Is This What You Want? (7,639 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Loki/Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Additional Tags: intersex!Loki, dubcon, revoked consent

Summary: Loki has grown resigned to Thor’s nightly habits. That doesn’t mean he likes it.

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They shared a bed for years as children, until Thor suddenly left the nursery.  When he asked why, the only answer Loki ever received was that it was time for Thor to move on.  It was a simple answer, which Loki accepted, eagerly awaiting it to be his time to move on and start doing more grown up things like his brother.

Thor’s abrupt departure from the nursery had gone completely forgotten when years later, they went on their first camping trip together.  Along with other boys their age, they were led out to the woods for a week to learn how to hunt and fish and fend for themselves if ever they needed.  Sharing a small tent was hardly a concern, though now Loki was old enough to know caution.  Frigga hadn’t wanted him going on the trip at all, but Loki didn’t want to be left out, and Odin insisted appearances be kept up.  Loki was not to bathe around the other boys, or allow them to get too close, but Thor was surely the exception.  Still, he slept in his smallclothes, even as Thor stripped completely to let his air out overnight.  There wasn’t room for space between them in the small tent, so they spent a moment getting comfortable around one another, shifting and settling until Thor gave up and draped his arm over Loki’s side.  Despite the closeness, and the now unfamiliar sensation of sharing a bed, Loki drifted off to sleep, tired from the day’s events.

He woke in the night from being gently rocked back and forth.  At first, he thought Thor was trying to wake him for something, but he wasn’t saying anything.  His arm was still wrapped around Loki’s waist, this time so tightly it nearly hurt.  But somehow, Thor was rocking him.  Not with his hand, but somehow with his body.

Then, Loki jolted wide awake as he realised the sensation behind him.  Thor held him tightly as he slowly rutted into him, his cock pressed hard against Loki’s backside.  Unsure what to do, Loki simply froze.  He barely managed to breathe as Thor slowly pressed himself against Loki and retreated again, though their bodies were pressed so tightly together his cock remained a constant presence against Loki.

With a deep, shuddering breath, Loki wondered if he ought to scream for help.  He knew this was precisely what Frigga had been afraid of, though he had never for a moment thought he would have to worry about Thor.  It was the other boys Frigga had been so afraid of.  The other boys, who would not hesitate to take advantage if they knew he was different.  It was because of that Loki didn’t scream.  If he screamed, others would come and see Thor doing this to him.  Even though he wore his smallclothes, they would still wonder why. 

“Thor,” he said softly, hoping to find the answer to that question himself.

Behind him, Thor only moaned softly against his ear and held him tighter.  At that moment, Loki realised Thor was still asleep.  Now, afraid of what might happen if Thor woke, Loki lay still again as Thor continued to rut lazily against him.  While Loki had never dared show himself to another person, he still knew how this worked.  He had taken himself in hand enough times to know.  Too afraid to do anything else, he lay still as Thor rutted against him, knowing at least that despite the discomfort, he was not truly in any danger.  As long as Thor stayed asleep, this was just an unfortunate incident he might have slept through under different circumstances.

He realised that Thor had begun to slow down finally, no longer rutting against Loki and instead holding him uncomfortably close.  Thor’s cock was still hard against him, but it seemed as though the worst was over.  Loki tried to ignore the sensation behind him, and Thor’s tight grip around him and willed himself to go back to sleep.  But it was no use.  He was far too aware of all of it, and far too afraid of what would happen if someone did happen to stumble in on them for some reason.  Then, Thor began rutting against him again, and Loki squeezed his eyes shut and pretended to be asleep as well.  He got no sleep through the night, unable to relax as Thor continued to cycle through holding Loki against his cock and rutting against him.  As light began to pierce the fabric of the tent, he could feel something change behind him.  Thor moved a bit differently, and suddenly rolled over with a confused groan.

In the small space, Thor taking himself in hand was unmistakable.  But still, Loki pretended to be asleep, not calling attention to the fact that he had lay awake all night as Thor unwittingly molested him.

They had only packed one tent for the two of them, and Loki didn’t dare take his chances with another boy.  With no other options, he went to bed with Thor the following night, hoping maybe the whole thing had been an unfortunate accident.  If not, he hoped his exhaustion might let him sleep through it.

That was the night Loki learned two things.  He learned he was a painfully light sleeper, woken by the smallest of movement around him.  And he learned that Thor rutted in his sleep as a matter of habit.  By the end of the week, Loki had accepted both these facts as truth, and as Thor rutted against him, he waited it out in silence, until Thor finally rolled over to finish the job himself.



