Finally finished setting something up I started months ago

Finally finished setting something up I started months ago


So, I haven't been putting many issues from this branch out lately, because I kind of got really embroiled in getting Norsekink up and running again, which meant writing a bunch of weird kinky stuff.

But also, right when I'd planned on getting back into God of Outcasts as a side distraction, life got in the way (you can read a bit more about it in my recent blog posts below).  By the time this issue goes out, I may have more information, but I'll still have other tests next week that will give me a bit more information.

The post below also deals with AO3, and my growing distrust of the site, beyond just not liking it as a social media platform.  Twice over the last month, I've tried to post something and had to wait for errors to resolve themselves, and it's getting old.  It's also why I have my site in the first place.  After backing up everything from both my accounts, I'll be able to more leisurely upload those fics here, which I'll probably do over the summer while my brain is too melted to do anything else.

Anyway, the new secret part of my site has finally been finished, and the fact that it only took about two hours is really frustrating, given how long it's been sitting around.  It means I can fully remove the old newsletter archives, because this is a dedicated place for my WIPs, away from the polished fic and without the need for passwords or other faffery.

I'll only include fics which are being actively worked on in the menu, so it's not completely overwhelmed.  But now you can either read the entire fic in chronological order, or pick up where you last left off very easily.  This part of the site mirrors the main part, without all the bells and whistles and fancy stuff.  It's a simple site for a simple purpose.

Website Updates

Other website updates: Reading lists!


I've been putting together a bunch of lists designed to make reading comics easier and more accessible.  These are replacing the old Wall Of Text list that was impossible to keep organised and updated.  There's still a lot of work to go on them, and I'm kind of doing them piecemeal as I read whatever shenanigans I feel like reading.


Keep an eye on this page (and its sidebar), because I'm updating this stuff fairly regularly as I make my way through everything.

Fic Updates

Again, I have no fic updates over here, because my brain has been doing 20 other things.  So I'm going to use this space to remind everyone that I do have an 18+ version of the newsletter now, to keep the scary stuff away from people who may be reading at work, etc.


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