead.  He hated himself.  He hated Thor.  He hated the tears that fell down his cheeks as he rutted desperately against Thor, riding him with everything he had.  He sobbed from desperation, from shame, from grief as he lost every shred of himself.  Thor had turned him into a monster, and Loki could do nothing to stop it.  Even as his lust grew and he became more and more desperate for release, until finally that wave crested.  It hit him so hard he shouted as he rode it out on Thor’s cock, his brother’s cock, until he was nothing more but a trembling, heaving mess.  For a moment, he dared to hope it was over.  When his lust rose yet again, he cried out in agony and let his body ride it out, rutting against Thor.

“You’re a monster,” he said, knowing he was no better.  “I’ll hate you.  I’ll kill you.”

Thor grabbed tightly to his waist, holding him down even as Loki fucked him.  As he felt another wave cresting, Loki closed his eyes so he did not have to look at Thor beneath him.  Again, his relief lasted only a few moments, but he fought against it, refusing to allow himself to be little more than a wild animal.  He trembled against Thor’s grip, even as Thor held him down on his cock.  Then, the entire room went upside down as once more Thor shoved him to the bed.  This time, instead of leaving him there, Thor wrestled to his stomach, pinning him down and dragging his body into place.  Loki barely had time to fight back before Thor took him from behind, driving himself so deep it sent a shock of pain through Loki.  Loki cried out, and still tried to take him deeper at the same moment.  But Thor was only on top of him for a few brief moments before he spilled again and let Loki fall back to the bed.

“No more tonight,” Thor said.  “Go to sleep.”

He rolled over, and he had to know that sleep wasn’t an option.  Not with what he had done to Loki.  Loki whined and tried to resist his own urges, but they were too much to ignore.  He took himself in hand, rutting against the blankets and the bed and anything else that would put him at an angle he craved.  Time and time again, he brought himself off, and time and time again it did nothing.  He ached and burned, and still it wasn’t enough.  When Thor rolled over onto his back, Loki shifted to meet him, hating himself for what he tried to do.  But Thor’s cock was soft, and though Loki teased it, it refused to rise.  Loki moved between Thor’s legs, taking Thor’s cock in his mouth and tasting himself on it, driving his desire further than it had been all night.  It had been a mistake, but he could not stop.  He took Thor’s entire length in his mouth, while he continued to work himself with his hand, craving even more.  Slowly, Thor’s cock rose, and still Loki took it deeper into his mouth, as deep as it would go.  He rutted against the mattress beneath him as he worked Thor’s cock in his mouth, trying to find release so he could gain enough control of his body to fuck him properly.

Then, Thor’s hand was on his face, tracing his jaw almost tenderly.  Loki leaned into it, but it was fleeting.  Something changed, and Thor’s hand was in Loki’s hair, pulling hard.  Loki whined in frustration, unable to do anything more.

“Get up here and finish what you’ve started,” Thor said.

Shaky and weak, Loki forced his hand away from his cunt and crawled on top of Thor, sinking onto his cock and taking it as deep as it would go.  It was awful, and it was ecstasy.  Loki’s entire body trembled as even this was not enough.  Thor’s cock burned with him, but still he rode it as hard as he could.  And still, it brought only frustration and madness.  Loki couldn’t find release, even as he threw his entire body into it.  He whined and begged for it to end, but nothing would end it.  Nothing was enough.  He started to cry again from the frustration and the pain, no longer caring who was beneath him.  Thor was a means to an end, and that end was nowhere in sight. 

And then Thor shoved him off once more, knocking him aside.

“Enough,” Thor said.  “Wake me again and you’ll regret it.”

Loki rolled back over, giving into his despair as well.  All he could do was take himself in hand, so that’s what he did.  Again, and again, and again.  Eventually, abused and exhausted, he fell asleep despite his lust, and he dreamed of nothing but sex.  Sex with faceless men, sex with beasts and monsters, sex with Thor and all their friends.  Even in his dreams, it was never enough.  Even in his dreams, he was tortured.

