Loki had not only given himself to Thor, he had done so knowing Thor would not be sated.  His words had practically been an invitation to return.  But it was only an invitation Thor would accept when Loki wore the correct form, and true to his stubborn, contrary ways, he did not wear that form in public again since he had gone with Thor to his hall.  Thor waited, counting on Loki’s own depravity to get the better of him, and becoming increasingly frustrated when Loki continued to challenge him.  Thor knew he could be a patient man, but he was not so patient that he could wait forever.

Between them, Loki was the magic user.  Thor did not know how to force Loki into the shape he craved, if it was even possible.  All he could do was wait.

But he did not wait idly.  Loki was stubborn in more ways than one, and Thor was determined to break through that.  Loki would soon admit that he craved Thor, just as Thor craved Loki; he just might need help to do it.  Thor knew there were ways to help him.  Ways used by old men who could not perform, and wives who wanted to better please their husbands.  Thor learned these ways, and with them he altered his drug.  The juice this time was not so easily masked by wine, but it no longer needed to be.  Loki had told him to use it, and he would be expecting it, and Thor knew he would not refuse it.

Thor kept the drug with him, waiting as his patience grew thin.  Loki had kept him waiting for longer than he ever had before, and Thor was beginning to wonder if he should consult a witch, or some other sorcerer who could convince Loki to cooperate.  But he didn’t have to in the end.  Finally, Loki broke on his own, and made an appearance in a long gown with a painted face.  Thor let him have his fun, sitting back while he watched Loki flirt with other men.  He watched as Loki paid less attention to the men he was entertaining, and more attention to what was going on around him.  He would glance around, clearly thinking he was being subtle, but Thor knew better.  He was waiting for Thor, anticipating what came next. 

Thor poured the drug into a cup of wine, and this time instead of handing it off to a servant, he got up and took the cup with him.  Loki spotted him as he approached, and for a moment everything froze.  Even as Thor put the wine down on the table beside Loki, there was a moment where neither of them spoke.

Then, Thor nudged the cup a little closer to Loki.  Loki looked at it, staring for a long moment.

“Ah,” he said.

The stranger he’d been entertaining got up and found somewhere else to be, leaving Thor and Loki alone.  Loki continued to stare at the wine even as he took a deep breath.  Finally, he picked it up and drank from it, grimacing as he did.

“You’ve done something different,” he said, putting the cup, still half full, back on the table.

“Nothing you should worry about,” Thor said.

Loki looked down at it, his fingers wrapped loosely around it as he sat on the table.

“Finish it or not.  It’s your choice,” Thor said. 

He let his hand slide down Loki’s back, watching the way his face twisted up even further.  Loki sat tense, jaw clenched hard, but not resisting.  Beneath the cover of the table, Thor moved his hand around to Loki’s thigh, trailing along the inner curve over his gown.  Suddenly, Loki picked up the wine and swallowed the rest in one gulp.  He sat stiffly as Thor touched his body beneath the table, hidden from anyone who might have glanced their way.  Thor didn’t know how long it would take before the drug took hold, nor which part of the cocktail would take hold first.  Though he knew Loki would not resist even without it, it was no longer just Loki’s cunt that he craved.  He wanted Loki to beg him; to plead.  He wanted Loki to fully surrender to him, mind, body, and voice.  He touched Loki’s body, his hand trailing up from his thigh to the space between his legs.  Through the fabric of Loki’s gown, Thor pressed his fingers against the outer folds of his cunt, watching for any reaction.  But Loki sat stiffly, his jaw clenched as he stared straight ahead.

Thor continued to tease, not caring who in the great hall saw.  He teased until a wet spot began to blossom on the fabric of Loki’s gown, and Loki could no longer hold himself as still and as straight as he wished.  He swayed lightly in his seat, drawing in a hitched breath while still staring out into the crowd.

“You seem tired.  We should put you to bed,” Thor said.

