Our new home away from Twitter

Our new home away from Twitter


Hopefully, this is all working.  If not, well.  You're not seeing it, so we won't know.

Anyway, this is the new home away from Twitter.  I did like Revue as a concept, but between a couple of features disappearing out from under me, and the whole ordeal with Twitter as a platform, it was time to move away.  Now, everything is run directly from my website.  It's cleaner and easier to use, the formatting is more consistent on my end and yours, and I think it just looks a little bit nicer.  It's also got a new built-in panel at the bottom to round up recent blog posts.  I'm only having it show two, because I don't post terribly often, and if there are more than two in a week, well.  You can find them on my site.

The biggest change you might notice is that the newsletter now matches the site's theme!  The colours may get a little tweaked because I don't think I set them up exactly the same, but now everything is one cohesive unit as far as styling goes.  I've wanted a dark mode for Revue since I started using it, but now I no longer have to wait around for a maybe.

It's now also a lot easier to manage which emails you get from me!  Scrolling all the way down to the bottom of this page, you will find a link that says "Manage your subscription."  If you click on this, it will take you to a page on my website where you can decide which emails you get from me each week.  No more juggling multiple profiles or trying to remember which emails you've opted into.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.


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Website Updates

I've updated my art galleries, because I forgot about them, honestly.  But with all the new fic headers I've been doing, I figured I might as well upload those to the galleries.  They are art, and there's no reason they can't be enjoyed without context.


By the time you're reading this, the old Revue archives should be fully uploaded as well.  They're a pill to do, which is why I was never able to keep up with them in the first place.  But it's Wednesday as I write this, and I anticipate sitting down tomorrow to do the final ten that need to be uploaded.  I guess you'll know if I actually did it.

Fic Updates

What with Twitter melting down over what now seems to be another case of fraud as Tesla continues to plummet, I didn't get a whole lot of writing done this week.  I instead focused on my site, and getting the newsletter's new home all set up nice.


But what I do have is another couple of chapters on the 18+ edition.  You should be able to find those over on the new archive, but idk how it works yet, and won't until this has actually gone out.


It's a learning experience for all of us.


But it's also the last issue of the month, so here's a roundup of everything I've put out into the world.  Roundups include content from both newsletters, so be careful when clicking if you wish to avoid heavier content.

Other Updates

I did another fic header!  I like sharing these here, because I think you can definitely see some improvement with each one.  This one is for Ours to Keep, an AU that I'm posting over on Norsekink, and announcing on the 18+ edition.  It's a Sylki mundane AU with some really dark themes (oh, wow.  Who'd have guessed?), and the entire damn Borson clan.  It's a fun one.  I've posted two chapters already, and might have a third up by the time this goes out.  idk maybe not.

Sylvie is lying asleep in bed, facing the viewer.  Loki is behind her, all up in her space.

April Roundup

It's been a surprisingly busy and productive month.  Here's all of it, in case you missed anything.


Fic what got posted


  • Loki: God of Outcasts finished its first arc.  All 31 chapters are available on AO3 if you want to get caught up, or re-read it all at once.
  • Starve to Death with Dignity is the fic currently being published over on the 18+ edition.  It's updating on the site a week behind its newsletter schedule.
  • So Good for Me (18+) went out as a fill on Norsekink for a Thorki prompt.
  • Ours to Keep (18+) is another fill for Norsekink, this time for a Sylki prompt.

Other Updates

  • I finally updated my art galleries on my site.  I just kinda forgot they existed.
  • Norsekink has been unofficially revived.  If you want to leave prompts for writers and artists to fill, or are a writer or artist looking for inspiration, this is your place.

Fic Recs

The Incentive by

This fic isn't long enough. Gonna start off with that right now.

The author takes Loki's sass and brattiness and turns it on its head, using these aspects to play him as someone who gets himself into trouble because he never learned how to flirt like an adult. Sylvie eventually manages to see through it, and rather than using it as an excuse to get rid of him, uses it to put him in his fucking place.

Which is on the ground, in the dirt, licking her shoes.

Behind Closed Doors by ,

This one says it's part of a series, but only part 1 is up yet. That said, it stands up just find on its own.

Thor's given task in this fic ought to be simple enough: babysit his younger siblings for the summer. But when he happens to find Loki and Sylvie in bed together, that task is no longer a simple one.

The fic is short and simple, but the combination of kinks involved hits like a bus.





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