Norsekink has consumed my brain

Norsekink has consumed my brain


Well, our new home seems to be working out.  There were a few early teething problems, but that's to be expected.  I'm going to try to see if I can convince it to send emails out a little faster, because it took over an hour to do them all this time around.  And that's a bit much.

One thing I do want to take a moment to address is a feature this new system has, that Revue did not.  The address lists will get automatically cleaned going forward.  I did a manual clean before I imported everyone over, deleting address that had never interacted with the emails.  Now, after each email goes out, the system will check activity and remove anyone who has not opened or interacted (clicked a link, replied, etc) with the emails.  This keeps me from winding up on spam blacklists.

Now, there is a small problem with it that I noticed.  It did not record my own email address as opening the emails.  I don't use Gmail directly; I use Thunderbird to manage my email accounts.  And it seems as though this system cannot tell when a client opens an email.  It did, however, notice when I clicked on a link.  So, if you use a client (Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple, etc) to manage your email, you might want to make sure to click a link every now and then, even if it's to just go to your profile.  This will make sure you are not accidentally deleted from the list, because the system cannot see you are still reading.

GYWO Total: 260,838


Fic Updates

It's been kind of a weird week, because I've been more focused on art and meme fills than anything else.  I've actually done a couple this week, but only one that's getting posted here.  You'll have to go to the archives, or check the other newsletter to see the other one.

The fill that you're getting in this edition is a big old angsty whumpfest, where Loki is clinically incapable of using his brain, and as a result keeps nearly dying.  This, of course, is deeply traumatic for Thor, and might explain why he is the entire way that he is.

I'm up several hours past my bedtime to get this put together, so I haven't put the fic up onto my site as of typing this up.  But it will be there at some point today.  For now, you can read it on AO3 at least.  It'll probably get a header in a few days, and if/when that happens, I'll show you next week.

To Dare Hope

Other Updates


I've been putting a lot of focus on taking as many comic scans down as possible, and replacing them with my own artwork.  And this week, I decided that the thing that was most in my way was trying to fight against my own style.  Also, trying to draw Tom Hiddleston and keep him consistent when I am faceblind was not happening.  I find cartoon characters a lot easier to draw because they're broken down into simple shapes, so I've decided screw it.  I'm gonna take Ozgur Yildirim's design and just draw it in my wonky Venture Bros-looking style and call it good.  And it works a lot better.  There's a lot less frustration that goes into it, and I think the art just looks nicer.  I'm not fighting against my own instincts on how to draw, and even if it is a bit more cartoony than I'd really like, whatever.  This way it gets done, at least.

The first one is for Waiting, which was a quick little ficlet when I was still doing Unus Annus.  It's the first one I did this week in this new style, and I really like it.  If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen the extremely half-assed background, which I hid entirely through the inclusion of a gradient and then blurring it to hell.  But I did not want to draw an entire Denny's.  This is as far as I was willing to go.


And uh.  Because I type these up all out of order and stuff, the rest of what I drew this week is over on the other edition.

Things worth Sharing

Dracula Daily started this week, which is a free newsletter which delivers Dracula in real time.  Since the book is epistolary, comprised of dated letters and journals, each email will contain a bit of the novel dated for a given date.


The first chapter went out on Tuesday.  You can read it here.

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