He dreamed he was held down, fighting back and screaming as half a dozen men took turns with his cunt.  But even as he screamed, he wanted more.  In his dream, he wanted more even as he fought back.  Even as his body was bruised and scraped, he screamed not for help, but for more.

He woke slowly, and it wasn’t a dream.  Thor held him down on his side, squeezing his tit as he lazily took Loki.  Loki realised with a gasp that his dream had not been a dream at all.  Even as he was raped by his own brother, he craved more.  Rather than pushing Thor off, he met Thor’s hand with his own.  He thought he wanted to push Thor’s hand away, but instead he held Thor’s hand even tighter, drawing Thor into himself and trying to encourage more from him.  He arched and rolled against Thor, but Thor wasn’t fucking him.  He was making love, and that was worse.  Still, Loki did nothing to stop it.  He could do nothing to stop it.  He could only give in to his lust and ride it out until he was finally free of it.  He worked his clit with his fingers while Thor fucked him.  Thor bit him, sending a wave through Loki that still was not enough.  Again, Thor spilled inside him, and again Loki did nothing to stop him.  Even as Thor stilled behind him, Loki continued to take everything he could from Thor’s cock, even as he softened and fell out of his cunt once more.

“Go clean yourself up,” Thor said.  “You’re a mess.”

He slapped Loki on the ass, but rather than hurting, it only heightened everything.  Barely able to control himself, Loki forced himself to sit up, and then rise to his feet.  He could barely support himself, but he did as he was told, not wanting to test Thor’s patience.  He made it to the bath chamber, assuming Thor meant for him to bathe.  If Loki could bathe, he might be able to wash away Thor’s seed.

But as soon as he closed the door behind himself, he realised the true depths of Thor’s cruelty.  There was no water to clean himself with.  The basin was dry, and the bath empty.  No water to wash away Thor’s seed.  Choking back a sob, Loki sat on the floor by the washbasin and took a moment to breathe through his need.  He forced himself to stay still until it was an annoying, persistent ache.  Then, he stood again and found a towel, using it to dry himself as much as he could.  It was quickly ruined, so he tossed it aside and fetched another, using this one to try to clean himself out as much as possible.  Even that reawakened his lust, but he clenched his jaw tightly and forced himself to finish the task at hand.  His cunt was so wet and slick that even as he ruined this towel as well, he didn’t know if it was his own fluids, or Thor’s staining the linen.

He gave up and sat on the floor again, once more trying to ignore his need until it subsided.  Only once he thought he could breathe without once more breaking into tears, Loki got back to his feet and dared to leave the bath chamber.  In his absence, Thor had called for servants to replace the bedding and bring breakfast.  Loki tried to ignore the implications as Thor threw his tunic at him.

“Eat,” Thor said.  He pointed at the table, where a simple breakfast had been laid out.  “And if you can behave yourself, I’ll give you what you want.”

Loki nodded and pulled the tunic on, hating himself.  The tunic covered his breasts, but wasn’t long enough to cover his ass or cunt, still leaving him exposed.  Still, he sat down and tried to do as he was told, but the fruits and cheeses before him held no appeal.  He tried to eat what he could, but even as he sat doing nothing, his cunt soon became wet enough to make the hard chair he sat on slick.  While Thor ate, Loki could only think about what he had done.  The sun had risen, and still Loki was consumed by lust that would not fade.  The thought made him sick, but not sick enough that he still did not crave more.

Suddenly, Thor stood and grabbed Loki by the arm, quickly throwing him to the floor.  Loki looked up at him, unsure what he had done wrong this time.  Then, Thor was on top of him once more, wrestling him onto his back.  Even as Loki fought back, Thor quickly forced himself between Loki’s legs, and into his cunt, and that was all it took.  His need took over once again, and he could no longer fight back.  Even as he fought back tears once more, he let Thor in, craving release that never came.  Thor spilled inside him again, replacing anything Loki might have been able to remove, and then got up.  Even as Thor left him, Loki stayed on the floor, no longer able to resist his own lust.  He worked himself with his hand, desperately writhing on the ground like a beast.  He didn’t know where Thor had gone, or what he was doing.  All he could focus on was his own need.  Eventually, more time passed between his climax and his lust rising again, giving him small moments to breathe in between.  Loki brought himself off again, and then lay back on the floor, painting heavily and trying to enjoy the moment while it lasted.