He pulled Loki to his feet, pleased when he followed without protest.  Still not entirely trusting him to fully cooperate, Thor held onto Loki as he led the way to his own chambers, rather than Loki’s hall.  He could feel Loki tense and falter once the path deviated, but held tightly until they were locked away safely inside.  Only then did Thor let go, letting Loki stumble away to put some distance between them.

“Cry for help if you like.  But you’re the one who followed me here in this form,” Thor said. 

Loki looked down at himself, gown stained with his own fluids while he struggled to stay on his feet.  For a moment, he seemed almost sad.  But that vanished quickly as he looked up at Thor with a venom he struggled to maintain.

“You’re mine,” Thor said, stepping forward to close the gap between them.  “And I will have what is mine.”

He unclasped Loki’s gown, letting it fall loose at his shoulders, but Loki still wasn’t so far gone that he allowed it to fall to the ground.  He held it up, covering his breasts and staring up at Thor, even as Thor used his body to lead him backwards toward the bed.  As he backed against it, Loki allowed himself to drop, sitting heavily on the soft mattress.  Even if he still wished to fight back, the drug in his wine had taken hold, sapping him of his ability to control his body.  But with the new cocktail, there wasn’t enough of the drug to put Loki to sleep.  Even though he had asked for it, Thor no longer wanted Loki in his sleep.  He wanted him awake and begging, and Loki would soon know this too.  Loki would be present and aware, and it would be with his own voice that he finally succumbed to his darkest desires.

He put up no fight at all as Thor pulled his gown down from his shoulders, bearing his tits that fit so perfectly within Thor’s hand.  It was almost as though Loki had built this form deliberately, using it to entice Thor.  Again, he drew in another shaky breath as Thor teased Loki’s nipple with his thumb, drawing circles until it stood up hard and stiff.  Then, Thor crowded him, guiding him further back onto the bed and laying him down on his back.  With his gown off his body completely, exposing every inch of his skin, Thor crawled over him.  He wanted to touch that skin with his own, and made sure Loki watched as he undressed himself, shedding his boots and tunic and breeches until he too was naked, cock already hard and ready.

Thor could have fucked Loki right then and there.  He wanted to.  But he wanted Loki to beg him first.  With his body over Loki’s, he reached between Loki’s legs to again tease and toy with his cunt.  He watched Loki breathe unevenly, hitching in his chest in a way that made his tits bounce so pleasingly.  Thor entered him with his fingers, gingerly drawing them in and out.  He didn’t want to just fuck Loki; to hold him down and take what he pleased.  He wanted to claim him, inside and out.  He wanted Loki to allow himself to be claimed.  And he watched, as he fucked his brother’s cunt with his fingers, as Loki slowly gave himself to Thor.  The first time Loki rolled his hips into Thor, moaning quietly, Thor pulled his hand away.

“It’s so much easier when we don’t fight,” Thor said.

He watched Loki, panting and confused beneath him, and then lowered himself to put his mouth on Loki’s cunt.  As he dragged his tongue over that wet hole, Loki’s entire body twitched violently as a startled little yelp escaped his mouth.  He tried to close his legs, pressing his feet against Thor’s sides as though to push him away, but even as he did his hips rolled against Thor, begging for more.  Thor licked him again, and then plunged his tongue deep.  He fucked Loki with his tongue, and sucked his clit, and teased with his fingers until Loki was panting and heaving beneath him.  He wanted Thor, and he was finally admitting it.  Loki rolled his hips against Thor’s mouth, as though to guide him where he wanted Thor, even as he still acted as though he wanted to push Thor away.  But Thor maintained a slow, steady pace, not giving Loki nearly enough.  He teased and toyed, and though it drove both of them mad, Thor persisted.  It would have been so easy to give in and just take him right there, but he needed to hear Loki beg first.

