Author: Katbelle

Summary: Being a father to a child as unique as Loki is not easy and Odin is not the perfect parent; then again, no one is. What’s important is that he tried as hard as he could – and maybe one day that will turn out to have been enough.

Word count: 11k

Characters/pairings: Loki, Odin, Thor, Frigga

Rating: General

Warnings: None

Rec notes: This fic is the complete opposite of what you see in most MCU fic where Loki is first brought to Asgard. Rather than immediately accepting Loki, Frigga rejects him and scorns Odin for bringing him to the realm. Instead, it’s Odin who is determined to raise the boy as his own, even though he really has no idea what he’s even doing. It also tells the story of how Odin and Frigga came to be married, and shows a young Odin who is decidedly more like his adoptive son than his son by blood. Young Odin is full of tricks and spite and often annoying as hell, and is clearly where Loki gets it all, where Thor is more like how Odin appears to be. It also has an Odin who encourages Loki’s use of magic, rather than considering it an embarrassment, since he is something of a sorcerer himself. It’s also one of the few fics out there I’ve seen to draw from Tales of Asgard, which is a surprise in and of itself.