This One Knows its Place (12,068 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-con, Violence
Pairings: Loki/Others
Characters: Loki
Additional Tags: xeno, size difference, tentacles, bestiality, intersex!Loki

Summary: A chance encounter with a shapeshifter leaves Loki questioning his own sanity as he seeks to relive the experience in any way he can.

Or: Loki seeks out dangerous sex after being raped.

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They all sat around the fire, exhausted and worn thin from the journey, despite only being halfway to their destination.  Even with the sun still low in the sky, sleep had already begun to find the camp.  While Fandral and Volstagg leaned against a fallen tree and snored together, Loki wanted something else.  Days of riding through swamps and intense heat had left him filthy and uncomfortable, and he wanted to do something about it.

He rarely went on these long trips, because he could rarely find the privacy he needed.  He was different in a way he never let anyone know, and his wary exhaustion made hiding his differences a dangerous chore.  Loki wouldn’t be able to rest properly until he rid himself of the mud that had found its way beneath his leathers, and if he couldn’t rest properly his magic would fail as soon as he tried it.  He was exhausted, and he needed to do something about it.  Which meant finding a way to steal a moment’s privacy.  And the best way to do that was to make sure nobody would follow him.

“I’m going back to that stream to bathe,” Loki said, rising to his feet tiredly.  “Anyone coming with me?”

As expected, everyone still awake grumbled and shook their heads.  It would give Loki a brief window where he could go undisturbed without raising suspicion, and he was quick to take it.  He picked up his pack and slung it over his shoulder before retracing their trail back to the stream they had passed shortly before stopping.  He found it after a much longer walk than he’d expected, and immediately dropped his pack once he reached its bank.

Even though he knew he was alone, Loki made sure to check around the area before undressing.  He saved his breeches for last, only daring to peel them off once he was ready to step into the water and submerge himself.  The cool air and cold water on his bare skin was enough to wake him a bit, but what truly kept him aware was his own exposure.  He bathed quickly, scrubbing mud and blood and grime from himself.  Very little of any of it was his own, but he’d found himself covered in it all the same.  He scrubbed his hair clean, pulling out bits he didn’t care to identify and letting them wash away in the current. 

Behind him, he could hear the crunch of under brush beneath feet.  Loki turned sharply, keeping himself submerged below the waist, but he found no one sneaking up behind him.  Convincing himself it was a fox or hare sneaking about, Loki tried to push it from his mind.  He resumed his task with added haste, suddenly not liking the fact that he was so far separated from the group.

Then, he heard it behind him again.  The unmistakable sound of motion through the leaves.  Again he turned to face whoever—or whatever—was sneaking around behind him, and again he saw nothing.

He was clean enough, he decided.  Loki stepped out of the water and moved quickly for his pack to find something to dry himself with.  Crouched down by the water’s edge, he heard it again.  This time when he looked up, he saw a pair of yellow eyes and sharp ears facing him from the bushes.

“You stay over there, wolf,” Loki said, trying to keep his eye on the animal as he dug through his pack.

Deciding he didn’t need to be dry to get dressed, Loki grabbed the first thing his fingers touched and pulled it out.  He pulled the tunic on, fighting to get the wool past his damp skin.  As he struggled with his face covered and his arms tangled, he could hear the wolf bound forward.  Loki tried to pull himself free, but the fabric was stuck and twisted awkwardly, and he could neither pull it all the way on, nor take it back off.  Tangled and panicking, he was tackled to the ground by the weight of the creature.  By instinct, Loki curled tightly, covering his belly and all his other soft bits while he continued to struggle to free himself.  The wolf was on top of him, its teeth on the back of his neck and its claws scraping his bare skin as it attacked.

Loki curled closer against himself, still struggling to free himself both from the tangled fabric and the wolf.  He tried to roll over to put his legs beneath him and find more leverage to fight the animal on top of him.  He got as far as getting onto his knees before he realised the wolf was not trying to eat him.  As he shifted to try to get up and flee, so too did the wolf move above him.  With its teeth still on the back of Loki’s neck, the wolf moved on top of him, bigger than Loki and able to hold him down with its own bulk.  It forced Loki back to the ground, pressing his face into the dirt as it growled loudly against his neck.  Loki struggled against it, understanding a moment too late what was truly happening.  He tried to throw the wolf off of him, bucking and thrashing from within the confines of his tangled tunic as the wolf rutted hard against him, its dick forcing itself between his legs even as he tried to pull himself away.

“No,” Loki said, trying with everything he could to get away.

The wolf held him with its teeth and its weight, its paws locked around his hips as it rutted into him.  It hadn’t found its way inside yet, but each time it came close, grazing over that part of Loki he never shared with anyone, he yelped loudly.  In shock, in fear, in pain.  He wasn’t sure, and it didn’t matter.  The wolf’s dick slid over his cunt and against his balls, each time angling to find his entrance.

“Call your friends.  I’ll have them too,” The wolf growled against Loki’s neck.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve had Æsir.”

Loki tried to throw the wolf off of him, but with its teeth on his neck and its paws around his waist, it had all the control.  Loki was still tangled and bound beneath it, helpless as the wolf rutted into him.  Then, the wolf found his entrance, driving its dick deep into his cunt.  Loki cried out, consumed by terror.  Terror at what would happen next.  Terror at being found because someone heard him scream.  He clenched his jaw tightly and tried to keep himself silent.  He could survive this.  He could deal with what came next.

He would not survive being found.  The shame alone would kill him.  He worked to free himself from his tunic, finally pulling it off of him so he had use of his arms to fight back.  Loki pushed himself onto his hands, trying to get out from under the wolf.  But the wolf bit down harder on his neck, drawing another shout as it pierced his flesh as it continued to rut against him.

Then, he felt it.  The wolf’s cock inside him started to swell, tearing him apart from the inside.  Loki tried to shove the wolf off of him, but it wasn’t the teeth on his neck that brought the next wave of pain.  Already, the wolf was locked inside him, and still its cock grew until Loki thought it might split him apart.  He held himself up on his hands, trembling beneath the wolf even as it stiffened and grunted above him.  He had seen dogs rut.  He knew how it went.  He choked back a scream, knowing he was close enough to camp to be heard.

He could not be seen like this.  Not by anyone.

Loki held his mouth shut tight as tears welled in his eyes and ran down his face.  The wolf bucked against him one final time before going still against him, while Loki’s arms trembled painfully as he held both of them up.  He didn’t dare move.  Pain consumed his body, but he still only gasped and choked back any sound he might have been able to make.

The wolf didn’t dismount him like it should have.  It didn’t give him that dignity.  It kept its teeth locked around the back of Loki’s neck, quietly growling as it breathed against him.  He could feel the wolf’s cock twitching inside him as it spilled, its seed burning his torn cunt like fire.  Loki let his breath hitch, knowing all he could do was wait it out.

