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Dental Adventure Day 2

Just got back from my second appointment, which was just a cleaning, but they could only really do half of it because apparently it’s really fucking infected.  So they didn’t want to really do a whole lot of poking around in there without first getting me on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.  Even then holy cow my mouth hurts.  I’m glad I took soup out of the freezer, because I do not want to use any of my teeth today.  Fucking ow.

Their benzocaine they use is a lot stronger than the stuff I have in my cabinet, to the point it was actually spicy.  And it was coconut flavoured.  I don’t like spicy things.  I don’t like coconut.  That shit was vile.

We also had to schedule my next appointment to finish the cleaning, which would be two weeks from now.  My extraction is already scheduled for two weeks from now, and I knew I sure as hell was not going to do anything after getting that one.  But we were able to stack them, so now I’ve got my second cleaning that’ll just roll into my extraction all at once.  Then I can come home and be a sad mushroom for a few weeks, until the next appointment, which is going to be another long ordeal where they take care of a bunch of fillings and a potential root canal?

Somewhere in here is also an oral cancer screening, because I smoke a joint every now and then.  IDK if that’s going to be with the next appointment, or with the “do everything else” one though.

Fucking hell.  Depression and genetics have conspired against me.  But I’ll be able to eat crunchy things again when this is all done, so that’s nice.

I appear to be getting dentures

About a week ago, I was stood in the kitchen with my husband, discussing the fact that I broke a molar in half while eating a chicken nugget.  I’d said that every person in my family has had dentures by the time they were 50, and I don’t expect to be the exception.  Between depression and genetics, my teeth are a fucking mess.  My wisdom teeth never came in, because they grow straight forward.  My bottom teeth all just crowded and got out the way, but my top?  My top teeth were the unstoppable force’s immovable object.  After the 9th, when I finally get this last one pulled, I will have exactly one top molar left, and it will be the one in the very far back.  Which is also acting like it wants to break in half any minute now as well.

But yeah.  While watching the Loki finale at midnight, chomping on some McDonald’s one of my last remaining molars broke in half.  It didn’t hurt, but I could tell it was a Problem.  So I went online, scheduled an appointment, and went in today for that appointment.  The funniest part though is the dentist came in to look at everything, and we had a little chat before he got started, about my primary reason for coming in.  I told him I have a very oddly-broken tooth in a way I’ve never experienced before, and immediately he suggested a root canal.  I said, nah.  I want it pulled.  There’s no saving this thing.  Okay, he’ll take a look, and it is ultimately my decision, but it might be save-able.  So he looks in there, and immediately goes, “Oh no, that’s coming out.”  It’s broken off from the root somehow, and only is not sheared clean off because spite?  idk he said he’s never seen that before either, but my teeth are mega fucked.

But apparently it may have broken twice, and I just didn’t notice the first time because my teeth are so fucked I can’t even feel what’s going on back there.  So now it’s like, super hella infected, which means tomorrow I get to go in for a cleaning, and antibiotics and all that.  By the time that gets straightened out, I’ve got my appointment to get it yanked.  Then there’s a few other things they want to go ahead and get in there to do, and then when everything is healed and settled, I’m getting brand new molars.

And of course, he starts talking about needing to get all this done and I’m like, bro I’m self pay.  He was suggesting implants, but I can’t afford that shit.  If I had insurance I wouldn’t be in this poor of a state to begin with.  But he made all of his recommendations, and honestly yes I would like to get these all done.  So I go back to talk to the billing lady, and the first thing I asked was financing.  We sat down, talked a few things, and fucking got instantly approved.  But it’s all in the bag and paid for, and I just have to pay $50 a month for a while, and go live in a dentist’s chair.

I haven’t been able to chew on things properly in years, so this is a new and exciting chapter in my life.

New Turntable

Way back, decades ago, I used to have a pretty big vinyl collection, which at the time consisted of a lot of Rockabilly and swing.  Many cross-country moves later, I have no turntable, and only a few albums.  But this week I got myself a new suitcase Victrola, just to start getting back into things again until I get room to get a better setup.

It’s not great, but it’s cute and gets the job done.  And it was cheap.  Which is a shame honestly, because Victrola used to be the brand you went for.

So I’m going through my records today, since I finally can. Here’s the (sometimes literal) damage:

Lovin’ Spoonful skips like crazy. Damn. I was really excited about this one. I’m gonna have to give it a real good clean and see if that fixes it, but when it skips on the lead-in, my hopes are low.

The Sound of Silence was also skipping really badly, which is odd because I could not see a single thing wrong with this record.  I realised that the stylus arm does not actually go all the way down.  Oh no!  Luckily, it’s got a 45 adapter, which can also be used to raise the record up high enough to be reached.  It slips a bit when used like this, but nothing a small amount of tape didn’t fix.  Kind of annoying that it’s got problems out of the box like this, but it’s not a large enough problem to be worth sending back at the end of the day.  But I got everything put together and now it sounds great.

So I tried the Lovin’ Spoonful again, and lo!  Most of the issues vanished.  Yay!  That album is so warped you can see it wiggling around and no wonder it skipped to all hell.  It still kind of skips like hell and is getting a good cleaning, but it’s not utterly unplayable now, which gives me more hope.

But hey, it’s a start.

I went onto what is no contest the strangest album I own.  Bongos, Bass, and Bob.  This is how rare this album is.  It doesn’t even have a cover.  Just a plain sleeve with some stuff stamped on.  Both sides are B-sides, because idk.  But it sounds really good.  There’s a weird skip on one of the tracks, but otherwise because of it being incredibly lo-fi, it’s tough to tell what’s an issue with the record, and what’s just part of the recording.  I still love this one though.  It’s so goofy.

Onto Chicago, and I’m not sure what is going on with this.  The entire A side skips, but I can’t see anything that would cause it.  It probably just needs a good cleaning, because the B side is perfect.  Though it is also a bit warped, so maybe that’s part of the problem.  It doesn’t look so warped that it should make that big of an impact though.  It’s nowhere near the same level that the Lovin’ Spoonful was so idk.

Boston was next, and jeez you can really tell how long I’ve been carting some of these around.  But I think despite the sleeve’s appearance, this one is in the best condition yet.  Almost no warp to the record, and aside from one tiny little skip, it sounds great.  And this whole album’s a banger, so I’m glad.  Can’t wait to get it on a proper sound system.

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