In the Darkness (2,644 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1
Fandom: Thor
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Loki/Thor, Loki/Fandral, Loki/Hogun, Loki/Others
Characters: Loki, Thor, Fandral, Hogun
Additional Tags: intersex!Loki, gang rape, sexual slavery, kidnapping

Summary: Loki gets turned around in a Vanir alehouse, and meets the wrong kind of people.

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Loki hated Vanaheimr.  It smelled funny.  The drink was weak.  The inhabitants brutish and almost feral.  In the palace, the Vanir at least pretended, but out here in the wilds they were barely better than animals.  Even their alehouses were a poor imitation.

He stumbled away from the group, eager to get to bed so the morning would come quickly and they could all leave.  He tried to find the door that had been his, but now he was on his feet, Loki was forced to admit that the drink had not been quite as weak as he’d thought.  The room he was supposed to share with Thor eluded him, and he soon found himself wandering through the alehouse without a set path in front of him.  He tried several doors, finding them locked, and continued on his way.  When Loki found a door that opened beneath his touch, he stumbled through into the darkness beyond, not caring if it was his or not. 

It wasn’t his room, and the swift punch in the face proved it.  As he staggered to recover, several pairs of hands grabbed him around the arms and dragged him across the floor, while the door slammed shut behind him.

“Get off of me,” he said, trying to fight his way free.

“This one’s got bite,” a voice in front of him said.

He struggled to adjust his eyes to the darkness, but the men he’d stumbled upon clearly had no such problems.  Again, a fist struck him in the jaw, sending his mind and body reeling in the tight grip around him.

“Unhand me,” Loki said again.

“I like it when they fight,” a voice behind him said.

As Loki felt himself get dragged across the floor, he realised he needed to start panicking.  He tried to free himself, but the hands holding him were strong, and his body slow and sluggish.  He was shoved up against a table and bent over it, and only then did he truly realise what was happening.

“Unhand me at once!” he shouted, struggling as hard as he could.

The hands that held him around the waist moved down his front, pulling at his surcoat and tunic.  The brute found his laces and pulled them open even as Loki fought back.

“Get off!” he shouted as his face was pressed into the table.

His surcoat was flung over his head, plunging him into total darkness, and a moment later his breeches were pulled down.  He froze, praying the darkness would conceal him.  But then a hand trailed over him, and as foreign fingers found his cunt, Loki could feel their owner stall in confusion.  Loki gasped as the hand scrabbled about between his legs, finding his cock and balls, before again finding the opening just behind them.

“What the hel have we here?” the voice behind him asked.

His fingers found Loki’s asshole next, and Loki grunted, renewing his efforts to escape.

“What is it?” a voice off to the side asked.

“A pleasant little surprise,” the man behind him said.

Loki fought as two sets of hands held him to the table.  He could hear shifting both in front and behind him, and suddenly the hands on one of his arms was replaced by a knee between his shoulders, pinning him down more securely while his arm was twisted around behind his back.

There was no warning.  No chance to prepare, even though Loki knew what was coming.  His cunt was filled in a sharp, unforgiving motion, tearing him apart as he screamed beneath the layers of his surcoat.  He thrashed against the weight on top of him, unable to form words as he screamed and howled in protest.  But despite his efforts, he was held firmly in place as the third man fucked him from behind, his fingers digging into Loki’s hips as he drove deep into him.

“Ymir’s beard,” the man behind him panted, holding Loki against him as he kept his dick buried in his cunt.  “What are you?”

Loki’s throat burned as he screamed, tears falling down his cheeks as he quickly realised there was no escape.

“Get off me!” he managed to shout.

The man gasped loudly, holding Loki even tighter.  “Keep it scared,” he said.  “Ymir’s tits, I don’t think it’s been touched before.”

The body on top of him shifted, and a hand found its way beneath Loki’s surcoat.  A moment later, it was on his neck, squeezing tight.  Loki gasped, unable to scream as he fought for air.  He thrashed and kicked, only to be punched in the back of his head through his surcoat.  Loki went still, too dazed and terrified to move.  The grip on his hips grew tighter, and he knew what was coming next.  Still gasping, he shook his head, silently pleading.  But it was all for nought, and he knew that the final, painful thrust into his cunt meant that it was now filled with spend.  The grip on his throat released, and Loki choked on the relief of being able to breathe once more, and the terror at what had just happened.  Then, the bodies shuffled around him, still pinning him to the table as someone else moved behind him.