He didn’t see Thor approach until he was grabbed by the arms, hauled to his feet.  Loki barely had time to figure out what was happening now before he was thrown back down onto the bed, and Thor was once more on top of him.  Loki fought back, but his muscles were sore and exhausted, and Thor easily took him once more.  As Thor fucked him, Loki’s lust rose once more, something he could no longer fight against.  Again, he gave in.  Again, Thor spilled inside him.  Again, Thor left him to his misery.

Loki lost track of how many times Thor fucked him; how many times he tried to fight back before giving up.  But each time, he fought back as long as he could.  Each time, he kicked and punched and scratched until his lust consumed him.  And each time, he was left with his own frustrated tears to deal with himself all over again.

Then, Thor called for supper.  It had been nearly an entire day, and still Loki still could not control his lust.  When Thor handed him a cup of wine, he drank, eager to sooth his throat.  He ate what he could, but still nothing was appealing.

And when Thor was done with his meal, he held Loki down and fucked him again.  This time, Loki didn’t fight back.  This time, his lust rose immediately, and even as his body craved more, he sobbed at his own foolishness.  He knew the drug was in the wine.  He knew Thor had done this to him.  And like a damned fool, he drank anyway.  But he wasn’t so outside of himself that he couldn’t control his own urges.  When Thor finished with him, Loki was able to roll onto his side, too exhausted to do anything.  Every part of his body burned, and all he wanted to do was go to sleep and forget any of this had ever happened.  But then Thor came to him again, forcing him onto his back and taking him once more.  Loki let his body do as it pleased.  There was no point in fighting back.  Thor would only force the drug into him, and everything would be even worse.  He let Thor fuck him.  He let Thor finish inside him.  And when Thor left, he rolled back over onto his side, curled up against himself.

When sleep found him, it was an uneasy, fitful sleep.  Again, he dreamed of being held down and fucked.  He dreamed of Thor, sweaty and brutish on top of him, holding him down and filling him so full of seed it hurt.

Even in his dreams, he had given up.  Even in his dreams, he didn’t fight back or scream.  He was no longer Loki.  He was little more than a thing; a possession.  Something that belonged to Thor for the sole purpose of pleasure.  He let Thor take him, and fill him, and did nothing to stop it.

Loki woke, and was furious to find that once more it was not a dream.  Once more, Thor was on top of him.  Loki tried to shove him off, but Thor held him down, pinning him to the bed.  He was bigger than Loki, and stronger, and Loki knew he could hurt him.

“Don’t,” Thor said, pressing his weight against Loki.

He thrust his cock into Loki so hard, Loki could only gasp breathlessly from the pain.  Then he did it again, and again, and Loki nearly saw white.  Thor held him into the mattress, driving himself into Loki, making clear exactly how much he could hurt.  And despite it, despite everything, Loki’s lust rose all the same.  He did nothing to stop it, or to fight against Thor as the need consumed him once more.  It was easier to ride this horrible thing out to its conclusion, so that’s what he did.  Only then, did Thor let him go.  Only then did Thor stop fucking Loki to hurt him, and start fucking Loki for pleasure.  It was a pleasure Loki hated, and craved all the same.  It was a pleasure that rose and built until it came crashing over him once more, in a hateful, shameful display of lust.  When Thor spilled in him once more, Loki did nothing to fight against it.  When Thor nipped and licked at his skin, Loki did nothing to fight against him.  Loki only held himself still, trying not to let it stir something within him once more.

Once Thor had his fill, he rose to his feet.  Alone on the bed, Loki realised the sun was rising again, and he knew he faced another day of this.  Loki waited until Thor disappeared into the bath chamber before he sat up and looked around for his breeches.  He had to leave.  He had to escape.  He couldn’t see his breeches anywhere, and the last thing he wanted to do was make a mad dash through the palace half naked.  But if he was going to do that, as it seemed he must, he would have much rather done it in a less-vulnerable state.  But when he tried to shift into his natural form, it was as though the magic weren’t there.  He tried again, and realised the magic was there, but it was blocked.  Something was in the way.  As panic rose within him, he tried a third time.