“I’ve never seen an Æsir male with a cunt,” the wolf growled.  “Will it bear pups?”

Loki trembled, trying to hold himself up beneath the wolf’s weight.

“I don’t know,” he said honestly, his voice heavy and choked.

He prayed not.  Loki nearly choked on the thought.  No lover had ever seen that part of him.  He hid it, with magic and cunning, even from the men he took to bed.  And now he was pinned in the dirt, resisting every urge to wail and weep and scream from the cock locked inside him, and the seed filling him.  The wolf kept its teeth on Loki’s neck, growling and jerking its head even as Loki’s arms gave out beneath him.  Once more he was pinned with his face to the ground, ass in the air with the wolf on top of him.  Each time the wolf moved above him, each time its cock twitched inside him, it sent a shock of pain through Loki’s entire body.  He was acutely aware of the scene he presented, completely naked and mounted by a wolf, tied to its cock like a bitch in heat.

“I smelled two,” the wolf said lowly.  “Call your other female.  I’ll have her too.”

Loki could barely breathe.  He clenched his jaw shut and his eyes closed and shook his head.

“Do it, or I’ll have you for my supper,” the wolf said.

He nearly choked.  If he called for Sif, the others would come.  They would see him like this, and he would die of shame.  And yet, his life ending with a wolf’s cock buried in his cunt was no better.  He choked on his pride and made his choice.

“I won’t,” he said, fighting to force each word out.  “If it’s another cunt you want, you can have mine again.  But I will not call.”

The wolf growled and jerked its head, reminding Loki of its power.  It could break his neck of it wanted.  Then, it shifted on top of him, rutting into him as if as a reminder of what had already been done.  Loki yelped loudly as more tears fell from his eyes.

“I’ll have no Æsir funny business from you,” it said.

Loki shook his head.  With each twitch and hitch of the wolf above him, its cock sent another shock of pain through his body.  With each moment that passed, the burn between his legs grew greater.  His knees and his hips felt as though they would crumble beneath the wolf’s weight as it kept its body draped over him.  He could feel the blood running over his neck where the wolf’s teeth had torn his flesh.  It was with an agonising slowness that Loki felt its cock begin to shrink and retract until it was finally no longer inside him.  He tried once again to throw the wolf of of his body, but it sank its teeth deep into his shoulder and dismounted him.  Loki barely choked back a pained and terrified scream as it dragged him away from the clearing and back into the brush.  He fought back as hard as he could as he was pulled into a den, and continued to thrash even as it let him go at the back of the small cavern.

“Keep your word,” the wolf said, using its bulk to block the narrow exit.  “Or be my supper.”

Loki knew he couldn’t fight the wolf and win.  He was too tired to use his magic effectively, or to fight back properly.  He shook his head, simply unable to allow himself to cooperate.  He closed his legs against what he knew was coming and backed all the way against the far wall.  Then, the wolf growled lowly and stepped forward, and Loki made his choice.  He rolled over onto his knees and rested his weight on his elbows, whimpering quietly as the wolf mounted him again.  It wrapped its paws around his hips and rutted into him, its cock already hard once again and blindly thrusting forward against him.  Loki gasped sharply each time it came close, unable and unwilling to make this easier.  Even without his help, the wolf found his cunt again and drove its dick deep.  Loki tried to take solace in the knowledge that at least now he would not be seen as the wolf fucked him.  He could not be caught, naked with his ass in the air.  He let himself cry out as the wolf once again began to swell inside him, knowing he would not be heard. 

Then, he gasped in horror as he felt himself begin to respond.  He tried to close his legs tightly, as if it might force the wolf out of him, but it was already beginning to lock inside.  Disgusting and terrified, he began to fight back, trying again to push the wolf off of him, but the wolf again bit him around the neck and continued to rut.  The swell of its cock only brought a stronger reaction, and he found himself brought to completion suddenly and unexpectedly.  He closed his eyes against it, trying to shut the entire world out as he whimpered and tried to fight it.  He was horrified and disgusted with himself even as he panted through that rising crest.  He sniffed heavily at stared at the dirt in front of him, trying to pretend none of this was happening.  He tried to pretend the wolf wasn’t once again spilling inside him, and that his body hadn’t wanted it.

This time, the wolf dismounted him, twisting off of his body to lie in the dirt.  They were still tied together, the wolf panting and looking out the den’s exit, while Loki collapsed to the ground.  Even if he wanted to fight, there was nothing he could do.  He had a wolf’s cock buried in his cunt, and the wolf had teeth while he had nothing.  While the wolf stared at him, Loki began to wonder if it was truly a wolf at all.

Outside the den, the sun began to set, and the forest fell into darkness.  Loki stayed still and quiet, his eyes glued to the wolf.  Finally, as the tie was released and its cock retracted, the wolf moved to rest by the den’s exit, keeping Loki trapped inside.  He sat up, looking around the close, dark space for anything that might help him, but all that was available was dried brush and old bones.  He thought he might be able to use one as a weapon, but as he dared try to reach for one, the wolf growled lowly.

It got up again, walking purposefully toward Loki.  He tried to back away, but was quickly trapped against the back of the den.  He tried to keep his legs shut tight, but the wolf forced its head between them and pressed its snout into Loki’s cunt.  It sniffed him, burying itself in his flesh as Loki tried to squirm away.  Then, it licked him, and Loki cried out at the invasion.  The wolf pressed its paw against Loki’s belly and began lapping at him, forcing its long tongue inside his cunt.  Loki desperately tried to get away, and desperately ignored his need rising.  He didn’t know why his body reacted this way, but he didn’t want it.  He trembled and shuddered, and the wolf pulled away just enough to nudge its massive head against his thigh in a clear indication.  Not daring to disobey, Loki got back onto his knees and let the wolf mount him once more, whimpering loudly each time its dick missed his entrance and rubbed against bare flesh.  Finally, it found its way in and rutted through its cock swelling, pushing itself deep inside him.  Loki let his head rest against the ground and wept as he was once again brought to climax by the wolf’s swollen cock, already beginning to tie inside him.  He panted and whimpered, forcing himself to remain still and not be any more party to it than he needed be.  Even as his own dick grew hard between his legs, Loki refused to acknowledge any of it.

“Æsir bitches always come round,” the wolf growled in his ear.

This time, the wolf continued to rut through its tie, and Loki knew it was no wolf on top of him.  He didn’t fight his body’s urges that came in waves, letting himself moan and keen through it.  He succumbed fully, giving the wolf everything it wanted.  And even as his body ached and burned, and he spilled his own seed onto the den’s floor, he still found himself rising once more as the wolf rutted hard against him.  It didn’t stop or slow once, even as Loki wept and collapsed beneath it.  For the entire duration of the tie, the wolf took him, rutting and growling until finally its dick began to shrink and retract once more.  When it dismounted him again, Loki was left trembling and heaving.  From the pain, from the shame.  From the desperation of not being allowed to finish again.  He sat up slowly, quietly whimpering to himself as the wolf ambled away.  But this time, instead of barricading him in, the wolf left the den.  Knowing it could be a trap, and not caring, Loki got up and quickly scrambled out of the den.  Finding no sign of the wolf anywhere nearby, he took his opportunity and ran, first to collect his pack, and then to retreat to the safety of the camp.