It was the same as before, fingers trailing over him, stopping in surprise when his cunt was found.  This time, the man behind him sunk his fingers into him, probing curiously as Loki again tried to fight back.

“It’s a bleeding frost giant,” he said, his fingers still buried in Loki’s cunt.

“Can’t be,” one of the others said.  “It’s no bigger than you.”

Loki shook his head.  He wasn’t a frost giant.  He was different, but he wasn’t a frost giant.

“They’re all like this,” the man behind him said.  “Cunt and cock each.”

He pulled his fingers from Loki’s cunt and slapped his balls, drawing a pained howl from Loki’s lungs.  As he struggled for air, choking on the tightness of his own throat, hands gripped his waist and he was again torn apart and impaled.  He sobbed against the table, letting himself be held down while the brute behind him rutted so hard, he lurched forward with each thrust.

“What happened?” the man fucking him asked, his voice strained with need.  “You wouldn’t fit around around a giant’s prick, so they cast you out?  Can’t fill a cunt with that runt prick of yours?”

Loki screamed, at the intrusion, at the words, at the pain.  At all of it.  He let himself wail as he was fucked, spill and slick leaking from him and down his thighs.  Then, hands again found their way beneath his surcoat, but not to choke him this time.  A twisted rag was shoved into his mouth, and another tied round his head to keep it in place.  He tried to thrash and resist, but he was still pinned to the table, and soon gagged so his screams barely left his mouth.

He was pinned and held in place, one arm twisted behind his back, and the other painfully beneath him.  He couldn’t escape.  He couldn’t fight back.  So he screamed, knowing nobody would hear it.

Then the door opened, and everything froze.  Loki wasn’t sure what was worse; that he’d been found, and would be known, or that he hadn’t been found soon enough.

“What the hel is going on in here?” a voice asked.

A voice Loki recognised.  Fandral had stumbled upon them, and Loki tried to scream once more.  But the sound was muffled, and his voice certainly unrecognisable.

“Shut the door,” one of the men holding him down said.  “A gold piece buys you the answer.”

There was a moment’s silence before the door shut, and muffled discussion ensued.  Fandral wasn’t alone.  Loki screamed again.

“Each,” one of the men atop Loki said.

The man still in him began fucking him again, holding him against the table as he drove into Loki’s cunt.  He could hear the clatter of gold coins on the table, and began fighting back again.  This wasn’t happening.  This couldn’t be happening.  But then another pair of hands was on him, and his muffled cries went unheeded, and Loki knew he would not survive this.  He let his screams give way to sobs and weeping as the man behind him spent, slapping him on the ass as he filled him.

“You boys ever had frost giant cunt before?” the man behind Loki asked as he stepped out of the way.

“Frost giant?”

Thor.  It was Thor.  Again, Loki screamed and thrashed, and earned another strike to the head for it.

“Where’d you find one this small?” Thor asked, already behind Loki.

“Got lucky,” one of the men said. 

Loki bucked and thrashed beneath the weight of several bodies pinning him down, but then it happened.  Again, his cunt was filled, and he froze in terror.  It wasn’t a stranger inside him.  It was his own brother, and nothing could possibly be worse.  This time, it was Thor’s balls slapping against his own.  Thor’s hands that held him down as he fucked Loki into the table.

Thor’s seed that would be spilled in him next.

Loki wailed through his gag, no longer able to fight.  There was no longer any reason to fight.  Thor fucked him, using him like an animal while friends and strangers held him down and watched.

“I may have to get myself one of these,” Thor said, driving his cock deeper than Loki could take.  “I’ll buy this one.  What’s your price?”

“Let your friends have a taste first,” one of the men said.  “They may want to outbid you.”

Loki wept, tears burning down his cheeks as the gag became soaked in his own saliva. 

“They’re my friends.  I’ll share,” Thor said.

Laughs and jeers rang out above him as Thor continued to fuck him, holding tightly to his hips to keep him in one place.  The hand holding Loki’s arm behind his back twisted tighter, drawing a pained gasp through him.  But he had no fight left.  His entire body trembled and shook as he gave in to the abuse, hoping to make it end more quickly.

