The Cat’s Away (2,694 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Loki/Sif
Characters: Loki, Sif
Additional Tags: Adultery

Summary: It all starts when a mission takes Thor away from Asgard for longer than expected.

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The invitation to go riding was unexpected, but not entirely unwanted.  Thor had been sent on a mission for Odin, and was taking his time in coming back.  It left the rest of them directionless and bored, with little to occupy themselves with outside of the mead hall.  Even Loki found himself growing bored with his own tasks before too long, seeking distraction from any source available.

And Sif was clearly very bored indeed, if Loki had suddenly seemed like a worthy riding partner.  Still, Loki kitted up and joined her, riding a trail along Asgard’s rocky coast, not even questioning why she had invited him and only him until well into the ride.  Spray rose from the heaving sea to their right, resisting the flow into the void as water cascaded off the rocky edges and into the vastness of space beyond.  But it wasn’t the spray or the sea that concerned Loki as they rode on.  It was the destination, and as Sif halted and dismounted atop a steep, sandy embankment, Loki realised he had misread Sif’s invitation entirely.

“Here?  Truly?” he asked, dismounting as well to peer over the embankment to the small inlet below.

Sif tied her horse to a spike and looked over her shoulder to him, wearing her doubt like a mask.

“You’ve been here before?” she asked.

“Everybody’s been here,” Loki said.  “It’s not exactly a secret.”

Still, he tied his horse off with hers and watched as she shot him a challenging look before turning to climb down the embankment.  She got halfway down before Loki dared to look around to check for any traps or ambushes.  But he saw evidence of neither, so he gave in and followed her down.  The sand was loose and dry, crumbling beneath his feet as went down backwards, keeping himself from falling by holding onto the dry, scrubby grass that managed to grow there.

He found Sif at the bottom, already getting comfortable in the warm sand, sitting just beyond the surf and looking out at the endless expanse beyond the water.  As Loki approached, she cast another glance over her shoulder to him, before returning her attention to what lay ahead.  But Loki didn’t join her.  He stood over her, hands on his hips as he examined their surroundings.  He wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some sort of plot to catch him out and embarrass him, but he wasn’t convinced it was either.  If it wasn’t some cruel trick, and Sif had invited him along out of sheer boredom, Loki couldn’t imagine why she’d have picked him of all people.  If it was, well.  Loki could simply call her bluff and turn the tables.  And if he was going to call her bluff, Loki wondered exactly how far she’d allow things to continue.

Sighing, Loki conjured a blanket and laid it out on the ground beside her.  She looked over at him, and he thought for a moment he could see the ghost of a frown play across her face.

“You could have at least come prepared,” Loki said as he sat on the blanket.  “One might suspect you’re the one who’s never come here.”

He pulled off his boots and set them aside in the sand, making sure the blanket stayed as clean as possible.  After a long moment, Sif finally relented and crawled over to join him, bringing sand with her.

“Hey,” Loki said, trying to clear as much of it away as possible.

“Are you always this fussy?” Sif asked.  “You’re worse than the girls Fandral follows around.”

“How would you know?” Loki asked.

Sif frowned at him, but he ignored it and rested back on his elbows, his legs stretched out over the blanket.  He looked up at her, waiting for her to make the first move.  But she didn’t.  She looked back at him, briefly letting her nerves show.  It only served to make Loki even more uncertain about her motives behind bringing him here, and he resisted the urge to again look around and check for some sort of ambush.

“If I were an honourable man, I’d be riding back to Asgard right now,” Loki said.

His words drew a quiet huff from Sif.  “If Thor were an honourable man, he’d have returned by now,” she said.

The thought again crossed Loki’s mind that this was some sort of set up.  Thor and Sif weren’t married, but that didn’t do much to lessen the crime Loki found himself wanting more and more to commit.  Thor didn’t deserve her.  He didn’t appreciate her properly, and he’d never treat her accordingly.

