One thing my husband and I do is we have allowance accounts.  After the bills are paid, depending on how much is left after, we each get a little bonus.  On top of that, every pay day, we each get an automatic payment of $25, or $50 a month.  This is part of our budget, and it’s ours to spend or save however we want.

Mine mostly goes toward comics, but there are weeks when nothing releases that I want.  And since I’ve been getting back into vinyl again, that’s where the rest of my allowance has been going.

So I’ve made myself a rule.  I can only buy records if I don’t buy comics that week.

Records are fucking expensive.  New ones can knock you back $40 or more, depending on the release.  Or, you can get them used for pretty cheap.  We do actually have a record store in town, but it’s a bit of a hike, and I’m still not super comfortable going out amongst the people.  Though I might stop by next week, depending on how I feel after my dentist appointment.

What I normally do is go on Discogs and shop there.  And then I get the added monkey brain excitement of getting to wait for things to come in the mail.  What I do is I find music that I like, and I add every single vinyl release to my want list.  There’s like, 4000 items on it right now, but a lot of those are duplicates because of the way the site works.  But this way, when I go to the marketplace, and have it show everything on my want list, I see every vinyl release for a given title.

Then I get real methodical.  I sort that shit by lowest price, and scroll until I find something in good quality.  I don’t care what it is.  The first item on my want list that will play without skipping, and has a sleeve that isn’t falling apart.  I add that to my cart, and then go to the seller’s page.

Then I’m allowed to get up to four more records from their store, as long as they’re $5 or under.  I think the most I’ve spent so far is about $40 in one go.  Usually, it’s closer to 20, and I still have money left over for comics next week.  A lot of times, I don’t even find five I want.  And limiting myself to one seller at a time, I make sure I’m not paying a stupid amount on shipping, and I only have one person to deal with at a time.

Right now, I’m waiting on an order currently lost in New Jersey, with Brian Setzer and Madonna.  This week, I got Blue Öyster Cult and the Rolling Stones. I’m really hoping to find some Creedence and ELO in good condition, but for some reason those ones seem to always be really banged up.

Between this, and a subscription service where I get three random albums each month, I’ll have a pretty good collection going in no time.