Author: renquise

Summary: Thor had never been one for libraries in his youth. Even now, older and (somewhat) wiser, he had little call to come visit those hallowed halls, but he had let himself be cajoled into following Loki to the library. It had been a few weeks since Loki had returned from his trip to the otherworld, looking tired and far older than his young years, and Thor was worried.

Word count: 8k

Characters/pairings: Thor, Loki

Rating: General

Rec notes: I tend to love Journey into Mystery fic for the relationship between Thor and Loki, and this one is no exception. Thor wants nothing more than for his little brother to be happy and well, and right away he can tell that Loki isn’t exactly either of these things, though he doesn’t know why. But he also knows Loki well enough than to just start demanding answers right away, letting them come out more naturally through the course of the story. He’s also just so, incredibly Thor throughout the entire piece, right down to deciding to eat a magic roast from inside a magic book, because why the hell not. And Loki is amazing throughout as well. He wants nothing more than to bring Leah back, though this plan of his may not have been the best one he’s ever had, since the book he and Thor fell into seems to want to turn him into a book as well. His entire attitude toward it, pretending that it’s no big deal, and then his complete freak out when he fails to find the volume he’s looking for are perfectly in character, and the fic itself is perfectly weird enough to fit right into JiM canon.