Nobody found out.  Nobody knew.  He’d returned to camp to find everyone asleep, though no sleep came for him that night.  Nobody noticed through the rest of their journey that Loki barely slept at all, too consumed with thoughts of what had been done to him.  Not just thoughts of what might happen, and what he might need to deal with later, but what had happened in the den.  His mind kept returning to the wolf bringing him to completion again and again, in a way he had never in his life experienced.

Alone, when none were around to see, Loki had taken pleasure with his own cunt before.  But it had never quite been as he’d experienced that evening.  And it was these thoughts that consumed him.  Even upon his return to Asgard, Loki could think of little else.  His body had reacted, and he so clearly wanted it on some level, but he could not reconcile that with the terror that consumed him as the wolf forced itself on top and inside him.  He tried to ignore it.  For weeks, he tried to push it out of his mind, but he couldn’t.  For weeks, as he lay in bed in the dark and took himself in hand, his thoughts drifted back to that terror, and how his body responded to it.  Finally, he could take it no longer.  His body was trying to tell him something, and he needed to know what it was.  Despite the risk, or perhaps because of it, Loki went riding alone, beyond the city and into the forest.  He did nothing to conceal himself as he followed an unused trail, overgrown and treacherous. 

He knew what he would find there, and when a small pack of trolls gave chase, Loki urged his horse to run faster.  But the trolls were fast, and they caught up with him.  Forest trolls were small, as trolls went.  Barely bigger than he was.  But there were half a dozen of them, and they easily overpowered him and his horse.  As soon as Loki was on the ground, he knew he had made a mistake.  This wasn’t what he wanted, and he fought back with his feet and fists.  He hadn’t brought any weapons with him, and despite his efforts he was easily overpowered.  Two trolls held him down at the shoulders and tore at his clothing, while the rest killed his horse.  Soon, they all descended upon him, pawing over his body with sharp claws.  They found the laces to his breeches and Loki fought even harder as his legs were bared.

Loki screamed and thrashed as one of the trolls forced its way between his legs, baring itself from beneath its loincloth.  Its dick was already hard, and at the sight of it Loki felt his stomach drop.  Thick and barbed, it would tear him to shreds.  He kicked and twisted even as the troll forced his legs open further, and then suddenly stopped.

“It’s got a cunt,” it said.

It pinned Loki at the hips and forced itself into him, drawing a scream from Loki’s lungs that echoed through the trees.  It rutted into him, and each time it backed away, the barbs on its cock pulled and tore at him from the inside.  Loki shrieked, thrashing against the paws that held him down.  He had known this was what he would find, and yet he was terrified that he had found it.  The trolls laughed and jeered all around him as the one on top of him kept him pinned in the dirt, rutting into him with sharp grunts. 

Then, he felt it; a familiar stir as his dick began to grow hard, pressed between their bodies.  Loki dared look down toward it, ashamed that he did truly want this.  But all he could see was the troll on top of him, its face twisted grotesquely as it rutted into him.  Even through the pain, through the humiliation and shame, on some level he wanted this.  He howled in rage and fought back harder as the pack held him down and pawed at him.  The troll inside him finished with a grunt, and pulled its barbed dick out of him in a single motion, tearing him apart.  Loki shrieked as his body seized completely, unable to move and barely able to breathe.

“I want it next,” another troll said.

Loki managed to shake his head as he panted.  “No,” he said.

The troll took him anyway, moving into place.  But instead of getting on top of him, it rolled Loki over, with the others helping pull him to his knees.  The troll took him from behind, letting his dick hang hard between his legs.  He tried to fight back and escape, even as the trolls continued to hold him into place.  Then, one moved in front of him, pulling its loincloth away.  Loki shook his head, his jaw clenched tightly as it grabbed him by the face and held him.

“I’ll have your pretty little cunt next,” the troll said.

It forced its fingers into his mouth, forcing it open so it could shove its barbed cock inside.  It tore at his cheeks and his tongue, filling his mouth with the copper taste of blood.  Loki thrashed as he was fucked and bleeding from both ends, trying to scream around the dick that filled his mouth.

Then, the troll behind him spilled and pulled out, letting Loki fall to the ground.  Loki could no longer fight back.  He lay immobile, his entire body shaking as another troll held him down and rutted into him.  Each troll took him, rolling him this way and that, holding him down while the others continued to laugh at their work.  They each took their turn with him, several more than once, eventually leaving him in the dirt next to his horse’s mangled body.  Blood drained from between his legs, but never as it had done before.  He bled because the trolls had torn him to pieces.  It coated his tongue and rolled down his throat, and he thought he might be sick from that alone.  And yet, even though he never reached completion, Loki still got hard from it.  Some part of him had wanted it.  Heaving and trembling, Loki managed to pull himself to sit up and slowly put himself together.  His clothes were torn and shredded, covered in seed and blood, but he dressed anyway.  He waited until nightfall before he began making his way back to the palace unseen.

It was weeks before he healed.  Weeks of agony, burning deep inside him from being torn apart by a pack of trolls.  And still, his thoughts were consumed not just by what he had so willingly walked into, but the way he had reacted.

He had been afraid, yes.  Terrified.  But he had wanted it to happen.  He had sought it out, and as he was held down and invaded, his dick got hard.  Deep down, he knew the only thing that had got in the way was seeking out trolls and their hideous barbed cocks.  Unable to wipe it from his mind, Loki again left the palace as soon as he was healed and ready to get to the bottom of this.  He thought back to the wolf, if that’s what it had truly been, far too big inside him.  He thought back to the way his body responded to the invasion stretching and pulling him apart, and knew where he could find similar.

Loki rarely went to Jötunheimr alone, but he went this time with a plan.  He dressed in a stolen gown, hoping to control the situation a bit more easily.  He found an alehouse in Utgard, and was unsurprised to find himself almost immediately the centre of attention.  Several of the giants, nearly twice as tall as he, surrounded him, touching his face and his body as he was backed into a corner at the back of the hall.  Loki wanted to get away, but even as he found himself pinned against a wall with three large brutes before him, he felt a familiar twitch in his cock.  Again, he was terrified, and again, he knew he wanted this on some level he did not understand.

“You didn’t come all this way just to look pretty,” one of the giants said, dragging his hand over Loki’s body.

Whether he noticed or not that Loki had no shape beneath his gown, it didn’t seem to matter.  The giant took him by the wrist and began to pull him away.

“You had the last one,” another of the giants said.

