Loki leaned against the kitchen island, out of the way of the bustle of people who saw one another once every five years pretending to still be close and familial.  He absently swirled his drink around while he watched some sort of aunt he couldn’t even name treat Balder like he was still six years old, pinching his cheek and tousling his hair.  Loki was so focused on staying far away from any of that nonsense that he didn’t even notice Thor sneaking up on him from behind, until he was right by Loki’s side.

“I had no idea that side of the family was this big,” Thor said, picking up a bottle of rum to pour himself a drink.

“Half of them weren’t even here for the funeral,” Loki said.  “But there’s money on the line now, so of course that makes all the difference.”

“Loki, don’t be rude,” Thor said.  He fussed around with a small glass and a few cubes of ice.  “You’re right, but don’t say it out loud.”

Loki snorted and leaned close to Thor.

“I don’t even know who that is,” he said quietly, watching the continued assault on Balder.

Thor shook his head.  “I think she’s one of Granddad’s sisters in law?” he said, sounding no more confident than if he’d just made it up.

“How many did he have?” Loki asked.

Thor shrugged as he poured himself a drink that could barely be considered a cocktail, adding just a splash of Coke to an already full glass of rum. 

“How should I know?” he asked with a shrug.  “Last time I looked at the family tree, I nearly went blind trying to figure it out.”

Loki laughed quietly, praying he was old enough and big enough to avoid any unwanted attention.  He’d been out of university for two years, but Balder was nearly done with high school and that didn’t seem to matter much.

“Do we even have room for everyone?” Thor asked.

“We’d better,” said Loki.  “I’m not sleeping on any sofas.”

“Yeah?  When are you moving out, anyway?” Thor asked, looking over at him with a smug smirk.

It was Loki’s turn to shrug.  “I don’t know,” he said.  “Depends on how much money I get.”

“Loki!” Thor said.


They looked at one another for a long moment, in a limbo between taking Loki’s words as a joke, or taking them as behaviour in need of correction.  Loki broke first and barely stifled a laugh, which broke the spell over Thor and brought him to laughter as well.

“Don’t let Dad hear you say anything like that,” Thor said.  “He will kick your ass.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Loki said into his drink.

He’d not quite mixed his drink strong enough, but it didn’t feel late enough in the day to justify any truly heavy drinking.  Especially if he was going to be expected to remember anyone’s name by the end of the night. 

“Where are those darling sisters of ours?” Loki asked, looking around the kitchen as if they might have been hiding in the corner.  “Have any of them got here yet?”

“No, because they’ve all moved out like sensible people.  They’ll probably be here later,” Thor said.  “It’s a long drive, which you’d know if you ever had to do it.”

“Why the hell would I want to?  And you’re here now,” Loki said.  “What does that make you?”

“An idiot, apparently,” Thor said, staring straight ahead at the crowd.  “Because now I have to put up with you.” 

Thor turned back toward the kitchen behind them, looking over everything that had been set out in preparation, but not yet prepared.  Dinner was no doubt going to be an entire ordeal, which Loki was not at all looking forward to.  He watched Thor look at the mess spread over the counters, and could tell he was coming to the same conclusion.

“How many of those have you had?” Thor asked, nodding to Loki’s drink.

He looked down at his glass, nearly empty.  “This is my third.  Why?” he asked.

Thor poured his drink into Loki’s glass.

“Finish that, and we’ll get out of here,” he said.

With a shrug, Loki downed the entire drink in one and sat the glass down on the counter with a heavy thunk.  His plans of not drinking too heavily before dinner had been foiled by Thor’s inability to mix a drink properly, but he couldn’t find it within himself to be terribly upset by it.  As he turned to sneak out of the kitchen with Thor, Loki pulled his keys from his pocket and offered them over.  For a moment, Thor only stared at him, holding his hand out cautiously.

“Come on, I know you want to,” Loki said.

Grinning widely, Thor snatched the keys out of Loki’s hand and turned toward the stairs.  They slipped past the crowd and down to the ground floor, sneaking through one of the back doors to the garage.  Alongside their father’s Lexus, and their mother’s Mercedes was an antique roadster in British Racing Green, and the newest addition to the fleet.  Thor immediately trotted over to it and unlocked the door, only to stop when he noticed the lack of a steering wheel.

“No,” he said, slowly walking around the old Jaguar.  “It’s right hand?  How much did you pay for this?”

Loki chuckled as he slowly made his way over.  “Two-fifty,” he said.  “Most expensive pain in the ass ever.”

He settled into the passenger seat, still not used to it being on the wrong side, and slid it back as far as it would go.

“All original.  Even these stupid things,” he said, picking up one end of the lap belt and gesturing with it.  “I’m thinking of having new ones installed.”