Instead of begging, Loki only panted and whimpered.  Finally, Thor pulled himself away, wiping his beard dry with his hand as he sat up.  Sprawled out before him, Loki bit his lip and whined, looking anywhere but at Thor.  He tried to move, but the drug was strong, and kept him right where Thor wanted him.  His cunt was wet and gleaming, and Thor could not resist the urge to reach out and touch it, rubbing his knuckle against the opening and over Loki’s clit.  He watched Loki buck his hips, desperate for more, and did it again.  This time, Loki whined as he tried to draw Thor in.

“Tell me,” Thor said, continuing to tease with whisper-soft touches.  He watched Loki slowly succumb to the second drug in the cocktail, completely losing the inability to pretend he didn’t want what Thor wanted.  “I won’t do any more unless you ask.”

Loki whined quietly and closed his eyes.  He was still resisting, but his own body betrayed him, seeking more while he refused to admit it.

“Or I can leave you right here,” Thor said.

With a desperate huff, Loki shook his head.

“Please,” he said finally.  “I…  Please.”

He was panting now, his entire body writhing and begging for more.  Thor could see him trembling, fighting against both drugs as they began to surge through him.  He was no longer able to pretend.  No longer able to fight back.  They both wanted this, and finally Loki would admit it.

“Please what?” Thor asked, straining to control himself at the sight of Loki beneath him.

Loki continued to pant, eyes closed as he shook his head.  Again, Thor stroked his cunt with his knuckles, and again Loki’s breath hitched sharply.

“Take me,” Loki said finally.

Thor wanted to make him say it again, but hearing those words from Loki’s mouth broke his resolve.  He was on top of Loki before he even realised what he was doing, burying his cock inside that cunt that was wide open and ready for him.  Beneath him, Loki gasped loudly as he pressed their bodies closer together.  He made desperate little noises as Thor fucked him slowly, still not giving him enough.  Loki rolled and writhed beneath him with the strength he had left, and Thor nearly lost himself in it.  But Loki had not yet begged enough.  He had not yet pleaded.  He had pleaded for Thor to stop.  He had pleaded for mercy.  This time, he would plead for release.  Thor braced himself on one arm to free his other hand to squeeze Loki’s breast, toying with his nipple and rolling the flesh in his palm.  Loki practically whined beneath him, inhaling sharply as Thor nipped and nibbled down his neck.  Loki’s entire body belonged to him, and he took his time to enjoy it without having to worry about Loki selfishly taking it back.

“I’ll keep you here all night,” Thor said.  “And soon every night.  You’ll carry my sons and be mine.”

Loki whimpered, even as he continued to invite and encourage Thor deeper.  Thor wanted to take him deeper, but he resisted, teasing himself as much as he teased Loki.  He raked his hand over Loki’s flesh, leaving marks with his teeth and nails.  Marks he hoped would stay even if Loki took his other form.

“No more games,” Thor said against his neck.  “And I’ll give you what you want.”

He struggled against himself, pressing his body against Loki’s to feel him move beneath him.  Then, Loki’s breath hitched in his throat and he made a sound that was almost a sob.

“Please,” he said.  “Please.”

Thor slowed to nearly stopping, pulling himself almost all the way out of Loki’s cunt.  He held himself there for a long moment, before slowly pressing himself back in.

“Please what?” he asked.

He did it again, pulling himself away slowly as Loki panted beneath him.

“I need more,” Loki said as Thor held himself still.  “Please.  I need…”

He trailed off, panting desperately as he tried to bury Thor’s cock inside him.  Thor held himself still, his entire body trembling with need just as bad as Loki’s.

“Tell me.  Tell me what you need,” he said, his own voice shaky in his ears.

“Take me.  All of me.  Please,” Loki said, dragging his body against Thor’s.

