Author: Subjunctive

Summary: Loki falls to Earth. Sif follows him.

Word count: 9.9k

Characters/pairings: Loki/Sif

Rating: Mature

Rec notes: This lovely little piece is a Jötunn Loki fic, but in a way I’ve never quite seen done before. When Sif is sent to bring him back home, she does not find the Loki she knows from childhood. Instead she finds a Loki who is decidedly Jötunn, hiding out in the mountains like some feral creature. Which seems to be exactly how Loki sees himself. He’s unable to figure out why his form has changed, or how to change it back, so he just hides, far away from the humans, leaving his cave only to fish and bathe.

Sif’s story in this is just as wonderful. She is not sent to bring Loki home as a criminal, but instead as the fallen prince he is. So she does not take the probably-easy route of just binding him and calling Heimdall to open the Bifrost. She stays with Loki to try to convince him to come home, and even manages to manipulate him into letting her into his hidden cave (albeit, it’s a dangerous gambit, but one which she knew she would win). The two of them together are every bit the hot, bickering mess one comes to expect with this pairing,, and the only thing I wish from this fic is that it had been longer.

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