“You should,” Thor said as he got behind the wheel and adjusted the mirror.  “You roll this one, and you won’t walk away.”

Loki grumbled, because he knew Thor was right.  As Thor fiddled and adjusted everything, trying to figure out the antique ignition, Loki dutifully buckled himself in and lit a cigarette.  Once he was finally settled, Thor figured out the ignition and got it started, letting the engine rev and growl for a few moments.

“Watch the revs,” Loki said, pointing to the dash panel.  “It overheats like a bitch.”

Thor reached for the fob attached to the sun visor and opened the garage door, letting it reach its top height before pulling out into the drive.  Letting Thor deal with the gate and everything else, Loki leaned back into his seat to enjoy his cigarette and the breeze on his face.  At first, he didn’t pay much attention as they drove down the row of houses that lined the narrow island.  Heading to the mainland was inevitable if they wanted to find anything worth leaving the house for, but Loki’s first clue that something wasn’t right was when Thor took the wrong exit off the roundabout in town.

“Hang on, you missed your turn,” Loki said, turning back over his shoulder to make sure he hadn’t got confused.

“No, there’s nothing I want around here,” Thor said.

Loki snorted and leaned back into his seat.

“Oh, it’s a death trap, but you still want to take it for a joy ride,” he said before taking a drag of his cigarette.

“I want to see what a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar death trap rides like before you kill yourself with it,” Thor said.

Loki rolled his eyes and watched the road ahead of them as they made their way through the quiet neighbourhood, with houses all set back off the road and hidden by trees and shrubbery.  The narrow, two-lane road barely gave any room on the side before falling into a shallow ditch at places, which only seemed to call attention to the Jaguar’s original suspension as Thor drifted into the shoulder to give room to oncoming traffic.

“You have a go at me about rolling this thing.  Slow the hell down,” Loki said.  He took one last drag of his cigarette before snuffing it out in the ash tray.  “I’m not gonna let you wreck it before I do.”

Thor laughed, but humoured him all the same and eased off the speed.  Loki relaxed back into his seat, watching neighbourhoods pass by as wispy clouds rolled by overhead.  They passed plenty more options as Thor drove on, taking them beyond the airport and eventually over the highway.

“Where the hell are we going?” Loki said, turning in his seat to watch the cars speed by below.

“I don’t know,” Thor said evasively.

They rode through the preserve and into another neighbourhood, and as they came to another large roundabout, Loki realised exactly where Thor was going.

“Oh, no,” he said, sitting up again.  “I draw the line at McDonald’s.  You’re not stinking everything up with that shit.”

Thor shrugged.  “The roof’s down,” he said.

“No,” Loki said.

With an overly dramatic sigh, Thor turned away from the McDonald’s and continued on his path past even more options that were apparently too good for him now that he lived in the city.  It was obvious where he was heading, but at least Taco Bell wouldn’t reek and set into the upholstery.  While Loki sulked, Thor drove on, taking them past still more options that were infinitely better.

“Oh, shit,” Thor said, turning his head sharply.  “I missed it, didn’t I?”

Loki turned as well to look as they cruised through an intersection.  “Yep,” he said.

Instead of turning around, Thor took them in a large loop around back to what passed for a main road in a bid that didn’t seem entirely accidental.  Loki knew he was trying to be irritating, while also wanting to draw out his time behind the wheel.

“You know it’s going to be cold by the time we get home,” Loki said as Thor finally pulled into the parking lot.

“If we bring enough for the girls it won’t matter,” Thor said.  “Because then we won’t have to have dinner with everyone else.”

Loki shrugged at Thor’s irritatingly sound logic, and sat back while he listened to his brother shout over him to order half the menu.  Loki knew it would have been easier for him to just order, being on the appropriate side of the car, but he spitefully kept quiet in protest of the whole damn thing.  In charge of holding everything on the way back, Loki found himself drifting in and out of a light nap, woken only by the passing of trucks in the opposite lane, or hard bumps that rattled his spine.  Eventually, they made it back to the island to find a few more cars parked in the drive.  With the garage now blocked off, Thor parked amongst the rest and helped Loki bring everything in.  Rather than going upstairs back to the kitchen and the chaos, they took everything instead to the small sitting room just beyond the foyer.  It was an open room, with a sofa on either side, and a large glass sliding door that looked out over the beach in the distance, and Loki hated it.  The door threw glare on the TV mounted on the wall above one of the sofas, and the room was too wide to have a comfortable conversation, but too small for anything else.  It was also the only room that wasn’t already stuffed full of people, or someone’s bedroom, so it would have to do.