It was too much to ignore.  Thor quickly shifted against Loki, finding a better angle to properly fuck him, driving his cock so deep inside him that he moved against the mattress.  Loki cried out, moving with him and still inviting more.  He huffed and panted, and he was Thor’s.  He took everything Thor had to give him, letting him in and moving not to fight against him, but to take even more.  His whines and whimpers soon turned desperate, but before Loki reached climax, Thor spilled inside him.  Even as Thor stilled, Loki moved against him, rocking against the cock still buried in his cunt.  Thor slowly moved against him, giving him what he begged for, and then pulled himself all the way out.  He sat back on his heels, cock slowly softening as he watched Loki move and twist on the bed before him.  He still panted and whined, shame and desperation written across his face.  The mere sight was all it took for Thor to become hard again, but he did not act right away.  He sat back, his cock aching and ready, watching Loki.  Loki rolled his hips against the air, his cunt open and begging for more even as Thor’s seed dripped from it.  That wouldn’t do.  He would put a son in Loki, no matter how many times it took.

Thor moved to lean his body over Loki, bracing himself on one hand while he used his other to tease at Loki’s cunt, drawing his fingers over the opening, but not entering him.

“I know you still resist me,” Thor said.  “You will take my seed, and you will give me a son.”

Loki shook his head, even as he tried to fuck himself on Thor’s fingers.  Thor pulled his hand away, making Loki whine for more.

“I thought we agreed, no more fighting,” Thor said.

Again, Loki shook his head.  “No,” he said, again begging for the wrong things.  “I don’t…  No.  Please.”

He tried to fight against the drug, weakly pushing Thor away.  Thor grabbed both his wrists, holding them down at his sides so he could not use his hands in defense.

“I am not asking,” he said.

He mounted Loki again, plunging deep into him.  Even as Loki cried out in protest, he rolled his hips against Thor, inviting him in further. 

“You never learn,” Thor said, no longer wanting to just claim Loki’s body. 

He fucked him hard, wanting to hear his brother scream for mercy.  Beneath him, Loki’s body moved with Thor, aching for more, even as he began quietly sobbing.  If he wouldn’t beg for more, then he would beg for mercy.  Loki bit his lip as he began moving more frantically beneath Thor, trying to ride Thor’s cock from where he lay pinned on his back.  Even as Loki fought back tears, Thor could feel him rising to climax, trying to ride out that wave.  Thor gave him everything he could, driving his cock as deep as he could.  Loki took every bit of him, and still his body craved more.  He climaxed as Thor fucked him, whining and crying out loudly.  Soon, his entire body was trembling, but Thor wasn’t done.  He still had more to go, and he used his cock to pull every last whimper and pathetic whine from his brother until he finally spilled inside him again, with a loud cry of his own.

Loki panted, holding back as much as he could as Thor collapsed onto him.  Loki trembling beneath him, his breath hitching in his chest made Thor wonder how long the drug would keep its hold.  He also wondered how it would work if Loki were denied the touch he craved.  Thor rolled off of him, settling on his side to give himself a fine view of Loki’s body, exposed flesh marked by teeth and nails.  Red marks circled Loki’s wrists where Thor had held him down, and he wanted to see more of that, across Loki’s entire body.  He wanted to see Loki’s neck red and bruised, and his belly swollen and round, every part of him evidence of Thor’s claim.  Thor would own him, inside and out, and soon Loki would accept that.

Thor watched as Loki stilled, still biting his lip as he stared straight up at the ceiling.  He toyed with Loki’s breasts, tweaking his nipples between thumb and finger, and cupping the swell in his hand.  He held his hand over Loki’s belly, imagining he could feel it already beginning to grow.  He teased every inch of Loki’s flesh, but did not touch his cunt.  Even as his cock grew hard again, pressed against Loki’s thigh, Thor only watched as Loki again began to fight against his own body.  It started with little twitches, with Loki rubbing his thighs together.  Soon, he was fucking the air, eyes screwed shut and jaw clenched tight.  He made no noise, but seemed to take no effort to stop himself either.

“I think I’ll leave you here,” Thor said, already sitting up.

“No,” Loki said, quickly biting down on his lip.

