Author: proantagonist

Summary: Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.

Word count: 110k

Characters/pairings: Loki, Thor, Odin, Frigga

Rating: Teen

Warnings: CNTW

Rec notes: Loki winds up going back in time to the moment Thor is first banished to Midgard, which gives him a chance to fix everything, beyond just Thor’s death, which happened months after the end of TDW. Using flashbacks to tell the story of how Thor came to die, and how Loki came to strike his deal as well as Loki knowing all the mistakes he’d already made and how not to make them, it becomes very easy to want to see Loki succeed. But while this is a fix-it of epic proportions, don’t expect it to fix everything. Frigga’s death left me feeling soured on the fic for several chapters after, and the ending wasn’t quite as satisfying as the rest of the fic. But it is overall a very enjoyable read, and one which will have you sucked in for days if you’re not careful.