Although it didn’t take long for someone to find them.  Thankfully, it was one of the people they wanted to be found by, as Sylvie wandered into the room with a gasp.

“There you two are,” she said, walking over to Thor.

She accepted one of his bone-crushing bear hugs with minimal fuss before stepping away and leaning back out to the foyer.

“Angie, I found them!” she shouted.

Without waiting for Angela, Sylvie joined Loki on the couch, crowding into his space so she could start digging through everything they’d brought.  Loki didn’t know what half of it was, and thought even less of it seemed appealing, but he’d been the fool to go anywhere with Thor behind the wheel.

“It’s cold,” Sylvie said, looking at Loki like it was his fault.

“Don’t blame me.  He’s the one who wanted to take an hour to go get food,” Loki said.

A moment later, Angela wandered into the room.  She paused at the door to look at the scene in front of her, with the three of them crammed onto one sofa, before deciding to sit down on the other sofa by herself.

“Where’s Hela?” Thor asked, looking up from a suspicious mystery box.

Angela shook her head.  “She didn’t want to come.  But she never did like Granddad anyway.”

Loki shrugged.  “She might be the only one who showed up for the funeral and skipped the reading,” he said.

He settled on something that looked mildly appetising and leaned back into the sofa, letting Sylvie continue to crowd his space.

“I only came because this one needed a ride,” Angela said, nodding toward Sylvie.

“Well, our type don’t exactly do public transit, even if we wanted to,” Sylvie said, leaning heavily against Loki’s chest as she picked apart a burrito.

“That’s why I’m never moving to the city,” Loki said.  “I need my car.”

“No, you’re never moving to the city because you’d have to pay for your own insurance,” Angela said.  “What are Mummy and Daddy paying to keep you on the road?”

Loki shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I’m not the one paying it,” he said.

“Awh,” Sylvie whined sarcastically.  “Baby brother doesn’t want to leave the nest yet.”

She used her thumb to wipe a bit of sauce from Loki’s lip, and then licked it off her finger.

“God, why are twins so fucking weird?” Angela said.

Thor looked up at them, and shook his head.  “I don’t think they’re weird because they’re twins,” he said.  “I think they’re weird because they’re adopted.”

“You’re both just jealous,” Sylvie said.  “All those years between you, all you ever did was fight.”

Loki rolled his eyes, resisting the urge to call everyone an idiot. 

“Jealous?” Angela asked.  “More like wondering where his supposed girlfriend is.”

“The librarian?” Thor asked, looking between the two of them.  “Yeah, what happened to her?  She was nice.”

Loki snorted.  “We broke up.  A while ago,” he said.  “Well.  She broke up with me.  Made a whole scene of it, screaming on the sidewalk and everything.”

Angela laughed.  “What the hell did you do?”

“You know,” Loki said, looking over at her.  “I still don’t know.”

“Fucking liar,” Angela said.

Loki stared at her for a long moment, saying nothing, before finally turning to Thor.

“Who else is coming?” he asked, hoping to steer the conversation elsewhere.

“Roger’s probably driving in tomorrow, and I think Tyr’s flight gets in tomorrow evening,” Thor said.  “And I think I heard Mum say Hermod couldn’t get out of classes.”

“He’s Hank now,” Sylvie said.

“Probably because he couldn’t get laid,” Loki said.  “I’d change my name too.”

Sylvie slapped in in the chest a bit harder than he thought strictly necessary.  As he grumbled in protest, Angela sighed and got up to dig through the absurd amount of cold Taco Bell on the table.

“Whoever he is now, I think he and Hela made the right choice,” she said, picking something at random.  “You think I can sneak off without being caught?”

“I’ll take Sylvie back home,” Loki said.  He looked down at her sprawled over his chest.  “If I’d known she needed a ride, I’d have come and got her.  Go home if you don’t want to be here.”

Angela sat down heavily, leaning sideways to take up the entire sofa to herself.  “If it were only your permission I needed, I’d already be gone,” she said.

Thor snorted.  “When have you ever done anything with permission?”

Angela responded with her middle finger.

Laughing quietly, Loki shrugged.  He looked around for the remote to turn on the TV, but it seemed to have once again walked away.  And even if it hadn’t, the sun was just at the right angle to be shining right on the screen anyway. 

“When do you want to go home?” he asked Sylvie.

Sylvie shrugged and twisted to look up at him.  “I don’t know.  I don’t exactly need to be anywhere until next week.”

Loki nodded.  “All right.”

He let his hand fall to her shoulder, and tried not to make a mess while holding onto his toasted taco thing with his off hand. 

“We should go down to the beach tomorrow,” Thor said.  “The weather’s been warm enough.”

“Just don’t let any of the kids know,” Loki said, not at all looking forward to the prospect of babysitting.