Thor paused, taking in the sight before him.  It was a sight he thought he’d never tire of seeing, Loki lost to his own desires, unable to control himself for even a moment.

“Don’t,” Loki said, panting again as he tried to fuck something that wasn’t there.  “Not like this.”

“Swear,” Thor said, moving to have a better view of Loki’s cunt.  “Swear you will no longer defy me.”

Loki’s cunt was dripping not just with Thor’s seed, but with his own fluids as well, ready to be taken and filled once more.  Loki still writhed on the bed, even as he moaned quietly to himself.

“Swear, or I will leave you here as you are,” Thor said.

Loki drew a shaky breath and nodded.  “I swear,” he said desperately.

Thor could feel his entire body trembling in anticipation.  He held himself back, needing to hear Loki speak before he gave them both what they’d been longing for.

“We both know what you crave.  Now say it,” Thor said.

Loki held back, panting for a long moment before closing his eyes again and nodding.  “Fuck me,” he said, his voice shaky with lust.  “I need you to fuck me.”

“And when I spill my seed inside your womb?” Thor asked.

Loki made a noise that might have been a sob, or it might have been a desperate cry for release.  “I’ll take it,” he said.

He continued to fuck the air, moving desperately with his entire body.  Thor watched a moment longer, torn between wanting to tear Loki apart with his cock, and wanting to leave him there to suffer.  But his own desire won out, and he moved forward, straddling Loki’s leg and holding the other against his side.  He could get deeper from this angle, and as he buried his cock into Loki’s willing cunt, Loki cried out loudly.  Thor wanted Loki to hurt; he wanted Loki to wish for mercy even as he begged for more.  He grabbed Loki by the wrists again, pulling their bodies together with each thrust of his cock.  Loki cried out, even as he fucked himself on Thor’s cock.  He panted and sobbed, pain mixed with pleasure, and Thor lost himself in it.  He pulled their bodies together, trying to plant his seed so deep inside Loki that it would never find its way back out.  Loki took his entire length, his chest heaving and his body trembling.  Even as tears rolled down his cheeks, Loki began to move against Thor as he rode out another climax.  He bit hard on his lip, whining quietly to himself.  Thor watched him, fucking him with everything he had until he reached his own climax.  Loki went still as Thor released his seed deep into his womb, though he still trembled.  He didn’t fight against Thor, nor beg for more.  He panted loudly, screwing his face up as he tried to regain his composure.  But Thor wasn’t done.  He moved inside Loki to rally again, and soon he was hard once more.  This time, he didn’t fuck Loki to hurt him.  This time as he fucked his brother’s cunt, he watched Loki move against him, his entire body rocking in time with Thor’s.  His panting turned to quiet whimpers as he let Thor take what he wanted from his body.  Thor was quick to spill again, letting loose so much it still poured out of Loki’s cunt as Thor pulled away.  He let go of Loki and backed away, allowing him to fall limp against the bed, still panting and whimpering.  His face was hot and wet with his tears, and his body still heavy and slow from the drug.  Thor knew he could take Loki again, but he struggled to rise for it.  Instead, he got up, leaving Loki alone on the bed as he headed into his bath chamber.  He cleaned himself quietly, listening to Loki’s whimpering turn to quiet sobs.  He cried, thinking no one could hear him, but Thor could.  Thor listened, wondering if Loki cried because this time, he knew the seed had taken hold.  He wondered if Loki cried because this time, he would be seen leaving Thor’s chambers, and his perversions known to all of Asgard.

Thor finished cleaning himself up and returned back to his bed, finding Loki still crying quietly to himself as he writhed against the bed, his body still aching for more.  Clearly, the dose Thor had given him was too much, but that did not bother Thor.  He sat on the edge of the bed and watched his brother seek release from his own thighs, squeezing them shut as he bucked lazily against nothing.  For a moment, Loki looked up at Thor, and he no longer cared that he was being watched.  He sobbed openly, even as he tried to use his own clumsy hand on himself.  But he couldn’t control his fingers, nor keep his hand where he wanted, and Thor watched as he grew more and more desperate.  He needed more, and Thor could give it to him.  Instead, Thor chose to watch.

