Waiting (300 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thor (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)

Summary: Nebulously connected to Tarbell Course in Magic. Just Loki waiting on Thor’s slow ass to show up like he said he would.

He sat in the cold, lifeless diner, lazily stirring his coffee with the wrong end of his spoon.  He hadn’t even put anything into the coffee, but playing with it gave him something to do.  It was black, bitter, and burnt, and served better as a toy to occupy his hands than as something to drink.  Outside, rain fell over the valley in a rare downpour, flooding the parking lot and the street beyond with a racket so intense he almost thought the roof might cave in.  He watched cars drive through the deep puddle on the side of the road, splashing the foul brown water over the sidewalk.  The whole corner shimmered under the street lights, amber and red and green all at once.  It would almost be pretty and peaceful, if he didn’t know to expect the hell that always followed.

Loki checked his phone, finding the time had not progressed more than five minutes since the last time he checked it.  He thought about leaving; getting up and going home, but he said he’d wait.  He’d be there.  He wasn’t good at keeping his promises, but he was trying to get better.  But it was hard to get better when Thor seemed to go out of his way to test his limits. 

The waitress came by for the third time since Loki had sat down, offering to refill the coffee he hadn’t even touched yet, and asking again if he was ready to order.  Like the first two times, he shook his head and waved her off, keeping his attention focused outside for the familiar white pickup.

Again, he checked his phone.  Again, time had barely progressed, and he had not somehow missed any messages.  Again, he put it down on the table and continued to wait.