“Because I found the last one.  Just like I found this one,” he said.

Loki looked up at them, wondering if it was too late to get away.  This had been a mistake, no matter how excited his cock got.

“I’m having this one.  Find the next one,” another said, grabbing Loki away and pulling him close.

Before either of the other giants could argue further, Loki found himself being dragged away to a room behind the bar.  The giant held him tightly around the arm, letting go only to fling him toward the bed.  A moment later, he dropped a coin purse on the table, and Loki realised exactly what he’d done.  He stared up at the giant as he unlaced his breeches and moved toward the bed, knowing he’d made a terrible mistake and that there was no taking it back.

“Well, get on with it,” the giant said.

His entire body trembling, Loki backed further up onto the bed, hitching his skirt so it could be more easily lifted, while still hiding himself.  He knew he should have changed his form for this as soon as the giant looked down and saw the rising tent between his legs, but it was too late.

“What the hel is this?” the giant asked.

“I—” Loki had no words to offer.

He could only watch as the giant reached forward, grabbing him by the ankle and lifting him into the air.  His skirts fell, exposing all of him, cock, cunt, and ass.  For a moment, the two of them were still and silent as the giant stared at him, holding him uncomfortably aloft.

“Huh,” the giant said finally.

Then, he settled Loki onto his side, massive hand still wrapped around his ankle, and held him open.  Loki watched, his fear rising as the giant’s dick, huge and purple, lined up with him.  Loki had come here.  He had sought this out.  And none of that mattered as the giant forced his way into his cunt.  He screamed and twisted, grabbing onto anything his fingers could reach and clutching it tightly.  The giant held his leg aloft, while straddling the other, keeping him unable to close himself against the intrusion.  He could feel himself being torn open as the giant pressed himself in, and then somehow it got worse as a sharp pain rocked through his entire body.  He went tense as he shrieked, unable to move at all as tears fell from his eyes.

“You’re a deep one,” the giant said, pausing as Loki trembled around his cock.  “You almost take all of me.”

He pulled out, slowly backing away until only the tip of his cock remained inside, holding Loki open.  Then, once more, he pressed his way in and Loki screamed again.  The giant fucked him slowly, burying himself until Loki wailed in agony, and then pulling out again.  And still, he was vaguely aware of his dick, still hard and dripping.  Loki tried to free himself from the giant’s grasp, but he held tight.  And then, as he once again forced himself deep, something else began to stir.  The same sensation when the wolf had been in him began to rise, and even though he wept and trembled, some shameful part of him wanted more.  He quit fighting and let his body do as it pleased.  He felt himself nearing that crest, even though the pain.  He trembled and shook, barely able to breathe as rode that wave on a giant’s cock.  The giant continued to fuck him, and Loki let him, holding onto whatever he could as he sobbed into a mound of furs.

The giant let go of Loki and shifted, dropping him down onto his back.  Loki watched, expecting the giant to climb on top of him, burying him beneath his body.  Instead, he hauled and handled Loki, forcing him onto his hands and knees, and before Loki could even register what was happening to him, the giant was in him again.  Loki cried out once more as his cunt was stretched open.  Then, he dropped himself to his elbows and arched his back, and that was it.  The giant fucked another climax out of him, even as he trembled and wept.  The giant’s hands on his body, holding him in place while he buried himself deep inside Loki, steadied him against the fierce trembling that shook through him.  Loki was oddly grateful for it.  In a way, it grounded him.  Even with the pain of being pulled apart and invaded too deeply, Loki’s need continued to rise.  He let himself shift and reached for his cock, stroking it while the giant fucked him.  His own touch was somehow more than he expected, and he cried out at it and rutted into his hand.  It took only a few moments before he spilled with a loud cry.  He pressed his face against the bedding as he panted and heaved, overwhelmed with confusion and pain and shame. 

The giant spilled with a sudden grunt, and Loki could feel it filling him, spilling out of his cunt and down his leg.  As the giant backed away, Loki collapsed onto the bed, his entire body shaking uncontrollably as he continued to moan and whine into the furs.

“You’re plainly new, so I’ll give you some advice for free,” the giant said as he dressed himself.  “You won’t be left alone for long.  Put yourself together and leave.”

Loki’s breath hitched at the unspoken implication.  Slowly, while the frost giant stood by and watched, Loki forced himself to move.  Each little bit he moved sent wave after wave of sharp, burning pain through his entire body, and as Loki raggedly breathed through it, he rearranged his skirts to cover himself before getting to his feet.  His eyes fell to the silver on the table, and though he had no need for it, he picked it up and clutched it tightly.  It was something real and tangible to hold onto; something for his fingers to dig into as each step he took lit his body on fire.  He could feel something running down his legs, and dared not look to see what it was.  The frost giant watched him as he held open the door, letting Loki pass through first.  Loki waited until he was alone and out of sight before taking the short route back to Asgard and to his chambers.

Loki returned to Jötunheimr a few weeks later, giving himself enough time to recover before going back for more abuse.  He’d learned that Æsir and Vanir women frequented Jötunn mead halls for silver, and that those who could endure the ordeal were paid handsomely.  He also knew that women went to Jötunn mead halls to die, and still he returned.

But it wasn’t the silver Loki was after.  He knew he should take it to keep up appearances, but he let himself be dragged away for his own perversions.  But as he thought he might be able to suppress the fear that rose inside him as another giant hauled him to a dark room, Loki’s blood ran cold as he heard a woman wailing behind a closed door.  Suddenly, he realised what he was doing, but it was too late.  The giant was less patient than the one who had taken him before, and picked him up off the ground entirely and threw him onto the bed. 

“I’ve changed my mind,” Loki said, sitting up and looking for an exit.

The giant threw the coin purse at him.  “I’ve paid,” he said.

He moved, surprisingly quick for something so big, and was on the bed with Loki an instant later.  With one enormous hand, he pinned Loki down, while the other unlaced his breeches.  Loki knew better than to fight.  He could still hear the muffled shrieks through the walls, and knew he would soon be joining them.  He tried to roll onto his side, as the other had taken him, but this giant wanted him on his back, and pinned him there.  With his dick free of his breeches, the giant lifted Loki’s skirts and paused to look at him.

“I thought he was full of horse shit,” the giant said.

He looked at Loki, a sickening grin playing over his mouth as he settled over him, forcing himself between Loki’s legs.  Already knowing to brace for the worst, Loki grabbed the giant’s arms and held tight, but nothing prepared him for the pain that came next as the giant covered his entire body and tore him open.  Loki let himself scream as the giant fucked him, hard and deep and without mercy.  He couldn’t move if he wanted to as wave after wave of pain and terror washed over him and paralysed him.  Tears ran down his face as he joined the chorus of pained shrieks that rang through the halls.  And still, despite the pain; despite the terror, his dick began to stir and grow hard between their bodies.  Even with the giant pinning him down, Loki’s screams giving way to shameful sobs, he let himself rut against the giant.  He began to feel the need rise in his cunt as well, even as it was filled and stretched by the giant’s dick.  He let himself ride out that wave of shameful pleasure, trembling and heaving as so many conflicting sensations coursed through him.