“Look at you,” Thor said.  “You’re a whore.”

Loki nodded.  “I’m a whore,” he said, his voice shaky and cracked.

“It was your choice to drink the whole cup,” Thor said.  “I didn’t tell you to do that.”

Loki nodded again, fumbling against his cunt with his useless hand.  Watching him, Thor knew Loki’s resolve could be so easily broken in that moment.  Thor climbed onto the bed, stretching out beside Loki and watching him struggle with himself.  Leaning against the board behind him, completely naked and once again hard, Thor took a moment to simply enjoy the view.

“Get over here,” he said finally.

Loki whimpered, still trying to fuck himself on his hand.  Thor offered no help or assistance, and simply watched.

“I will not say it again,” Thor said.

He watched as Loki struggled to control his body enough to roll over toward Thor.  Thor helped only as far as allowing Loki between his legs, but did not assist him into a comfortable or accommodating position.  As Loki struggled to right himself on the between between his legs, Thor took his cock in one hand, and grabbed Loki’s hair with the other.

“Take it,” he said.  “In your mouth.”

Loki stopped struggling and closed his eyes.  He whined quietly, and tried to move himself closer to Thor.  Twice, he opened his mouth and tried to move to take Thor’s cock in it, and twice he stopped and huffed before he got there.  Not giving Loki a third chance, Thor pulled Loki close and forced his cock into his mouth.

“I had better not feel teeth,” Thor warned, even as Loki choked around him.

Thor loosened his grip in Loki’s hair, giving him a chance to catch his breath, but not letting go completely.  After a long moment, Loki slowly began to work Thor’s cock with an experienced tongue, and rather than taking pleasure from it, the thought enraged Thor.  He wondered how many men Loki had brought off with his mouth, and whether he thought Thor would continue to allow him to do such things.  He tightened his grip in Loki’s hair, not guiding him, but warning him.  Even as Loki’s breath hitched in his throat, Loki arched his body against the mattress, fucking his own hand as he took Thor’s entire length in his mouth.  Eventually, Thor forgot about all the men it had taken for Loki to develop this skill, and he began fucking his brother in the mouth.  Loki took him, moaning against him as his entire body moved with his motions. 

Thor felt himself nearing the edge, but he did not want to waste a single drop of seed.  As much as he would have loved to see it covering Loki’s face, he would not spill anywhere except Loki’s womb until he got a son.  He pulled Loki away, freeing his cock to the cool air before Loki could bring him off completely.  For a moment, Thor thought Loki seemed relieved, but then Thor let him go completely.

“I won’t help you,” Thor said.  “If you want it, you’ll have to take it.”

Loki made a sad little noise, like all of the air was forced from his lungs.  He continued writhing on the bed between Thor’s knees, trying to get himself off with just his hand, and Thor could hear him getting desperate.  For a long moment, Loki stayed where he was, but it quickly became apparent that his hand was simply not enough.  Panting heavily, Loki tried to sit up, but his arms would not support him.  He looked at Thor’s cock and squeezed his eyes shut, turning his head away as he continued to fuck his own hand.  Even as he whimpered and whined, Thor refused to help, watching attempt after attempt to pull himself up.  Finally, whether the drug was wearing off, or Loki was simply growing more desperate, Thor wasn’t sure.  But he managed to sit up.  He pulled his hand away from his cunt, and braced himself against the bed.  Still, Thor did not help him.  He slowly stroked himself, keeping his cock hard and ready for whatever came next.