He squeezed his eyes shut as Thor picked up pace behind him, gripping more more tightly as he began to grunt and groan in time with each drive forward.  Then, Thor spent inside him, and even if Loki was still breathing, his life was over.  He stayed where he was, unmoving except for the trembling of his every muscle and the heaving of his lungs as he struggled to breathe, as again hands and bodies shuffled around him.

“Frost giant, eh?” Fandral asked. 

Loki could hear him unlacing his breeches as he got settled.  Loki hated him for not even giving pause to the whole damned affair.  Loki hated him because he knew he would have got caught up in the same thrill and excitement were he in Fandral’s place.  He had been careless, and now he was the one whored out by strangers for a night of cheap thrills.  And then Fandral’s cock was inside him, and Loki cried and wept again.  After a moment, Fandral paused and removed himself, stepping back far enough to pull Loki’s breeches down further.  The familiar sound of metal scraping against leather sent another spike of terror through Loki, and he braced for something he had never thought Fandral capable of.  But the blade didn’t touch his flesh.  Fandral used it to cut his breeches, splitting them apart down the middle to better spread Loki’s legs.  Loki was pulled higher onto the table, one leg brought up to spread his cunt wide open.

“I trust that won’t cost extra,” Fandral said.

Those around him laughed again, and then Fandral was once again inside him, even deeper than before.  He cried out behind Loki, leaning his weight over Loki’s body as he rutted into him, keeping his cock buried the entire time. 

“If you buy it, I’ll chip in,” Fandral said, his voice close against Loki’s ear on the other side of his surcoat.

Again, laughter rang out as Loki was fucked in complete darkness, his cries and shudders ignored.  His friends laughed as he was held down and fucked.  His brother laughed as he was held down and fucked.

Fucked, and filled with seed, and fucked again.  His cunt burned from the abuse, and his throat was so raw he could barely make a sound even as he wept and sobbed.  His entire body ached and screamed from the abuse, but nothing would save him now.

Fandral spent inside him, his seed mixing with everyone else’s, and then the familiar shuffle returned.  Loki didn’t know who amongst his friends had decided to join in, but it wasn’t long before another body was behind him, hands feeling around in the dark to confirm what they’d been told.  This time, the hand that examined him lingered on his cock, testing his length, before squeezing his balls and drawing out a harsh scream from him behind the gag.

“I never knew they had both,” Hogun said.

“You wouldn’t want to find yourself in bed with a full-size one,” one of the strangers said.

As Hogun took him, Loki gagged on his own spit.  He stared straight ahead in the darkness beneath his surcoat as he was once more held down and fucked by a man he had previously called friend.  After a moment, Hogun wrestled Loki further onto the table, so his body was laid out fully.  Then, Hogun crawled on top of him, pulling his hips up and mounting him like a dog.  Loki tried to pull away, knowing he could make this more difficult.  But the hands that pinned him down shuffled around again, and he was wrenched around so his ass was fully exposed and his weight settled on his knees.  Hogun was in him again, holding tightly around his waist with their bodies pressed together.  Loki’s cock dangled limp between his legs, slick with seed that wasn’t his while the rest of him burned.  As he fucked Loki from behind, Hogun shifted to hold his head against the table, pinning him completely.

He was being fucked like the animal he so apparently was.  Fucked and bred, destined to be sold for a lifetime more of this shame and torture.  His entire body trembled painfully, fear suddenly rising at the thought of what came next.  Thor intended to buy him.  Loki knew when he was serious, and he heard it in his voice.  Buy him as a slave, to take back to Asgard and chain to the bed.

Loki struggled to breathe through the pain, and the terror, and the humiliation as he wondered what would happen when Thor finally saw his face.  And then Hogun spent inside him, and everything shuffled around him again.  He was given only a moment’s reprieve before he was again taken, and when he realised it was a stranger inside him once more, he was almost relieved for it.  There had been three in the room with him, and the third had no doubt wanted his turn as well.  The worst had already come, and all the stranger could do was fuck him and spend inside him again.

“Twenty gold,” Thor said as Loki wept into the hard table.

There was a brief silence.  Too brief.

“Sold,” one of the other men said.  “After he gets his in.”

Thor chuckled, and the heavy clunk of a coin purse dropping beside Loki’s head, still buried in his own surcoat, stabbed through his entire body.

“What do you say?” Thor said.  “It’s still early.  Shall we stay a while?”

Loki could only weep as once again his cunt was filled with seed, and bodies shuffled around him in the dark.