The giant held him down, pressing him into the bed as he spilled, holding Loki on his cock until every last drop had been planted.  Only then did he get up, leaving Loki shaking uncontrollably on the bed as he put himself back together.  This one did not wait for Loki to do the same.  He strode out of the room while Loki still gasped and panted for air, barely able to move at all.  He tried to force himself to sit, but everything was agony, and he could only roll onto his side.

As he finally pulled himself upright, the door opened again, and a pair of giants stepped inside.  Loki looked up at them, realising they were blocking the only exit.  His cock, still hard, twitched at the sight of them.  Loki squeezed his legs shut, holding them tight as he watched the giants close the door behind them and step over to the bed.  They paused before Loki and looked at one another for a moment.  Then, they both held out their fists to one another, bouncing them rhythmically.  On the fourth, they both held up a different number of fingers, with a clear winner being determined somehow.  Loki could only watch as the loser returned to the door to stand by, while the other grabbed Loki by the face and forced him to look the giant in the eye.  Loki’s cock strained at the touch, and he hated himself for it.  He hated himself for the small shock of excitement that coursed through him when the giant grabbed him by the neck and forced him back onto the bed, pushing his face against the mattress and pulling his ass into the air.  Loki didn’t fight it.  He didn’t resist, even as the giant pulled his hands away to free himself.  He stayed right where he was, arching himself to present better access.

“This one knows its place,” the giant by the door said.

The one behind Loki chuckled.  “I like them better when they fight.”

Without warning, his cock filled Loki.  Even as he screamed, Loki didn’t try to flee.  He settled himself to take the giant’s cock and let himself take pleasure from it, hating himself for it.  He screamed and cried, but also moaned and hissed as his body rose to respond to the abuse.  As tears ran down his face, he found release on the giant’s cock as it threatened to tear him in half.  His dick hung between his legs, hard and needy, but he rutted only against air as the giant held him by the hips and drove into him.  He held onto whatever his fingers could grab, holding the furs tight against his chest.  He screamed against them as his need from his dick became almost painful, but still he refused to do anything about it.  Not when he knew this would not be over yet.

The giant in him finished quickly, spilling deep inside Loki.  As he pulled out, Loki could feel his seed and gods knew what else running down his legs and onto the bed.  He stayed where he was, whimpering quietly and trembling as the giants traded places, and the other one settled behind him.

“It’s got a dick,” the giant said suddenly.

The other laughed.  “And a cunt tighter than anything, even after it’s been used.”

Loki sniffed harshly, holding tighter against the furs.  The anticipation of what he knew was coming thrummed through him, rising his need, but the giant continued to stall.

“What in the nine is it?” he asked.

“Exactly what you said.  A trained bitch that knows its place,” the other said.

Loki sniffed again, waiting as his body shook so hard it hurt.  His cock ached for touch he still denied it, forcing himself to remain still while he quietly sobbed into the furs.  Then, the giant took him by the hips and forced his way inside, and again Loki screamed.  Again, his need rose as the giant fucked him, and Loki no longer cared why.  He accepted it; accepted that he was perverse and depraved, and let himself ride it out through the pain that was so great, he thought it might never fade.  He let himself ride out that crest, and only then did he shift himself.  At first, the giant held him down tighter against the mattress, but Loki managed to move his hand to his dick.  He wept as he stroked himself, not sure if it was the pain or the shame that brought his tears now.

“Norns, what is this thing?” the giant watching asked.  “It’s pulling itself off.”

The giant behind him held onto him tighter as it pulled Loki back onto its cock, burying itself in him so deeply Loki saw white.

“I don’t know,” he said breathlessly as he continued to fuck Loki even harder.  “But I want to keep it.”

He dug his fingers into Loki’s flesh, squeezing him tightly as he spilled with a shout.  Held still on the giant’s cock, Loki brought himself to spend as well, gasping loudly and shuddering painfully as he spilled on the furs.  Panting and dizzy, Loki let himself go limp in the giant’s grasp, falling back to the bed as he backed away.

“Go find out if anyone owns it,” the giant said as he stood to pull his breeches back up.

“If not?” the other asked.

“Then it’s fair game, isn’t it?” he asked.  “Either way, I’m taking this one with me.”

Loki turned to look at the pair of them, watching as they both disappeared behind the door.  Forgetting all about the silver on the table, Loki sat and quickly put himself together, hissing and gasping at each painful pull within him as he moved.  He was soaked in fluids, both his own and the giants’, but it was a concern for later.  As soon as he was able, Loki returned to Asgard.

Frost giants were clearly too dangerous, even if not dangerous in the way trolls were.  Loki still found himself torn and bruised, and after taking three of the brutes, he could barely walk for days.  But he would not return to Jötunheimr for other reasons.  He knew he should have been angry about what had happened, but through the pain and the fear, he had wanted it.  Loki knew what would happen if he lingered, and he did it anyway.  Even after he was found, alone and vulnerable, he got on his hands and knees and presented his cunt like he had been trained for it.  He had gone to Jötunheimr to play the role of a whore, and he had played it too well.  If he had been any less aware of the situation around him, he knew he would have found himself chained to a bed somewhere on the Jötunn tundra.

The thought should have terrified him.  It did not terrify him enough.

He tried to keep it from his mind, but as the days passed, and the sensations faded to memory, Loki was again reminded that his hand was not good enough.  Not when he took his dick in hand, or when he filled his own cunt with his fingers.  Even if he did dare to find a dick within the city to fill him, Loki knew he would not find one that could fill him full enough. 

But he ignored it.  He knew he couldn’t keep seeking this out, because it would get him killed.  He went on with his days, pretending nothing had happened.  He did tasks for Odin, seeing to trivial matters that did not warrant the Allfather himself.  A case of missing sheep was obvious in its reason, and yet Loki chose to go alone anyway.  He found the dragon’s den not far from the farmer who came for aid, and left his horse far enough away that it would not cause him undue trouble.  But he realised as he approached that the dragon was not a beast.  It lacked the tell-tale signs of scattered carcases and dung.  Its bone pile sat neatly beside its cave, and suddenly Loki realised he had miscalculated.

Still, he would not return home without results.  He would use any tactic he could to see this task through, and as he walked toward the cave, Loki could hear the rumble of the creature inside.

This dragon was a man; or at least, it had been at one point.  And it had only recently changed, judging by the size of the shadow Loki could see in the darkness.  But men could be bargained with, if presented with the right incentives.

Loki stood at the mouth of the cave, watching as the creature inside stirred and hummed.

“Come to slay the dragon?” a deep voice from within asked.  “All by yourself?”