Conditions were rough, and travel hard, making them late to their destination.  Loki hated these trips, because somehow, disaster always befell somewhere along the line.  Even trips like this, which weren’t mired in some sort of disaster from the offset never seemed to go to plan, and now as they rode into the village, half asleep on their horses, it was well into the darkest part of night already.  Thor had to wake the man who was meant to meet them, pounding on his door until he finally answered and let them in.

Loki knew the accommodations were not going to be stellar, but his heart sank at the sight of the bed closet they were all led to as a group.  There were three beds, which were just barely enough as it was.  Except one was already occupied by the host and their wife, leaving only two remaining for the six of them.

Too tired to bicker, they began to undress for bed.  Looking at his choices, Loki knew it would come down to either sharing a bed with Thor and all that came with it, or sharing with Volstagg and being crushed in the night.  Hoping that with Sif already getting into bed with Thor, Loki might be spared of the worst of it, he gave in to the only real choice he had if he intended to get through the night alive.  As he undressed to his smallclothes, Loki realised he had taken too long to make up his mind, and that the arrangements had already fallen against his favour.  Sif had settled against the wall, putting Thor between the two of them.

“You two need to switch,” he said, standing by the bed.

“Loki, just go to sleep,” Sif said, her voice already heavy and slow.

Loki glared down at the two of them, hating them both.  But Sif was on her side, and Thor curled up around her, so Loki took a deep breath and got beneath the crowded blankets with them.  Once he was settled, he barely had the time to be irritated with the situation before falling asleep.

He woke again, not knowing how long he had been asleep.  The room was silent and still cast in darkness, but it was nothing from the room around them that woke him.  It was the arm around his waist, holding him down, and the thumb stroking against his belly in lazy circles that woke him.  It was being rhythmically rocked forward that woke him.  It was his brother’s prick, pressed hard against his backside that woke him.  Thor rutted against him, moaning quietly against Loki’s neck, and Loki wanted to scream.  Instead, he tried to push Thor off, but Thor held tightly to him, not letting him go.

“Thor,” Loki whispered harshly, careful not to be so loud that he woke anyone else up.

Thor didn’t respond, and Loki didn’t dare try again.  The only way to wake Thor would be to wake everyone else, and then he’d have a new problem to deal with.  He stayed still, cringing each time Thor’s bare cock slid high enough to touch Loki’s back, exposed above his linen breeches.  If he screamed, it wouldn’t be for help.  It would be in rage, sparked hotter and hotter each time bare flesh touched bare flesh.  He was already nearly falling off the edge of the bed, and had nowhere else to escape as Thor pressed their bodies together.  In a twisted way, he was glad Thor held him close, if only to keep him from falling and waking everybody up.  He tried to push himself against Thor, urging him to move back and make more room for him, but it didn’t work.  But if that wasn’t going to work, Loki could at least move himself so he didn’t have to feel Thor’s prick against his bare skin.  He tried to hitch himself closer to the headboard, shifting so Thor’s cock instead slid neatly into the crack of his ass.  Loki cringed again as Thor held him even tighter, his unconscious mind taking an invitation that wasn’t there.  Thor moved against him, hitching Loki up just that much higher, and his cock moved again to fall between Loki’s legs.  Loki froze, holding his legs together tightly to deny Thor any further access.  Thor moaned against his neck as his hand moved away from Loki’s waist, trailing down instead.  It all happened so quickly that Loki barely had the time to shift his own priorities.  Still concerned with Thor’s cock dangerously close to going where Loki could never allow, his hand found Loki’s cock.  Loki jumped, and as he pulled Thor’s hand away, Thor’s cock suddenly found itself between Loki’s legs, making his blood run cold.  Thor’s prick dragged over his cunt as he rutted against Loki, pressing against his balls with each thrust forward.  There was nowhere to go except out, but as Loki tried to remove himself from bed, Thor wrapped his arm around Loki once more.  Instead of holding him around the waist, Thor held him around the hips instead, his hand gripping the waistband of Loki’s linen breeches.  Loki looked out at the room, and those sleeping ignorantly around him, and let himself go still so he didn’t wake anyone.  With Sif beside them, on Thor’s other side, he wondered what would happen if she woke.  It was an answer he realised he didn’t want, and he prayed she was a heavy sleeper.

Thor continued to rut against him, holding him tightly and moaning quietly against him.  He began to slow, but Loki knew it would only be a brief reprieve.  Still, as Thor pressed their bodies together, his cock pressed between Loki’s legs, Loki remained still and silent.  He glared out at the darkness in front of him, wondering if there might be a way to encourage Thor to get this over with quickly.  That thought fled his mind when Thor’s hand moved from his waistband and drifted down to his cock instead.  Thor squeezed it through his linen breeches, drawing a pained and startled gasp from Loki as he flinched hard enough to rock the entire bed.