“Don’t let the kids know what?” Frigga asked.

Loki hadn’t heard her walk in, nor noticed her in the room until she spoke.  He looked up at her, with their youngest sister on her hip, and quickly ran through his options.

“We’re all gonna do heroin and go to a rave,” he said.

While Frigga frowned deeply at him, Thor smacked him hard in the shoulder.  Loki tried to lean away from him, but with Sylvie still sprawled all over him and pinning him down, there wasn’t anywhere for him to go.

“I don’t like these jokes,” Frigga said.  “And they are jokes, I hope.”

Loki tried to juggle his food with rubbing the spot where Thor had hit him.  “Yes, Mother.  Only joking.”

Frigga hummed, clearly not finding any of it funny.  Shaking her head, she turned her attention away from Loki, and toward Angela.

“Angela, I need you and Sylvie to share a room tonight,” Frigga said.

Sylvie huffed.  “Mummy,” she complained.  “My bed’s not big enough for both of us.  Even if she wasn’t eight foot tall.”

“Hey,” Angela said.

“She has a point,” Loki said, earning him a dirty look from Angela.

“Sylvie, please,” Frigga said, suddenly sounding very tired.

“Why not them?” Sylvie asked, gesturing to Thor and Loki.

“Because boys don’t want to share a bed,” Frigga said.  “And we don’t have a bed big enough for both of them even if they did.”

Sylvie looked up at Loki, pouting dramatically.  “Are you sure you’re a boy today?”

Loki pretended to think hard about the question.  “Mmm.  Yeah, pretty sure,” he said. 

He took a moment to properly consider the question, and then shrugged and nodded at the same time.  As the bickering and snide comments wore on, Frigga quickly grew exasperated with all of them.  She groaned quietly, unable to control the room.

Angela sat up quickly, holding both hands into the air as though she were surrendering.

“Why don’t I just go home?” she asked, shaking her head up at Frigga.  “I don’t need to be here for this, do I?”

Frigga sighed deeply, and looked at Laussa in her arms.

“Fine,” she said after a moment.  “You’re right.  And you’ve already eaten anyway, so…”

She shook her head and turned away, leaving the four of them behind.

“I’m sorry,” she said to someone in the foyer.  “The kids are—”

“Being kids who have just lost their grandfather,” some distant relative said.  “It’s fine.  We’ll cope.”

Loki looked over at Thor as the voices from the foyer faded.

“I am not sharing a bed with you,” he said.

While Sylvie stifled a laugh, Angela wrapped up her meal and stood.

“Well, it’s been fun, weirdos.  But I am getting the hell out of here,” she said.

“Bye, sis,” Sylvie said, waving.  “Come back for the beach tomorrow.”

Rolling her eyes as dramatically as she could, Angela strode out of the room and straight to the front door before anyone else could stop her.  Loki watched her go, glad to be out from under her constant scrutiny.

“I know where to find a rave.  Who’s got the heroin?” Loki asked suddenly.

Thor smacked him again and got up to move to the other sofa.

“Mum’s right.  You shouldn’t joke about that,” he said.

“I am a grown-ass adult, and I will joke about whatever I please, thank you,” Loki said.

Sylvie leaned into him, stifling a laugh against his chest.  “You’re on something, aren’t you?”

Loki hummed, considering the question.  “A bit buzzed.  Not as much as I’d like to be.”

“Oh, you didn’t hear?” Thor asked.

Sylvie sat up to look at him and shook her head.  “No?” she said.  “Hear what?”

Thor shook his head as well.  “Tell her how your Tesla got wrapped around a tree,” he said.

Loki took a deep breath, and then took a sudden interest in what was left of his taco thing. 

“No, I’d rather not,” he said, before stuffing the rest into his mouth.

“The only reason he’s not in jail for all the coke in his system was because Dad knew the judge,” Thor said.  “And then they go and buy him an E-Type.”

Loki shook his head.  “I did one bump.  And I paid for the Jag.  Not them.  It was my bad luck that there was a deer in the road.  Anyone would have gone off right there.”

Sylvie gaped up at him, shaking her head.

“The only reason he gets away with drinking is because Dad doesn’t want the whole house dry, and it’s easier to give in than deal with him stealing the key to the liquor cabinet,” Thor said.

Loki shrugged.  “That was his choice.  Not mine.”

“The best part is this stupid son of a bitch walked halfway home before someone found him,” Thor said.

“Loki,” Sylvie said, no longer amused with this story.  “How stupid can you be?”

“What?” asked Loki.  “I was fine.”

“What if you weren’t?” Sylvie asked.

“What if nothing,” Loki said.  “It doesn’t matter, because nothing happened.  Don’t worry about it.”

