So Good for Me (2,154 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Pairings: Thor/Loki
Characters: Thor, Loki
Additional Tags: dubcon, intersex!loki, incest

Summary: Thor pays Loki a visit. It’s not the first time.

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The air was hot, and as the day wore on, it drained Loki of energy.  Summers on Asgard were slow and languid, and just one of the many, many things Loki had learned to tolerate.

He left Thor to flirt with Sif and made his way back to the palace, and to his chambers.  He never wore his true form whilst in public.  His existence and circumstances were no secret, but it always seemed easier to let everyone quietly pretend to have forgotten.  But once he was in the solitude of his own chambers, Loki let his disguise drop.  He never knew if the magic truly stifled and suffocated him, or if he only imagined it, but he felt better in his own skin all the same.

Next, he shed the heavy layers of wool and leather, trading it all for sheer linen breeches and nothing else.  The cool breeze that blew through his windows was a welcome relief on his bare skin, but he still had little energy for anything beyond taking a book to bed.

Loki had hoped that Thor had been distracted for the evening, but at the sound of footsteps outside his bedchamber, Loki sighed.  He didn’t look up as Thor let himself in, or as Thor climbed into his bed.

“Take your boots off, please,” Loki said.

Thor snorted, but he sat up to remove his boots all the same.  Then, he climbed all the way onto the bed, sitting close so their bodies touched.  Loki slowly closed his eyes, not wanting the attention.  As Thor wrapped his arms around Loki’s bare waist, Loki tried to shove him off with his shoulder, but Thor either didn’t get the hint, or didn’t care.

“I was wondering where you’d gone,” Thor said, crowding Loki further.

Again, Loki tried to shove him off, and again Thor ignored him.  Since it obviously wasn’t working, Loki gave up trying and focused on his book.

“I was tired,” he said.

Thor’s hand dropped deliberately between Loki’s legs, making him tense at the touch.

“Not tired enough to be asleep,” Thor said.  He nipped at Loki’s shoulder and dragged his other hand down Loki’s back.  “I’ll wear you out, then you can get to sleep later.”

Loki shook his head.  “I’d rather not,” he said.

Thor squeezed his cock through his breeches.  “No?” he asked.  He squeezed again, making Loki’s cock twitch in his grip.  “Are you sure about that?”

“I’m quite sure,” Loki said, even as his cock responded beneath Thor’s continued touch. 

He clenched his jaw tightly and focused on the page.  He no longer read the words, but stared blankly ahead at them, hoping that maybe if he didn’t respond, Thor would leave.  With Loki’s cock half hard, Thor let his hand trail further down, drawing a line over his balls and cupping them so the tips of his fingers just barely brushed against Loki’s cunt.  The only thing between Thor’s fingers and Loki’s flesh was a thin layer of linen, and it did nothing to dull the touch.  His cock only grew harder, even as he tried to pretend Thor wasn’t there, with his hands on him.

Thor moved his hand away, only to unlace Loki’s breeches and slide his way in.  Again, Loki inhaled sharply and tensed at his touch.  Thor’s hand on his cock, stroking him lightly brought him fully hard, and that was the end of any argument he could mount.  Then, Thor moved his hand down again, because it was always Loki’s cunt he wanted.  He could use Loki’s cock to get him pliant and receptive, but it was never the centre of Thor’s focus.  Thor dragged his fingers over Loki’s opening, keeping his touch light enough to tease and nothing more.

“You’re so good for me,” Thor said against his skin.  “You’ll do what I ask, won’t you?”

Taking a deep breath, Loki nodded. 

“Nobody knows about this, but us,” Thor said, still teasing his cunt.  “It’s our secret.  If anyone knew, they’d want you too.  And they won’t make you feel good like I do.”

He breached Loki’s folds, but still didn’t enter him fully yet.  Thor still teased him, running slow, languid circles around his opening as Loki stayed focused on the book before him.  He ignored the way Thor not-so-accidentally brushed his cock every now and then, giving it just enough attention to keep it hard and wanting.

Then, Thor’s fingers finally entered him, and Loki could not stop the gasp that escaped him.

“I make you feel good, don’t I?” Thor said.

Loki inhaled sharply and nodded.  He gave up trying to resist and set his book aside, letting Thor take what he wanted.  Thor fucked him with his fingers with even, deliberate strokes, keeping his dick hard so the invasion wasn’t enough to make Loki want to push him off, but not giving him enough to truly want more.

“You take me so well,” Thor said against his skin.  “Will you take all of me tonight?”

Loki dared to look over at him as a heavy weight fell over his chest.

“Isn’t this enough?” he asked.

Thor chuckled lowly and moved his hand to stroke Loki’s cock again, keeping a light grip on it as he moved his fingers along the shaft.  Loki stifled a quiet moan as he screwed his eyes shut and tried not to move into Thor’s hand.  It was the same thing every time, and he knew better.  Still, he gave in and rolled his hips along with Thor’s gentle stroking, and that was it.  Again, Thor removed his hand, leaving him wanting more.  Then, Thor’s fingers were back inside him, still not giving him anything he wanted.

“Make more room for me,” Thor said.

His hands trembling, Loki obeyed.  He opened his breeches as wide as they would go, pulling the laces so loose they fell out.  He spread his legs wider, giving Thor better access, and let himself lean back against the pillows behind him.

“That’s a good girl,” Thor said.

Loki frowned, forcing himself to go still even as Thor continued to fuck him with his fingers.