“No,” he said breathlessly, grabbing Thor by the wrist and pulling him away.

Thor gripped him tighter around the waist, so hard it nearly pulled the breath from him, and began rutting against him even harder than before.  Loki continued to stare out into the darkness, holding his breath against the air that wanted to escape his lungs in bursts each time Thor rutted against him.  It was a quick burst of energy from Thor, and he soon slowed and stilled again.  This time, as Loki tried to free himself from Thor’s grip, it worked.  Thor rolled over, and Loki realised sickeningly that Sif was no longer in bed with them.  Loki had apparently been asleep deeply enough to have missed her fleeing, and he wondered when that had happened.  With a bit more space between them now, Loki settled away from the edge of the bed, wondering if he should take her lead and find somewhere else to be.  But he was tired enough that getting up and trying to find somewhere else suitable to sleep was far too daunting of a task.  Yet, he wasn’t tired enough to manage to get back to sleep, too acutely aware of Thor sleeping next to him.  It seemed like only a few minutes before Thor rolled back over, and as he wrapped his arm around Loki’s waist Loki stayed still and silent.  He had long lost count of the amount of times he had lost sleep to Thor, and this would simply be another night of the same.  He didn’t try to escape or wake Thor, both because he didn’t want to risk waking anyone else, and Thor’s cock pressed against his backside was far preferable to it pressed between his legs and against his cunt.  Even as Thor’s hands began to wander, groping him and squeezing flesh, Loki stayed quiet and endured it.  Thor began rutting against him again, his prick once more tapping Loki’s back with each forward motion, and this too Loki endured in silence.  He bit his lip and waited for it all to pass, trying to ignore Thor’s hot breath against his neck, and the low moans in his ear as Thor continued to rut against him.

When Thor’s hand again wandered away from Loki’s waist and toward his cock, Loki pulled it away and planted it on his belly, preferred to be squeezed to death instead.  But Thor’s wandering hand remained persistent, again trying to find something to squeeze painfully.

As Thor moaned against his neck, Loki looked out again at the bed across the room.  He didn’t know how much time had passed, but he knew that Thor might still be rutting against him when others started to wake, and there would be no talking his way out of it.  With a deep breath to steel himself, Loki gave in completely and shifted, lifting one leg so Thor’s cock could again fall between them.  He moaned a little too loudly as Loki squeezed him between his thighs, and Loki froze, listening for the sounds of anyone else waking up.  But the room stayed quiet and still, except for Thor rutting into him.  Loki held his breath against his stomach trying to flip each time Thor’s prick dragged over his cunt and pressed into his balls, and kept his legs squeezed tightly all the same.  But instead of getting it over with, Thor slowed against him again and his hand once more began to wander.  This time, Loki didn’t catch it in time, too concerned with what was going on between his legs.  Thor forced his hand beneath Loki’s breeches, finding his cock and holding it tightly.  Loki gasped at the touch, trying to find Thor’s wrist to pull him away, but Thor held strong.  He realised Thor wasn’t trying to stroke him, but probed harshly with his fingers, pressing them painfully against his cock.  With one arm trapped beneath him in this position, Loki only had his one free hand to struggle with, and it wasn’t enough.  He tried to roll further onto his belly to block Thor’s reach, but Thor only followed him, halfway pinning him to the bed as his fingers probed lower still, pressing into his balls.

“No,” Loki said quietly, as Thor began to rut against him again.

He gave up keeping his legs together, letting Thor settle between them as he rutted against him, his cock now sliding freely against him as his fingers continued to probe.  Finally, Thor found his way past Loki’s balls and hooked into his cunt painfully.  Loki froze completely, barely able to breathe as Thor tried to move deeper into him as he rutted even against him.  The only way free now was to fight and scream, but Loki didn’t dare.  He still tried to free himself, pulling against Thor’s arm, but it was no use.  Thor breathed heavily against Loki’s neck, finally spilling between his legs in a jerking, stuttering motion.  As he finished, Loki tried to shove him off, but Thor’s weight pinned him down, halfway on his belly.  His fingers stayed buried in Loki’s cunt, still slowly probing him.

“Get off,” Loki hissed.

He tried to shove Thor off again.  He tried to pull Thor’s hand away.  He tried to ignore the wet  spot smeared on his thigh, and the pressure of Thor’s cock still half hard between his legs.  He stayed trapped like that, wide awake and staring at the other bed while trapped beneath Thor’s weight.

Thor moved on top of him, shifting slowly, and Loki wasn’t sure if he was going to be freed or assaulted once again.  In the end, it was neither.  He was still trapped beneath Thor, his heavy weight holding him down, and his arm wrapped around Loki with his fingers still buried in his cunt.  Every time Thor shifted on top of him, his hand tensed within Loki, sending a sickening jolt through him.  Thor squeezed his hand against Loki, drawing a pained grunt from him as he tried to remain silent despite wanting to scream. 