Sylvie stared up at him.  “I’m worried,” she said.

Loki shrugged, not sure how to get out of this situation.  “I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again,” he said.

“Good.  It better not,” Sylvie said.

She sat up, putting some distance between them.  Loki stared at her for a moment, but it was clear she’d been pissed off by Thor’s little revelation.  Loki turned to him, not entirely sure what the point had been.

“Thanks, dick,” he said, getting up.

“Where are you going?” Thor asked.

“To bed,” Loki said.

Thor looked out the window.  “It’s like, four o’clock,” he said as Loki walked out of the room.

“Don’t care,” Loki said.

Most of the bedrooms were on the ground floor, and his was on the far end of the hall.  He walked inside and locked the door behind him out of habit, before turning to unlock it again.  Loki paused just long enough to kick his shoes across the floor before flinging himself onto his bed in a heap.  A moment later, he rolled over onto his side to grab the remote from the night stand and turn on the TV, not particularly wanting to watch anything at all.  With the heavy curtains over his windows, his room stayed cool and dark, making the light from the screen seem all the brighter.

He idly flipped through channels, not staying on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.  Even with several hundred of them, there was never anything on, and Loki wondered how that worked.  He cycled through everything again and again, until the light faded completely from behind the curtains and he needed to turn on the light strip around his ceiling so he could see anything he was doing.  When his door opened without warning, Loki didn’t even look up.  There was a time when being barged in on would have sent him into a fit, but that time had rapidly become a thing of the past.

He ignored Odin as he turned on the overhead lights and gazed around the room with a critical squint.

“Will you be joining us for supper?” he asked after a long moment.

 His white eye patch over his right eye matched his hair, hanging long and loose over his shoulders.  That he hadn’t switched to a black eye patch was signal enough that supper wasn’t going to be much of a formal affair.  Not seeing the point in going up at all, Loki shrugged as he continued his endless channel surfing. 

“No,” he said.  “Thor has decided to air my dirty laundry, and I don’t care to be present for it.”

“Anything else?” Odin asked.

Loki looked up at him, shaking his head.  “No?” he said, trying to figure out what he was being accused of this time.

“That’s not the impression your mother gives,” Odin said.

Just once, Loki wished other people could just not.  Not say anything, not do anything.  Just not.  Grumbling quietly, he fell onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.

“It was a very poor joke, because I didn’t want to say we were planning on going to the beach in front of Laussa,” Loki said slowly.

Odin only stood silent, maintaining his critical stare across the room.  After a long moment of silence between them, Loki threw his hands into the air.

“Go ahead.  Whatever,” he said, wishing Odin would get it over with and start digging through his drawers.

He knew Odin was fucking with him by remaining where he stood.  But if he expected to sweat anything out of Loki, he’d be waiting for an awfully long time.  Loki let him know by rolling back onto his side to face the television again, and resumed his channel surfing.

“I’ll ask you to reconsider joining us for supper,” Odin said, before turning around and walking out of the room.

He left Loki’s light on, and the door open behind him, a clear message of expectations that Loki wasn’t terribly keen on ignoring.  He let it be, not caring if he bothered anyone.  He wasn’t the one who wanted his door open in the first place.  Rather than reconsidering his decision, Loki stayed right where he was.  With his door open, he could hear supper eventually winding down, and the gradual scattering of people to their assigned beds for the weekend.  Part of him knew he ought to have felt bad for not giving his room up to some middle-aged relative he’d met once when he was eight, but he was feeling entirely too resentful to care at all.  It was his room, and his bed, and even Odin had to have known that shuffling Loki to a sofa in the name of hospitality would have been more trouble than it was worth.

Eventually, Odin returned, surprising Loki not by barging in again but by closing his door so nobody else had to listen to whatever garbage he passed over on the television.  Only then did he get up to put out the light and dress for bed, putting on a pair of flannel pyjamas and an old threadbare dressing gown he’d stolen from Roger almost ten years earlier.  As he lay back down in bed, Loki turned the volume down low enough to be able to hear beyond his door.  Not paying attention to the television at all, Loki waited and listened to every last bump and scrape as everyone got settled, and then gave it an extra half hour for good measure.  Only then did he turn off the television and slowly get to his feet.  As he opened his door, he waited and listened for a few moments longer, making certain the house was quiet.  Aside from someone snoring in the sitting room off the foyer, the house was still, so he crept out of his room and into the hall.