Slowly, panting as though he’d never known air in his life, Loki made his way closer and closer, until his body was draped over Thor’s.  He was still too heavily drugged to go any farther, and only then did Thor help him, pulling Loki up to straddle his hips.  Loki cried out loudly as he dropped down onto Thor’s cock.  With his entire weight leaned against Thor’s chest, he lazily moved against him, dragging their bodies against one another.  This was what Thor had wanted.  This was what he would have every night, Loki delirious with lust and submitting to it.  Loki rode him, and Thor resisted guiding him, forcing a faster pace.  He wanted Loki to do this, and for Loki to know that he had wanted Thor’s cock and rode it greedily.  Loki panted and whined desperately as he tried to find what he wanted through the drug, but his body was slow and heavy and weak.  He could only rock against Thor’s cock, slowly grinding against him in desperation.  His face was hot and wet with tears, and he buried himself in Thor’s shoulder as he cried out in desperation and shame.  Thor wanted more, but he held his hands against Loki’s thighs, squeezing tightly so he did not give Loki the help he needed.  They were both slowly being driven mad, and when Loki sobbed loudly into Thor’s shoulder, Thor gave in and wrapped his arms around Loki’s waist.  He fucked Loki like this, bouncing his body against his cock so that he moaned and whimpered each time he was impaled upon it.  Loki grew more and more desperate, his own motions growing quicker by the moment, until he finally tensed against Thor, choking back his own climax.  Even so, Thor pulled him down onto his cock, again and again and again, until he spilled once more, buried inside his brother’s cunt, panting so hard he felt like he could barely breathe at all.  Once he was empty, Thor let Loki go, letting him fall back down onto the bed beside him.  Loki turned away, his tear-stained face bright red, and his chest and tits heaving as he continued to pant heavily.

Thor settled back, once more enjoying the view.  Loki had been thoroughly claimed, and there was no more denying that it was Thor he had craved.  He could no longer pretend that he had not worn this form to tempt and taunt Thor. 

“If you want more, you’ll have to come get it,” Thor said, not knowing which drug would wear off first, but curious to find out.

He got under the ruined blankets, more tired than he had realised, while he left Loki on top, exposed and naked in the air.  Beside him, he could hear Loki’s breathing increasing again, and soon he once more could not keep himself still.  But Thor pretended he hadn’t noticed.  He let Loki suffer in silence, and in his own mess, and soon drifted off to sleep.  He dreamed of Loki’s body, his for the taking whenever he wanted it.  He dreamed Loki had resisted him, and of holding him down to take what he wanted.  At some point in the night, his dreams became so vivid he woke with a shock to find Loki riding him desperately.  He barely had time to register what was happening before his mind and body caught up with one another.  Loki pinned Thor down to the bed, hands planted firmly on his shoulders, crying out loudly as he threw his entire body into taking Thor’s cock as deep as he could.  Thor brought his hands up to Loki’s waist, feeling Loki’s mad desperation as he moved against Thor, and surprised that Loki had not run away in the night, or else taken a knife to his throat.  The drug that made his body heavy and tired had worn off first, and all that was left was carnal, desperate lust.  Loki cried out loudly as he rode his climax, slowing for only a moment before he began again, picking up speed as the second drug continued to course through his veins.

He panted heavily, throwing his entire body into Thor’s as though he had no control whatsoever over himself.

“I hate you,” he said, forcing out each word through strained breath.  “I’ll kill you.”’

Thor held him more tightly, guiding him where he wanted.  Weighed down from sleep, he struggled to find his own release, even as Loki rode out another climax through gritted teeth.  Pulling him down onto his cock, Thor finally spilled, overcome with the shock of being woken in such a way; from finally getting exactly what he wanted.  He held Loki down on his cock long after he released the last drop of seed, both their bodies trembling together.

Then, Loki forced himself free, throwing Thor’s arms off of him and getting to his feet.

“You will die for this,” Loki said, his voice still trembling with lust.

Still, he dressed quickly and fled, and Thor let him.  He knew Loki would not keep that promise.  He was certain of it.