Loki was suddenly aware of just how close they were to one another.  And she was aware as well.  He could see it, in the way she looked at him, and then briefly at the inlet around them.  Loki dared to move closer, to close the gap between them, expecting her to move away.  But she only stared at him.  Then, he closed that gap completely, bringing his mouth to hers in a cautious kiss.  But it wasn’t until he brought his hand up to her neck that she finally pulled away, all of the challenge and daring washing away completely.  She was nervous.  Loki had never seen Sif nervous in his entire life, and now a mere breath away, she was consumed by it.

“Ah,” Loki said.

He sat back, putting more distance between them still.  He had called her bluff after all.  And worse, he was still stung by the rejection.

“I see.”  He moved away from her, reaching for his boots as he sat up all the way.

“Loki,” Sif said, reaching out for him.

Loki spared her only the briefest glance.  “I’ve no intention of telling Thor about this,” he said.  “You needn’t worry about that.”

“Wait,” Sif said.

Her hand was on his wrist, staying his hand before he could pull his boots back on.  He looked back at her, no longer wanting to play this game.  She had brought him all the way out there only to reject him, and Loki wondered if that had been the plan all along.  Not to lead him on and make him turn her down, but to make him think he ever had a chance to begin with.

“I think you and I both know this ends poorly,” he said.

He didn’t expect Sif to kiss him.  He didn’t expect her hand on the side of his face, or her lips on his own, and it took a few moments for him to remember to respond.  When he finally did, he leaned into her, opening his mouth to let her in. 

“I think I want it to,” Sif said after a moment.

Loki wanted to point out that it ended worse for him.  He should have pointed out that he was the one committing the crime, and not her.  Instead, he shifted to let her straddle him, feeling her weight against him as he tried to find flesh to explore with his fingers.  His kisses left her mouth, trailing along her jaw and down her neck while his hands tried to find a way to free her from her clothing.  He found her tunic tucked into the waistband of her breeches and pulled it free, exposing her belly to his touch.  She wore nothing beneath it, allowing Loki’s hands to freely explore while hers worked to unlace his breeches.  He was suddenly brought back round to reality as Sif’s hands found their way onto his flesh, drawing his attention with a sharp hiss.

“This ends very poorly,” he said against her neck.

He was momentarily glad that she didn’t wear a skirt.  It gave him the time to truly consider what he was doing, and to put a stop to it.  Instead, he took her breasts in his hands and arched into her touch as her hand stroked his cock.  The line had been crossed and there was no going back.  The only way was forward, and nothing was stopping them.  Her skin on his tongue and in his hands was maddening, and there was no stopping now.

Loki managed to pull his hands away from her, only to find the laces on her breeches.  He could feel her shape through them, but he could not feel her, and they had to go.  Once untied, he was able to reach his hand into them, feeling her with the back of her fingers.  She was wet with desire, and for the first time Loki dared to think this didn’t end with some sort of horrible trick played against him.  He dared to think that her judgement was just as poor as his as she rocked her body against him, moving in time with her hand on him.  He tried to feel more of her, but he couldn’t reach her from this angle, and moved his hand to around to her ass instead.  With her breeches loose, he could feel her curves and guide her body closer against his.  Her breeches were still the only thing between them, and he wanted to roll her onto her back and pull them off of her.  But he didn’t, because they were the only thing between them, keeping them from making the biggest mistake of their lives.  She rutted against him, teasing his cock with her fingers and cool leather as his mouth and hands explored her flesh.  Her hand on the back of his neck pulled him even closer to her, holding their bodies together.

Then, she pulled away again, and for a moment Loki thought she had come to her senses when he could not, and put an end to their madness.  Instead, she shed her breeches and boots before straddling him again.  Bare below the waist, she rutted against him again.  Without the leather in the way, Loki was able to feel more of her.  Not just with his hands as he explored her flesh.  She rutted against his cock, not riding it, but still teasing it.  He tried to lift her body to bury himself inside of her properly, but she fought against him.  It was for the best, and it drove him mad. 

His mouth found hers again as he let one hand trail away from her ass and back up her body to her breast, wanting all of her.  He should have been halfway back to Asgard by then, but Loki was not an honourable man.

“We shouldn’t do this,” Loki managed to say, still doing nothing to stop any of it.  “We need to stop.”