He made it only a couple steps to his left before reaching Sylvie’s door next to his.  Loki slowly and quietly opened the door, making sure it didn’t creak as he slipped inside, and closed it behind him.  Sylvie’s room was dark, heavy curtains drawn over the windows to keep the light from the deck out, but he could hear her sleeping soundly in bed.  On his way to the bed, Loki shed his dressing gown and let it drop onto a chair, before sliding under the blankets behind Sylvie.  He settled into place beside her, wrapping his arm around her waist and holding her close against his body, just feeling her breathing softly.

When it was clear she was not going to wake on her own, Loki brushed her hair out of the way to give him access to her neck.  He pressed a trail of kisses down from her ear to where her shirt fell over her shoulder.  As his hand found its way beneath her shirt, Loki rolled his hips against her, already hard with anticipation.  Finally, Sylvie stirred with a quiet groan, barely twisting to look back at him.

“Loki, what do you want?” she asked, reaching back to scrape her fingers across the back of his neck.

“Depends on whether you’re still mad at me,” he said, drawing another trail of kisses up her neck.

“I’m not mad,” Sylvie said, tilting her head to expose more of her neck to him.  “I just can’t believe how stupid you are sometimes.”

He cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing it in time as he rolled his hips against her, letting his dick rub against the curve of her ass.

“It wasn’t as bad as he makes it sound,” Loki said against her skin.  “A cop picked me up and took me to hospital.  I was home by morning.  I wasn’t even high, but the legal limit for testing positive is none.”

Sylvie hummed as arched into Loki, holding onto the back of his neck to keep him close.

“Fine.  I’m not mad,” she said.

Loki moved to roll on top of her, settling between her legs so he could rut against her properly while he explored her body with his mouth and his hands.  He breathed heavily against her skin, practised at keeping quiet even so a house full of people wouldn’t hear him.  His mouth found hers, and he delved deep with his tongue, wanting to taste every bit of her.  He let his fingers trail over her body, feeling her move beneath him as her own hands scraped light trails down his chest.

She kissed him back, taking him in and tasting him at the same time.  She moved against his body in time with him, falling into a familiar rhythm as she hummed against his lips.  Loki felt the swell of her breast beneath his hand, able to feel her breath hitching each time he moved into her.  She had been gone for far too long, and Loki couldn’t wait a moment longer.  He propped himself up on one hand so he could lean over her and coax her bedside drawer open, fumbling blindly inside until his fingers found what he was after.  He unwrapped the small package, mindful of where he tossed the wrapper, before sitting up enough to pull himself free from his pyjamas and roll the condom over his dick.  She never wore anything more than an oversized T-shirt to bed, and as he draped himself back over her, he let his cock slide over her cunt with only the thin layer between them.  For a few moments more he rutted against her while he trailed kisses down the other side of her neck, before finally bucking his hips and entering her.  Sylvie hummed sharply against his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close against her body.  Loki kept his jaw clenched tightly as he slowly rolled into her, straining against every sound he wanted to make.  He muffled himself against her neck, while she panted and moaned softly against his ear.

“Oh, just there,” she said, arching her body into him.  “Don’t stop.”

Loki struggled to keep the same rhythm as he let himself get lost in her voice.

“Right there, baby,” she said, her voice pitching higher as she spoke in his ear.  “Come on.”

She moaned, high and strangled as she choked off her own sounds in her throat.  Loki let himself pick up the pace bit by bit, letting her pitch guide him as each noise was higher and breathier than the last.  She wrapped her legs around his hips and held tightly to his shoulders as she arched into him, silently panting through her orgasm.

“Oh, just like that,” she said with one final gasp before her breathing began to slow.

Loki let himself go then, biting his lip as he fucked her fast and hard, cumming just a few moments later with a stifled grunt against her neck.  He let himself slow, still rutting into her as he spent and tried to catch his breath.  Light headed and dizzy, he finally rolled off of her and fell onto his back by her side, listening to her breathing slow back down.

“I can’t believe you moved out,” he said, still panting.

“One of us had to,” Sylvie said.  “And it was never going to be you.”

Loki wanted to argue, but she was right.  He wanted to stay and hold her in his arms, but he knew the risk was too great.  Instead, he slowly caught his breath and sat up, letting his feet fall off the side of the bed.

“I’d love to stay,” he said slowly, staring at the floor in front of him.  “But Dad’s taken to checking up on me.”

Sylvie let her hand trail down his back, catching her fingers in his waistband before pulling away.  A moment later, she wrapped her arm around him to press the condom wrapper into his hand.

“Go,” she said.  “We’ll find time tomorrow.”

Nodding, Loki got up and settled his pyjamas back into place before grabbing his dressing gown.  Making sure he was put back together, he quietly opened the door and listened to any signs of motion on the other side.  Finding the coast clear, Loki slipped out of Sylvie’s room and into the bathroom directly across from his door to dispose of the evidence before returning to bed.



