You may have noticed my site went away for a while today.  I did this because I wanted to change the url, from, to just  When I first set this place up last year, I put it under a weird path by accident, and by the time I realised I didn’t want that, it was too late.  I’d already bought a few plugins that were registered to that url, and I didn’t know how to change it.

But lately, I’ve been falling far away from fandom, and wanting to post other things here.  Especially since I put money into this place, I want to still use it, but posting random things to a “fandom” site felt weird.  So today I went on a hunt to see how to move the directory the site is in, to put it in the root (.com), instead of in a subfolder (/fanworks).  It turns out, the process was actually pretty easy, if time consuming. 

Mostly, I was still worried about my plugins though, since one of them is fairly integral to how this entire site works.  Luckily, that plugin immediately noticed something is very fishy, and threw a popup as soon as I found my way back into the dashboard.  It let me activate it on the new url with a single button click, so that’s that worry dealt with.  There are a few others that may cause some trouble down the line, but none of them are vital, and honestly if they lapse, it’s no big deal.  Most of the rest of the paid plugins I’m using, I’m on the fence about renewing anyway.

There are a few things that are still weirdly broken, but none of them affect anything on the user end.  The menu ought to work, since I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed all the busted links that were still pointing to the old domain, but I know pretty much everything in the fic section of the site is very broken.  Suddenly taking forever to organise that is a good thing, because I’d hate to have to do that all twice.  Bookmarks will also break, but in both cases, these links will not take you off-site.  You just get an embedded 404 page, so you’ll still have the menu and everything.  But know that the fanfic section of this site is 100% busted and will remain that way for a while.  It’s a lot to fix, and not a task I’m up to doing right now.

In fact, I very well may redo everything from the ground up at this point.  I’m not going to delete anything, but I do think I’m going to massively restructure everything.  The whole point of moving to a new url is so I can more or less strip the fandom identity from this site as much as possible (you know, while keeping my name attached to it), so I want to move the menu and sidebars around to highlight other things I do.

This is basically going to be a dumping ground for everything I do, and I want to make room for that.  So, for the time being, the site is going to be a bit of a mess, but it’ll be a mess I can use for more things.