Small twitches and shifts turned slowing into something more.  Thor moaned lowly against Loki’s neck, probing him deliberately with his fingers.  Loki could feel Thor’s cock begin to swell, now at an uncomfortably painful angle between them.  Then, Thor moved on top of him, and it was different somehow.  He moved slowly and deliberately, and Loki braced himself for what came next as he realised Thor had finally woken up.

“Loki?” Thor asked carefully.

His dick was still pressed against Loki’s backside, and his hand still buried in his cunt, and he did nothing to remove either.

“Get off of me,” Loki said lowly.

Thor hesitated for far too long before slowly pulling his hand away and rolling off of Loki.  Loki sat up, quickly trying to tie his breeches tighter around his waist even though the damage had already been done.  Thor had found him out, and that was simply the end of everything.  Then, he leapt from bed and took Sif’s apparent cue in escaping altogether.  He wasn’t sure where he was going, other than outside and away from everyone else.  The sky was still dark, with only a sliver of light on the horizon, meaning if Loki wanted he could now and get plenty of distance between them.  What he didn’t expect was for Thor to follow him out, dressed only in a tunic that barely covered him.  Loki turned to face him, his blood boiling at the idea of even having to look at him.

“Loki, I…” Thor said, not able to meet his gaze even in the dark.

Loki shook his head at him.  “I don’t want to hear it.”

Thor started to speak, but stopped himself before he could form any words.  Again, he tried, and then a third time before he finally seemed to find his voice.

“Have you taken a different form?” Thor asked finally.

Loki stared at him through the darkness, furious that this was the question Thor chose to ask.

“No, Thor,” he said slowly, too angry to lie and take the cover Thor had handed to him.  “And you’d do well to forget it.”

Even in the darkness, Loki could see Thor trying to solve some sort of riddle; trying to make sense of what he had just discovered.  While he worked it out, Loki shoved past him and went back inside, quickly and quietly gathering up everything he could find that belonged to him.  Thor was still standing outside as Loki returned.  Ignoring him, Loki quickly set about dressing.

“What are you doing?” Thor asked, watching him.

“Going home,” Loki said.  “You can finish without me.”

Thor remained silent as Loki dressed as minimally as possible, wearing only what he needed to protect himself on the ride.  He sent the rest away to be dealt with later, and turned to retrieve his horse from the stables.

“You’re going alone?” Thor asked finally, shouting after him.

“I’ll take my chances,” Loki shouted back.

He found his horse and quickly got her dressed and tacked.  As he rode out, he found Thor still standing half naked near the road, staring stupidly up at him.  Loki ignored him and broke his horse into a run as he hit the road.  He rode through morning, stopping only to rest his horse as the day began to warm up.  Even stopping only for that, he still didn’t arrive in Asgard until past nightfall again.  He left his horse at the stables to be brushed and cared for, and made his way to his chambers, stripping as soon as he was through the door.  He headed straight for the bath chamber, drawing a hot bath so he could boil the lingering sensations from his body.

He hated Thor in a way he never thought possible.  He’d managed to come to tolerate his wandering hands, and could even stomach being rutted against, but a wholly new line had been crossed that could never be taken back.  It was one thing for Thor to be unaware of his actions.  Loki could rationalise it away and pretend it never happened.  Thor had rutted against him and grabbed his cock more times than he could count.  But never had Thor managed to get past him as he had this time.  And for him to have woken up with his fingers buried in Loki’s cunt, aware of what he was doing, there was no pretending now.

Loki’s entire life had been spent in an abundance of caution.  Ever since he was old enough to know he was different, his life had been a carefully guarded series of secrets and deceptions.  Sex was something he did on his own, always too wary to risk being found out.  The closest he had ever got to laying with another person was when Thor rutted against him in his sleep, and Loki oscillated between tolerating and loathing it.  Now, even with so many hours passed, he could still feel Thor’s fingers inside him, touching him where Loki couldn’t even stand to touch himself.

He stayed in the bath until the water grew cold, and then dressed for bed.  While he might have slept naked before, now he pulled on a pair of fresh linen breeches and tied them tightly around his waist.  He didn’t expect anyone to visit him in the night, but he still didn’t like the sudden vulnerability he found himself steeped in.  It was a vulnerability that was all Thor’s fault, and Loki had no idea what to do with it.