He again tried to pull her body onto his cock, and was surprised when this time Sif let him.  He gasped loudly as she sunk herself onto him, leaving all wit and reason behind.  His entire body trembled as he resisted every urge to roll her onto her back and fuck her until she screamed his name.  Instead, he held her waist tightly, letting her ride him to madness.  He let himself moan quietly against her flesh as she panted above him.  He tried to guide her body against his, but she maintained control, moving with a slow purpose on top of him. 

Loki nipped and kissed her neck, drawing a line from her jaw down to her collar bone, and as she slowed on top of him, he let himself whine desperately.

“You’re right,” Sif said.  “We shouldn’t.”

She pulled away from him, still slowly riding his cock.  Loki looked up at her, without a single clue of what he should do.  The deed had been done, and anything going forward was moot.  And still, Sif rode him, slowly and languidly, the same dilemma playing out across her face.  Uncertain and wary, and yet she had just as much power to end this as he did.  And like Loki, Sif did nothing to stop any of it.  She could have got up and left him in the sand, but instead she continued to ride him slowly, her eyes cast downward as if to avoid meeting his.

There was no turning back.  The deed had been done, whether or not they stopped now.  Shaking his head, Loki did what he knew he shouldn’t and rolled her onto her back, pinning her to the ground beneath him.  She cried out in shock, but she didn’t fight against him.  Even as he mounted her, driving himself deep inside her again, she arched her body into his.  He braced himself against the soft sand beneath them, trying to find leverage as he tried to fuck his name from her lips.  He couldn’t touch her like he wanted like this, but he could taste her.  He dragged his teeth and tongue over the exposed flesh of her neck as he let himself get lost in her body.  He moaned and panted against her neck, and soon she rose to meet him, her hot breath against his own neck.  She cried out beneath him, wordless and feral, and again Loki realised what he was doing.  Only this time, he did not care.  He fucked her until he was dizzy, finding renewed vigour as her nails dug into his back.  One of his hands found hers, lacing their fingers together as she cried out again and again, though not with his name on her lips. 

He barely noticed her pushing back, until she shoved hard against his chest.  Confused, Loki stopped to look at her, and then the world turned upside down.  She was on top of him again, her hands on his shoulders pinning him on his back as she rode him once more.  Loki took her by the hips, not to guide her but to feel her moving beneath his hands.  He dug his nails into her skin and she cried out again, and again, and again, louder and higher each time.

“Loki,” Sif gasped, a moment later going still on top of him.

Loki held her against him for a moment before bidding her to move again.  He managed to pull himself up to wrap his arms around her waist, bucking beneath her and holding her close against him.  The deed had been done, but now he intended to claim her fully.  He spent with a loud groan, holding their bodies together as he panted and trembled through the last of it.  Sif stayed on top of him, even as he let her go and began to grow soft.  She only rolled off of him as he fell out of her, both still panting quietly.

“He’ll have my head for this,” Loki said, looking over to see his seed spilling down the inside of her thigh.

“He’ll have both our heads for this,” Sif said as she pulled her breeches back on.  “He can never know, and this can never happen again.”

Loki nodded and quickly laced his own breeches back up.

“It’s for the best,” he said.

He watched as she put herself back together, tucking everything back up to hide any evidence of their coupling.  Loki did the same, making sure everything was straight and tidy before pulling his boots back on.  He still had sand against his skin, itching in places he couldn’t scratch without taking everything off, but he’d have to live with it until they returned to the palace.  Already regretting everything, Loki vanished the blanket to dispose of the evidence and sighed.  He looked up the embankment, which suddenly seemed so much higher than it had when he’d climbed down it.

“We went riding together.  We should return together,” he said.

He didn’t want to return together.  He wanted to return in the shadows and avoid being seen with Sif at all.  Looking skyward and praying Heimdall’s attention had been focused elsewhere, Loki sighed and headed over to climb back up the embankment to the horses.  Together, the two of them climbed up silently, neither saying a word as even as they reached the top.  The ride back to the city wasn’t a long one, but as he mounted his horse, Loki knew it would be the longest ride of his life.