Just got back from my second appointment, which was just a cleaning, but they could only really do half of it because apparently it’s really fucking infected.  So they didn’t want to really do a whole lot of poking around in there without first getting me on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.  Even then holy cow my mouth hurts.  I’m glad I took soup out of the freezer, because I do not want to use any of my teeth today.  Fucking ow.

Their benzocaine they use is a lot stronger than the stuff I have in my cabinet, to the point it was actually spicy.  And it was coconut flavoured.  I don’t like spicy things.  I don’t like coconut.  That shit was vile.

We also had to schedule my next appointment to finish the cleaning, which would be two weeks from now.  My extraction is already scheduled for two weeks from now, and I knew I sure as hell was not going to do anything after getting that one.  But we were able to stack them, so now I’ve got my second cleaning that’ll just roll into my extraction all at once.  Then I can come home and be a sad mushroom for a few weeks, until the next appointment, which is going to be another long ordeal where they take care of a bunch of fillings and a potential root canal?

Somewhere in here is also an oral cancer screening, because I smoke a joint every now and then.  IDK if that’s going to be with the next appointment, or with the “do everything else” one though.

Fucking hell.  Depression and genetics have conspired against me.  But I’ll be able to eat crunchy things again when this is all done, so that’s nice.