Even after Thor returned with the rest of them, Loki avoided him.  Thor had made excuses for Loki, claiming he needed to return for some important business, and it seemed to have been accepted.  But he still saw the way Thor looked at him now.  Loki might have been able to stand it if Thor seemed at all remorseful.  Instead, it was confusion and curiosity that painted his face when Thor looked at him.  He had discovered something, and Loki knew he wouldn’t rest until he had answers.  After two weeks of it, Loki finally relented.  It took only meeting Thor’s gaze for a moment before rushing out to the corridor for Thor to get the hint.  Thor followed him, quickly catching up and saying nothing as Loki led the way to his chambers.  It wasn’t until they were safely concealed behind the door that Loki turned to Thor, both dreading the conversation and eager to get it over with.

“Ask your damn questions,” he said, more bitter and angry than even he realised.

Thor stared at him, taking a long moment to put his thoughts together.

“You have a cunt,” he said finally.

“How astute,” Loki said.  “That’s not a question.”

“Why?” Thor asked.

Loki wanted to throttle him.  “How the hel should I know?” he asked.  “I didn’t put it there.”

Thor nodded, as though somehow that was the missing piece to the puzzle he’d been trying to solve.

“That’s it?” Loki asked.  “Nothing else?  Not even going to pretend to apologise?”

Thor stared stupidly at him, and then shook his head.  “Do you want me to?” he asked.

Something came over Loki that he neither understood, nor could control.  He lashed out, punching Thor right in the nose and sending him reeling.  As Thor looked up at him, more confused than ever, Loki realised he actually felt quite a bit better.

“You tell no one,” Loki said.

Thor nodded dumbly, and then abruptly Loki could see him come to some sort of understanding.  He looked at Loki, again taking a long moment to organise his thoughts into words, looking like an idiot all the while.

“Nobody else knows?” Thor asked.

“Of course not,” Loki said.

Thor looked at him, and Loki didn’t like the way he could see thoughts forming on his face.

“The rumours?” Thor asked, speaking slowly as though he were still trying to put his words together.  “That you’ve never taken anyone to bed?  This is why?”

Loki glared at him, hating that this was how he used one of his rare bursts of intelligence and insight.

“If this gets out because of you,” Loki said, so angry he couldn’t even form a proper threat to follow it up.

Thor shook his head.  “I wouldn’t,” he said.

Still, he looked at Loki, slowly working something out.

“Let me,” he said suddenly.

Loki shook his head, furious that Thor couldn’t see the problem at had.

“Let you?” Loki asked.  “Let you what?”

“Let me show you,” Thor said.

Suddenly, Loki realised he had misunderstood Thor’s request.  He wasn’t asking to be allowed to spread Loki’s secret around.  He was asking for something even worse.  Loki shook his head, horrified at the thought.

“Absolutely not,” he said.

“Don’t you trust me?” Thor asked.

Now it was Loki who couldn’t get his thoughts into order.  He stared at Thor, wanting to say a thousand things at once, and unable to say any of them.

“How, in your mind, is this a good idea?” he asked finally.

Thor shrugged.  “Haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like?” he asked.

Loki shook his head.  Not because he hadn’t wondered, but because he couldn’t believe Thor was even asking.  Then, Thor stepped closer to him, and Loki stepped back, unable to comprehend the situation he had found himself in.

“Thor,” he said, unsure if he should get ready to fight or flee.

“I’ll make it good,” Thor said.

He stepped forward again, and this time as Loki stepped back, he was blocked by a low shelf behind him.  Loki found himself backed against it as Thor stepped closer still, pressing their bodies together.  He stared up at Thor, able to neither fight nor flee.  He froze, barely able to breathe as he realised what was happening.  Then, Thor’s hand was between his legs, rubbing his cock through his breeches.  Loki gasped sharply as Thor’s strokes lengthened, and his fingers found his cunt between his legs.  Knowing he should do something to stop this, Loki grabbed onto the shelf behind him and stared at Thor, unable to look away.

“Relax,” Thor said.

As he stroked Loki through his breeches, he used his other hand to untie the laces.

“Don’t,” Loki said, grabbing Thor’s wrist and trying to pull him away.

With true intent, Thor barely seemed to notice Loki’s resistance.  Even with his hand gripped tightly round his wrist, Thor slid his hand into Loki’s breeches.  Loki gasped sharply at the touch as Thor wrapped his fingers around his cock, stroking and teasing him.  Loki still tried to pull his hand away, but Thor remained steady, watching him with a curious gaze.

“Does it get hard?” he asked.

Though he was still soft in Thor’s hand, Loki nodded.  At once, he wished he hadn’t.  Thor stroked him even faster, and despite everything, Loki felt his cock begin to twitch and swell.  He again tried to pull Thor’s hand away, but he was no more successful.  Thor’s own cock began to harden and swell, pressed firm against Loki’s thigh as Thor kept him pinned against the shelf.  Then, he relented, releasing his hold on Loki’s cock, only to venture further to find his cunt.  Loki’s entire body jolted from the shock of Thor’s fingers entering him as all the fight fell out of him.  He let go of Thor’s wrist, grabbing instead to the shelf behind him to steady himself.