“I’m not a girl,” he said.

“No?” asked Thor.  He pressed his fingers in deep, as far as they could go.  “Then what is this?”

“I’m not…” Loki said, trying to ignore the needy strain in his cock and the invasion of Thor’s fingers inside him.

“You can fool the rest of Asgard,” Thor said, filling him and stretching him slowly.  “But we both know the truth.  And sisters have to do as their brothers say.  And look how well you obey me.  You give me everything I want and make me feel good.”

Loki bit his lip and leaned back to look at the ceiling.  Thor ignored his cock, invading his body until Loki finally gave in to his need.

“I’ll take all of you tonight,” he said.

Thor pulled his hand away, leaving Loki empty while he sat up and pulled his breeches away.  Loki lay naked beneath Thor, looking up at him as he unlaced his own breeches.  He freed his cock, hard and already dripping, and let it bounce lazily before him as he stared down at Loki.  Staring back at him, Loki felt compelled to close his legs.  He squeezed his thighs tightly together, even though it was too late.  Thor pulled his legs apart and settled between them, letting his cock brush up against his opening.  For a moment, Thor held himself above Loki, breathing raggedly as he raked his eyes over Loki’s naked form.  Then, he lowered himself so his body was pressed against Loki’s, holding him down with his weight and caging him with his arms.

“I’ll make you feel good,” Thor said against his neck.  “The same way you make me feel good.”

He moved, and then he was inside of Loki, his cock buried deep in one swift motion.  Loki gasped out, his every muscle trembling against the urge to fight back, to scream, to flee.  Loki tried to focus on his cock pressed between them, and tried to roll into Thor for relief, but however much his cock wanted the attention, Loki couldn’t force himself to use Thor’s body to get it.  Thor rutted slowly against him, nipping his flesh with his teeth and humming quietly against him. 

“You feel so good on me, Loki,” Thor said.  “You’re so good for me.”

Even with his own cock wanting more, his cunt fought against Thor’s cock.  He hissed quietly against the pain, and choked back a whimper each time Thor pushed himself too deep.  Thor was a heavy weight on him, not letting Loki move to even find a more comfortable position.  He tried to use his knees to encourage Thor to move away, but all it did was lead Thor to move faster inside him.

Loki whined quietly, trying to pull himself away, but Thor only held him close.

“You’re so good,” Thor said.

Loki whined again.  “You’re too deep,” he said.

Thor did nothing to fix the problem.  He kept Loki pinned right where he was, rutting into him as deep as he would go.

“Relax,” he said.  “I know you can take me.  You’re so good at it.”

Loki finally managed to shift beneath Thor, giving himself a little more room to breathe.

“Nobody else will ever have you like this,” Thor said.  “You’re so precious to me.  I’ll never let anyone have you.”

He slowed again, drawing himself almost all the way out, before pressing deep inside again.  Loki gasped loudly, unable to do anything to stop this.  Thor was on top of him and inside of him, and Loki obeyed him because Thor was right.  Thor was his brother, bigger and older and stronger, and it was Loki’s role to obey him.  And if Thor wanted his body for pleasure, it was Loki’s role to give it to him.

“Show me how good I make you feel,” Thor said.  “Show me what you won’t show anyone else.”

With a deep breath, Loki forced himself to rut against Thor, using his body to give his cock what it wanted.  He closed his eyes and pretended it was anyone else on top of him, his cock’s wants at odds with his mind rebelling against everything that was happening; rebelling against the knowledge that it was his brother’s cock deep inside him, filling him to the point of pain.  He had to fight against his own mind, and focused only on his cock.  He rutted hard and fast, Thor matching his speed as he drove his cock into him deep and hard so that he had to bite his lip to muffle his shouts.

Finally, he spent with a harsh shudder, his seed spilling out and coating them both.  He panted and tried to look away, praying it was enough for Thor.

“You’re so good,” Thor said against him, still moving hard and fast inside him.  “You’re so good for me.  You’ll always be mine.”

Sometimes, Thor was able to keep his wits about him, but Loki abruptly realised today was not one of those days.  Thor shifted to hold him down, pressing him into the bed as he rutted into him, gasping and moaning quietly with each painful thrust.

“No, please, no, no, no,” Loki said, unable to move his arms to push Thor off.

Thor spent with a loud grunt, holding his cock deep inside Loki.  He panted heavily, still keeping Loki pinned beneath him.  But the fight had left.  It was too late, and there was nothing left to do to stop it.  It was not the first time, by far, that Thor had spent inside him, and Loki had long since learned how to deal with it.

“You’re so good,” Thor said, bending to nip against Loki’s flesh again, drawing his teeth over his chest.  “So good.  Shall I stay for the night?”

Loki looked over to the window, and the growing darkness of twilight.  The worst had been done, and was a problem for Loki to deal with later.

“If you wish,” Loki said, knowing what Thor was truly asking.  Knowing that he would take his brother’s cock half a dozen times and get no sleep.

Thor finally rolled off of him, leaving him naked and exposed in the air.

“You always know what I want to hear,” Thor said.

He sat up to undress himself finally, before lying beside Loki to press their bodies together.  Loki lay stiff and still on the bed, letting Thor do as he pleased.

“I thank the Norns every day for being blessed with you,” Thor said.  “You take me so well.  And I make you feel good.”

Loki nodded.  “You make me feel good,” he said, trying to ignore the hollow emptiness that grew greater inside him each time Thor paid him a visit.