Tick (381 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thor (Movies), Thor (Comics)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel)

Summary:  Once again, Loki was nowhere to be found. Heimdall could not see him, Frigga worried after him, and Odin wanted to strangle him.

Once again, Loki was nowhere to be found.  Heimdall could not see him, Frigga worried after him, and Odin wanted to strangle him.

Sometimes, it simply meant he was in his chambers, hiding away from the realm in some fit of ennui.  But not this time.  When Thor entered Loki’s chambers, he found them cold and empty.  Not even the dog held vigil.

Though cold and empty, Loki’s bedchamber was not silent.  Something stirred within the room, ticking away rhythmically.  It was a small noise, barely heard over the breeze drifting through the open windows.  Thor followed the sound to Loki’s desk, as ever in a state of chaos that mirrored Loki’s mind.  Tomes and scrolls sat piled messily, leaving only a small space open upon which to work.  Thor picked up a loose sheet of parchment, glancing down at the runes written upon it before deciding he had not seen it at all.  The less he knew about the spies Loki kept, the better off everyone else was.  He put the parchment back down where he’d found it, careful not to make too much noise and risk losing the sound he was chasing.

Finally, beneath an open book, he found the source.  Small, round, and silver, with a long chain attached.  It was far too delicate to be a weapon, whatever it was.  He pressed a button on its side, and the front popped open, revealing a mechanism inside.  Spokes like pointers sat against a dial marked around the edges, with one of them moving along it in short, sharp jolts.  Thor watched as it spun, ticking once each time it moved forward along its axis.

Thor carefully closed the device, hoping that the heavy way it clicked together was normal, and put it back where he found it.  He wished that he had been surprised to find such a device in Loki’s possession, but in truth, the room was full of bizarre things no man on Asgard should have.  Thor stood by the desk, looking around the endless clutter of Loki’s bedchamber.  Books with strange languages on the covers lined his shelves, along with trinkets and devices with purposes only Loki knew.  Thor sighed at the sight of all of it, praying that Loki knew what he was doing.