“What about this?” Thor asked.  “Does this work as it should?”

Loki didn’t have an answer.  He stayed still, locked in place as Thor forced his hand further between his legs, finding room for himself.  But with his breeches on, Thor could only get so far.  He was able to tease, barely breaching him, but it was still more than Loki knew what to do with.

Thor moved his other hand to Loki’s hip and began rutting against him, using his hand in time with his own motions.  He pressed his mouth against the side of Loki’s neck, moaning loudly into his flesh as he tried to find his way deeper into Loki’s cunt.  Loki tried to close his legs, forcing Thor out, and was surprised when he withdrew.  Again, it wasn’t long, and Thor’s hand was soon back on his cock, stroking him again.

“You like this better?” he asked.

Loki didn’t.  Not like this.  But as Thor stroked him, his cock swelled a bit more, still not quite hard. 

“Take these off,” Thor said, tugging briefly at Loki’s breeches.

Loki shook his head.  “No,” he said, barely able to find his voice.

The breeches stayed on.  They were the only thing keeping Thor’s cock from touching him; the only thing keeping this situation even marginally under control.  He held tightly to the shelf as Thor rutted harder against him, rocking and shaking the books and trinkets behind him.  The shelf was low enough that if Thor wanted, he could have hoisted Loki upon in, and he prayed Thor didn’t notice.  Instead, he stayed trapped where he was, Thor’s hand around his cock, and his own cock pressed hard against Loki’s thigh.  His cock never fully hardened, no matter how Thor worked and teased it, and finally he pulled his hand away.

It wasn’t the end, though.  Thor kicked Loki’s feet apart, making room for himself between Loki’s legs as he quickly unlaced his own breeches.

“No,” Loki said, reaching to try to pull his shut as Thor freed his cock.

Thor pulled Loki’s hand away, exposing both of them for the briefest of moments before he force himself between Loki’s legs.  Loki tried to push him away as Thor rutted against him, his cock dragging against Loki’s and over his stomach.  He stayed pinned against the shelf, Thor holding him tightly in place with both hands.

“Come on,” Thor said against his neck.

He moved one of his hands to Loki’s back, trailing down over his ass to push their bodies even closer together.  Loki stopped trying to fight back, too stunned and shocked at what was going on.  As a book crashed to the floor by Loki’s feet, he lurched back to his senses and tried to push Thor off him again.

“Thor, stop,” he said.

To his surprise, Thor did stop.  He paused just long enough to look at the mess being made, and then pulled Loki away from the shelf.  Holding onto him tightly, Thor led Loki out of the antechamber.  As Loki realised they were heading to the bedchamber, he began to fight back, trying to break free of Thor’s grip.  Then, he was on his back, staring up at the ceiling, as Thor pinned him to the bed.

“Take these off,” Thor said again, tugging at Loki’s breeches.

Loki held onto them, resisting against Thor in any way he could.

“No,” he said again.

Thor forced his way between Loki’s legs anyway, rutting against him once more.  With Thor’s full weight on top of him, Loki ran out of ways to fight back.  He stared up at the ceiling as Thor buried his face against the side of Loki’s neck, rutting into him so hard the entire bed lurched.  Loki lay stunned at the turn of events, letting it play out as he had so many times before.  Unlike times previous, Thor was awake, his hands wandering over Loki’s body as he rutted against him.

“Relax,” Thor said.  “You’re doing so well.  Let yourself like it.”

He shifted again, moving Loki so his hips angled to put Thor’s cock against his cunt.  Even through the leather, he could feel Thor moving against him, teasing him.  Then, he slowed down, pulling away to look at Loki.

“Try like this,” he said, reaching for Loki’s hand.

He guided Loki’s hand to his own cock, forcing his fingers around it.  Thor then began moving so that Loki stroked himself.  His cock twitched despite everything, swelling beneath his touch as Thor slowly rutted against him again.  Slowly, his cock began to harden fully, and Thor took over then, stroking him as he rocked their bodies together.  Loki wanted to howl and rage against all of it, but he bit his lip and tried to ignore it instead.

“There you go,” Thor said lowly.  “Is this what you want?”

It wasn’t.  Loki could barely breathe, he was so overwhelmed  from it all.  Terrified at what was being done to him, and what might happen next.  Humiliated and ashamed at letting it happen.

“Stop,” he said, knowing Thor wouldn’t.

“Relax,” Thor said again.  “Don’t fight it.  You’re so close.”