Loki shook his head.  “I’ve come to ask you to leave,” he said.  “Peacefully.  Without bloodshed.”

The dragon chuckled and began to uncurl itself, revealing a form slightly larger than Loki had anticipated.  It was still small for a dragon, but as it neared the mouth of the cave, he could see it was nearly twice as big as he was, before its massive wings and tail were accounted for.  Loki held his ground, every muscle in his body shouting to flee; to go get help and do this properly.  And then his dick twitched, and his mind was made up.  He held himself still as the dragon approached, sniffing at him with its rotten breath.

“What does a scrawny Æsir come to bargain with?” the dragon asked.

Loki held his arms out, presenting himself.  “Me,” he said, trying not to sound as terrified as he felt.

This was a mistake.  The dragon had once been a man, but it wasn’t one any longer.  The dragon sniffed at him again, its nostrils flaring and its pupils widening as it pressed his snout against the front of Loki’s breeches.

“I see,” it said slowly.  It arched its neck to look Loki in the eye.  “And why should I trust you?”

“Because this is my offer, and I’m asking nicely,” Loki said, letting his arms fall back to his side.  “Take what I offer, and then leave these people in peace.”

The dragon hummed lowly, vibrating the very ground Loki stood upon.  Then, it swung its massive head and knocked Loki to the ground, immediately pinning him down with its talons as it pressed its snout between his legs.  It sniffed and huffed against him, and even as Loki began to tremble with a rising fear, his dick twitched again, slowly rising as well.  The dragon noticed, pressing against him, nudging his dick with its snout.

“So Odin sends me a plaything, does he?” it asked.

Loki tried to calm his breathing.  “He does,” he said, watching the dragon’s talons tighten around his belly.

His cock strained beneath his breeches, even as his legs instinctively closed as the dragon continued to sniff about.  But he lay still, not resisting as the dragon nudged him this way and that. 

“Show me what Odin has sent me,” the dragon said, stepping back from Loki.

Loki rose to shaky feet, not having to ask for clarification.  As his hands trembled, he unlaced his breeches and let them fall round his legs, baring himself.  The dragon brought its snout close again, sniffing between his legs.  Then, its tongue darted out from its mouth, snaking under his balls and finding his cunt.  Loki gasped loudly as his knees nearly gave out from under him, both from shock and from suddenly realising what he was doing.  Again, the dragon knocked him to the ground, catching his breeches in its talons and tearing them apart to spread his legs.  It buried its snout between his legs and forced its tongue into his cunt, tasting him from the inside.  Loki gasped and trembled, his arms splayed to grab hold of anything that might keep him steady.  Pinned down at the waist by the dragon’s talons once more, he could only lie in the dirt while it explored him with its tongue, smelling and tasting as he felt his need slowly starting to rise.

“You can tell Odin I accept his offer,” the dragon said.

It bit Loki around the shoulder, holding tight as it dragged him into the den.  There were piles of stolen treasures, furs and gold and all manner of things, and it was over one of these the dragon dropped Loki so his ass was in the air.  Loki started to get up, but he stopped once he realised what was being done.  Instead of getting to his feet, Loki shifted over the tall mound, settling himself over it so he could brace himself on the floor.  The dragon was bigger than him, and he needed his cunt to be at an appropriate height if the dragon were to take it.  As the dragon mounted him, everything shifted, pressing him into the furs.  It rutted against him, both sides of its split cock failing to find an entrance as they dragged over his skin and caught awkwardly against him.  One stabbed against Loki’s balls, drawing a pained yelp from him.

“Wait,” he said, barely able to breathe through the horror of what he was doing.  “Let me make this easier.”

He was surprised when the dragon stopped, again pinning him with his talons.  Loki managed to raise his hips and shift to reach between his legs, feeling for the dragon on top of him.  He found one of its cocks, still pressed painfully against his dick, while the other was trapped against his ass.  With some careful shifting, he was able to take both and point them at his cunt.  As the dragon rutted against him again, both its cocks entering him, they splayed to pull him apart.  Loki went limp behind the creature and shouted at the intrusion.  Already he knew the dragon’s dual dicks, large though they were, would not stretch him in the right ways.  It would not find the right spots, and even as his dick strained, his cunt all but tried to clamp shut to force the dragon out.

As it rutted into him, its cocks splayed open and stuck against his inner walls as it forced himself deeper.  Loki cried out, fighting against the urge to try to get away.  Instead, he held onto the furs beneath him and bit his lip against any more screams and shouts.  He focused instead on his dick, hard and needy, and rutted against the furs he was held over, letting himself glide over them.  With his hand trapped beneath himself, he was able to reach his cock with his fingers, rutting into them while the dragon impaled him with its pointed pair of dicks.  He whimpered and groaned, wanting more that would never come.  Treacherously, he thought that if the dragon had been bigger, he might be having a better time of it.  But he spilled on his fingers as the dragon continued to rut into him, pushing itself deeper and deeper until it could push no longer.  Loki cried out as it found that sensitive spot deep inside him, pushing against it until tears fell from his eyes.  Suddenly, the dragon bucked hard against him, and he could feel it spill its seed, hot and sticky within him.

While Loki trembled and panted, the dragon dismounted him and stepped away, leaving him half naked and exposed, still bent over the furs.

“I remember Æsir cunt being better,” the dragon said.

Daring to find his feet, Loki stood to face the dragon.  He still struggled to breathe, and ignored the sticky feeling of being covered in spill from the both of them.

“But you’ve taken Odin’s offer,” Loki said with a voice that sounded shaky even to his own ear, aware he was finishing this deal with his dick out and seed dripping from his cunt.

The dragon looked at him, its head tilted to the side.

“I have,” it agreed.  “I will leave.  But if Odin wishes to un-home me again, he will have to try harder.”

Loki nodded.  “Be gone by sunrise,” he said.

For a long moment, they stared at one another.  Then, the dragon stepped out of the way, letting Loki pass.  He walked out of the cave and past his destroyed breeches, still half naked until he reached his horse and the pack upon it.

There was a pool on the other side of the realm; more of a bay that had been closed off by changing land.  But Loki knew of it well, because none dared go there.  Loki went there, because he was becoming desperate.  He could no longer find relief from his own hand, and partners he took to his bed did little for him either.  He had even begun to let them fuck him in his cunt, and still they did nothing.  He needed something more.

At the pool’s edge, Loki stripped naked and stepped into the water.  He waded up to his waist, but dared not go any further.  Standing in the water, he looked out over the far shore, lined with trees and large boulders, and thought this was a strange place to find a monster.

He didn’t have to wait long.  Soon, he saw the ripple in the water just meters away and stared at it sourly, hating it, and hating the way his dick jumped at the sight of it.  It was always his dick that wanted this; his cunt had to be persuaded even though it always wanted this more in the end, and he still did not understand it.  He forced himself to stay still as he felt something warm and soft brush against his leg, and ignored his cock jumping again in anticipation.  Loki took a step back toward the shore, carefully calculating his next moves.  He wanted to be filled; not dragged beneath the surface and never seen again.  He would not die in the name of his own greedy need.

