Author: JaggedCliffs

Summary: Odin dies in the Odinsleep while Loki sits on the throne of Asgard. Unfortunately, Loki’s glamour is lost the moment Odin dies, and no else but Frigga knows the truth of Loki’s parentage. Nor would anyone believe Odin deliberately brought a Jotun into Asgard. Perhaps Loki could have saved himself, if he had not started laughing.

Word count: 63k

Characters/pairings: Loki, Thor, Frigga, Sif

Rating: Teen

Rec notes: This fic was surprising, and went places I didn’t expect it to go. When Odin dies and Loki’s glamour fades at the worst possible moment, Loki reacts in the worst possible way and starts laughing. None of the Æsir are willing to listen to Frigga, and insist that Loki has been kidnapped and that Frigga is mad with grief, so both are locked up: Loki in Asgard’s deepest dungeons to be tortured for information that doesn’t exist, and Frigga in her chambers to be cured of an illness she does not have. Frigga is exceptionally tricksy in this, and manages to manipulate her way into bringing Thor home from his banishment and freeing Loki from his imprisonment. But even then, Loki’s secret is still out, and even when he’s released from the dungeons, battered and beaten within an inch of his life, the situation does not improve. If anything, it only gets worse. It’s a little overwrought at times, but otherwise quite enjoyable.