He stroked Loki faster as he rutted against him, picking up his own pace.  Then, he moved both his hands to Loki’s hips, holding him in place as he spent over Loki’s stomach, rutting through it until there was a sticky puddle over his skin.  But Thor wasn’t done.  He sat back, taking a moment to look at the mess he’d made, before taking Loki’s dick in hand again.

“Stop it,” Loki said.

“You haven’t got yours yet,” Thor said.

Loki was trapped, both by his own terror, and by Thor so close to him.  He wondered what might happen if he screamed or tried to fight, but all he could do was lay there and let Thor do as he pleased.  But even as Thor stroked him, teasing and playing, Loki couldn’t stay hard.  He began to to soften again, and somehow that was worse.

“I can’t,” he said.

Despite his protests, Thor still tried to coax more out of him.  But as Loki’s cock softened still, Thor finally seemed to understand and let go of him.  As Loki moved away, trying to find distance to put between them, Thor sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Next time, maybe,” he said.

Loki shook his head.  “No,” he said.

He realised he was still unlaced, and quickly moved to cover himself, prompting Thor to do the same.



Something changed in Thor after that.  He touched too much, stayed too close.  His hands were always somewhere on Loki’s person, lingering obscenely while Loki could do nothing about it.  He froze every time Thor came near, which Thor only seemed to take as an invitation to touch more.  He was careful to never touch Loki in a way that might give him away, but he didn’t need to.  Thor’s hand on his back, or his shoulder was more than enough.  Thor sitting a little too close at banquet might have gone unnoticed by others, but his presence was constant and unrelenting.

It was only a matter of time before he found Loki alone, and with no one near to keep Thor in line, he wasn’t nearly as cautious.  He pinned Loki against the wall in a darkened corridor, letting his hand fall between Loki’s legs, over his cock and beyond until his fingers grazed over his cunt.

“Thor, please,” Loki said, trying to push him off.

“You don’t want to try again?” Thor asked.

He didn’t.  He shook his head and tried to find a way to flee, but Thor had him once again trapped.  He teased and fondled, and as Loki’s cock twitched beneath his breeches, Thor chuckled lowly.

“You were nervous last time.  This time will be better,” Thor said.

Loki stared up at him, not sure what would happen if he said no.  He didn’t imagine Thor might force himself on him, but he had forced himself on Loki already before.  He might simply be dragged to the nearest empty room and have less say in the outcome than he would if he relented.

“Not in my chambers,” he said finally.

Thor pulled away quickly, taking Loki with him.  With a hand firmly around Loki’s waist, Thor led the way to his own chambers.  Once inside, Loki realised this was it, and there would only be one outcome.  Still, he stood by the bed, waiting for Thor to make the first move.  He watched, surprised that Thor was undressing completely, stopping only when he turned to see Loki still clothed.

“Do you need help?” Thor asked.

Loki shook his head.  He was not getting undressed.  Not in front of Thor.  Not knowing what was coming.

Thor dropped his tunic to the floor and stepped close to Loki.  He was already hard, his cock pointing straight at Loki as his fingers found Loki’s laces.

“No,” Loki said, trying to stop him.

“You can leave your smallclothes on, if you like,” Thor said.  “Take the rest off.”

Loki looked up at him, still trying to stop Thor as he unlaced Loki’s breeches.  Thor was going to force himself on Loki, one way or another, so Loki relented and began undressing.  He left his smallclothes on, making sure they were tied tightly even though he knew Thor would just untie them anyway.  Undressed, Loki backed onto the bed, not sure what to do now he was there.  He expected Thor to climb on top of him again, but was surprised when instead Thor grabbed several pillows and piled them up.  Unsure what he was meant to do, Loki only stared at them, letting Thor guide him onto his hands and knees, bent over everything so he was presented and mountable.

“Thor,” Loki said, already wanting to stop.

He expected Thor to mount him right away, but he didn’t.  He settled behind Loki, snaking his hand around to Loki’s front and finding his laces just like Loki knew he would

“No,” Loki said, trying to stay his hand.

Thor found his cock, stroking it lazily in his fingers.  Loki’s entire body tensed at the invasion, even as Thor pressed his other hand against Loki’s shoulder to push him back against the bed.

“Like this?” Thor asked.

Loki only grunted.  His cock was slow to swell beneath Thor’s touch, and just like before, that’s where it stopped.  No amount of teasing was getting him hard, and Thor seemed to realise it much more quickly this time.

“We’ll try something else,” he said against Loki’s neck.

He expected Thor to fumble around, trying to negotiate around his balls, but he withdrew his hand instead.  A moment later, Thor pulled Loki’s breeches down to bare his ass before Loki could do anything to stop it.

