Author: Lunik

Summary: Loki is captured by SHIELD and deemed not fit to be left alone while on painkillers and in handcuffs. Now he’s Darcy’s problem.

Word count: 4k

Characters/pairings: Loki/Darcy Lewis

Rating: General

Warnings: None

Rec notes: I expected a little more Darcy/Loki in this fic than there was, but the lack of actual pairing was made up for by a subtly tricksy Loki. This is basically a bottle episode of fics; the whole thing takes place in a single room, with Darcy wanting to be anywhere other than where she’s at. She’s set the task of trying to get Loki to talk, but Loki’s been quite heavily drugged and is in no mood for anything other than tripping high as a kite. Except it’s entirely possible he’s just playing them, if not for the whole time, than at least the majority of it. It’s just a fun little series of moments with Loki tripping balls, and Darcy being annoyed that she has to babysit him. But she can’t be that annoyed, because she does keep going back.