Still nothing.  And he knew why.  He gasped breathlessly, covering his mouth with his hands as he brought his knees to his chest.  He wanted to scream, but no sound came.  Only rising, suffocating terror.  Loki wrapped his arms around his knees, pulling them tight against his chest and stared out to the morning sky, utterly unable to think.  Even when Thor emerged from the bath chamber, Loki didn’t turn to face him.  He only stared out to the sky, his entire body trembling so hard it hurt.

“You can’t still want more?” Thor asked.

Loki shook his head, barely able to move.

“Then what?” Thor asked.

Loki didn’t want to say it.  He couldn’t.  He breathed in sharply, not wanting to give words to the thing he knew was true.  If he said it, he’d burst into tears and never stop.  But he needed to say something.  Anything.  Because if he didn’t say something, he’d burst into tears anyway.

“I can’t change,” he said.

A long silence hung over them while Loki tried to figure out what in the hel he was supposed to do next.  He had always been so careful.  There was magic, and herbs, but he didn’t know which ones.  He’d never needed to.

“Why might that be?” Thor asked, and suddenly he was right next to Loki.

Loki looked up at him, unable to miss his cock hard once again.

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

It was all the warning he got before Thor was on him again, shoving him to the bed and holding him there.

“No!” Loki shouted.

He held nothing back in his resistance.  He kicked and punched, trying to fight Thor off him.  But Thor was bigger than him even when Loki wore his true form.  Like this, Thor was enormous, and it was only a matter of moments before he had forced himself between Loki’s leg’s again, forcing his cock inside him.

“I’ll fucking kill you,” Loki shouted, still thrashing as much as he could.

Thor grabbed him by the wrists, pinning both his hands over his head.  After a bit more wrestling, Thor held both Loki’s hands in one of his, freeing the other to pin Loki down at the hips.  This time, there was no rising lust.  Only fear and pain and hatred as Thor fucked him with all his weight, driving him into the mattress.

“Stop this!” Loki shouted, barely able to hold back tears.

The only sound Thor made were desperate, greedy grunts as he continued to fuck Loki, driving himself as deep as he could.  Still, Loki fought back, thrashing as hard as he could beneath Thor’s weight.  He lost his fight against his tears, and soon they began rolling down his cheeks.

“Why are you doing this?”

Loki still thrashed, even though it did nothing.  But he had to do something.

“You begged me for it,” Thor said, barely pausing as he continued to take everything from Loki.  “You came to me.”

For a horrible, hateful moment, Loki knew he was right.  And that made him fight back with renewed anger.  But still, Thor held him down, pinning him beneath his massive weight.  Still, he fucked him as hard and as fast as he could, even as Loki fought beneath him.  He could no longer hold back anything, and he sobbed and wailed beneath Thor.  But still, he fought back, even though Thor had already won.

“Please stop,” he said, struggling to speak around his own heaving sobs.  “No!”

Thor didn’t stop.

“You said it yourself already,” he said, straining as he spoke.  “There’s no point in fighting.”

Loki screamed until his lungs held no more breath, knowing Thor was right.  There was no longer any point in fighting.  Thor’s seed had taken hold, and there was no stopping it.  The fight left Loki then, his entire body dissolving into heaving sobs that tore the breath from his lungs.  Even as Thor spilled again inside him, keeping Loki pinned to the bed, all he could do was continue to cry.  Thor held him there, but there was no point.  The seed had been planted.  There was no taking it back.

Finally, Thor rolled off him, and all Loki could do was roll onto his side and bring his knees back to his chest.  His entire body trembled and shook as he wept, both in grief and in terror.  He didn’t know what he would do; what he could do.  Thor had taken everything from him.

Even when Thor slapped him on the ass again, Loki didn’t move.

“I told you,” Thor said as he got back up.  “Whores give birth to bastards.  You aren’t the first to have mine.”

As he left, Loki could only wail again.