They sat on Loki’s bed together, passing the controller back and forth each time one of them lost.  Loki wasn’t terribly into the game and kept losing quickly each time it was his turn, finding himself distracted by a sudden arousal that came out of nowhere.  It was far from the first time it had happened, but with his sister sitting just an arm’s reach away, he wasn’t sure what to do about it.

As long as Sylvie’s attention was on the screen, he thought she might not notice the obvious tent in his pyjamas.  Still, having his dick standing straight up wasn’t exactly subtle, so he tried to move to hide it.  But without any underwear to help hold it down, his dick continued to stand tall and obvious.  Still, he shifted and tried to find a way to hide it, quickly realising he’d have been better off if he’d just stayed still.  Sylvie looked over at him, confused at first, and then obviously startled as her gaze fell to his dick.

“Uhm.  Loki?” she asked, not even trying to look away.  “Whatch’ya doing there?”

Loki glared down at his dick.  “Yeah, it’s not on purpose,” he said.

She’d already noticed, so he gave up and reached into his pyjamas, trying to find a way to settle himself.

“It just happens sometimes.”  He could feel the heat rising in his face, threatening to choke him.

There was no way to keep it from standing straight up, so he gave up and settled for being quietly mortified instead.

“What?  Just at random?” she asked.  “Like, you’re listening to Mr Davis talk about the Civil War and that turns you on?”

“No,” Loki said quickly.  “It doesn’t turn me on.”

Sylvie snorted.  “But it does happen like that?”

Loki looked away, glaring at the wall so he didn’t have to look at Sylvie struggling not to laugh.

“I’ve never seen one hard before,” she said suddenly.

Loki looked over at her, certain he’d misheard her.  “What?” he asked.

She nodded toward his barely-concealed dick.

“Not a real one, anyway.  What does it look like?” she asked.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?” Loki asked.

Sylvie shrugged.  “He was boring, so I broke up with him.  All he wanted to do was hold hands.”

Loki looked to the door, closed off to the rest of the house.  Everyone else would have been asleep, and nobody made a habit of bursting in unannounced regardless.   There were far too many boys in the house for anyone to want to take that risk.  With a deep breath, Loki shifted and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his pyjamas.

“Just don’t tell anyone,” he said.

He wondered what he was doing.  But the look on Sylvie’s face, expecting him to get on with it, made him feel like he was the one wasting time.

“I won’t,” Sylvie said, shaking her head quickly.  “I just want to see it.”

Suddenly trembling, Loki pulled himself free, letting his dick stand up against his waistband.  He watched Sylvie’s face as her eyebrows rose and she bit her lip, clearly trying to process what she was looking at.  Being so exposed, and to his twin sister no less, Loki felt his entire body go hot with embarrassment.  Then, Sylvie moved closer, crowding Loki enough to make him want to back away.  He hadn’t pulled himself all the way free, but then Sylvie reached out suddenly.  Her hand stopped just shy of touching him, her fingers hooked stiffly.

“Can I touch it?” she asked quietly.

Loki watched her for a long moment, unsure about anything.  He was certain she hadn’t meant it in the way he thought she did, but he couldn’t think of any other way she could have meant it.

“It’ll spit at you,” he said.

Sylvie finally tore her eyes away from his dick to look at his face.  “Like a camel?” she asked.

Loki shrugged.  “No.  Kind of?”

She didn’t ask again.  Sylvie reached out and dragged her finger over the head of his cock, drawing a harsh, inward hiss from him.  Nobody had ever touched it before, and her touch was far more intense than he had expected.  She pulled her hand away quickly, looking up at him.

“Sorry.  Did that hurt?” she asked.

Loki shook his head and tried to find his voice. 

“No,” he said finally, wanting to turn away and crawl into the wall to hide.  “It was… it was really nice.”

She drew her fingers over his cock again, stretching the skin over the shaft and pulling it tight.  Loki took her hand in his, moving her fingers to lightly cage his cock and moved her hand so her fingers stroked over just the tip.  He didn’t know why he did it, but now that Sylvie had started, he didn’t want her to stop.

“Like that,” Loki said, already struggling to maintain his composure.

She continued the motion, watching his face as his eyes fell heavy.  He rose to her touch with alarming speed, coming with a sharp gasp after only a few strokes.  Panting quietly, he looked up at her as she pulled her hand away to look at the cum on her fingers.

“Sorry,” he said, pulling his pyjamas back up to cover himself.

Loki twisted around to find something she could clean off with.  Finding only a dirty t-shirt, he picked it up from the floor and handed it over.  Wrinkling her nose, Sylvie wiped her hand clean and tossed the shirt back to the floor.  Then, she leaned back and started pulling down her own pyjamas.