“No,” Loki said, trying to pull them back up.

Thor’s hand was already on him, even as Loki tried to cover himself.  Thor teased him first, dragging his fingers over him, sending shivers through Loki.  Then, he forced his way inside, burying his fingers as far as he could.  Loki cried out at the intrusion, realising only then that Thor had never properly managed to enter him before.  Now, he slowly fucked Loki with his fingers, dragging them in and out as Loki struggled for breath.  He began to tremble and gripped the pillow beneath his head as tightly as he could as he felt his cunt getting wet from Thor’s touch.

“Let yourself enjoy it,” Thor said, draping his body over Loki’s.

He pressed a kiss against Loki’s back, which only made everything worse.  With his cock half swollen and his hips wanting to jut forward at Thor’s touch, he struggled to keep quiet so nobody would hear them.  Then, with his other hand, Thor reached around to take his cock again, and Loki had to bury a startled shout into the pillow.  His entire body ached as he struggled to stay still, not sure if he wanted to give in and let himself enjoy this madness as Thor wanted, or if he should fight back and flee. 

His cock hardened fully beneath Thor’s touch, aching for more, while the invasion of his cunt made his stomach twist and roil.  Loki no longer knew what he wanted, but he realised it didn’t matter.  Thor teased him, stroking him slowly in time with his fingers in Loki’s cunt.  Even through the sickening intrusion, he began to feel something else.  A familiar want that radiated not from his cock, but from deeper between his legs.  Thor’s fingers dragged over a spot Loki had not even been aware of, making his entire body jolt forward with a sharp gasp.

“I told you we’d get you yours,” Thor said.

He adjusted himself, dragging himself over that same spot again and again, until Loki trembled beneath his touch.  Thor tightened his grip on Loki’s cock, and soon he spent over Thor’s hand, and onto the pillows propping him up.  But even then, that want deeper within him still persisted, even as Thor pulled both his hands away.

Loki had nearly forgotten about this part, and he dropped his head in resignation as he prepared for Thor to rut against him.  Instead, Thor grabbed Loki by the hips, holding him tightly, and buried his cock in Loki’s cunt.  Loki lurched forward, trying to escape Thor’s grip as he realised what had happened.

“No, stop!” he shouted, trying to twist and pull away.  “Get off me!”

Thor held onto him with an iron-like grip, digging his fingers into Loki’s flesh.  Even as Loki tried to escape, that want deep within him transformed to a need, only making Loki struggle harder.

“I can’t do this!” Loki shouted, trying to find any way out from Thor’s grip.

“You already are,” Thor said.  “Relax.”

The harder Loki fought, the harder Thor rutted against him, driving his dick deeper and deeper into him.  Loki screamed loudly, only for a moment before Thor’s hand was over his mouth.  His other hand left Loki’s hip and wrapped around his front, hooking around to grip his shoulder and hold him into place.  Loki continued to scream against Thor’s hand, thrashing and fighting any way he could.  He realised Thor had planned this from the start, bending him over the pillows to keep him in place no matter how badly he fought.

Then, some new sensation made him freeze again.  Despite his protests, he felt himself growing hot from within, growing more and more intense each time Thor drove his cock deep into him.  He realised what was happening to him, and tried to resist it, but still he climaxed from Thor’s cock in his cunt.  Loki screamed through it, but Thor still wasn’t done.  He picked up his pace still, and now there was no pleasure.  Now, each thrust of Thor’s cock sent a spike of pain through him until all Loki could do was tremble beneath Thor.

“I knew we’d find it,” Thor said above him.

He slowed down then, drawing himself out.  All of the fight had left Loki, and as Thor slowly let go of him, he collapsed beneath his own weight.  Thor continued to fuck him slowly, pulling nearly all the way out, and then pressing in as far as he could go.  He dragged his hand over Loki’s back, a still, heavy weight against his trembling muscles.  Then, he grabbed Loki by the hips again and resumed his fast pace, drawing pained gasps and huffs from Loki with each thrust forward.  Loki knew what was happening, and still did nothing to try to stop it.  He lay there, still except for the forward lurching of his body beneath Thor’s weight as Thor spent inside him, crying out loudly as he did.  Then, Thor was gone, collapsing beside him instead.

Thor stroked Loki’s back, and then reached over to pull the pillows from beneath him and toss them aside.  Loki fell onto his side, still trembling at the whole thing even as Thor pulled their bodies together.

“See,” Thor said.  “You just have to relax.”

Loki shook his head.

“Next time, I’ll be slower,” Thor said.  “I promise.  We’ll do it your way next time.”

Loki stared at the wall beyond the bed, realising with a sickening drop of his stomach that Thor was right, in only that there would be a next time.