Author: townpariah
Summary: Had they been poor, Loki thought, people would think they were crazy, but because they had money, they were eccentric. OR: Thor’s mother is remarrying and he spends the ten days leading up to the wedding at her summer house in the countryside, getting himself acquainted with his future stepbrothers.
Word count: 7k
Characters/pairings: Loki/Thor, Gen
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None

Rec notes: I don’t often rec WIPs, because I like to wait until they’re finished to make that call. But this one, unfinished though it is, is positively charming. Melancholy and sad, with an undercurrent of mystery. The whole thing reminds me of something I can’t quite place, but I would read an entire novel based on this premise. The fic is tagged Loki/Thor, but it appears to be abandoned and never gets that far. Despite that, it ends on a wonderful note that makes it feel complete as it is. I’ve definitely subscribed though, just in case.