Again, he felt something curiously explore his flesh, unable to see it through the dark, murky water.  Again, he took a step back, slowly and deliberately.  Again, his cock jumped, half hard and already needy.  Loki repeated this, letting the beast touch him, and taking a step back until the water barely came to his ankles.  Then, he sat, spread his legs wide, and leaned back onto his elbows.  He hated himself.  He hated this whole sorry thing, and already struggled to keep himself composed.  Then, he felt that touch again, trailing up his leg, and he tensed when he saw the creature.  A single long tentacle the colour of sea grass made itself known, covered in hard knobs and a row of suckers.  Biting his lip and looking up to face the sky above, Loki let his knees fall further apart to bare himself.  The tentacle snaked around his thigh, teasing him first before it entered him.  Loki gasped at it as it wriggled and writhed with him.  He dug his fingers into the mud beneath him and forced himself to keep his legs open.  Another tentacle came from the water and pressed itself inside, filling him and stealing his breath away all at once.  Loki couldn’t even scream from the invasion, too overwhelmed by the sensation.  He bucked against it, craving more as his cock stood tall and hard.  A third pressed itself inside, and Loki fell back into the water, his face just above the surface as he writhed under the beast’s touch.  It filled him like nothing else yet had, consuming him with something he had only previously tasted.  He made no sound, only breathing shallowly and raggedly as the tentacles inside him struggled to find their way deeper.

A fourth pressed inside him, and broke the spell.  He cried out as his back arched sharply, and whether he screamed in agony or ecstasy, he didn’t know.  Loki rutted into the air as the beast filled him completely, stretching him open from within and finding somehow more room for yet another to slither its way inside.  Loki trembled and whined as somehow he still wanted more.

The tentacles then began to wrap around him, holding him open and exploring the rest of his body.  The suckers attached to his skin, pulling painfully and drawing startled grunts and groans from him.  One wrapped around his neck, and he could barely breathe even as he continued to rut against the creature.  It found his cock and wrapped tightly around it, giving him something to rut against.  He thought he could feel something more being shoved inside him, buried deep, but he didn’t care.  It could be dealt with later, like everything else.  He continued to writhe and buck even as his vision began to go grey around the edges.  When he spent, he did with a shout, even as his cunt begged for more.  Finally, that wave crested over him as well, and he screamed raggedly as his entire body rocked from release.

But the creature wasn’t done with him.  It held onto him, continuing to slither and pulse within him.  Loki let it, knowing he would soon rise again and want more.  Each time he did, it came with more force than the time before, until he trembled so hard he could barely lift himself from the water.  By the time the creature was done with him, the sun had moved to a different part of the sky and the wind had shifted.  Loki stayed where he was in the water, panting and dizzy, and wanting to throw himself from the nearest ledge for what he had done.  Instead he got up, dried himself, and dressed so he could set up camp.

He stayed at the pool for a week, letting the creature take him each day.  Each time, he left the water hating himself just a little bit more.  Part of him wanted to stay there forever, living alone in the woods and allowing himself to be a plaything for a beast.  But if he did that, he knew he would surrender what little sanity he had left.  And so, after a week of camping beside a pool nobody dared visit, Loki packed up and returned to Asgard.

Loki wasn’t sure he’d be able to find it again, but it was a place he would never forget.  The clearing was forever burned into his mind, and when he came upon it, Loki stopped.  He dismounted his horse and tied it to a tree, and then sat by the water and waited.  He watched as the sun moved through the trees, and small creatures of the forest skittered about on the other side of the stream.  He waited for hours, until he heard footsteps approach.  Looking up, it was not a wolf that neared, but a man, wild and savage, and Loki recognised him despite his form.

“What have you done to me?” he asked lowly, hating the man just as much as he hated himself.

The man laughed and shook his head.  “You did bear my pups then?” he asked, stepping closer.

Loki shook his head.  “No,” he said.  “But you’ve done something to me, and I want it to stop.”

The stranger tilted his head at Loki, watching him.  “I’ve done nothing,” he said.  “Nothing I haven’t done to dozens before you, foolish enough to trespass on my property.”

Loki’s cock jumped at the mere insinuation, and he hated himself for it.  He let it do as it pleased, staying on the ground with his arms around his knees.  He watched the stranger step closer; watched the grin slowly play out over his bearded face.

“Gods, you’re a sick little puppy, aren’t you?” he asked.  “You came back for more.”

Loki wanted to sneer at the insult, but ever word of it was true.  He was sick, and perverse, and he was getting hard just thinking about what had been done to him in this very spot.

“Undo it,” he said.

The man laughed.  “I’ve done nothing,” he said, “but show you your own soul, it seems.”

Loki stood, his guts twisting up from the confusion of hating everything, and wanting nothing more than to be held down until he screamed.  He glared at the man, aware that his entire body shook with rage and need all tangled up together, and not caring.

“I don’t want this,” he said.  “Undo it.”

He was hard, and he could see the man’s eyes fall to his straining breeches.  He could feel the hitch in his own breath as he tried to figure out what in the hel he even wanted in the first place.

“All right,” the man said, striding forward suddenly.

Loki took a step back, but he was too slow.  The stranger grabbed hold of him, one hand around Loki’s neck while the other went for his breeches.  Loki struggled against him, refusing to be party to this madness any longer.  They fell to the ground as Loki struggled, kicking and clawing with everything he had.  But the stranger was bigger, and used his weight to keep Loki pinned while he tore at his laces.  Loki wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but he knew he shouldn’t want this.  Even with his dick hard and pressing against the stranger’s thigh, he knew he shouldn’t want it.  He struggled, clawing and kicking even has his breeches were pulled down around his ankles.  Loki watched in stark horror as the man shifted, taking on the form of a wolf that was all too familiar.  A disgusting thought fluttered through his mind as he wondered what it might be like to just once be raped by something that couldn’t kill him with its dick alone.  He tried to get away, but as he struggled to find his feet the wolf was on him at once, teeth and claws bearing down.  Loki screamed, knowing this time there would be no one to hear him; no one to see his shame at what was certain to come next.  He wrestled ferociously, but the wolf was stronger and pinned him to the ground.  With its teeth on Loki’s neck, it wrenched his entire body around until he was on his belly, and at that point Loki knew it was too late.

He didn’t know what he had come here expecting, but the wolf mounted him and he knew he had come from this.  Maybe not deliberately, or even knowingly, but he had come for this.  Still, he fought and thrashed as the wolf sunk its teeth into his shoulder, making sure to miss vital areas.  Loki screamed as it rutted into him, and tried to twist and bend his body to hide his cunt.  But the wolf wasn’t a wolf, and when it hitched its paws around his waist, it didn’t merely hold on.  It hoisted Loki’s hips as it rutted into him, its cock finding and teasing his cunt.  Still Loki fought.  He screamed and scratched and tried to get away, even as the wolf pulled at him.

