Awkward (539 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thor (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Original Character(s)
Characters: Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel)

Summary: From the prompt table. Sometimes Loki goes out of his way to make things awkward.

It wasn’t Thor’s favourite alehouse, though he’d be hard-pressed to find one he didn’t like, either.  As long it filled the primary purpose of serving drink, it was perfectly acceptable.

But this one was not Thor’s favourite, because it sat right near the port.  It wasn’t the merchants, or the raiders, or the weary travellers who took the alehouse down in Thor’s opinion.  Nor was it the services rendered.  In fact, Thor took advantage himself from time to time.

This particular alehouse was brought down by its sheer size, and the fact that rooms were handed out without any care.  So when he woke early, eager to continue on their journey, Thor found himself having to round up the entire party.  Sif was easy.  She lay next to him in the small bed, and roused early.  Finding Volstagg was a simple matter of following the sound of his snoring.  Shortly after, he found Fandral and Hogun, sharing a room with two beds, and each tangled with the women they’d spent the night with.

Then came Loki.  Loki, who never seemed easy to find.  Thor moved through the corridors, carefully peering into room after room, taking just enough of a glimpse to see what lay beyond the door.  Thor had not seen Loki wander off the night before, but that was not unusual.  Loki wandered off without being seen, because he did not want to be seen.  And then he disappeared into the night because he did not want to be bothered.

Finally, he found Loki still asleep like the rest of them, in the arms of the woman he had taken to bed.  Not particularly caring about manners or decency, and already running much later than he wanted to be, Thor picked up Loki’s breeches from the floor and threw them at his brother’s face.

“Wake up,” he said.

Loki moved slowly, gathering the breeches and dropping them to the floor as the woman he slept with sat up sharply.  For a moment, the room was totally silent as Thor realised that the woman Loki slept with wore a beard, and wasn’t a woman at all.  While Loki awkwardly scratched the side of his face, the man in his bed suddenly rushed to figure out if he should hide or flee.  He tried to climb over Loki to get out of the bed, but Loki lay completely uncooperative, still pretending as though there was nothing at all happening around him.

“Oh, stop already,” he said finally, swatting lazily at his bedmate.

Thor watched as the man settled down again, and then tried to cover himself beneath the blankets, while Loki yawned lazily and stretched.  Nothing Thor could have said would have changed anything about the situation before him.  Loki would not apologise, or even pretend to be ashamed.  There was no improving this situation.  It simply was what it was.

Taking Loki’s cue and pretending nothing at all was worth commenting on, Thor shook his head and turned to leave the room.

“We’re heading out,” he said.  “Get dressed and come join the rest of us.”

He closed the door between them and continued to pretend he did not hear the two of them moving around within the room.