Author: felinefelicitations

Summary: Steve is traveling: that is what he says.

What Loki realizes, in the unspoken pauses and occasionally bitter sweet smiles, is that Steve is adrift. Loki is not kind, nor is he willing to give anyone any ground that might be used against him in the future, so he will not say Steve is as adrift as himself, but he is adrift.

Word count: 4k

Characters/pairings: Loki, Steve Rogers

Rating: Not Rated

Rec notes: I’m really getting into Steve and Loki friendship fics, and this was a strange little one. Loki feigns amnesia to keep his secrets from Steve, but you can tell that Steve catches on before Loki even realises it. As they travel across America, Loki slowly comes to accept the fact that Steve is not Thor, and eventually even realises that he wants to go along, instead of letting himself be taken for the ride. His experience of the first large city he comes to on Midgard is great, as his his dawning understanding of what that means when he’s told it’s not even in the top 20 largest in the country, let alone the world. It’s these little things with Loki that I love, and this fic hit all the right buttons.