“No!” Loki screamed as the wolf’s dick found his cunt.  “No!”

The wolf didn’t stop.  It rutted into him, growling against him as it held him tight.  Loki still fought, even as the wolf’s dick began to swell inside him; even as his cock hung hard between his legs and ached at each little touch.  Even as his cunt began to want more as the knot locked inside and hit all the right spots.  He wept as the wolf rutted into him through the tie, spilling its seed deep inside him again.  Slowly, all the fight left Loki as he was consumed by his need.  He let himself collapse onto the ground, face in the dirt and ass in the air as the wolf continued to rut into him.  His cock dripped as his cunt squeezed around the swollen dick that filled him, and he screamed as his climax rolled over him.  The wolf continued to rut into him, panting and grunting against him, and drawing yet another wave from him.  Loki gave up, fully and completely.  His face stained with shameful tears, he shifted to take himself in hand, rutting into his fingers as the wolf continued to rut into him.  Even as he spilled onto the dirt, he still wanted more.  Even as he panted and shouted through another wave of relief, it still was not enough.  There was something wrong with him.  Something deeply shameful that he would never understand.  Something that drove him to this moment, needing more even as he trembled and writhed beneath a wolf, stuck on its swollen cock buried in his cunt.

He lost count of how many times he was consumed by his lust and his need, riding that wave again and again, and as he felt the wolf finally retreating as its cock began to retract again, he collapsed and wept because it still had not been enough.  He trembled on the ground, hand still on his dick as he brought his knees up to his stomach.

There was something wrong with him, and he would never be able to control it.

“I didn’t do this to you,” the wolf said, circling around him.  “I don’t know what did this to you.”

Loki continued to tremble on the ground, terrified at having exhausted the only option he seemed to have left.  The wolf bent to stuff its nose in his cunt, sniffing at it and licking, sending another jolt straight though Loki.  But it didn’t seem to be teasing him intentionally.  After a moment it backed off and growled, walking a wide circle around him.

Eventually, it left, and slowly Loki regained his wits and dressed himself.  Sticky and filthy, he mounted his horse and fled.

The planet he crashed on was chaos; messy and loud, and obviously hostile.  He wandered through the junk heap, making his way toward the city in the distance, but he didn’t make it far.  A small band of ruffians dressed in the trash they surrounded themselves in came upon him, sneering and sniffing at him.

“Get away,” he said.

“Is it food?” one of them asked.

The one sniffing at him grabbed him between the legs, drawing a startled yelp.  Through his leather breeches, he could feel the beast’s fingers probing around, and though he grunted, Loki had learned to simply deal with these things as they happened.

“Get off of me,” he said.

“Not food,” the beast said.  “For fucking.”

Loki didn’t stand a chance.  There were too many of them.  He kicked and threw his fists into the air, but the gang quickly overpowered him, pulling his clothes free where they could reach.  He kept his legs closed tightly even as his cock grew hard.  Three of them pinned him to the ground, while two more ripped his breeches from him, exposing him to any who were around to see.

“Get off!” he shouted, thrashing beneath their hold.

One of them forced his legs open and settled between them.  Even as Loki kicked at him, he drove his cock into Loki’s cunt, and Loki hated that it was the single most unremarkable thing to ever be buried in him.  The brute was unremarkable in every way, lasting only a few seconds before spending his seed.  Loki frowned and thrashed, almost insulted that this was what he had been overpowered for.  But then the ruffian between his knees made made room, and another one of the brutes took his place, settling between Loki’s knees as he opened his trousers.  Loki watched as a slit between the brute’s legs opened, and something the size of his arm snaked out.  Shouting, Loki tried to kick away as he watched the man’s dick feel around as though it had a mind of its own.  The brute leaned over Loki, closing the gap between them as his cock found his cunt and forced its way inside.  Loki’s entire body seized at the intrusion as he screamed.  As it filled him, he felt himself begin to respond, infuriatingly wanting more as he was stretched open.  Still he thrashed.  Still he kicked and screamed as he was held down.  Even as his lust overtook his rage, and he began rutting into the brute on top of him, Loki continued to fight.

He climaxed on the thing inside him, screaming as he rode that familiar wave.  The beasts holding him down laughed as they pressed him harder into the ground.

“It likes it.  We’ll get paid good for this one,” one of them said.

The squirming dick inside him was as deep as it could possibly go, pressing into him in every way that hurt, and he could feel it spilling inside him.  When it left him, he felt empty and hollow, and used all at once.  He still struggled even as the gang shifted and another took his place between his legs.  This one had no dick at all; just a hollow opening where a dick ought to have been.  He mounted Loki, hitching his knees high to put his cunt where it was needed, and he began rutting against him.  Without being filled, Loki slowly became aware again of what exactly was being done to him.  Somehow, this was the worst one yet.  He took no pleasure from this, and without that pleasure to distract him his mind caught up with the situation.  Somehow, without a dick inside him, he became acutely aware that he was once again being raped.  He fought and struggled, grunting and growling as the brute on top of him rutted against his cunt.  When he spilled, none of his seed made it inside, and instead coated Loki with the sticky mess.

The fact that none of them seemed to laugh only made Loki realise this was incredibly normal.  Still, he fought back.  Still he shouted and thrashed as each one took their turn with him.  Another wholly unremarkable dick that neither filled him nor hit any spot he wanted.  Something long and thin that pierced straight through him and made him scream like he had never screamed before.  One more squirming, prehensile cock that made his body respond in a shameful, familiar way, making him forget for a moment the horrors of what was happening.  He realised they were coming back to him for a second round, and by then he had run out of energy to fight.  By then he could only tremble and pant as he was fucked and filled.  They only stopped when he could no longer move, and then he was bound and hauled away.

He lay on the bed, arms bound above his head and his shoulders aching.  The beast that had bought him for the night had been inside him for hours, entering him with a dozen wiggling fingers that filled and stretched him.  It didn’t rut against him; only laying near motionless between his knees while Loki trembled and writhed beneath its bulk.  Instead, Loki continued to rut against it, whimpering for release that never came.  The man who called himself Loki’s owner was cruel, but his clients were worse, and the thing on top of Loki was no exception.

He had found climax over a dozen times, now trembling and barely able to breathe, while the thing on top of him showed no sign of nearing completion.  As it moved and squirmed inside him, it only rose his lust again, each time taking longer and longer to crest, and each time less fulfilling than the time before.  But he didn’t dare fight.  He didn’t dare try to free himself.  If he did, he would be punished.  But if he pleased the client that lay on him like a beached whale, Loki would be rewarded.  So he took what he could get from it, hoping he could encourage it to spill and be done with him.