“What are you doing?” Loki asked quickly.

She shrugged.  “You showed me yours,” she said.

Again, Loki’s attention shifted to the door, but then Sylvie’s pyjamas were on the bed beside him, and she was sitting back in her panties.  Biting his lip, and having never seen a girl that wasn’t in a stolen magazine, he nodded.  Sylvie pulled her panties off, exposing herself to him, and leaned back.  In that moment, Loki realised he had no idea what to do.  He knew that if she weren’t his sister, he was supposed to get on top of her and put his dick inside her.  But they weren’t doing that, and he didn’t want to get on top of his sister.  Still, he moved closer to get a better look, daring to reach out and touch.  He watched as she bit her lip, looking up at him with a new hesitancy about her.  Cautiously, Loki reached out and used his fingers to spread her apart and get a better look. 

“Show me,” he said, suddenly curious to see how she touched herself.

Sylvie brought her hand between her legs, and used her fingers on herself.  She pressed them against her clit, rubbing against it in circles.  Sitting in front of her as he was, the angle felt strange, so Loki moved to sit behind her, pulling her so she rested against his back.

“Like this?” he asked, moving his hand to take her place.

“Yeah,” Sylvie said, holding his hand where she wanted it.

She guided him, using his fingers on herself and started to writhe against him.  She breathed loudly as she moved against him, drawing Loki’s attention to her chest.  He’d noticed her chest before, but she was his sister and until this moment, she had not been anyone he thought of like that.  But now, he watched as her breasts moved as she breathed and moved against him, and he found himself taken by the urge to reach up and feel one.  He moved his hand cautiously, expecting her to recoil at her touch.  Instead, she grabbed his hand against her breast and held it there, encouraging him to squeeze.  He could feel himself stirring again, his dick pressing against her back and getting hard once more, and he was now struck by a dilemma.  He only had so many hands, and more things that he wanted to do with them.  He let himself roll his hips against her, but stopped himself a moment later.  She had used her hand on him, and his hands were all over her body, but somehow rutting against her was a bit much.

Suddenly, Sylvie grabbed the hand on her cunt and guided it, pressing him into her in sharp, deliberate motions.  She pulled his hand until two of his fingers were inside her, taking Loki by surprise when he realised what she had done.  Loki didn’t know what he’d expected, but she was hot and slick, coating his fingers a thick fluid.  She rolled her hips against him as she started panting, her mouth open and slack, making strained noises.  Then, she went stiff against him for a moment, before going slack and letting her whole weight lean against him.

“Wow,” she said after a moment.

She sat up slowly and grabbed her panties.  Loki expected her to put them on, but instead she wiped herself clean with them and tossed them onto the floor with his shirt.  As she started to put her pyjamas back on, she noticed Loki was once again hard, but this time she didn’t say anything.  Loki wasn’t sure what to do with the mess on his hand, so he wiped it off onto his pyjamas while ignoring her gaze.

“How many times can you do that?” Sylvie asked.

Loki shook his head and shrugged.  “My record’s six,” he said.

“In one night?” Sylvie asked.

“I fell asleep in math the next day,” Loki said, nodding.  “But yeah.”

“I want to see you do it,” Sylvie said.

She watched him as he once again hitched his waistband down.  He was already fully hard by the time he took himself in hand, but being watched so intently made everything different.  He was on display, having to perform, and he found it difficult to to take much pleasure at all from the act.  Loki settled down to lean against the wall, legs splayed in front of him, and closed his eyes.  It was always more difficult to get going the second time, and with the added pressure on top, he had to focus more than he liked.

He finally came with a startled jolt, still stroking along his cock until everything spilled out over his fingers.  As he opened his eyes, Loki looked up to see Sylvie still watching him, curious and intent.  He put himself together and leaned over the bed to pick up the same discarded t-shirt to clean himself with.  Tossing it back to the floor, he dared to look at Sylvie once more, surprised that her curiosity had not yet turned to disgust.

Loki felt like it should have.  There was nothing right about what they’d just done.  But she had been the one to start it, so perhaps he ought to have been the one disgusted.

“I didn’t know that’s what it looked like,” Sylvie said after a moment.

“I’ve seen pictures.  But nothing real,” Loki said.

He wasn’t sure what to say after that.  He watched as Sylvie nodded slowly, and then got up, bending to pick up her panties.

“Are you leaving?” Loki asked.

Sylvie turned to him and shrugged.  “Dunno what else to do,” she said.

Loki nodded.  He wasn’t going to insist otherwise, knowing she probably felt just as uncomfortable about what had just happened as he did.  After a moment, Sylvie nodded as well and slipped out of his room, leaving him to contemplate it all by himself.